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One good advice for Sangwoo
Unmistakable~Part 1 (Prince Caspian)

A/N: So my friend and I watched the movie together and now everyday since we watched it, we sit down to eat lunch at school and I ask her a million questions so that I don’t mess up to many details ‘cause I’m kinda crazy about that stuff (but I probably still messed up something so I’m sorry in advance)

Summary: Nope, I’m done writing summaries, today has been way to long for me to let my brain do that.

Pairing: Prince Caspian x Pevensie!reader

Word Count: 1057

Warnings: Like one swear word

Other Parts: Prologue-Part 2-Part 3


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All I wanted was to go back to the place where I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time. Where I felt like I was actually making a difference in the world, where I was more confident and didn’t slink back into the shadows or disappear into a crowd but rather stand out as a warrior who wasn’t some helpless girl, waiting for someone else to take care of everything. So when I felt the unmistakable pinch of magic at my back while on a bench in the train station with the others, I was beyond thrilled. What I didn’t know at that point was why we were being brought back or that the person who called for us was going to change my life. 

We had been running after Lucy who claimed she saw Aslan standing in the forest in a dream, when Peter ended up in a sword fight with a stranger. Lucy screamed for them to stop and when they did, I finally saw the face of the person who attacked my brother. That was the first time I felt it. A pull at my heart. It was a feeling of shock. I was immediately intrigued by this stranger. I wanted to know who he was very badly. In Narnia, I tended to be like that. More curious and interested in what was going on outside the life of my family. Had I seen him back in England, I wouldn’t have given him a second glance, but one look at him here and I had the suspicion that he was part of the reason we were here.  Turns out, I was right. His name was Prince Caspian and he was being hunted by his uncle. I was so intrigued by this new story. I had been so bored in England and finally, here was some excitement. Not that Caspian thought this was exciting. Being hunted by your family isn’t exactly anyone’s definition of fun. As soon as everyone understood the situation and stopped trying to kill each other, we started to walk through the forest and I went straight over to walk with Caspian.

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Isn’t he adorable? 

I wonder what life would be like if I had found Parle Productions when they first started Demyx Time.

Age Is Just A Number

George x Reader                                                                                                Description: It’s the summer after your fifth year and Ron one of your bestfriends has invited you to the Burrow for a part of the summer break. George likes you and is mercilessly teased by Fred because you’re two years younger and a huge nerd. George is super nervous now because he thinks you know, so whenever your around he’s kind of a jerk. He takes it too far and really upsets you, Ron ends up telling him to back off, Fred then tells Ron off, eventually all the Weasleys are involved.


Your POV

 I’ve been to the Burrow before but I’ve never stayed this long, I’m staying for two weeks in Ginny’s room along with Hermione, it’s a tight fit but it’ll make do. Ron invited Harry, Hermione and I for the last two weeks of summer vacation. You see I’ve been friends with Hermione since first year, we met in the library where I like to spend most of my time. Consequently I became friends with Ron and Harry as well, now after five years they’re like family to me and the Weasleys all accepted me like I was blood. Well everyone except for George, it’s so bizarre, during the school years he was uncharacteristically nice to me and now he’s being just plain rotten. I don’t know what I did to make him hate me but I’m really torn up about it because at one point during the year I thought he actually liked me. Ginny was even trying to convince me that he had a crush on me, obviously not it’s clear he has something against me now because of his behavior.

George’s POV

 That’s it I’ve completely blown my chance with the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. Why is my first reaction to always be a jerk whenever she’s around? I mean I didn’t want he to know I liked her but now she probably thinks i hate her or something. I really messed up and i don’t know how to turn this situation around. “You know if you just told her you liked her you wouldn’t have to keep up with your daily moping.” Fred said from the bed across the room from his, “I can’t just tell her i like her after I’ve been such a dick Freddie. I couldn’t even work up the nerve before i made this mess how am i supposed to now.” I felt like such a little kid, here i was laying in my bed whining into my pillow about a crush i have. “George you don’t need to work up the nerve just go up to her and do it” Fred said trying to convince me to go, but i couldn’t not now. “What’s the worst that could happen, Y/N rejects you? So what at least you’ll have it off your chest. you can’t just keep it in, and it’s painfully obvious for everyone else, even Percy asked me if you had a thing for her!” He was right, holding this in is only making things weird for everyone. “I’m gonna tell her” i said “Really?” he questioned. “Yeah I’m gonna do it as soon as she wakes up” i said getting out of bed with my new found and probably short lived optimism, Fred doing the same. We both got dressed and went down stairs. Mum was already awake and cooking breakfast, but other them her it didn’t seem like anyone else was awake. That was until we walked into the living room to wait for everyone else to wake up specifically Y/N, sitting on the sofa was Ron. He stood up when he noticed us walk in. “Look man you need to stop.” he said without looking me in the eyes. What the heck was that supposed to mean? “You’re really upsetting Y/N and I’m not just gonna sit here and watch. so you need to back off, just leave her alone she’s only gonna be here for another week before we go back to school.” He clarified. Well there goes my motivation to ask her out. “Ron this is none of your business so you need to back off.” Fred stepped in. “None of my business! Y/N is my bestfriend i think this concerns me. especially since it’s my brother whos being such a prick!” Ron protests. “Can you guys shut up some people do this thing called sleeping”  Percy said coming down the stairs groggily. “Butt out of it” Ron, Fred, and I said simultaneously. Percy put his hands up in defense, “What are you boys bickering about now” Mum asked coming in with her apron on. “Ron getting involved in things that he’s not involved in” I said “Fred started it, and George is being a jerk to my friend so yes i think it does involve me.” Ron said “Oh so this is about Y/N?” Bill asked now standing next to Percy on the staircase. “What about Y/N?” Ginny asked passing Bill and Percy and walking over to where mum was, Hermione not too far behind her. “Oh honey if George likes Y/N you should let him go for her. She’s such a nice and pretty young lady and she’s incredibly smart she’ll be good for George.” Mum said to Ron. “No way Y/N is way out of his league why would she wanna go out with a dummy like him?” Percy said adding to the conversation. Wow, well that was a blow to the ego.

 Everyone started to bicker about Y/N and I. I was still in my spat with Ron, until my breath was stolen away by the sight of Y/N standing on the platform of the staircase. She was just standing there listening to bits and pieces of each conversation happening. When i stopped talking Ron and Fred both followed to where my sight was stuck. “No. Absolutely no way.” Ron protested as George dragged him out of the room. It seemed like the rest of the family got the message because everyone shut up and left the living room. It was just Y/N and i now, she walked down the stairs and even though it was only a few seconds it felt much longer. Panic began to arise in my chest and i thought about just leaving. There she was now standing in front of me. “I’m guessing you heard what everyone was talking about?” I asked, hoping that maybe she didn’t. “Yeah. Yeah i heard what they were talking about,” she said. My hands were shaking and i didn’t know what to say now, what if she rejected me? What would i do then? “I just wanted you to know that i feel the same” she said in her quiet voice, a rosy blush coming to her cheeks. Oh my Merlin, did she just say she felt the same? Was this really happening? “I don’t mean to pushy but you should kiss her” “Ginny shut up” The voices were clear through the crack in the  door where it was obvious that almost everyone was spying on us. My apprehension was now swept away, it didn’t matter that she was out of my league, or that she was younger then me. None of it mattered anymore because she liked me back, so i leaned in a kissed her. A compilation of disapproving groans and elated cheers came from the poorly chosen hiding spot of my family.

“So George I guess it doesn’t matter that she’s a little younger” Fred said to tease me at the breakfast table. “You know Freddie age is just a number” i rebuttal, now stress free and happy to be with the girl of my dreams.

Kirby Inktober Day 22 – Favourite OST (Draw what comes to mind as you listen to it!)

beautiful, enchanting, and elegant, yet intimidating, cruel, and powerful… it’s those qualities that i love about queen sectonia, and her battle music (specifically, “moonstruck blossom”) conveys that feeling really well in my opinion

a ton of other songs could have made it into this position (because kirby games always have wonderful soundtracks!), but i felt like i had a strong ~~~vision~~~ or whatever for a drawing based on this song

…and i just wanted to draw queen sectonia lmao

wow look at that wonky arm placement!

i’m not much for shipping, like i just generally don’t have an opinion but damn this game.  damn it for succeeding at making me have opinions even though i also think anyone would look cute with anyone else

aro/ace/nb dr who quotes

here, have a fuckton of quotes that either confirm or imply aro-spectrum ace nb dr who

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anonymous asked:

If I were dating you, I'd probably be really nervous that I was going to mess something up because you're so out of my league, but then you'd pull up Tumblr and show me something to make me laugh or smile and all the stress would just /melt/ because you're one of those people that makes me feel happy and safe.

ok but id try to make u feel extremely safe and happy and comfy and if anyone makes u sad ill go kick them in the knee