i probably love blaine more than i love you

Fic: Evergreen

This is ~900 words of schmoopy, sappy, wedding fluff involving slow dancing and emotions. Based off the location spoilers for next week!

A hand on Kurt’s shoulder snapped him out of his half-asleep daze.

“C’mon,” Blaine said softly in his ear. “Let’s get out of here for a second.”

Kurt let Blaine take his hand and pull him out of his chair, willing enough to follow his husband - his husband! - anywhere. They walked out of the barn and away from the fracas of their joint wedding reception, going far enough that they’d have some privacy but staying close enough to hear the faint strains of the band.

“Are you trying to consummate our marriage already?” Kurt teased, feeling more revived in the slightly crisp night air. “Because you know me well enough to know that I am not having sex against a tree somewhere. Especially if my dad’s within fifty miles.”

“Haha,” Blaine said, rolling his eyes. He couldn’t hide the joy in his face, though. “No, I just thought you might wanna get out for a minute. This reception is great, but-”

“You’re about to stab the next person to tap their glass and make us kiss again?” Kurt finished, both of them chuckling. “I’m pretty sure I only got about two bites of that wedding cake into me before the servers came out to clear the space for dancing.” He pouted, making Blaine laugh some more.

“I’ll hit up a drive-thru on our way back to the hotel,” Blaine said. “Can’t let my husband go to bed unsatisfied on our wedding night.”

“I knew I was making a good choice with you,” Kurt said, smiling fondly.

They just stood there silently for a moment, both lost in their thoughts, before Blaine spoke again.

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Fic: This Love Is Ours

In the words of the immortal TSwift: “It’s not theirs to speculate if it’s wrong and / your hands are tough but they are where mine belong and / I’ll fight their doubts and give you faith / with this song for you.” – Badboy!Blaine/Cheerio!Kurt, ~1700 words, PG with some making out.

Kurt tried not to show his impatience on his face as he listened to Britt ramble on about her cat while he dug around in his locker for his math book. Lord Tubbington’s lingerie stash sounded concerning, yes, but Britt was really cutting into his precisely scheduled morning routine, and if she didn’t shut up soon, he’d miss the best part of his day.

“So I’m thinking I’ll have to block the Victoria’s Secret site on my laptop,” Britt finished, just in time for the warning bell to ring.

Damn it, Kurt thought, pressing his lips together tightly to keep from scowling at his friend. He waved goodbye to her and started heading for the math wing, feeling his phone buzz in his pocket as he walked. Once he was in class and seated, he checked the message, not surprised to see that it was from “Loverboy.”

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Case Study ~ September 2011 ~ Kindred

October 2010 ~ November 2010 ~ December 2010 ~ January 2011 ~ February 2011 ~ March 2011 ~ April 2011 ~ May 2011 ~ June 2011 ~ July 2011 ~ August 2011 ~ September 2011 ~ October 2011, Part 1 ~ October 2011, Part 2 ~ October 2011, Part 3 ~ November 2011 ~ December 2011 ~ January 2012 ~ February 2012 ~ March 2012 ~ April 2012 ~ May 2012 ~ June 2012 ~ December 2016

Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

This part isPG, 1778 words

September 2011 ~ Kindred

“Well, Kurt,” Mrs. Faber began, sitting prim and proper, legs crossed, in her seat.  Kurt liked that she dressed well, today in a classy apple-red cardigan with beading around the neckline paired with a simple, knee-length black skirt.  “I know last week we were beginning to discuss your relationship with your father, figure out where those sparks of your condition might have started.  Have you thought about it like I asked?  Do you have any insight?”

Kurt stared at her shoes: black pumps with 1-inch heels, strapped and fastened with black heart-shaped beads.  “I have something I’d like to talk about,” he said.  “If that’s alright?”

He didn’t have to look at her face to know she was surprised.  “Of course!” she said, not even trying to mask her excitement.  “Of course, we can talk about anything you like.  Please.”

“I’d like to talk about Blaine.  I mean—things have been good.  But it seems I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock.”

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