i probably giffed the whole thing when it came out lmao

Words Speak Louder Than Actions

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: sexting, dirty talk, mention of the word “nut”, mentions of ass eating, no actual penetration, metal arm kink, flirting with a woman, masturbation

Word Count: 2234

bang this might be bad idk (p.s the gif has nothing to do w it lmao it probably would’ve gone better w shoot from the hip)

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My Knight in Shining Armour

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  • Member: Park Woojin
  • Genre: fluffy
  • Word Count: 886
  • Summary: you end up getting embarrassed and humiliated by being stood up for a date, but then a gorgeous guy with an adorable smile comes in to save your disastrous night 
  • This is for the #protectwoojinproject where writers write short fluffs of woojin to counter the incident. Protect this adorable fluffball ^ (ik the gif has nothing to do with the story but he looks so cute) @perkwoojin will be writing pt2 of this and IT’LL BE AMAZING cause she’s an amazing writer and she’s such a sweetheart and i love her so much. SO if you don’t follow her go follow!!

You were waiting for your date who was already 20 minutes late and you felt horrible. You kept thinking to yourself “no, no, no he’ll come he’s probably just late.” You knew you were kidding yourself but how could you not. You liked this guy a lot he was sweet, good looking, funny and just got you. You guys clicked so well on the first two dates even though he was a bit distracted with his phone at times. You looked at the watch it said 7:30, you sighed and your mood just kept on plummeting. The waiter came back to your table again asking sympathetically “are you ready to order miss?” You want to groan and scream your frustration but you can’t, so instead you say “no, I’m still waiting for someone, I’m sure they’ll be here soon.” The waiter nods and leaves. You spot an elderly couple looking super sympathetically at you, you feel even more depressed. Gosh when is this guy coming, you send him another message already sent him 2 and called him twice, asking if he’s coming. Again, no response.

You hear a jingle and you look at the door, you bow your head in disappointment, it wasn’t your date, just a huge group of good looking guys coming in. You couldn’t even try to check them out still feeling like shit at the fact that your date stood you up. You check your phone again and it shows 7:42, your heart basically plummets as you realise he isn’t coming but you tell yourself to wait till 7:45. People are still giving you sympathetic looks and you hate yourself for still waiting for this douchebag. But you’ve been single for ages and you haven’t someone that you’ve connected with so easily in years. Before you know it, it’s 7:45 and the waiter comes up to you and says “miss if you’re not going to order, I’m really sorry but I have to ask you to leave.” Just as you’re about to stand up, and apologise for being an inconvenience. “I’m so sorry sweetheart, traffic was terrible and my boss kept me in for so long.” You hear someone say super loudly so basically the whole restaurant can hear, and then they sit in the chair directly across from you. You look up at this adorable gorgeous guy but who was a complete stranger. “Hi, my name is Woojin, whoever stood you up is a douche and doesn’t realise what he’s missing out on” he says sweetly, grinning at you showcasing a snaggletooth.

You can’t help but feel butterflies and not believe your luck. The guy in front of you was so sweet and well mannered, he was also incredibly good looking with the most gorgeous smile you’ve ever seen. You say gratefully but jokingly “thank you so much, for coming to the rescue, my knight in shining armour, not making this night into an absolute embarrassing nightmare.” “It’s my pleasure to have dinner with such a lovely girl.” he says smoothly nearly making you swoon. You later realise he’s never that smooth and it was a one time thing. You introduce yourself to him. “Oh by the way my name is y/n and let’s order I’ve been waiting here for 45 minutes and I’m starving” you say brightly. He can’t help but smile as he hears you talking and admire your smile and the way your eyes light up when you do. Woojin had no idea what came over him to sit down with you and save you from this embarrassing and upsetting situation. But looking at you, looking beautiful, all dressed up in a dress and your hair and makeup done with no one at the table with you. No food, or drinks, checking the clock and everyone was giving you pitying looks. He couldn’t help but want to go and help you out. He also won’t complain about you being drop dead gorgeous. You ended up being so sweet as well, he really couldn’t see why a guy would skip out on date with you.

You and Woojin end up having an amazing time. You learnt he ditched his friends, they wave at you guys with a few wolf whistles making you two blush. You learnt that Woojin was actually super shy and that he’d never do anything like this normally. But he did. He said sweetly to you “I really am glad I did though, you’re my perfect girl.” Making your heart basically sprout wings and fly off to heaven and you blush bright red. You end up talking about everything and anything. You never felt so at ease with someone as much as you have with him. He just makes you so happy just even being around him. And all he wanted to do was hug you or maybe even kiss you softly if he ever had the guts. But you both were happily enjoying each others company, eating, talking and joking around. It was two hours into your date and Woojin’s friends left, but there were still a lot of people since it was one of those places which close late. You were laughing and smiling with Woojin and you hear the door jingle, you glance up quickly just as a natural instinct. There standing in the door way is your date.

this was terrible lmao i’m sorry, and it was also the shortest thing i’ve ever written. it also wasn’t that fluffy, i feel bad, i feel like i’m disappointing iris. OH WELL ANYWAYS. again jas is making pt 2 @perkwoojin so please go follow and look out for it on her blog. also the cliff hanger was her idea so don’t kill me kill her. I LOVE YOU JAS. it also might take her some time to write pt 2 cause she’s on semi-hiatus. BUT LOVE YOU ALL WHO READ THIS piece of shit gosh it was terrible. and as always please message, send an anon or just contact me!!

17 on Tumblr (Jun)

hohoho here is the requested Jun on Tumblr! can you believe I actually got around to continuing this series lmaO

  • *cracks knuckles* *rubs hands*
  • let’s get started hohoho
  • okay so we all know Jun reads novels online and what not right
  • and seventeen has shamelessly, on a few occasions, admitted to searching themselves up online
  • so one day, Jun, being, well, JUN, searches up a fanfic about himself and he’s casually scrolling through naver when a title catches his eye
  • and it’s a posted on tumblr fic
  • at first he’s all like “????????” and innocently wonders what tumblr is, but then he asks vernon who then widens his eyes because yknow tumblr is mainly known for porn
  • he decides to venture into the unknown anyway
  • he starts off by reading the fic that got him there in the first place, and wow is he hooked
  • he kinda forgets that he’s the main character because it feels so surreal and different but at the same time similar to his own personality
  • but damn! he’s enjoying this fanfic way more than he should be
  • (don’t imagine an emo wen junhui staring at his phone intently at 3am about to internally explode because fic-him and the oc are giving each other the cold shoulder)
  • (and don’t imagine him stifling his laughs with a pillow to avoid waking up the other members)
  • yeah 
  • don’t
  • and let’s face it, he probably didn’t realise tumblr existed as a mobile app until he finished reading the entire fic
  • when he realises it is a mobile app he’s so excited and literally falls over himself downloading it
  • his username is probably some shit like “wjhui179696″
  • he searches up the fanfic that he read by the title, and finds the blog that posted it
  • and he’s awestruck
  • the blog is so pretty and the theme is so warm and the description is so nice and!!!!!!!
  • he falls in love instantly
  • guess who owns that blog
  • that’s right
  • you
  • and you don’t just post 17 fanfics, you also post a great deal of other writings and poems and short stories, but your svt stuff always seemed like the only things that got reblogs so you stopped writing your poems and stuff for a while and focused more on the fics
  • and wen junhui is so enamored he finds himself scrolling through your entire blog and looking through all your pre-svt stuff and he’s like
  • shit not only are they a seventeen fan, they’re also generally just a really good author and poet who puts out really meaningful things!
  • and you have this one poem written in chinese for a module you took a long time ago and it’s so beautiful 
  • that jun took a quote from that poem and used it as his kkt status
  • obsession?? noOooOoOOooo what psh
  • anyways
  • he notices you don’t write such stuff anymore and he gets kinda sad 
  • so he sends you an anon ask that goes “Hello I’m a new follower but I realised that you stopped posting your original poems and short stories after a while, is it okay if you let me know why?”
  • and you receive the ask and !!! you didn’t actually think anyone would notice that you stopped putting out those poems and stories because they never got many notes anyways
  • you’re kinda touched and a small grin forms on your face because someone actually noticed? 
  • and you reply with 
  • “nah it’s nothing I just thought people would rather read my 17 fics instead. but thank you so much for sending this ask in”
  • jun reads it an d lmao guess what he says
  • “Oh if that’s the reason then just send those poems to me! I’d be more than happy to be your only audience ;-)”
  • and you’re at this point giggling and smiling to yourself because THIS ANON IS SO GREASY AND THEY’RE ONLY ON ANON but they’re also really cute so you reply with 
  • “sure but first reveal your username ;-)”
  • so he messages you with a “wassup i’m the ;-) anon”
  • and from then on blooms a beautiful beautiful mutual friendship thing
  • like it’s super cute because the both of you tag each other in 17 shit and other funny stuff and while jun always knows the 17 stuff beforehand (because, he’s well, part of seventeen), he always finds himself chuckling at the stuff you tag him in
  • not to forget you keep by your agreement and send him a bunch of your poems and stuff, and he’s always so happy and ! to read them
  • plus he’s always really excited to check the message you leave him, especially if svt had a really grueling schedule and he was dead tired and exhausted
  • and he finds himself being more drawn to your personality as y’all talked more and more??
  • you’re also under the impression that his name is wendy because when you first asked for his name he typed wen and then regretted it immediately so he did a Save and now he’s wendy
  • ok fast forward a few months
  • jun just had a comeback and he’s dead tired
  • you still don’t know he’s The Wen Junhui
  • (also he has a habit of referring to himself as The Handsome One)
  • (and Hot Boy 101)
  • (and Sizzling Shenzhen Babe)
  • the list goes on
  • but one day you message him and you’re kinda curious about how he looks like so you’re all like
  • “hey Muscle Man shouldn’t you at least show me your face once and let me see for myself how hot you actually are?”  
  • “sorry y/n i’m really tired now, another time maybe?”
  • but you don’t think he’s being serious so you say “lmao then what bout a skype call? you can just sleep and i’ll just stare at your face, we both win”
  • when jun reads your message he gets upset and disappointed because! he’d just gone through a day of shit from everyone
  • he had to deal with recording for an hour because woozi wasn’t pleased with his one line
  • and he had to suffer through hoshi’s relentless nagging and tiring choreography
  • and he thought maybe opening up tumblr would make him happier but instead he came on to see you asking for a pic and not even taking no for an answer???
  • so he’s just like 
  • you know what fuck it i’m just going to stop replying them
  • anyway it’s not like they can know i’m wen junhui
  • so boom
  • jun ignores you for a good whole week
  • but then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in that week you actually manage to get tickets for seventeen’s fansign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you’re so pumped and hyped because YOU FINALLY GET TO MEET JUN AND !!!
  • he’s the literal love of your life how can you not get really excited
  • except, you still feel kinda shit because wendy (jun) hasn’t replied you for ages
  • okay maybe it’s just a week but still
  • so before you go for the fansign you drop wendy (jun) a message telling him that you finally get to meet your idols and that you’re sad he can’t be with you :’)
  • and then right before he gets onto the fansign stage, jun reads the message
  • he panics for a while but manages to stay calm because lmao its not like they know i’m their online friend psh it’s all aight
  • but when he gets up there he sees a person sitting in a corner alone, with no fancy dslr but a small iphone camera, eagerly waiting for him to come out and 
  • he knows that’s you
  • you look so happy yet slightly :( and he can’t help but feel slightly guilty
  • so when it comes to your turn with jun,
  • you tell him how much you adore and love him (at this, jun blushes and eye smiles) but then you ask him for advice on how to apologise to a friend
  • and he goes from :-D to :-( real quick
  • because although that confirmed his suspicions about you being his amazing author memey mutual, he felt really really bad about making you feel shitty
  • so he’s like “wait let me show you a magic trick”
  • “take out your phone”
  • “you wanna apologise through text right?”
  • at this you nod your head fervently 
  • jun takes out his phone too
  • and he’s like “okay go to your chat, and on 1,2,3…”
  • a new message bubble pops up and 
  • “why use facetime when the real deal’s in front of you?” 
  • he shows you his phone screen with the exact same chat log as yours
  • and you’re just like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he smirks and puts a finger to his lips
  • “sh’’
  • when the fansign ends, you’re so certain that it’s all a dream that you check your phone again
  • at this point another message pops up 
  • it’s an selfie of jun at the fansign location with his finger poking a far off image of you in the background
  • “how’s this for a picture? get home safely ah my dear carat! ;-)”
  • and that’s when you realise your mutual’s name isn’t wendy, but wen jun hui

!!!!!!! finally done with 3/13 of this series! i’ll finish the rest and update the masterlist in my free time so please be patient!

requests are open!

love, jyn

Sex with BTS

A/N: I didn’t have to be as big of a hoe as i was with these gifs but i did it anyways lmao


imagining his usual nature, I don’t think Jin would be too rough with you, nor too soft, I’d think he’d usually be somewhere in the middle but be very flexible with his range in which he could pleasure you. One day he could be peppering you with small kisses and licking down your neck and thrusting into you smoothly and deep, but then the next he’s biting your skin and squeezing your thighs open while he fucks up into you with amazing power and stamina and you can’t walk the next day, but then he can just hold you and fuck you just right. Usually means to be more rough when you provoke him, more soft when he’s seen you’ve had a bad day, I also see him as the type to enjoy fingering you quickly while he kisses you desperately, a little wet and sloppily but it still causes your stomach to flip, favorite position with you is probably one where he can flip you on your side and touch you from the front while also kissing your neck, to give you insane amounts of pleasure.

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good luck getting him off of you, Namjoon is very kinky and possessive when it comes to you. Usually likes to work you up and make sure you’re dripping wet for him before he even tries touching you, lots of dirty talk because he wants to make his baby feel good. Biting is common, so is long periods where he’s just assaulting your neck with his tongue but you don’t care because his hot Breath is hitting you and making you so wet for him, Namjoon would notice this and mildly tease you for it before your pleas begging him to fuck you finally got to him, and he would go in, his hips snapping up while he begs you to moan out his name because your voice is like heaven to him, doesn’t let up until you’re overstimulated and have came like 3 times, cleans you up like a prince/ss later on. Favorite move with you is probably doggy style so he could hold onto your shoulders or ass and just fuck up into you and make you scream with the angle was getting.

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would very much enjoy having you on top of him, from the beginning to the end, so he could control the rate he bucks into you but you could also assist him with some of the fucking, plus your ass is just a great view for him. Loves to bite and lick and suck on your neck while you grind your chest on him because that feelings like heaven to him, dirty talking gets you going so he does it a lot. Honestly probably the type to want you to either watch him when he fucks you (like his dick going in and out) or want you to stare into his eyes while he fucks you, would usually want to get you so flustered for as long as he can so when you finally came the whole dorm and neighborhood would hear it and know he was the one who was making you feel that amazing.

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the sex is the one of the best parts of your relationship because it combines your love, his silliness, and the sensuality of it all into one and it always manages to push you over the edge. Hoseok would want to make out for a bit before he even touches you, and so when he does you basically explode. Eats you out for a while before he fucks you, literally does not touch himself at all until he can fuck you because he wants that feeling of you and that feeling only. Quite talkative himself in bed, guides you through things, asking you if you like what he’s doing, if he’s fucking you good enough, wants you to watch him too, gets so turned on by your whimpers and moans that he usually feels himself coming whenever you let one out, loves fucking you missionary just so he can see you bounce and writhe and just be beneath him.

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I think the whole sex thing with Jimin would be wild, like if anyone where to ask you what your sex life was like you’d go blank and almost start drooling because…what was it like? Honestly only 3 main components, insane pleasure, insane stamina on Jimin’s part, and you being a trooper because he literally uses you up until you just can’t anymore. Jimin would never admit it, but he loves seeing you pushed towards the point of exhaustion while he fucks you senselessly, biting and kissing and nipping everywhere you couldn’t control all the bruises and marks that sprung up the next day, and he can’t get enough of your moans so much that he swallows them with his mouth, his own cries being very vocal and the dirtiest shit you’ve ever heard, preferring to fuck you every which way, but when he comes down with you though it’s all very sweet, your mouth turning up in a smile as he made sure you were okay, always

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magical, star seeing sex between you both, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Tae the type to start off by pleasuring you with his tongue everywhere, seeing and mentally marking how sensitive you were in his mind, literally so fascinated at what a flick of his finger and swipe of his tongue could elicit from you, opening his mouth and humming against your skin as he eventually can’t keep himself from getting in you, doesn’t start off rough, is really sweet, and even if it does get more intense, it’s not describable, because he makes you feel insanely hot and excited that you feel your eyes burning with tears but nothing hurts its just that he feels so good and you can’t control it. Tae is mesmerized with your body and just pleasures you to your limits because he wants to see what he can do to you, probably prefers a position where he can look down at you, exposing everything for his hungry eyes

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aw, small baby, don’t expect him to fuck you roughly but then don’t underestimate him. Jungkook is the type to be very skeptical of himself, but that only would make him more eager to prove himself and give you the pleasure he knows you deserve. When you first start, jungkook is a writhing mess himself, the sweat between you two literally coating your bodies and you can’t feel your toes because the nerves had gone dead down there, but eventually when he finds his rhythm, you’re gone, seeing white and struggling to breathe, assuring jungkook that you’re fine and urging him to continue going, his whimpers only pushing you even further because it’s new to him and you’d feel so good around him he couldn’t stop his hips and would be so thankful that you didn’t want him to either, comes quickly but is good enough to get you to come too, your eyes heavy as he kissed you deeply, wrapped up in his arms

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a primer on julien/pl? I'd love to write fic about them, but I just know bits of pieces from your hcs. But they're both so big and soft????

Hey! So when I started writing we’re not here to take part (we’re here to take over), I didn’t think PL/Julien would be more than a one-off pairing that I’d write once for fun, so it’s been thrilling to find that people are interested in them!

So there honestly isn’t much interaction between the two of them, I’m sad to say. They’re friends, and they’ve been teammates a few times, but the part about them together is gonna be fairly short, sorry! I’d love to tell you about them anyway, bc I love them. I’m so sorry for how long this is. This isn’t a primer, this is an essay with pictures.

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When Camila Cabello moved into an apartment, she thought she came prepared. But of all the things she expected, being thrown into Lauren Jauregui’s ploy against her cheating ex-girlfriend was not one of them.

It would have been a lot easier if she didn’t despise the other woman.


Actually, I might have a little expectation with this book, I mean people wrote about this kind of plot multiple times but I tried it just to spite my sanity because I really do have a thing with the frienemy vibe. I was looking for the angst and oh boy this book gave me a whole lot level of it. The bickering was expected but you know when it comes to camren, the sexual tension always explodes and the chemistry will always be there. The progress of the story was a little bit off but it was the good kind and perfect for the characters development. 

For a little bit of an information, these two works as a bartender, the people named here are not those people we expected, so no austin, brad, lucy or etc who existed in the real world. Camila and Lauren had their moments, a hell lot of it. Expect some corny jokes, a whole lot of sweetness and hmm probably a heartbreaking sort of thing too? The author was amazing and did a great job even tho she admitted that she didn't proofread it but dont worry cause what matter the most is the beautiful plot she made. I was literally cussing and do the whole flipping shit when I was reading this.

You’ll probably get pissed and hate Lauren in this but we all know that it will never last right? Camila got her smitten. She’s a sucker for that for sure. Dinah was hilarious and she has a big part in this because she is somehow related to Lauren. Ot5 are here if you’re wondering. And be prepared because I’m sure as heck that you’ll despise someone here who I’ll be named as Sydney, just to give you head ups. hahaha! THAT EFFIN HOE

If you want fluff, angst, and a little bit of smut (sorry you nasties) this is just the right book for you and just so you know you might also need a whole bunch of kleenex to drench your eyes out. lmao! The gif that I put might be a little hint so go go go!

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I just finished this beautiful fic guys and I just decided that I need to review these kind of stuff because i want to reminisce them when I still have the time in this fandom and the fact that I’m camren as fuck in the moment. lol. Now, I regret that I didn’t do this since the first time I’ve read one. But i’ll probably go back to it and review them.

Accidental Text - A Minizerk Story

Simon sat in his room editing a new video to put up on his second channel. Josh did invite him to join the livestream and play H1Z1 with him and Tobi but Simon had passed the opportunity as he was exhausted from staying up for two days straight. He also needed to continue editing. That was at 11:00pm and now at 1:30 in the morning Simon was replaying their previous conversation in his head.

Josh and Simon perched on separate chairs around the island eating in silence, Simon checking Twitter, and Josh in the middle of thought. The silence was eventually broken by Josh.

“Simon, I’m going to play H1Z1 later with Tobi and I wondered if you’d want to join?”

Simon looked up to reply. “I could but I haven’t slept in a couple of days and I need to finish editing.” The older of the two nodded and picked up his empty plate. Josh placed his plate by the sink then opened a cupboard to retrieve some Dr Pepper. After pouring a glass for himself, he began to walk out of the kitchen.

“See you in the morning.” Simon looked up and saw him go. A second later, and he was gone.

Simon could not get this conversation out of his head for some reason; it was almost as if something was a bit… off. Was it the way they sat in silence? No. The way that Josh only got a drink instead of a snack as well? No. His mind kept going back to when Simon looked up to answer Josh. “What’s so special about that?” He thought, “People normally talk to other people by looking at their face,” He then found the reason: Simon had been staring at his eyes the whole time. It was like they froze time.

Looking back over the last year, Simon did pick up little things that he or Josh did like the time when they passed each other in the kitchen or seating arrangements in Nandos. Josh always sat two seats away from him. Maybe Josh had wanted to sit near him, but not directly next to or opposite in case they brushed limbs while eating.

Simon ceased his mind from analysing situations further and continued editing. “When did I stop editing?”

30 minutes later, Simon had finished the video and started to schedule its upload. Then he leant back in his chair and was deep in thought. Simon thought that Josh would never love him because he’s not gay (though Simon never thought that he himself would be gay) and also he’s in a relationship with Freya. He abruptly grabbed his phone and wrote a text to Ethan.

‘I think I’m in love with Josh, is this normal and what do I do?’ Send.


‘I’ve just sent it to Josh! God, I’m such an idiot. I’ve just ruined our friendship haven’t I? Oh fuck.’

Simon’s phone beeped.

‘I would tell him, I’m pretty sure he loves you too.’

Staring at the phone in disbelief, Simon’s world stopped revolving. He did not know what to do. He was expecting a text like ‘What the fuck, bro?’ or ‘Is this a prank?’ but no. A text from the man who was apparently straight confirming the fact that he loved his best friend.

He was not sure what to do. Should he sleep and forget about this or should he confront Josh? His sleep-deprived mind decided on the latter option and he pushed himself up off the chair then made his way to Josh’s room. Not thinking of knocking, Simon walked slowly into the room. Josh looked up and their eyes crossed. Josh smiled shyly and turned his attention back to his computer. Simon walked behind him and hugged him from behind but then he glanced at the monitors and froze when his eyes came across a Twitch chat. A look to the first monitor confirmed his suspicions and he remembered that Josh was doing a livestream.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry, bro, I forgot you were livestreaming.”

“It’s fine bro.” Josh looked around at Simon and smiled. Simon’s heart fluttered as he returned the smile.

“This is going to be gif-ed, you realise that?”

“Tobi’s here and he knows about the text. The chat do as well, obviously, and Tumblr have probably made tons of gifs by now.” Simon laughed and greeted Tobi. Simon did not hear his reply because he was not wearing headphones.

A few hours later, Josh ended the livestream and Simon had passed out on Josh’s bed. Tobi exited the Skype call and the other turned off his computer. Sitting down beside Simon, Josh shook his shoulder lightly.

“Simon? You awake?” After no response, Josh stood up, opened the door and carried Simon to his room. Once there, he tucked him in then went to go back to his room.

“I thought you loved Freya.” Stopping in his tracks, he turned to face Simon whose eyes were now open and looking directly at him.

“I did,” Josh paused. “but then we broke up a couple of weeks ago. She said it wasn’t working between us because she thought I had an eye for someone else.”


“You.” Silence surrounded them both for a minute. “Get some sleep, bro.”

Wanting To Talk To You When You Don’t Speak Korean (EXO)

“Can you please do an exo reaction where they want to talk to you but you don’t speak korean”

(gif credit to the original owners)

He would be a little disappointed that you didn’t speak Korean but would probably hold off a little. He wouldn’t want to disturb you with his broken English nor get his own hopes up. He’d be realistic. Yet, he’ll be happy to engage in small talk in your language and send you with pleasant smiles/gestures all the time.

Originally posted by qrishan

He isn’t the most outgoing person, let alone in a language he doesn’t know. I guess he’d only watch you from afar. He would always be polite with you and always happy to try to engage if you started a conversation. However, I don’t think he’d be so up to starting a conversation. He’d probably ponder all the situations he could be in if only you spoke Korean.

Originally posted by sehontop

(he’s such a cutie wOW)

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PLEASE TELL ME - [ Jeon JUNGKOOK x READER] (ft. Taehyung) Pt. 18

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 18.5

Genre: angst/fluff/school au

Length: :)

Summary: “Be a brave little lamb, even a Lion will get scared.” your grandmother’s words became your light to face life. You are always viewing the world with a positive mind. Even with the bad things that were happening around you, you are strong. Love is something you never get often and when Love finally appears, it is hard to catch. Isn’t it tiring to always be strong when your whole world is just crashing and burning down in front of you?

Warning: Swearing!

(a/n): Are you guys still alive after Agust D? Cuz I am not, that is why this part is a mess lmao. I’m sorry 진심이야 미안해~~ jkkk I hope ya’ll enjoy it. I have killed so much time to write this short thing hahaha ilyilyily always to the moon and back

Part 18/?

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It was (not) only a kiss.

What a magical moment. 

As a fan of anime for a long time now, I’ve seen how queerbaiting has driven frustrated fans to generate metas and fanworks faster than Yuri can run that potty mouth of his. 

As a queer person myself, I can relate. 

Having said that, the anime fandom can also be so homophobic in their denial that their fave protagonists could have canon romantic interests in men, if you’ve seen the way people stamp KawoShin as “perhaps romantic” despite saying “I love you” to each other, and creators making it pretty fucking obvious that they were meant for each other. 

As a kid, I was left screaming at the screen while watching Cardcaptor Sakura, “DOES TOMOYO LIKE SAKURA ROMANTICALLY OR NOT?? ARE TOUYA AND YUKITO A COUPLE OR NOT?” It took me 10 years and 2 wiki pages later to find out that the answer to both my questions was yes

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♡         My giant Teddy-bear

Originally posted by hanbi-i

Title: My giant Teddy-bear

Pairing: Yunhyeong x Reader

Genre: Slight Angst, Romance

Length: ~1354

Request: Yunhyeong angst 

02.43 AM

Your eyes slid over the watch from across the room as you impatiently waited for Yunhyeong to pick up your call. It wasn’t the best time to call and even with time differences, it was still late in Shanghai where he was currently staying with the other members.

You couldn’t help but press the shortcut which directly dialed his number earlier because this had been one of the worst days ever and all you needed now was him calming you down. Yunhyeong was the only one who had that kind of effect on you. No matter how much you were hurting, he could make it all go away withing seconds.

Your heart sank when your phone repeatedly made the same beeping sound, calling but no Yunhyeong picking up from the other side. You wanted to cry, yes, this was definitely the worst day ever.

You were about to hang up when you heard Yunhyeong on the other side, murmuring something that sounded like your name. Okay, you woke him up. Usually you would have felt bad about it but in that moment all you could feel was a whole lot of relief washing over you.

“Yun…”, you said softly, i miss you “I’m sorry for waking you up”, and yes you did feel sorry, you really did, it was just that your selfishness was having a little more weight for once, just this once. I need you, “How was the fanmeeting?”

“Happy Birthday”, he completely ignored your question and you could almost hear him smiling over the phone, “I’m sorry i couldn’t call at midnight, today was just really exhausting but how was the party anyway?”

Your heart made another painful throb and the tears gathered in your eyes again.

it was awful “It was great”, you suppressed a sob and forced a laugh. You were surprised by how natural it sounded. “You’re lying… baby what’s wrong?”, Yunhyeong seemed to be fully awake now, nothing but concern lying in his voice.

“Nothing”, you cried, not being able to pretend anymore. It wasn’t even a minute, wow, you really had expected to be a little better at this. “I just miss you”, you sobbed louder, “I wish you were here, today was horrible.”

What you didn’t expect then was the beeping sound that your phone suddenly made. It took you a few seconds to realize that he had hung up. But how depressed you might have been, you knew that Yunhyeong wasn’t really that kind of person and would never do something like that. His phone probably died, yeah, you stared at the screen for a little longer, expecting him to call back any second.

He didn’t call back. 

1 hour had passed since then and you really wondered what had happened because as much as you thought about it, Yunhyeong would never do this kind of thing to you, at least you couldn’t recall him doing so in the past. 

Did he perhaps not love you anymore?– Was he sick of dealing with your moods? Just the thought of it left a little hole in your heart which seemed to get bigger and bigger as the weirdest scenarios kept buzzing in your head– It left you feeling insecure and scared– scared that any of that would become reality.

Your soft sobs quieted down after some time, yet the pain was still there, heavy as ever.

You almost got a heart attack when a panting Yunhyeong suddenly came through the door, catching his breath while he pulled you into a big hug. “I’m sorry”, he panted, “I’m so late but the stupid taxi driver wanted cash and then he left me on the streets and wanted to call the cops, shit i forgot the cake–”, 

“Y/N?”, Yunhyeong called as he got no reaction whatsoever.

You just looked at him with your wide eyes not being able to comprehend that he was there. Yunhyeong who was supposed to be 29874892374 km away in this moment, was sitting right in front of you. No, this was definitely a dream. This had always happened in the past months– him standing suddenly right in front of you, ready to give you a hug– and you wouldn’t be that stupid to believe it this time, it would only hurt more the moment you wake up.

You couldn’t help but pull him into your arms though, just this once, only one more time.

“I know this is just a dream or maybe i’m just hallucinating because i’m so tired–”, “Y/N.. This is not–”, “Please, don’t say anything. I just need to tell you this okay?”, you made a long pause when you continued.

“I love you and i’m so happy you’re here”, there was so much more you wanted to say, a complete mess of you’re important to me, don’t leave me and i’m sorry that you just couldn’t put into words. However this dream felt so real, even his scent was the same.You buried your face into his neck and inhaled sharply. He really smelled like Yun.

Ignoring your protests, he pulled away and looked into your eyes directly. “This is not a dream”, he said slowly with a little smile plastered on his face. His eyes looked a little sad but sincere and you really wanted to believe him– “I flew back a few hours ago but i thought you’d be asleep and i was so tired so i just decided to go to a hotel for today. But then you called”, he paused and let out a sigh, “..and you were a complete mess which made me drop everything and come here as fast as i could. And now i forgot the cake and the present and the whole surprise is ruined but it doesn’t matter because i’m finally here and… i just really missed you.”

Without even letting you react or giving an answer, Yunhyeong pulled you close and connected both of your hearts with each other, making up for the i miss yous and i love yous that you couldn’t tell each other in these few months. You could feel the pain and joy that he felt, putting it all into the kiss and going from slow, gentle movements to more passionate, desperate ones. This felt way too beautiful to be real but at the same time too genuine to be something made up by your mind.

You didn’t even remember him pushing you down, so that he was kissing you from above, his hands studying each part of your body gently before leaving small, innocent kisses on them. When he was back on your face to meet your eyes, he stopped, holding your gaze for a few seconds…or even minutes. It was so intense that your heart probably made a 360 degrees flip. A soft chuckle escaped his mouth as he kissed you one more time, smiling against your lips.

“I know that it’s a little hard to stop now but is this really the first thing we’re going to do after not seeing each other for nearly 3 months?”, he sounded so amused. It automatically left a smile on your face. “I guess… we should… talk first?” That was the actual plan, not having sex right away like you were some kind of horny animals.

“Okay”, he bit his lips before snuggling up beside you. “Who was making my girl cry anyway? It was supposed to be–”, “It doesn’t matter now”, you whispered and he looked confused before you continued, “I mean you’re here now, that’s what matters. I don’t care about that anymore… i’m just happy you’re here”

It really didn’t matter. 

Both of you lied there in silence, listening to each other’s heartbeats as the glowing sunlight seeped through the curtains. At some point Yunhyeong started to talk about the weird adventures he made on his tour, filled with his cute laughter here and there. It was calming and for the first time after a long, long time, you fell into a deep, peaceful sleep because he was like a soft, giant teddy bear which was missing for way too long.


A/N: I’m sorry it was supposed to be angsty but i then it took a complete turn. I hope you still like it though~ And yes blame my Yunhyeong feels for writing weird stuff lmao. AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE HE LOOKS ON THAT GIF?????? dammit.

Babygate 2.0 & More

As I mentioned when last I made this post.  I’ve been attacked today even before I had my coffee and challenged to PROVE myself.  I think I’ve done that in spades.  Check out the rest and see if you agree.  

This serves as a sort of wrap-up on babygate2.0 since I discuss it much.  This maybe one of several posts on the subject or the only one.  Will purely depend on how things proceed.

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