i probably drew you wrong because im not actually super sure what you look like in person but

This really did not have to be a big deal

Often when it comes to discussions like these, people often blame “sjw’s” or the like.

But let’s look at who actually made it a big deal? Let’s get it right.

Like literally all that happened was karen pointed out the games were super white, some people got in their feelings and so then people responded to the, “lol its iceland”( because obviously ppl cant immigrate or whatever, plane travel never existed in 2015). Or “lol historical accuracy”. Or “lol find another game series”. Or “lol they do so much for women why r u complaining”.

It’s like?? This really wasn’t that huge of a deal?

Like oh wow, people want to see people in their media who look like them. How fucking evil of us. How fucking social justice of us.

Like literally. a game took place in the state where I live and not a single goddamn black person was in it.

I live in that state. I am black. I encounter black people everyday that I am there. That state is 1/3 black. But yes lets center the game on some former slave owning family on the coast yes this is what we should do. (Not that anything is wrong with the family and I love harper to death, but since we decided to take it there, I’ll take it there.)

But see, honestly I’m fine with all of that. Because I’ve learned to consume media and not get mega offended by the infinite whiteness

It was years before I read YA books without a white protagonist. It was years before I was able to begin writing my own YA books; years before I could write a black or nonwhite protagonist. I remember when i first started writing I didn’t even want to write a poc because I thought: “no publishing house will ever accept this, which is why i never see any books published without a white protag.”

and I still have those fears to this day.

 This applies to all media i consume. You get one show on tv with an all black cast and all of sudden there's “too many black people on tv”. One show, and its viewed as too many.

I’m tired of being complacent with what we’re given. Like If i say “where the black chars at”, someone will probably hand me a list and be like “simone, frosty, ellie. etc.”. We ask “where the Asian characters at “ , somebody will hand u a list like, “every char in saw, sonny.”

But this is not about quantity; it’s about proportions. 

Ratios; you remember those from 8th grade math ?

Because its something like 200 white chars to 10 black chars

200 white chars to 6 Asian chars

200 white chars to - 5 native american chars

200 able bodied chars to -78 disabled chars

Now these numbers are made up, because I’m tired and I don’t have the time to go look up HER’s stats.

But I’m sure if you do look them up, it will be very similar to this.

And at the end of the day, you wanna talk realism? You want to talk accuracy?

That is not realistic. That is not accurate.