i probably did absolutely nothing but

did anyone else notice the balloon hanging over the edge of the table when sherlock told mrs. hudson to say norbury?? like sad deflated balloon awww

but also (& this probably means nothing but i need to point it out) that is absolutely NOT how real helium balloons behave, they keep floating until they are gross and wrinkly and the string is sagging. they dont just flop over

idk but now that i think about it, fake sad john-replacement balloon could mean john is actually not as upset as he appears

“mercy saved genjis and reapers lives!!” 

1) tbh we only know that she saved genjis life. i dont think the stuff she did to reaper could possibly have been absolutely necessary to keeping him alive, it seems more to me like she was experimenting and used him as a way to test something new. which. is exactly why i joke that she probably never took the hippocratic oath. so like it seems like mercy ruined gabriels life and thats why i dont like her

2) she saved genji and yeah hes okay now but do we even know if he had any say in what was done to him?? probably not. this goes for reaper too and thats why i dont like mercy part 2

Absolutely Stunning

I’ve got to admit that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever watched. Nothing has made me feel so many emotions as the new Sherlock episode did. Honestly. It was amazing.

Now I know many people are mad because of Johnlock and stuff but think about it. Had they made Johnlock canon they would have upset the Sherlolly shippers and the Adlock shippers. So instead of pleasing one ship and upsetting the other two, they gave us all three.

Adlock in that text we see Sherlock send at the end.

Sherlolly in the “I love you” and Molly going to 221B Baker Street at the end as if she were going to hug him.

And Johnlock, in Mary’s speech and the fact that they’re going to always be there, in 221B Baker Street.

And as for the people that think the show is not about romance and has nothing to do with it, well I guess by giving us all three possibilities for Sherlock’s love life, they also gave us the opportunity to believe that he may never be in a romantic relationship.

It’s open for interpretation and as long as everyone interprets it in their own way we should all be happy, and hey, they maybe even gave us a little Mystrade with Sherlock asking Lestrade to make sure Mycroft is okay.

And besides from the romance, or lack of, it was a truly beautiful and emotional experience and I loved every second of it.

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I really love your thoughts about Alec and Magnus's fighting styles, until I remember Alec tried to use a long range weapon on an enemy standing 5 feet from him, and then I have to consider the near certainty that Alec has probably stabbed an opponent in the neck with an arrowhead in a panic.


how the fuck did i not think of this

oh my god

well shit uh yes, absolutely. fuck they get real close and he already grabbed an arrow but there’s nothing else he can do so he just steps forward and slams the arrow as hard as he can wherever is soft and fleshy and can you just imagine that. bow still in hand, panting hard, the arrow piercing flesh and his victim staring at him in shock, circle rune red hot under the light, seraph blade clattering to the floor. alec takes a moment to be almost surprised at himself before blood starts spilling onto his hands and he shoves the man back hard until he falls to the floor with a wet thud, gasping.

he’s got blood on his hands and he’s shaking a little bit because that was too close but… shit… hah bye

I know that this is probably a bit early, but I’ve already started making a wish-list for season 7. feel free to add :)

- I hope we get lots of cute Turnadette family moments, but I also hope that Shelagh remains a working mum.

-I really want to know more about Sister Winifred. What was her name before she became a religious sister? Why did she become a nun? (I did recently read an interview with Victoria Yeates in which she said that we probably will discover more about her character in the next series, so fingers crossed)

-In the same vein: more about Shelagh’s past. we know absolutely nothing apart from that her mother died when she was young. why did she become a nun? I know that it seems hardly relevant now because she no longer is a nun, but come on.

-ShelaghXTrixie interaction. or, you know, just more interaction between the Turners and the nuns and nurses in general.

-Closure on Chummy

-Angela speaking


-Shelagh singing

-a story line in which Delia gets to deliver a baby. You know, in which she really establishes herself once and for all as an individual character, rather than Patsy’s girlfriend. we’re already well on our way, though

-Interaction between Sister Monica-Joan and Shelagh

-Valerie’s secret. what is it?

-Maybe see some more of Sister Ursula? I know most people hated her, but I think she was really rather interesting.

-Cynthia. we need to know how she is doing.

-Barbara and anti-conception.

-a story-line about rape. it will be awfull but CtM can handle delicate subjects so well

I guess some of these will, of course, become reality ;)

Most of my wishes seem to have to do with Shelagh, which makes me feel a bit greedy because we had a lot of Shelagh story time this season, but I just find her so interesting

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Momma, I was recently sobbing in a public bathroom after going through a big life upheaval. I called my mom who scolded me for being loud and said that everyone could probably hear me. Was I wrong to cry? How can I be quieter or suppress it until I get back to my dorm?

Crying is good for you. It releases stress and keeps your eyes clean. You’re absolutely fine to cry. You did nothing wrong.

I’m thinking it could be helpful to plan for just letting loose when you get home. If you’re at the store, buy some cheap ice cream, or cookies or somethin’, cause you’re gonna need them as fuel for the tears. Get some smart water cause you’ll need electrolytes. Treat it like a task you’re gonna get home and just cry. Hopefully that’ll keep you calm until you can get to a private space.

-Lou the Lobster

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Mini prompt: Yuuri notices that viktor has been very tense lately and the next day when viktor gets home he greets him wearing lingerie and a pole set up (probs from Chris) (wow so original, rip)

The flush radiating off Yuuri’s cheeks was hot enough that if anyone touched his face now, they would certainly jerk their hand away with a resulting third-degree burn. He kept Victor’s plush and probably ridiculously-expensive robe wrapped as tightly as he possibly could around himself without accidentally tearing it off. Underneath it, with every tiny movement, the subtle rub of the black lace lingerie that did absolutely nothing to conceal the intimate parts of his body screamed at him that this had always been a bad idea.

“I’m never listening to your suggestions ever again,” Yuuri muttered into the phone, eyes flickering with nerves and sheer embarrassment to the living room sofa, where a paramedic was checking Victor out for signs of a concussion.

“Well, to be fair,” Chris’s utterly amused and accented voice rumbled with laughter from the other end of the line, “when I said he’d faint at the sight, I didn’t mean it literally.”

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Did you know about Ivar and Hvitserk are getting love interests next season?

Yes. And from the pics I’ve seen, honestly I can only see this in my head (probably because Alex and Marco are goofballs) … 

Ivar and Hvitzerk as Bill and Ted bein’ all “THE PRINCESSES.” 

I imagine them, and espeically Hvitzerk being very … 


But until I see stuff on my TV, any and all speculation about these ladies (like if they are even lurve interests at all), for me, will be … 

Because I can predict absolutely nothing ;-) I’ve learned not to believe much when it comes to spoilers and speculation from things like trailers and such. Last year, the Avengers fandom, in a speculation frenzy, had me believing that Steve Rogers would die at the end of Cap Civil War to the point where I didn’t want to even see the movie anymore, and Marvel is like, my one true thing. And (spoiler alert) that is NOT what happened ;-) So I now take shit with a grain of salt. 


Fanfics I did would stay awake till 4AM to read a new updated chapter

Tonight was doodle night for me (too lazy and too hot for proper drawing), so I sketched my currently absolutely fave fic.
They all deserve full art, and I probably should do some in the future, but for the moment a quick doodle will still help me to express my love and gratitude to these wonderful writers <3

I did get schoolwork, and plenty of it, done on Friday; sundown just crept up too quickly on me to get in an update post before Shabbat began.

Last night and today, on the other hand, I have done absolutely nothing except Purim things, cooking (both Purim- and real-life-related), and Sacred Harp.  Probably that’s not the worst day to have a week out from qualifying exams, though it still sits only nervously on me. I dropped off mishloach manot at the Drs. Venice’s place, and they asked me to come in–we had so much to chat about, you can imagine, after having seen each other only four times out of the past twenty-four hours at assorted Purim events ( ; Mr. Dr. Venice–who, if I haven’t mentioned this, is on my committee–said that he is looking forward to reading/hearing my exams, and that I have nothing to worry about, but that he knows I will worry anyway. He then fed me hamentaschen, and regaled me with some of the more bewildering excerpts from the abstracts he has been reading as part of a program committee. They are such good people.

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i couldnt sleep last night and i started thinking about how taylor managed to stay with calvin a whole year??? like no offence to the guy cause hes hot and he treated her well for the most part but he has nothing else to him. taylors a pretty unique and interesting person but he doesnt really seem like that at all

i think sometimes both halves of a relationship, platonic or romantic, seek something in the other that they can’t find within themselves. for calvin it was adventure, for taylor it was probably stability or consistency because when you think about it, the life she lived at that point when she was working and doing everything was hectic so going home to him and doing absolutely nothing was probably a breath of fresh air. for him, he was surrounded by all this partying when he did leave the studio and even then he would just be in his own cave, isolating himself from everything. but when she came home, she brought the purity of baking and making dinner together, bright and genuine laughs and most of all she brought the world back home with her. like of course shit got ugly in the end but it happens lmao. like my friendship with steph, she’s out there and fiery with every idea of what she wants and likes but i’m just this passive person who just likes to giggle and take naps. so yeah……you look for things in other people sometimes that you can’t find within yourself.

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Omg your new chapter us amazing but pls is furi going to be ok??? Or will akashi flip when he finds out about archers goals.

Hahahaha, thanks for the question anon-friend! Sorry for the anguish! I’m not spoiling anything specifically about “Filthy Halls” but for generalized spoilers that answer you question, please look under the cut!

Keep reading

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um, ok i'm sorry but i'm gonna unfollow you. please don't be offended! i like and support all the things you post and reblog, it's just. over a hundred new things on my dashboard each day is a little overwhelming, and i'm trying to cut down on the amount of time i spend on tumblr instead of doing more productive things. again you did absolutely nothing wrong and i'm not asking that you change anything. i'm just letting you know why you lost a follower and i don't want anyone to feel bad. sorry.

It’s fine! You actually don’t have to explain why you left, you can leave for any reason you want. If you don’t want to follow me anymore, that’s totally fine, it’s your choice.

And honestly, it would probably be BETTER if you didn’t explain, because now I know I lost a follower. If you hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have noticed at all. I’m not upset about it, but that’s just a tip for the future.


Today is the first day of my spring break. I promised myself I would do absolutely nothing all day, and I’m doing a pretty great job. I haven’t put on a bra or changed out of the leggings and sweatshirt I slept in, and I probably shouldn’t be proud of that, but I haven’t had one of these days in a long time. This morning I made espresso and a big, delicious breakfast, which was such a treat. I put my favorite blend of essential oils in my diffuser, snuggled up with the snoring pup, and watched some TV. I did dishes, I called my grandma, I watched some cute Irish step dancers in the St. Patrick’s Day parade out the window. All I heard for a few hours were bagpipes, but that was ok because they remind me of my trip to Scotland and make me feel warm. I did go get some groceries though—that was my big outing for the day. Mostly because I wanted to make pizza (which I’m eating now and is delicious). I haven’t felt this relaxed in forever.

I met this guy in the afternoon whose name I forgot already. He lives in the apartment next door and came over here and knocked because Casey was barking like crazy. We ended up talking for quite awhile, which was uncomfortable for me at first, but after a few minutes actually became ok. I’m quite wary of men, which is something I know I have to work on. I never see them as friendly—I always see ulterior motives or something to be afraid of. But this man was kind, I think. He is probably in his 50s or so and he told me a lot about his kids. His daughter is a kindergarten teacher in Harlem, and his son is a surgeon at Mass Gen. He works for National Grid and only just moved to Syracuse. He said he gets lonely and he misses his dogs, which Casey saw as an opportunity to get pet, so she went over and laid on his feet. He apologized for always watching the news so loudly. He said it’s just that he has nothing else to do, which made me feel sad. I don’t think he was actually bothered by the barking; I think he just wanted some company.

I want to maybe bake him something soon. I’ll bring it over there and hear the rest of the story he told me about his old house with the leaky roof. Or how his son has depression because his work is so hard. I hate the thought of lonely people because I think we should all be able to turn to our right and have somebody on our side. All day today, Casey followed me around. Some parts of our bodies had to be touching or she’d start barking and crying and whining. I kept laughing, wondering what it would be like if humans did that. What if when you didn’t want someone to leave, you could just cry until they turned around and sat with you a little longer? I think there would be less lonely people for sure. I hope our neighbor likes oatmeal cookies.

Her Scooby-Doo Wiki page says nothing.

Her Wikipedia page says nothing.

We’ll never have confirmation on just what Hot Dog Water is to Velma.


We know.

“That’s my girl.”


Lost, Forgotten, Remembered

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Reader remembers Newt from before they were both in the maze, but he doesn’t. Realllllllly bad ending, I’ll probably do a part 2. Hope you like it!!! I’d love to take requests and feed back! Thanks!

It was cold when I woke up. Cold and loud and dark, three things that added to the fact that I was absolutely lost and confused. Alarms were going off, red lights flashing, my head was swimming in forget. I could feel the room I was in (or whatever it was for that matter) surging up into a black space of nothing and only when I noticed the metal door the room was speeding towards did I let out one. long. scream.
Everything stopped to a halt. Alarms were still blaring and the crimson lights cast the oddest hue into the metal cage I stood in , still nothing happened. Suddenly, the heavy doors burst open, sliding aside and letting in bright white light that flooded into everything and blinded me. I shielded my eyes with my arm out of pure instinct, letting everything adjust.  It was the  immediate whispers that caught my attention and made me tense up. Girl was the word I heard the most, over and over again. My weak legs trembled as I made and attempt to stand up, still blinded. Something heavy thumped into the box startling me as I cowered away in the corner.
“Welcome here, Greenie, we won’t hurt you.” The voice said, sultry and soft. The accent was a little off and I couldn’t quite place it where it was from. But, it sounded familiar. Like home. My heart started beating faster. Racing at top speed because I convinced myself that I knew this voice. I didn’t even have to make eye contact with the speaker before I was holding him, clutched tight in my arms.
“Newt?” I wanted to cry into the blonde boy’s shoulder, all the memories we had together rushing back. I didn’t know much of what was happening but if there was anything, it was that I knew Newt, that a growing feeling in my stomach was what was pulling me towards him. I let him go just long enough to take a breather and spit out the millions of questions I had growing in my mind, but before I could ask I was being pulled back by a stranger, a boy with short cropped blonde hair and eyebrows that seemed to be permanently placed in a worrisome expression.
“Woah, woah, woah there Greenie, calm down. We ain’t gonna hurt you but you need to calm down.” His voice was right next to my ear and I flinched. I looked at Newt only to find a confused, dazzled, and most of all, scared look on his face. He was blushing a furiously red shade.
“What do you mean? I know him, Newt, Newt please tell this bastard to let me go! Newt it’s me!” My head was shaking all to fast and I was crazed with how close this unknown boy was and how far away the one person I knew was standing. Newt’s expression remained unchanging, and then he spoke.
“Who the bloody hell are you and how do you know my name?”
                          *                *                *          
I spent 4 hours in the slammer after that, bursting into a mess of tears. The fact that I was stuck in essentially what was a giant, ceiling-less room with a bunch of boys that looked at me like I was their next meal absolutely terrified me. It would terrify anyone. It wasn’t until they got the leader, Alby, to talk to me and explain, that I cleared my throat and calmed down.
“Why am I here?” I asked.
“If I knew I would be the first one to tell you, sorry Greenie. Do you know your name yet?” I shook my head. Alby furrowed his eyebrows and helped me out of the Slammer.
“That’s okay, it’ll come back to you in a day or so, it’s the one thing they let you keep.” He turned to leave before I spoke up.
“But it’s not.”
“It’s not the only thing they let me keep. I remember him. I remember Newt. I know him. Not enough to help me explain what the hell is going on but I know him, I swear.”
Alby looked at me, clearly not yet convinced, but gave it all a second thought.
“Look Greenie, I don’t know why the Creators let you keep your so called memories of Newt, but until we find out you’ll have to be part of the gladers and help us all out. I nodded, finding the statement quite obvious.
“Great,” he said, “you’ll start off by working with Frypan over there. Call it sexist or whatever you want, putting a girl in the kitchen, but we just really need a better cook.” Alby let out a hearty laugh and I smiled as I made way to the little make-shift kitchen the Gladers had set up.

Frypan and I had finished cooking up the best meal we could muster up regarding the strange assortment of foods we had. Letting out a high pitched whistle, Frypan called all the boys over and they all stood in line, holding out trays. Winston, one of the Med Jacks, grinned and invited me to sit at the end of “cool” table where Thomas, Minho, and Chuck had already set down their trays. I immediately took a liking to the three boys, scruffing up Chuck’s hair whenever he made a cheesy pun or ridiculous remark. Thomas’s cheeks carved out dimples whenever he laughed and I found myself enjoying just listening to them talk. Everything silenced once we all caught a glimpse of Newt setting down his tray two seats diagonally from me, like he was disgusted to be around me.
“Hey Newt.” I tried, getting only a grumble in response. Minho’s eyes darted between Newt and I.
“Come on you shuck face, just talk to the pretty girl.” Minho winked sarcastically and we all laughed except Newt. (insert gif 1)
“Alright. What makes you think you know anything about me?” He asked, venom laced through his voice. If anything, I thought Newt would be happy that I knew him, happy that there was some familiarity even though he didn’t remember me back.  Familiarity in a place full of questions and again the tension rose and I cleared my throat.
“Your favorite color is green. Not because of the color itself but because of what is means. Because of the life it represents and pretty pastures and mysterious forests,” I said quietly, as if further disturbing the silence would anger Newt even more.
“That doesn’t prove any-“
“And you have a secret sweet tooth, no one knows, but if you could have all the sweets in the world you would eat them in a heartbeat.”
“Frypan could’ve told you that-“
“You absolutely love books because everything is so much better in them than the world could ever be and those fairytales are what give you hope for a better tomorrow, well, gave.”
“Your scared that you’re not enough. That your whole life will amount to nothing because you’re one person. Sometimes you feel empty because you don’t want to die a nobody. You’re scared that in the end, nothing will have meant anything and you’ll just die as an expendability, not a hero. And I know you, Newt, I know that you want to be a hero more than anything-“
“That’s enough. That was not your secret to tell.” He stated bluntly, cutting me off with a sharp remark that made me bite back my tongue immediately.
“I don’t know how you know me or why they let you remember me but, if you do know me then you know that that was a secret.” He abruptly pushed back the seat and left the table without barely having touched his food.
The boys around us looked at me with pity and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, my cheeks heating up. Chuck reached out to comfortingly touch my shoulder but I plastered a small smile and brushed it away.
“It’s okay.”
But it was certainly not.
Everything seemed so unchanging in the glade. Everything but Newt. I wasn’t ever surprised to be honest, because from the depths of my memory I remembered Newt being this way. He was the mystery boy. The boy made of plaster who pretended to make things right. The boy who didn’t know better.
Newt was avoiding me like the plague. Every time I made eye contact with him he would quickly shut me down, turning around or switching directions. The last straw was when Newt got so panicked that I was walking his way that he literally shoved aside chuck in the process of trying to find an escape. I had had enough. I marched up to Newt whilst he was sat near the gardens, hacking away at a tree. At first, he heard my footsteps and I saw his eyes widen. Before he could do anything, I blocked his path so he was stuck between me and the tree. (insert gif 2)
“Jesus, Newt, just stop it. I don’t know why you’re so scared of me. I’m not going to expose you or anything.”
“Just leave me be.”
“No, Newt, I want to know why you’re so mad! I mean, I don’t even know my own name! All I know is you were part of my life in the past and I know you, Newt, I do!”
“You think you know me because you have memories of me,” he spit out, “but I sure as hell have changed since then. Everyone bloody thinks they have me figured out but they don’t. I don’t have time for any nonsense or lovely, emotional attachments. None of us do. Just, just bugger off!”
“You know what, I will!”

It’s currently 6 am and I’ve been up since 12 am and I’ve lost the ability to write, but I did it anyways! If you would like to see a part 2, I’ll be sure to write it! Thank you for reading it!!! Requests are open and welcome!

The thing that ruins me the most right now is that I had this big dream for so long. Like since I was 12 and started going to shows I have wanted to be a music journalist slash work in the music industry.

and I used so many years and spent so much time writing for any website i could, doing any internship i could do. I went to uni and studied journalism but only did music journalism stuff outside because that is all i could see myself doing.

and now im 23, almost 2 years out of uni, and im still working two casual jobs not knowing where Im going in life.

This year I have had to realise and accept that the dream Ive had for ten years will probably never be anything more than a dream. But the problem is I have nothing else. I dont know where to go or what to do. Im not really good at anything.

Where do I go next? I know I absolutely cannot stay in retail forever, it makes me too unhappy and it doesnt fulfil me.

I was the one with all the potential, the one with the big life ahead of her that would become whatever she wanted to be. But now Im an adult and im looking like more of a failure than anything else.

I didnt understand why my brother was so heartbroken the year he turned 18 when he didn’t get picked up in the draft. When he didnt want to do anything else because football was all he knew and football was all he wanted. I didnt understand why he didnt find something else at the same time. Just in case. Just as a back up. 

All the while I was doing exactly the same thing.

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hi! what are some questions you'd ask stalin about his tactics during the cold war?

Ummmm I am not sure what prompted this message? Also I am def not the best source on like Stalin during the Cold War lol um I mean he probably did bad things? I literally know nothing and have absolutely no opinions other than it was…….bad lol

Fandom Rant Redux

ARRRRGH! ANOTHER post-Civil War fic that seemed well-rounded, acknowledged both sides’ feelings without demonizing either - only for the plot to veer off into “punish Steve for hurting Tony’s iron fee-fees” land! So damn sick of the derangement of the Tony-stans and their need to vilify Steve for standing up to Iron Manpain! The whole damn post-CW section of AO3 is full of nothing but Stark-fapping. Maybe a round dozen fics exist since CW came out that had Steve and Tony interact WITHOUT treating Steve like a monster.

Ya know, it probably wouldn’t bug me so much if I didn’t like Tony Stark’s character as much as I do. He’s sympathetic, conflicted, traumatized - absolutely no question of that. But the stans who insist he’s the saintly wronged woobie who never ever did anything wrong and is the victim of evil Steve do that character a huge disservice. And for those of us interested in reading fic about how Steve and Tony interact when the post-CW world inevitably pushes them back into each other’s paths, it’s frustrating as hell to see both of them turned into one-dimensional parodies: Iron Manpain the helpless victim and Captain mustache-twirling Evil.