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can you teach us how you did that galaxy? i thought you used firealpaca but that blew me away oh goodness


ok get a pretty dark base color here, I usually use blue or purple

then a lighter slightly different hued color (blue-purple for me)

careful with that sand, gets messy

youll get this! now this is where it gets a lil confusing imo

hot pink

huge ass air brush

do something like this?

this and you get something like

then use a blue or purple

fill in/ slightly over areas

t h e n copy that layer and do this junk

and you get this mess

The Void™

time for stars! I have a special brush for background stars but we can do this by hand since yall probably dont have it (this might be a bit annoying but bare with me)

fuck yeah stars 


do this shit till you see those bright babies (i did 4 layers but took a screenshot at 3 for some reason)


yeah!! now lets make em shine!!


do this at random with varying sizes then overlay it at 100% (put it under the star layer)

t h e n

do it again smaller!

lower the opacity to 8% for this!

copy star layer and over lay, add till you like it

then yeah

then play around with colors by adding/overlaying till you like the outcome! 

there ya go! im sure this is confusing as hell but thats how I do it

Lmfao why is it always “mean coldhearted oblivious Enjolras finally realizes that beautiful, amazing, misunderstood, talented R is super good at everything in this world and apologizes for being the actual biggest asshole on the planet” and not “complicated, canon-compliant, actually-sort-of-a-fuckboy R realizes that his crush is more than just a pretty face and maybe he should stop interrupting his meetings and obstructing his cause” ????

Oh and why is it always that Enjolras is wrong and naive and stupid in his arguments, and R is all smart and cool and he steps in to play devil’s advocate about a subject he’s not educated in and fuckin SCHOOLS the leader of a revolution who spends his whole life studying this stuff?


Enjolras isn’t stupid!!! And he’s not mean!!! He has every right to turn R down in canon (which I think is why everyone thinks he’s an asshole)?????? And he has talents and stuff, like he’s a complex character too. UGH I’m sick of some of these tropessssss

(I have a long post in mind about how people think R is entitled to Enjo’s love, but that’s for when I’m less annoyed and more eloquent)

yall need to stop dragging every male idol that comes near twice okay?? we gg stans always get angry when bg stans come for female idols because they interacted with their faves but now you soggy cornflakes are doing the same exact thing?? ikon’s b.i has shown nothing but support for twice but you guys are dragging his ass for it? junhoe from ikon imitated momo and yall came for him when theyre probably friends since they filmed fantastic duo together (bc i know for a fact he never did make fun or imitate anyone from twice before the filming),up10tion’s leader jinhoo was being fucking nice when he handed tzuyu that plushie that a fan threw on stage for her but yall wanna burn him bcs he “obviously just wants attention” and there is no POSSIBLE WAY THAT HES ACTUALLY A NICE PERSON.you soggy cornflakes need to stop.


hey loves it’s georgia (rosychungha) i changed my url so ur all probably like..whom??? but anyways i hit 1k a couple of days ago nd i wanted to make a follow forever!! i love all my mutuals sm ur all angels!! if this messes up ur notifications yall can come nd shout at me bc i know it’s kinda annoying ghjkl 

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Dan seemed quite calm and had that post vacation vibe about him today and it was exactly what I needed. Also, what did you think of his fandom rant/you tube rant/ I don't really care I just want to hear your opinions?

i thought it was an interesting moment bc he starts off sort of stating his general opinion off the cuff that fandoms are inherently annoying because a bunch of people collectively being enthusiastic about things is annoying to any outsider, and i think he thought it was funny at first when someone messaged saying that we (the phandom) are also annoying. but i feel like after a moment he backpedals and then throws some MAJOR shade about people who hate on fandoms and probably the phandom in particular (that bit starts here if u want to watch back).  it’s like he’s about to move on from the topic after just laughing about the general nature of fans being annoying but then he’s like hOLD UP, actually!!!! and then i LOVE his comments after? he talks about how ppl being annoyed by fandom is probably more indicative of the nature of the person who’s feeling annoyed than it is indicative of the nature of fandom itself. he kind of makes it a point to talk about how actually fandom is just a bunch of people making a community for themselves and having a lot of fun and how if someone takes issue with that maybe theyre just insecure or jealous bc they dont have a space like that themselves. and i think this is so revealing on a lot of levels, the most obvious being that dan just Gets fandoms, having been on the internet and dabbled in fannish pursuits himself. but also imo this is dan kind of responding in his own subtle way to all of the people who have issues with him and phil and any other popular ‘mainstream’ youtuber (or media in general, whether its ariana grande or whatever) PURELY bc of their fan base. there’s a whole slew of people who take his and phil’s careers less seriously or not seriously at all because their success is founded upon what is perceived to be the rabid support of ‘fangirls’ who, obviously, are just collectively derided and disliked by a lottttt of people (be it other creators on the platform or just outsiders in general to youtube overall) due to a deep-seated misogyny for teenage girls first of all, but also an insistence that if anyone likes anything en masse then it must be vapid/dumb and the ppl who like it must all be completely stupid and shallow and not interested in anything w intellectual merit etc. etc.. and i think this was dan’s little way of saying like nah yall bitches are just jealous that you and your content have not been able to engender this sort of community and enthusiasm and excitement amongst your viewers and if youre annoyed by seeing fandoms come into existence and contribute to the success of certain entertainers or media, then its on yOU to examine why exactly you have a problem with that, and also you are probably bitter and insecure. i fucking live for that kind of shade and dan taking pride in what he and phil have given rise to with the phandom. it’s not rly even about him validating the existence of this community, but rather him validating the success of his career and phil’s too, bc finding success out of your appeal to large numbers of women/girls/young people is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing that should devalue that success in the first place. so yeah i was just rly rly proud of that addition to his answer. 

some Hyuk headcanons

•  this kid hates it when you ignore him on purpose
•  he’s like…listen I know I dropped your food in front of everyone but I’m sorry pls give me a hug I’m starving
•  will go to extreme lengths to get you to forgive him, even if it’s something small
•  and by extreme I mean bothering the other members so they could talk you into forgiving him
•  bc yeah he screws up a lot without meaning to but he loves you, legit cannot survive without you
•  he kisses your neck and around your shoulder when he wants attention and whines
•  but will eventually leave you alone to go bother someone else
•  he’s the biggest cuddler when you actually ask
•  but if you don’t, he’ll still want to be as close to you as possible when watching a movie
•  he’d be that one annoying person in the theater who’s discussing the whole plot of the movie in your ear, thinking that no one can hear him
•  “Hyuk stfu before they kick us out”
•  yall love annoying Leo for some reason ??
•  like you should know by now that’s dangerous territory and you shouldn’t mess with him
•  but it’s the funniest thing when you prank him and get away with it
•  he’d be looking for the culprit for days while yall are sneaking smirks at each other
•  when he’s felt like he hasn’t told you he loved you in a while, he’ll start off with a cheesy story
•  “-so that’s when I realized that you’re the light of my life and that I probably could’ve died if you didn’t tell me to tie my shoe. Love you, y/n :)))”
•  you’ll probably always know when he’s not in a good mood when he’s not smiling mischievously
•  sometimes it gets tiring to be happy all the time and all the energy seems to be draining out of him
•  but the way you wrap your body around his and assure him that you’re always there if he needed you…that’s when he’ll fall in love all over again
•  he just trusts you so much that it’s hard to be mushy and tell you
•  “I hope I never mess up really bad and have you leave…you know too much about me. I swear, it’s like I can never keep my mouth shut around you”
•  he gets so hyped when you cheer him on at anything “yeeee that’s my boy”
•  “ahsjdoflf y/n said that’s my boy!!!!!!! Yes!! I’m your boy that’s me, yes!!!!”
•  dude he is an actual sunshine and deserves nothing but love 💙

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I just got done reading two 30+ chapter Bellamione fics and it hit me. I’ve read sooooo many damn Bellamione fics and I’d still say No Good Deed is my all time favorite. So I just wanted to stop by and let you know that even if you consider finishing it or not, I can’t wait to read anything you want to write because your writing can bring a smile to my face on the worst days. So thanks for that. :) <3

It’s insane how many people give me so much love for that fic. Like nothing is a greater compliment or joy than knowing my writing helped someone get through a rough time or made them happy. If I ever do get around to finishing it, know it was for the ones who really deserved it, people like you. :’)

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jin as a boyfriend

✿ this man is a dad

✿ full on


✿ no really,a whole dad

✿ probably has a dad bod

i wish

✿ youre the mom of bts

✿ even if youre a dude,the boys still probably call you mom

✿ you have the same job as manager sejin

✿ that comes with dating this man

✿ youll probably find him playing with a damn tumbleweed

✿ “worldwide handsome”

✿ “for the love of fucking god stop saying that before i go insane”

✿ wants to cuddle all the time

✿ probably pinches your butt a lot

✿ and grabs your boobies and says honka honka even if you only have moobies

✿ goes to you when he needs to complain

✿ calls you something very cheesy

✿ like “petal” or “sweetpea”

✿ this man is literally the biggest romantic

✿ wanyts to take you on dates all day everyday

✿ but due to his busy schedules he will probably just make up a 2 minute date to suffice

✿ if you dont like dad jokes,he will definitely crack them all the time

✿ and probably corner you just to make sure you hear it

✿ and if you do ,, ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)


✿ “whats it like to be so honored to dated mister worldwide handsome”

✿ “jin what the fuck”

✿ constant flow of compliments

✿ matching outfits

✿ cookoffs

✿ the boys all say hi when you facetime because they love you as much

✿ bicker like an old married couple

nsfw i guess??

✿ i dunno what its called but probably the kink where yall look at each other while fucking

✿ likes you in lingerie

✿ probably likes sparkly buttplugs

✿ bro could you imagine his moans

✿ gives you kisses on the insides of your thighs

✿ a pretty vanilla guy

✿ likes soft and sensual sex

✿ but beware

✿ when he wants it rough

✿ he fucks hard

Boyfriend Haechan pt.2

this is all for you @brokentingkerbell ;))

  • honestly you’d be blessed yet unfortunate to have lee donghyuck as your boyfriend
  • blessed because he treats you like no one has ever treated you before
  • unfortunate because you’re stuck with this idiot probably for the rest of your life
  • more towards the bless side because honestly who can resist him
  • okay on to the couple things and moments
  • knowing him he’d probably steal and take your phone away a few times a week just to take ugly and random selfies
  • and when you threaten to put it up online ,
  • he’d get all whiney and angry
  • “ No everyone thinks i’m handsome , i cant let you ruin my reputation online ”
  • “ Donghyuck please you’re the only one who thinks you’re handsome ”
  • “ Cut the crap and keep the photos to yourself ”
  • “ If only … You promise to do your homework on your own for once and not copy mine ”
  • and he’d groan and roll his eyes at you
  • but later that day he’d do his work seriously and you’d stare at him because you admired him when he was all serious and hardworking
  • one moment he’d be like
  • “ ew don’t touch me skinship is gross ”
  • the next moment he’ll be clinging onto you like some leech and pecking you on your cheeks until you finally give in and hug him back
  • when both of you become partners in crime and try to prank the other members you’ll succeed and then both of you would laugh about it for the next few days
  • “ Omg doyoung hyung you should’ve seen your face when you drank it HAHAHAH ”
  • “ YAH OPPA YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS * high fives haechan * ”
  • and doyoung would glare at both of you , trying to stop himself from hitting yall
  • and just nice , winwin would appear and he’ll look confused ,
  • but when he saw the cup in front of doyoung he’d take it without any doubts and drink it
  • then both you and haechan would laugh your asses off again while winwin’s trying to spit the drink out
  • “ Lee donghyuck i swear one more time you and your girlfriend pulls a prank on us you wouldn’t get any lines ”
  • and donghyuck would stop laughing and act like nothing happened but when the two walked away both of you would break out laughing again
  • you little shits
  • sometimes when you get all emotional and sad ,
  • donghyuck would notice straightaway and ask you what’s wrong
  • while you spilled your heart out he’ll be listening attentively , not interrupting at all
  • he’d be holding your hand and patting your back
  • if he could he’d sing you songs to cheer you up
  • and damn his vocals would be ringing so loudly in your ears you couldn’t help but kiss him on his lips
  • he’d be shocked at first but slowly return back the kiss
  • when you guys go out to watch movies though , if he has watched the movie before he wouldn’t hesitate to spoil all the parts for you in the cinema
  • “ This is the part where he dies ”
  • “ Babe you didn’t have to tell me that ”
  • he’d ignore what you said and continue watching the movie
  • “ he screwed up the whole mission later on with this mistake babe ”
  • and you’d smack his forehead and stuff his mouth with popcorn
  • he’d glare at you but wouldn’t want to let go of your hand
  • when he gets jealous he gets even more cocky and bitchy
  • “ This is my girl and only i can look at her like that , you can’t beat me ”
  • and the other guy probably wanted to start a fight and haechan agreed
  • but you stopped him just in time
  • when yall got home he’ll become a child again , he already is one tbh
  • “ Baby why did you stop me you should have seen the look on that man’s face ”
  • “ Yours was no different from his , hyuck ”
  • “ what do you mean , i look better than him ”
  • and you’d shake your head saying nothing else ,
  • donghyuck probably running to your side to hug you
  • he can be really annoying and childish at times but that’s what you love about him
  • you wouldn’t want to lose him because he makes your days better ,
  • like how you brighten up his days too
  • i hope you liked it omg

Literally so sick and tired of people here complaining and talking smack about RoE. Like ok we fucking get it you don’t like it. But with all the shit yall say about it you’re making some players who actually do enjoy it feel ashamed about liking it. And yeah its not my favorite book either, but reading all this comments about it, and how most people just see the negative side and try to point out flaws is just so annoying! Clearly the RoE series makes lots of cash since despite all the hate it gets it still has a book 4 and that is a sign that it is a success for Pixelberry. Probably cuz most fans from what I saw on facebook and twitter are working adults. But yeah, let people enjoy things and stop being so negative all the time and ruining it for others. I get that we’re all entitled to our own opinion, but no one is entitled to be ignorant to the point where it affects others in a negative way.

  • me: my followers probably enjoy discourse free blogs more and I should stop adding to the negativity blog and go discourse free!
  • me on tumblr @ 3 am: I am gonna punt ever anti there is and no one can stop me

I wonder if the current Disney Channel kids have drama like one during the 2005-2010 era, in all likelihood they do but they probably just keep it on the low so TMZ and E News wouldn’t be after them

SF9 Golden Five wanting Attention


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hahah. He ALWAYS gets the attention he needs and wants. If noT, then he would annoy the shit out of you. Like no joke. You would be hearing this boys mouth for the next  How many hours you chose to ignore him


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yall better not ignore my baby jaeyoon He would probably give off little hints for you to know that he needs your loving. He might tell you my heart hurts but it could be fix if somebody named Y/N hugged and kissed me


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“Princess~ Can I maybe have some hugs or some of your kisses or maybe you can talk to me”


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*does aegyo* “Give me huggles”


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Would probably cling onto you until you gave him what he wanted. You could be cooking and he would just give you a  back hug the whole time your cooking.

                               Request are open~

Steve Harrington Analysis

Or, in other words, all the little under-appreciated and overlooked things that Steve did that prove he’s already a better person than the “rich, popular, playboy” stereotype makes him out to be even before his redemption arc (plus those aspects, too).

Note: This in no way is meant to drag down any other characters (except for Tommy and Carol they can choke but I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement on that). I love Jonathan so so much and if anything said about him in here sounds offensive, it was not my intention. He, like Steve, is still growing and maturing so they’re both bound to make mistakes along the way (which they both have). This analysis is just to simply highlight some of Steve’s moments that show he isn’t just a one-dimensional character since some people in this fandom dislike him and only focus on his negatives. Ok, anyway, here we go… 

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I know this is rather self-concieted and probably really annoying, you really don't have to actually do this, but I was wondering if you could give a shout out/give your opinion on the new aph colour kingdoms au?

oooo i havent heard of this au yet! It sounds interesting! 


Got7 reacting to you wanting to go out showing to much skin

**I’m writing under the pretenses that ya’ll are dating and ya’ll are going to the mall**:)

Lets say you were wearing something like this 

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Mark ~ Oke so Mark would be like “Damn my girl looks nice.” And just as yall finna walk out the house he gona be like …”Waitttt..”*Thinks to self* That dress is kinda short..

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JB ~ Yall already knew he’s like traditional and shit so he’d be like an old asian dad like “Excuse you but i believe that thats a little short for the occasion” And lowkey he’d find bossing you around to be turning him on and looking at how gorgeous you look would drive him nutsss. 

Jackson ~ He would immediately tell you to change he’d be like “Please don’t wear that i should the only to see all that” And although you were totally feeling yourself you’ll change just cause he’s being an annoying lil cutie .*like usual*:)

Jinyoung ~ jinyoung would be like a mother probably be like a mother and be like “Ummm i dont think thats appropriate.” And give that face that says i dare you to talk back little girl.To which you’ll you pout like how you do when your mom is like those short are too short go change.*LIKE THIS*

Youngjae ~ He wouldn't say anything even though lowkey it bothers him.He would keep pulling it down while yall are walking through the mall and walk behind you so people cant your exposed curves.

BamBam ~ He would be too concerned with how hot you look to bother with you changing and at the mall he’d be smothering you so people know that your his and basically to stop staring because he knows how good you look.

Yugyeom ~ He’d be super worried and be like ugh why does she have to do this.He wouldn’t tell you to change he’d make you put on one of his sweatshirts and he’d keep pulling down your dress.

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hELLO I HOPE YOU HAD FUN RUNNING THE NEW BLOG SO UHH- the boys (mishima too if possible) that have an innocent S/O? Like they are mostly clueless about adult stuff and smells like baby product bc they probably still wear it-

honestly this prompt is so adorable and i love it thank u so much for sending it in  -Mod Prince


  • he believes your innocence is what draw him to you actually
  • you can be a bit…clueless, sometimes, but he finds it adorable!!
  • however, it can be a bit frustrating when he’s trying to be a bit smooth albeit a bit lewd
  • he ends up dropping MAJOR hints to try and get it across to you but it never really gets across the way he wants, to akira’s dismay
  • you’ll be in his room at leblanc, he somehow gets you to sit on his lap
  • he’ll be dangerously looming over your face, finger twirling a sliver of your hair seductively
  • “you look…so so cute today…”
  • you’ll stutter from being slightly intimidated by your proximity but the sexual tension flies right over yr head LMAO SOMEONE SAVE AKIRA
  • hell yall would even be in public and he flirts SO MUCH with you that literally everyone else cannot believe it since akira isn’t a man of many words
  • he sees it as a challenge, almost
  • ok omg gonna stop myself before i write nsfw


  • god honestly this boy can be really clueless too sometimes so \shrug
  • also he probably wouldn’t even notice what kind of shampoo you wear
  • like as long as your hair’s clean he has zero problems LMAO
  • since you can be kind of innocent though he finds himself blushing around you quite often
  • while you don’t have a perverted mind or anything, our RAMEN BOY on the other hand,,,
  • we know how pervy he is lol
  • but when ryuji actually decides on making a move it’s a struggle
  • “I wanna……. uuuhHHH…. do stuff” “Stuff?” “Yeah, yknow. STUFF.” “I don’t understand” “LETS MAKE OUT DAMMIT”
  • one time some guy tried to pick you up while ryuji was literally right next to you and you did not notice
  • when these thing happen in public ryuji actually does not make a scene
  • but he doesn’t hide his jealousy either
  • he’ll wrap his arm around your waist and glare that son of a b down
  • and if THAT doesn’t work he’ll probably just end up kissing you in front of the guy (HE’S IMPULSIVE OKAY HE LET HIS EMOTIONS GET THE BEST OF HIM)


  • the both of you are just as clueless lol
  • honestly doesn’t see a problem with the way you are
  • and god being oblivious to adult stuff is actually a blessing for him because you’d be more willing to model naked than most people probably
  • “You are simply an angel sent to me from God himself! Finally, I have a truly breathtaking model at my disposal. Hurry now, get into position before my artistic inspiration fades!”
  • loves your cute and simple aesthetic
  • one time ryuji said “fuck” around you and yusuke got legitimately angry omg
  • like that’s probably the first time (besides when he bickers with futaba) yall have seen him actually go off on someone and be genuinely upset
  • “Ryuji!” he scolds as he covers your ears. “PLEASE watch your language. S/O is truly too innocent for that.”
  • #YusukeIsBestMom


  • he actually might be a little annoyed with a more innocent S/O
  • he’d prefer someone who’s a bit more up-to-speed, i think.
  • that’s not to say that he’d completely shoot someone down because of their innocence though!
  • akechi isn’t all about that  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) life that much so if they’re oblivious to that kinda stuff it doesn’t bother him at all
  • might not like S/O at first, but when they show their ideals and he sees they genuinely are a good person he just
  • falls in love
  • when they do actually get together I feel that similar to Yusuke, he actually might act somewhat mother-like
  • always keeps an eye out for you, trying to educate you on the world around you
  • i know b4 i said ryuji would glare at someone who would even look at you but with akechi?
  • oh boy
  • his glare. can fucking kill.
  • watch out boys!!!!!!!!


  • i feel like you would accidentally say something lewd without meaning to and mishima would just. pass out. on the spot.
  • gets rlly frustrated when he tries to kiss you because he can never like say it but he HAS to say it directly if he wants you to understand
  • ends up kissing you while trying to explain SOMEONE SEND IN KISSING HCS P[LEASE
  • is a very touchy feely person but doesn’t know how to go about it
  • eventually he realizes if he wants something he literally just has to initiate it and it’ll happen
  • this means he ends up initiating cuddle sessions a LOT
  • during cuddling sessions he’d smell you’re hair and be like…. wait. is this…? oh my god i think they actually use johnson’s baby shampoo!!!!
  • makes him fall in love fifty times more with you
  • gosh an innocent S/O would probably be best with mishima just sayin yall
  • since he’s forced to initiate things himself, he can move at his own pace which is exactly what this cute lil boy needs!!

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For your bnha oc, if she slowly lets out air/breathes in air, does time also go from stop to slow to regular time? And also out of all the characters that attebd yuuei who do you think yiur character would be close friends with, and who your character would hate? Im in live with your OC and i hope you keep us updated with more stuff for her!! (Like her hero name or outfit and names of special moves and stuff) :D i hope you have a great day too <3

thank you sm! abt the breathing thing: i haven’t thought of that and that’s really smart so i guess ye!! slowing up the time would be really cool!

i also was thinking abt how much some characters in the bnha world develop their quirks u kno?? i was thinking that overtime hana could develop the skill to maybe even go back in time!! but for now she can only stop it :’))),

when it comes to class she’d be in class b or c?? and her hero name would be like ‘’Timer’’ or smth cheesy like that??? special moves names tho,,,, i cant rly come up w anything here 

and when it comes to the characters  uhhhhhh she’d probably rly like pulling pranks on bakugou since he annoys her, and overall she’d be chill with anyone else, i think she’d get along w shinsou :O