i probably annoy yall with these

SF9 Golden Five wanting Attention


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hahah. He ALWAYS gets the attention he needs and wants. If noT, then he would annoy the shit out of you. Like no joke. You would be hearing this boys mouth for the next  How many hours you chose to ignore him


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yall better not ignore my baby jaeyoon He would probably give off little hints for you to know that he needs your loving. He might tell you my heart hurts but it could be fix if somebody named Y/N hugged and kissed me


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“Princess~ Can I maybe have some hugs or some of your kisses or maybe you can talk to me”


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*does aegyo* “Give me huggles”


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Would probably cling onto you until you gave him what he wanted. You could be cooking and he would just give you a  back hug the whole time your cooking.

                               Request are open~

hello all!! 2016 was a bust but my mutuals really got me through it! and i really appreciate all of you, especially since many of you have had to put up with my annoying ass and my constant url changes (i deadass might change my url after post this). Anyway even if you had a bad year this year i really hope 2017 is the year for you and i wish yall the best of luck!!

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i know yall are probably all “jesus Christ on a bicycle shes talking about chick again” but I’ve been thinking about the fact he has a new VA in cars 3, and its lead to some thoughts about the situation. 

It sort of makes me speculate that its possible chick has…a importantish role/impact on the story? Hear me out. 

I don’t know how VA’s are reprised for roles, if they try to get them back for the characters they voiced in sequels right as soon as they have definite ideas of what characters are going to be in it, or wait till after the script has been written (please let me know if anyone does!) Like my guess if the former is if they couldn’t get Keaton for the role and Chick wasn’t going to be super relevant to the plot they could just write him out. The reason I say this bc, p much everyone else is reprising their roles from what I’ve seen? Like it seems the only big change his Chicks VA. It sorta just, sticks out to me.

Like this is just…speculation as im not 100% how the voice acting business works! It’s very possibly chick is just coming back because he was such a big part of the 1st film, and a lot of people wanted to see him back as a small appearance at the very least, so they replaced his VA so that he could still be in the film. 

Idk them like, trying to not really reveal a lot about his return is giving me this feeling of dread. Like he was a pretty big character in the first film, he’s super marketable, like at least for fans of the first film. “Hey guys, remember this dill pickle? Well hes back!!!” (I mean…In my opinion I guess, I don’t really speak for everyone, but from what I’ve seen a lot of people really do like his character, not just on tumblr) LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE BOY THAT’S SUCH A BIG SECRET. 

Then again its still early. He might get a better reveal in the next month or so, I’m probably just being an impatient lil kiwi birb. 

Again this is all speculation, I’m not claiming to be right on this! Just something i wanted to get off my mind at 4 in the morning haha…

Brown tumblr is so funny and by that i mean annoying do yall realize not everybody left the subcontinent to go chase the savarna NRI wet dream….some were forcible kidnapped generations ago without much acknowledgement by most….some are still living under the most brutal occupation on earth….some are escaping genocide & its aftermath……like my dad left kashmir bc he literally had no prospects….except probably being killed by 25 like….so much of our family is separated and in danger…..but yall just keep on doing #the discourse in ur world of where the most pressing issue is which bollywood stars are colorist and why FOB is/isnt an insult…..im so tired like

To Date a Cervitaur 1/?

Like I said, I wanted to write cute Hunter!Bill Billdip… but I am known for taking sharp left turns into Angstville, so yall’ve been warned.

Dipper knows that hunters from outside the Falls are capital B Bad news… but this one hasn’t been all that bad. Mostly just annoying.

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Rant time

Okay so let me start off by saying very clearly that I am all for Disney doing anything involving diversity with their stories and characters and Doing so accurately.
Disney has shown a number of times that they attempt to do accurate amounts of research while working on their projects.
Can they have done a bit better ?
Probably but that’s really up for interpretation at this point as to what is a good amount of research.
Now recently it was announced that with the success of live action adaptations of their classic animated films (Alice in wonderland, maleficent and the most recent ,Cinderella ) that they plan to start work on a live action adaptation of the movie, Mulan.
Now me being for anything that gets more diversity into the spotlight I was very excited!
But most of the fandom was more so focused on making sure Disney had an all Chinese cast.
Now yes, accuracy is of the upmost importance, especially when it’s something as big as this.
I saw a few people say “we don’t need another avatar the last air bender movie.”
Granted that was an awful representation of show and the culture inspired by it, that was Nickelodeon.
A totally different company.
And granted Disney isn’t a perfect company.
Some of their live action movies have been hits and misses ( the country bears and the haunted mansion for example) but they aren’t brand new to the live action party.
They’ve been doing it for a while now( the parent trap both versions , song of the south, George of the jungle and even the POTC series).
Disney is known for being creative and pushing their cast members to think outside of the box.
We can see they have done this with a few of their live action projects because their most recent ones have not followed the exact story lines as their animated counterparts.
So yes, Dumbo live action may seem a bit out there but in an entertainment industry you have to take risks sometimes and with the story I’m sure there will be plenty of room for creativity and at the same time, let the story shine.
Is Tim burton a questionable choice?
Yes but at the same time it is intriguing since we can already assume the story will have an amazing creative spin on it.
Something different.
Now Mulan.
It’s a wonderful tale that Disney did a beautiful job bringing to life.
Let’s be real now, this isn’t once upon a time.
Granted I’m sure they will add a few plot twists but you can’t beg for an all Chinese cast and then say “with the exception of Eddie Murphy as mushu”
No, if you want accuracy and an all Chinese cast there should be no exceptions.
If you are that adamant about it then saying Eddie Murphy as mushu as the exception is hypocritical in a way.
I feel if you want Mulan to be accurate you want to see more of the culture and more of the time period as they did with Cinderella and they did that beautifully.
So why would Mulan be any different in treatment?
I don’t want the exact same Mulan story but I want something a bit different.
Something that touched me as much as Cinderella and maleficent did.
And now for the news of the live action Winnie the Pooh movie which will bring my final point home.
We literally know nothing about this except a little bit of the plot , which is Christopher Robin will be seen as an adult and he will rediscover pooh and friends, and who the writer is.
They literally don’t even have a director yet.
Which brings me to my final point.
Why the fuck are you people reacting so negatively to news that brings little information to the damn table???
We know nothing about the live action Mulan movie , except that it’s happening.
Same goes for what I said about Winnie the Pooh.
Why are you so quick to jump down the throats of this company that 1. Hasn’t even really announced these movies themselves and 2. Have been given literally no information besides its happening.
This fandom is so quick to believe anything Disney does is going to have a negative impact that you are quick to ignore the positives that could come from it.
If Disney does as beautiful a job as they did with their most recent live action movies, do you realize what that will mean when it’s mulan’s time to shine?
That’s going to be big.
Disney is doing things to stay different, creative and appeal to their wide target audience.
Again I am not saying every decision Disney makes is a good one, but before you dive into your pool of negatives look at the positives too.
And legit if you don’t like the direction the company is going then you aren’t forced to like it.
It’s okay to like Disney and dreamworks.
Disney is not the only animation company in the world.

The only thing I’m mad about Arlansas and Luke is that she constantly is in our faces and is like hey Yall I’m sleeping with Luke. Like stfu you’re literally looking for attention and it’s annoying af.

And to those who send her hate and shit. stop. You’re feeding into her. She cheated on her last bf like she’ll probably cheat again. Lukes a big boy he can take care of himself.

honestly fuck this tag. all we do is watch these people and talk shit about them, then probably talk shit about people in real life because everyone is #petty. But suddenly when someone talks some shit yall feel all high and mighty as if you NEVER said anything bad about anyone ever and are the inventors of the fundamentals of peace and kindness.