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Pairing: Leonard x reader

Titled: ‘Positive’ 

Warnings: Feels, fluff, Leonard McCoy feels, etc. 

Word Count: 1,715

A/N: I swear this man is on my mind 24/7 and I can be on here working away on an important piece and a story idea pops in my head for him and forget about everything until its done lol. 

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The definition of being positive changed dramatically for Leonard and you. Leonard was a doctor, no joke, but on the other hand he was your boyfriend and he knew deep down that you weren’t particularly fond of him going all doctor on you. You understood that he cared about you immensely but at the same time, you can take care of yourself. You wouldn’t of joined the Star Fleet if you weren’t as independent as you were. 

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The Sheriff’s Son Part 2

Author: really-meg

Pairing: OFC X Stiles Stilinski

Warnings: Some mature themes, cursing, guns.

Word Count: 2,515

Series: “The Sheriff’s Son”    

A/N: Heres the second part of collab series I’m doing with the amazing @daddyobrienx you can read her part (Part 1) HERE. I hope you guys enjoy!

I look from the house to gauge Stiles’s reaction.

He nods before licking his lips anxiously.  “Lead the way.”

I sigh in relief as we walk up the pathway to the front door. Thank god, he bought it.

I look under the rock next to it and grab the key opening it and letting him walk first. I quickly look outside to see if anybody watching before slipping into the house and shutting the door.

“Nice place.”

“Just wait till you see the pool.”

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Awkward First Meeting AU (Stiles Stilinski)

Prompt: “You just caught me reading hardcore smut fan fiction during class and you’re wondering how I can read this with a blank face.”

Source- http://toxixpumpkin.tumblr.com/post/101021230029/awkward-first-meetings-aus

“No Scott what I’m saying is that if we have to skip anymore classes this semester we won’t be graduating. Yes, that means you need to get your wolfy ass to school within the next five minutes or else you are going to be late to Finstock’s class and you know he won’t be happy if you get here late to Economics. I don’t care Scott what I’m saying is that you need to be here right now. I’ve got to go, the classroom is filling up and I need to save your seat apparently since you decided not to get here on time,” Stiles ranted frantically through his phone, trying to keep his voice low as more students took seats in the classroom. He had huddled himself into the back corner, trying to stay away from listening ears as he called Scott. Scott replied with some apology before he stated he was on his way, leading Stiles to quickly end the call before turning around and taking the seat closest to him, putting his bag into the partner chair beside it. He sat back in the cold chair, his hands twitching and moving to grab his pencil as he tried to find something to calm his nerves until Scott showed up. With his friend beside him he could talk, distract himself from the overall boredom that always came with Economics.

His eyes scanned the room rapidly, looking at the students as they sat down and started talking and socializing with one another. He did a double take upon seeing a girl, you, sitting at the table in front of him. He was sure you hadn’t been there when he sat down, but he hadn’t seen you sit down since he had. Yet you had all of your notebooks and pencils for the class out on the table beside you, the vacant seat being used for a place to put your things. You were leaned back in your chair, holding your phone in front of you as she silently stared at the words he could see. Everything on the screen looked rather blurry from his distance, but he could make out some of the words, you were holding the phone so that if he leaned forward slightly he had an unobstructed view of the screen.

    “I like it when you beg…” he screwed his eyes shut before pulling back and slamming in, Stiles was able to make out, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion as you scrolled down the page, reading on. Sam arched up and dug his nails in Dean’s shoulders before scrapping them down his sticky back ruthlessly, trying to hold on as he pounded Sam’s sweet spot relentlessly What the fuck, Stiles thought, leaning forward more to try and make out the small print. “Like that Sammy? Like your big brothers cock?” just as Stiles read the sentence he was jerked back by a hand on his shoulder. His eyes flashed up, confusion still written on his face as he looked over Scott’s slightly red face.

    “I made it on time, sorry I slept in, last night was pretty… wild,” Scott commented, keeping his voice low as he moved Stiles’ bag, handing it to his slightly flustered friend. Stiles felt his mouth agape as he looked between the girl, you, in front of him and Scott. Scott raised an eyebrow as he looked at you, trying to figure out if Stiles was trying to warn him or something. As the Alpha listened he heard no irregular beats from your heart, you didn’t seem flushed or anything, no scent of a supernatural on you. “What? She seems fine,” Scott whispered, leaning over so that he was closer to his flabbergasted friend.

    “But, she’s… what?” Stiles stuttered, looking at you with a clear ‘what-the-fuck’ expression as you turned around, finally noticing the sounds behind you. You had a slight expression of confusion over your face, no one ever sat at the back table, especially not Scott and Stiles. You mimicked Scott as you watched Stiles looking between your face and your phone that was now turned away from the boys as you hit the lock button, raising an eyebrow. “What were you reading?” Stiles asked, his voice slightly shaking as he tried to convince himself you had not been looking at what amounted to written porn before class. You felt your cheeks flush and your mouth fall open slightly as you realized what his looks were for. Oh good God I probably killed the man you thought, realizing that he had been looking at the wincest fanfiction your friend had sent to you on a whim, asking you to read it and tell her what you though.

    “I am so sorry,” you said,  shaking your head as the boy looked even more terrified, eyes wide and frightened as a loud bang came from the front of the classroom, causing you to turn to see Coach Finstock at the board.

    “If you all are done with your conversation, class is starting,” he announced, turning to scribble on the board notes about class. As he began to drone on about Economics you felt yourself growing increasingly embarrassed as Stiles’ eyes strayed pinned to your back.

    “You are telling me that after all we have fought, the Alpha Pack, the kanima, everything, a girl reading some version of written porn is the scariest thing you have ever encountered?” Scott whispered, trying to keep his voice low but having a laugh escape every once in awhile as he tried to conclude what his friend had been whispering to him.

    “Don’t laugh, you didn’t read that stuff, I think it had some kind of incest or something in it. And it had no effect on her. None! You listened and her heartbeat wasn’t rising, no blush or anything, that’s scary!” Stiles whispered back, trying to defend himself as you listened to them, slumping further into your chair as the conversation went on. Now you were sure your face was beet red, showing how you were mentally slapping yourself for reading the smut so openly in the classroom. Scott continued to laugh as Stiles went on about the situation, his voice slightly lower so that you could no longer make out what they were saying. For the entire class period it went on, Stiles occasionally raising his voice so you could hear him say something about how no sane person could read that kind of thing with a straight face and then Scott laughing and trying to keep Coach from noticing the conversation. The time passed slowly, but when the bell rang and Coach yelled out the homework, you shot out of your seat, following everyone out of the classroom as you tried to get away from Stiles and Scott.

    “Wait! Hey you!” Stiles called after you as he hurriedly pulled his things together and followed you, waiting until you were outside in the hall before stopping you, grabbing your arm and pulling you to face him.

    “What?” You yelled, your face instantly going red as you looked into Stiles’ eyes, remembering his expression earlier.

    “How did you do it? Read that and have no reaction whatsoever?” Stiles asked, his curiosity taking over any manners he still had as his voice strayed as low as he could manage with his voice still slightly frantic.

    “Well,” you started, looking down at the floor before taking a deep breath and looking Stiles right in the eyes, “When you read enough of it, it stops affecting you.” Stiles felt his mouth open to form words that wouldn’t come out, so he just stood there watching as you moved away from him and strutted down the hallway, trying to not freak out as you realized what you had said. Stiles felt Scott’s hand on his shoulder once again as Scott watched you in shock as well.

    “Well, that was unexpected,” Scott broke the silence as Stiles refused to tear his gaze from where you had disappeared around the corner at the end of the hallway. “Come on buddy,” Scott laughed, grabbing Stiles’ arm and pulling him in the same direction. “You can keep staring at her in Math, you do remember that she’s in that class as well right.”

    You were in for some pain.

I know the ending sucked and I am sorry for that but I really liked writing the rest of it. Also the Wincest story was found on Archives Of Our Own and titled ‘Stay’.