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ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Ocean - Blond

As his visual album, Endless, dropped in dissonance to Channel Orange, fans scratched their heads, asking themselves, “Is this our Frank?” The angelic voice seemed to be directing his art away from the groovy, hip-hop timbre of the first album, toward a more cathartic R&B tonality. Three days later, what seemed to be a sonic transformation proved to be only an addition to Ocean’s skill set, when a second album broke through the surface. Blond was released on an independent label and is anything but a carbon copy of Endless. Stylistically, it’s more similar to Frank’s flair on Channel Orange, which brought him into the spotlight.

Blond’s first song, “Nikes,” begins with an organ-like synth and Ocean’s voice comes in a few octaves higher than normal. For me, the “little” voice appears as Ocean’s conscience and it wanders from heavier content, like police brutality and materialism, to more whimsical lines about little mermaids by the pool and b***** wanting Nike. The stream of consciousness is a more fluid approach that almost says, “These are my thoughts, but it’s just me.” Ocean does this to recognize himself as part of the movement, but reinforces his role as a storyteller who starts conversation. In times like today, being queer, Afro-American, and in the spotlight is difficult because people look to you to be the leader. Instead, Ocean chooses to provide his thoughts, but doesn’t lay them down as the law. The song tells the story of glittery fame, juxtaposing the realities behind that fame with an obvious distaste for materialism in our modern world. Three minutes into the song, the register drops and Ocean begins addressing the audience. The message remains similar, preaching to live in the moment (“living so that last night feels like a past life”) but tends toward personal experience as opposed to a comment on our world. Lyrics in the bridge lament having something special with someone that isn’t love, or what they have with someone else, but still is something meaningful, setting the tone for the next song and the content of the album as a whole.

“Ivy” chronicles “the start of nothing new” with an old lover and the problems that arise due to confusion of emotions and changes that happen with time spent away from that person. The manifestation of confusing emotions, as the feeling deep down is “still good,” but “it’s not the same,” is a motif carried throughout the album. There are a lot of songs out there about breakups and new love, but on this album, Frank does a marvelous job of telling the stories behind those imperfect, undefined relationships: the ones that aren’t right out of a fairytale. When I started this review, I asked many of my friends what their favorite songs on the album were, and I was confused when each person came at me with a different song. Usually, there is some sort of consensus, or a song that comes up a few times (probably the banger off of the album), but pretty much every song on the album got a shout out from my pals. This is most likely because each song talks about a very specific sort of relationship or situation, rather than finding a unique way to talk about the same cliché set of love stories. Channel Orange had a similar approach to discussing love, which is partially why I thought it was such innovative songwriting. This quality also contributes to the album’s ability to grow on you, because the complexity of the lyrics and the situations discussed takes a few listens to fully capture. There also may be a situation described that is too specific for someone to relate to currently, but they can come back to it in a year with greater sympathy. The reverb on the guitars is reminiscent of a slow-moving, California beach rock love song. By the end of the track, Ocean’s voice has been transformed via production to an aggressive, pseudo-robotic cry, as the anger and frustration in the lyrics grows. Then, cut music and just the echo of the last word, “dreaming,” resonates in the space left by the instruments. This is killer, as it generates the feeling of trying to grasp something that can really only be a dream, being left emptyhanded instead and the frustration that comes along with that.

“Pink + White” follows this song, setting the pace for the ebb and flow of the album. The triplet feel in the base line with the minimalistic piano counterpart creates a groove similar to that set by older songs like “Sweet Life,” which makes sense because both songs were produced by Pharrell. I am mentally taken to lazy walks that I like to take when the sun is setting in summertime because everything is brilliantly-colored and sits still for a moment before the craziness of the evening picks up. Frank paints a picture of the rosy haze surrounding experiencing a new kind of love, wherein instead of walking grounded, you waltz (¾ time) through the clouds. This is definitely one of those songs you should play for your s.o. when you’re lounging around in bed, with the shimmers of light coming through the shades of your window. The cloudscape is completed with the glittering voice of Beyoncé, the sunshine, who is also included on backing vocals.

Following, “Pink + White” is a female voice sample whose monologue sharply contrasts the lazy summer vibe of the previous track, warning whomever she is addressing to not use drugs and alcohol. Repetitively, the voice tells her audience to be themselves and continues preaching regarding typical temptations of a young adult. By the end of it, I was definitely thinking about my mom, and my feelings were validated when the voice signs off, “This is mom, Call me.” Ryan Ocean, Frank’s brother, later confirmed on Twitter that the sample was Auntie Rosie, who was also featured on the song “Not Just Money” from Channel Orange. A good family friend, the recording is an actual voicemail that one of Ocean’s friends received. The sample balances the copious drug references used in other songs and seamlessly introduces “Solo,” the next song. The primary instrument in “Solo” is an organ synth, thus the succession of tracks mimics a sermon followed by the church music, but of course, the lyrical content is far from the typical church experience. The track talks about being alone, getting high, and essentially coping with loneliness. Instead of the strong psalm of solitude one might expect from the title, Ocean’s melancholy melodies soar over the organ in a ballad, discussing the little things that are okay when you are alone; the heaven that exists within the hell that is separation.

“Skyline To” follows the night of ridin’ “Solo” with a story of summer love. Homoerotic musings brush the audience in Biblical references like, “Makin’ sweet love, takin’ time, ‘til god strikes us,” which I love. I love that he slips in his sexuality in such a normalized fashion, with pride, but just going on with his day-to-day life. This is how it should be. The song rolls through a druggy haze with a psychedelic synth accompaniment. Kendrick Lamar lends his vocals and none other than Tyler the Creator is the producer – guess it’s OFWGKTA for the win. The end result, tonally, is of a similar leaf to “Pink + White” with images of sun slipping through the window, turning into beams of moonlight. Finally, the mention of what no one wants to think about: the end of summer. Somehow, I don’t care that he made me think about starting school, though, because the melody and lyricism in this song slay me.

The whimsical voice of Frank’s conscience returns for the hook of “Self-Control” as he recalls a pool-side conversation, questioning whether he and the person he’s with and he can “make it shine.” The hook lets way to an acoustic guitar and Ocean croons, spilling his heart out over a past lover. This song digs into the stereotypical situation that starts over lust, but the flame within one of the people dies, causing disproportionate interest and eventually an end. Swedish rapper Yung Lean is featured on the chorus with Austin Feinstein of Slow Hollows, saying, “Keep a place for me, for me I’ll sleep between y'all, it’s nothing, It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” The repetition of “It’s nothing” mimics the repression of the other thoughts in one’s head; trying to play it cool. This lyric also pays a small amount of homage to Prince’s lyric “…I didn’t care…when he was there, sleeping in between the two of us” from “When U Were Mine,” which Frank covered on his last tour. The perspective is different because Prince talks about the person coming between he and his lover, whereas Frank wishes to be the one coming between his significant other and the person with whom they’re sleeping.

After pouring his heart out, Frank recounts a blind date he had in New York city, set up by one of his mutual friends, on the track “Good Guy.” This mini-track is cut from the same emotional cloth as “Self-Control;” Ocean ripples from emotionless hookup to emotionless hookup. It’s nice to know that even superstars have problems with finding someone who wants something real. Then, at the end of the song, there is a clip of two men in a car, talking about girls wrecking their hearts, but it cuts midline to my new cruisin’ anthem, “Nights.” It’s as if the Frank, whose feelings weren’t returned, hits that “snap out of it” wall, vibin’ onto a more up-tempo track.

Although “Nights” dissertates the hustle, it also references other parts of Ocean’s “everyday shit,” including the people he’s seeing on the side of his work. He reminisces on days where he had less money and worked night shifts. Manifested is the feeling of wanting to have someone there to come home to, but also being married to the grind and not being able to keep up something more serious. The cyclical thoughts build to waterfalls of notes echoing into a phone ringing, then silence. This felt like when I lie in bed at night and thoughts bounce around until finally I go to sleep, but in a tempo change that screams Frank Ocean. The change signals the entry into dreamland: deep bass kicks in and the mix feels like bubbles of rolling piano chords, slowly finding their way to the surface – perfect for a final verse about memories deeper in Ocean’s past. The hook returns over the same production, cessation echoing into a “Solo Reprise” by André 3000.

The halfway point in the album coincides with the tempo change so it makes sense that the reprise comes after, returning to themes from the beginning of the album. André’s rapid flow blew my mind the first time I heard the track, accompanied by just piano for most of the song. He bemoans police brutality and materialism, touching on his unhappiness with the music industry, asking at the end, “Was I working just way too hard?” Cut immediately to “Pretty Sweet,” which has an intro that’s anything but sweet. More of an auricular experiment, what starts as complete chaos and dissonance within the synth chords turns into less dissonant guitar, but there remains a lack of structure. Ocean’s flow is at times melodic, but the phrasing of the verse is syncopated and some lines remain unfinished. A chorus of children at the end turn the sonic trip into a shimmer of major chords, sunshine, and happiness: disharmony resolved.

The next voice on the album has much too thick of a French accent to be Frank Ocean, and that’s because it’s French DJ and producer SebastiAn. He actually “programmed” several of the tracks on Endless, including one of my favorites, “Rushes.” He spoke about Frank recording the story when they were just hanging out in an interview with Pitchfork, confirming the skit to be a true story. “Facebook Story” echoes previous mentions of technology bending what people consider to be reality, making them “crazy.” After all, the relationship ended when the DJ wouldn’t immediately accept an official request on Facebook when he was with the friend. A similar message rests in the lyrics of Wolfgang Tillman’s track, “Device Control,” that premiered at the beginning and end of the visual album: people are unable to live their reality without their technology intertwined.

Next is a cover of what originally was “(They Long To Be) Close to You” by The Carpenters. It truly sounds more similar to a live Talkbox cover of the Carpenters song done by Stevie Wonder due to the production of Ocean’s voice. A talkbox is one of the original tools used by musicians for vocal modification, so covering a cover, adding even more technology and production, is playing even further into the picture of virtual reality that Ocean continues to paint. It is a nice compliment to the last skit, as Ocean sings of longing to be close to an anonymous lover in this lyric collage cover.

Remember a year ago when A-Trak hinted that in a few weeks we would hear a song called “White Ferrari” that would be the best thing we would hear that year? Then how it really stunk when it didn’t come? Well, ladies and gents, here it is, THE “White Ferrari,” track 14 on the album. Lennon/McCartney are credited on this track for a similarity in lyrics to the song “Here, There, and Everywhere.” The tone is nostalgic, the content being an old relationship and the purity of the love he found. The melody stands strong in front of major synth chords that eventually change to guitar while still remaining predominantly low texture. The last lines of the outro are sung by James Blake until breaking through to the clarity of “Siegfried.”

“Seigfried” is obviously a break-up song, but it dives into the world of Ocean’s other life experiences and musings on the nature of his mind. He pays homage to Elliott Smith’s haunting song regarding substance abuse, “A Fond Farewell,” in saying a “fond farewell to a friend,” and through the lo-fi quality of the guitars. The repeated references to bravery make me think that the title refers to the warrior Siegfried (slightly different spelling) of Norse mythology who often symbolizes bravery, and his story ends in the perfect fairytale with a princess. Ocean believes that the suburban, settled life is not for him and that he’s not brave. Additionally, the warrior could be representative of Ocean’s ex-boyfriend, Willy Cartier, who looks similar to depictions of Siegfried with long, flowing locks and a “speckled face” that Ocean mentions in the first verse. There is also the possibility of the title instead referencing Siegfried Sassoon, a British poet and soldier, who is actually more similar to Ocean in his bisexual experiences. Sassoon also had a romance with Wilfred Owen, who fell madly in love with him, but the love was not returned. The conclusion of thought is that Frank Ocean would do anything for whomever he’s talking to, in a desperate final cry for the lost relationship.

“Godspeed” has a fitting ecclesiastic organ accompaniment and Kim Burrell, who many consider to be one of the greatest gospel singers of all time, sings the outro. The song matches titles with a story that Frank wrote in the Boys Don’t Cry magazine, and I think that the following quote he shared with fans speaks for itself:

It’s basically a reimagined part of my boyhood. Boys do cry, but I don’t think I shed a tear for a good chunk of my teenage years. It’s surprisingly my favorite part of life so far. Surprising, to me, because the current phase is what I was asking the cosmos for when I was a kid. Maybe that part had its rough stretches too, but in my rearview mirror it’s getting small enough to convince myself it was all good. And really though… It’s still all good.”

He shared this as a note, reminiscing about the making of the album in two Tumblr posts that you can read here. The note containing the quote is shared in the form of a collage with an image of a gold BMW. “Futuara Free,” the final song on the album, has a title reference to Stanely Kubrick’s favorite typeface and is divided into two parts by a silent interlude. If you thought there was a problem with the audio, you better go back and listen again. The beautiful melody recounts all of Ocean’s accomplishments and from where he came. The verse moves in a stream of consciousness, free-falling through pop culture references and lamenting the stress that comes with being famous. The second part, post silence, is a clip of an interview with Illegal Civilization, a skater gang that hangs with Odd Future in LA. The interview was conducted by Ryan Breaux, Ocean’s brother, years ago and includes silly interview questions, lots of background noise and interview clips with Mikey Alfred, Sage Elsesser and Na-kel Smith. The video ends the album, fading into a lighthearted rosy haze, in the hands of the youth. It also works well with the large amounts of sampling and collaboration that Ocean uses on the album, truly showcasing that an artist pulls influence from everywhere.

Overall, it was worth the wait. Each track stands as artwork and they are sewn together with the motion of the Ocean, into a masterpiece.

-Erin Jones

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is there a rec of links for a beginner to kpop, like top groups or things to know. i can't seem to find one anywhere sorry to bother you

A Beginner’s Guide to Kpop

(aka, good lord i’ve wasted so much time on this)

I’m gonna introduce you to some basic groups and songs and terminology for Kpop. Be aware that I’m not an expert or anything, but I can help you out with some of the basics you should know if you want to get into it!

First, some words/terms to know.

A group, or band, is exactly what is sounds like. Most bands are usually either male or female (but some, like Akdong Musician or MFBTY, aren’t gender-specific) and usually range from four to twelve members (with some exceptions, like Orange Caramel and Seventeen.)

An idol is any single member of a group, regardless of gender.

For each group there is usually (but not always) a division of vocal, visual, dancer, and rapper. Vocals sing, visuals are the aesthetic draw/face of the group, dancers dance, rappers rap. Some members can fill more than one of these roles – for example, BTS’s Jungkook, who is a vocal, dancer, and rapper. Or MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, who is a vocal and rapper.

A bias is your personal favorite member of a given group, while an ultimate bias is your favorite member out of any group, period. 

A debut is a group’s very first song/MV that is being promoted. A comeback is a group’s newest song that is being actively promoted or made into a music video. Usually comebacks are accompanied by appearances on music shows, or even full albums. 

Aegyo is a Korean term for acting cute, making adorable faces and talking in a high-pitched voice. (I didn’t know what this was until like a month after I got into Kpop, and it left me so confused at the time lol)

A group’s Maknae is the youngest member. All older members are considered a Hyung/Oppa (a term that equates to ‘older brother’, shown as respect) or Noona/Unnie (a term for ‘older sister’, also shown as respect).

A Sasaeng fan is a creepy stalker fan. These are the people who sneak into idols’ dorms, who find their numbers and call them in the middle of the night, who write them letters in menstrual blood, and all kind of other nasty scary things. Don’t be like that.

There are some others, but these are the most important. That being said, if you do not speak Korean, please don’t throw Korean words around as an accessory. Show some respect for the language and those people who speak it, please. Don’t be that fan that’s like “OMG OPPA I LOV YUUUUU SARANGHAE” please don’t do that

Now, some top groups you should know about. 

(To anyone who is already in the Kpop fandom, please don’t get mad or say I’m ignorant if I don’t mention a group I should have mentioned. I might forget one. Also, again, I’m not exactly a Kpop expert.)

The groups I’m naming are ones that have made a very significant impact on the industry, or continue to show strong success today. That being said, there are a ton of influential groups, and I can’t really fit all of them on here without it getting too long. 

Some original, old-school groups to know are SHINHWA, Baby V.O.X., H.O.T., and Fin.K.L. These guys are like…. some of the OGs. We’re talking about the some of people who started what’s considered modern Korean entertainment industry. This was arguably the first ‘wave’ of Kpop music, and it hit around the late 90′s through the early 00′s.  

The next ‘wave’ brought some names and songs you might recognize, and this era is what people (who don’t really know much about Kpop) generally associate with Kpop. Artists like Shinee, 4MinuteSuper Junior, Girl’s Generation, TVXQ, 2NE1, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, f(x), and yes, PSY. A quick youtube search will bring up the top songs from these bands – most of the groups I just listed are even still active, despite debuting in 2005-2009. 

Around 2010-2012, the genre began gaining recognition on a more global scale. VIXX, EXID, CN-Blue, Orange Caramel, SISTAR, INFINITE, Ailee, Block B, A-Pink, BTOB, AOA, and EXO are popular artists that debuted under this time frame. This is when Kpop started to pick up steam in the global market, with more international hits coming from the Korean market (like PSY’s Gangnam Style or Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, both of which you have probably at least heard of before). 

Kpop has exploded on a worldwide scale recently, bringing around a ton of new groups. 2013-2016 has been a timespan of massive international growth for the industry. This has led to the debut of tons of groups, but most notably – BTS, Akdong Musician, GOT7, MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, Winner, Oh My Girl, Monsta X, Twice, Seventeen, iKon, GFriend, Cosmic Girls, and NCT. That sounds like a lot, but there are a lot more I could name. 

That’s your brief history lesson on Kpop eras and group debuts! 

A few popular/influential songs from some of the groups listed above. 

(I had to pick and choose, because I couldn’t do every group. For each band I’ve listed an older song first, and then a newer song second. And it’s okay, you’re allowed to be a little bit freaked out by some of the older stuff. It’s okay.)

I’ve starred*** some of my personal favorites – I know it’s biased, of course, but those are just personal suggestions if you don’t have much time! I love pretty much every song on this list, though. I tried to choose songs that showcased each group’s strengths and growth over the years. 

SHINHWA - Perfect Man / This Love ***

2NE1 - I Am The Best / Come Back Home

Shinee - Lucifer / View ***

Super Junior - Mr. Simple / Devil

Girl’s Generation - Gee / Lionheart 

Big Bang - Bad Boy / Bang Bang Bang

f(x) - Electric Shock / 4 Walls ***

EXID - Every Night / Hot Pink

Block B - Nalina *** / Toy

EXO - Growl *** / Lucky One ***

AOA - Miniskirt / Good Luck

BTS - I Need U *** / Save Me ***

MAMAMOO - Piano Man  / You’re the Best ***

GOT7 - A / Fly

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake *** / One of These Nights

Seventeen - Adore U *** / Very Nice ***

Twice - Like OOH-AHH *** / Cheer Up

Monsta X - Trespass / All In

Oh My Girl - Closer / Liar Liar ***

NCT - The 7th Sense *** / Fire Truck

This doesn’t cover the whole Korean Music Industry. 

There is a lot more to Korean music than just boy groups and girl groups. There are tons of solo artists, indie artists, and hip-hop artists that I haven’t mentioned, and the groups I’ve already mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. But if you’re just interested in learning about the more mainstream Kpop, the list above is a great place to start!

As far as solo artists go, I can highly recommend Zion.T, Lee Hi, DΞΔN, and Ailee

Getting into Kpop can be a gradual process, especially for a non-Korean speaker.

You pick things up as you go along, you learn what is and is not appropriate to say. It can be daunting at first, when you’re just learning how everything works. Honestly, it took me months to get a firm grasp on music shows and comebacks and promotions and variety shows and all that kind of stuff. 

The Kpop music industry is wildly different from any Western music industry, so if you’re more familiar with Western culture, there may be some things that confuse you. If you want to get into Kpop, please have an open mind and be respectful of cultural differences. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but please do it respectfully!

Also, if you choose to follow Kpop idols on Twitter or Instagram, please be polite and leave kind/positive messages. If you look it up, there are lists of several translations of supportive messages (eat well, take care of yourself, i’m supporting you, etc.) that you can send in Korean, if you wish to. 

Kpop can be overwhelming at first. Trust me, I’ve been there. If you’re having trouble with learning a group’s names/songs, your best bet is to look up member profiles on Youtube or Google. The most helpful thing to me was watching music videos that had the members’ names on the screen! That helps to give some face recognition. 

(A tip – never memorize members by their hair color, because they change it up literally all the time.)

I hope this has been comprehensive and helpful, and I’m really sorry if I left anything out! If you’re looking to get into Kpop, I really think this would be a good place to start, and make things a lot less overwhelming.

Disney’s Descendants 2 Review

Okay, so, couple’a things:

It’s weird that I enjoyed this movie so much. I mean, a lot of its components are established sequel poison: minor dog character becomes more major (Men in Black 2), plot focuses on “You can take the x out of the y, but you can’t take the y out of the x” (Jungle Book 2, which I actually like but a lot of people don’t), lack of focus on characters the audience might have preferred to hear from (the new ones, in this case: Uma and Harry and Gil, although I enjoyed what screen time they had), etc. It’s a film rife with ships and just generally character; this film is very character-focused, even more so than the previous one.

I feel like the first Descendants let the plot move the characters (not necessarily in a bad way), whereas this one lets the characters move the plot. We get a rather real sense of who these people are, even the ones with only a few lines.

I have some critiques of course.

1. Early in the film, I wasn’t fond of the way the characters treated Chad’s despair over his break-up with Audrey: they sort of laugh about how he sobbed his way out of the room, and they probably wouldn’t do that if he was a female character, and I just generally don’t like that men-shouldn’t-cry stuff in children’s media.

2. In the previous film, the VKs got a tear of genuine human sadness from Lonnie by letting her know how rough they had it (that their parents didn’t really show affection, etc.). I get that Lonnie was a minor character in this film and even the previous, but it would have been nice to have her react more to the squalor that is the Isle of the Lost; that the place exists at all is pretty messed up.

3. Not really a problem, but…I kind of thought the Chad plot thread would be going somewhere?

4. I mean, the climax…could’ve been better. For instance, if Harry and Gil had come with Uma, that would be great. As it stood, she was just one octopus girl against a dragon girl and her entire crew that was established throughout the film was trapped miles away watching the encounter on TV. I feel like they could have had their Little Mermaid parallel without stranding Uma in a manner approaching Villain Decay; maybe instead of “I swam through while the barrier was down”, make it “I sailed my ship through while the barrier was down” or the much more plausible (than the ship thing) “Harry, Gil, and I rowed this paddle boat through while the barrier was down, thus justifying the emphasis we as a trio have had in this film and this film’s marketing.”

Specific good points, though:

1. Like I said, I enjoyed how they explored the characters. I’ve heard people complain that Mal’s character regressed, but I didn’t mind her arc here; the change she made at the end of the last movie was a radical one and a LOT to get used to, so I could see her maybe retreating to what she’s comfortable with. Evie was pretty much everyone’s fairy godmother this film (while realistically going through some stuff of her own), Carlos’s insistence that he and Jay join in “girl talk” was nice, I feel, and Jay had a lot of small moments that made his love for the others clear. I do feel like we could have cut down on the Carlos love story stuff; I don’t think it did much for his character, and Jane seemed a bit OOC this movie anyway (although it can be argued that she’s just changed as a person), and also we had so little of the new villains that I can’t help but think “I would take more Harry Hook over Talking Dog Convinces Carlos to Ask Out Minor Character”.

2. That being said though, I absolutely loved Harry and Uma and Gil. I’m glad that Disney let Harry be as creepy and…seductive as he was. I love that Uma’s motivations were so deep (and China conveyed that so well; you could just see her mind moving in every scene). And of course, Gil was a dopey little cinnamon roll with a sword. I especially love Harry coming to Uma’s defense absolutely all the time and Uma telling him to chill a bit and both of them putting Gil in time out.

3. THAT being said, even though I was pretty much Team Uma the whole way through, I enjoyed how Mal trash talked her so hard.

4. Mal’s friendship with Evie was borderline-ship, and I think it was great.

5. The song “What’s My Name”, full stop.

6. Also, “Chillin’ Like a Villain” was pretty cool. The VKs got to drag Ben, and Ben pickpockets all of them. It was cute.

7. I like it when the dialogue is fast. I don’t know how to best explain it, but in the scene where they decide to 3D print a fake wand, especially, the rapid-fire line reads really sound organic.

8. Just in general, the acting was good. 

9. They clearly knew when to underplay a joke or a character. As soon as I saw the talking dog, I thought, “Oh no, this could get really annoying if they drag it out…” But they kept him off the Scrappy Heap, at least as far as I was concerned. Dizzy, too; she’s a cute, bubbly character, but I was worried they would overuse her, and they didn’t.


11. When I saw the first music video for “What’s My Name”, I immediately searched for Uma/Harry fan fiction and only found a little. I’m glad that there is some now.

I will never stop loving the “there’s a war going on out there somewhere” in pierre & andrey bc like. every time someone mentions the war earlier in the show it’s pretty offhand?? almost flippant?? like they say, it can’t touch them. but then andrey comes back and he looks out over the stage and he sounds so angry when he says that, and suddenly you see, really see, how rediculous and cruel and out of touch with reality the elopement really was



Full concert video. The video is from a view pretty far out.
Castle On The Hill
EraserThe A Team
I had forgotten that Martin Cox was at this show. I’m glad cause I know we will have some some good videos. Start will castle on the hill. So far this crowd is very promising. The beginning of the video is all over the place but it’s turning into a great eraser video. I think the only consistent difference from one performance to another is the speed in which he raps. I think it’s cool how he remembers all the details about the a teams release from each country. It was truly his first baby lol.
Don’t/New Man
This is crowd is very enthusiastic so far on don’t. They are singing with so much passion and some slight anger haha. Eds not as out of breath as he has been. He’s still kinda struggling to catch his breath, just not as bad. I love have there is more singing and hardly any screaming. Dive is so beautiful when the whole place sings along. Although some crowds do better on the what’s your history part haha. His I need to sneeze face is cute lol. Messed him all up and he didn’t even sneeze. Oh man this is gonna be a fantastic bloodstream video. He always rocks his performances of bloodstream.
Galway Girl
How Would You Feel
Such a dramatic change going from bloodstream to happier. Both are sad song, just for different reasons. The emotions it must have taken to write happier breaks my heart somethings. Ed has gotten much better on Galway girl. I love this song so much. Album/live it doesn’t really matter. I have two video videos for how would you feel because I couldn’t pick one lol. The first one shows his face better but the other video captures ed joking around at the end lol. I love his face when he sees all the roses being held up. During the multiply tour a crowd used red roses. I will try to find the video. I think Ashton messes up just to pick on ed. It’s always messes up in the same place lol. Watch the Second Video to see ed being funny at the end.
Human/I See Fire
I’m still hoping eds gonna break out a longer version of human haha. He can still mash it with I see fire just sing a little more of human. The crowd still sounds amazing. So far no slippage over the flowers haha. The fans slowed down and ed didn’t haha the most of heard the harmonies off lol. First performance of Barcelona on the divide tour. However I’m not sure why he chose to debut it in Belgium. He did very good for it being the first time. Eds loving how they know every word lol. His voice sounds like it’s about to go out. We are just on perfect so hopefully it holds up. That was a pretty quick performance of perfect lol.
Nancy Mulligan
Thinking Out Loud
Normally ed is very energetic during Nancy Mulligan so let’s see how he is here. He seems pretty normal, although the songs seems slower. I just it’s just his voice. Thinking out loud continues to be the most cut off video lol. Every show and every tol videos are missing the first one or two bars haha. I mean come on when he breaks out the electric guitar I would think people should know what’s coming lol. This crowd is still singing so loud and with so much passion I love it. Sing will give away any vocal problems ed might be having. It’s not a song he can hide issues and just push through. He doesn’t sound to bad but he’s definitely not 100%. Poor eddy.
Shape Of You
You Need Me I Don’t Need You
I keep wondering if he will ever mash something with shape of you. It would sound awesome to throw something hip hop in the middle of it. Maybe one day. Flags always just seem to appear just in time for you need me lol. I also keep waiting for him to mash something with you need me again. I miss some of the old mashups. He’s getting really short of breath. He’s usually fine on you need me. Oh god he just about slipped on the roses haha. He’s so tired and looks just about out of gas but he still closes the show with a bang.

Antwerp was absolutely amazing. What a great SOLD OUT crowd. I love when they sing from start to finish and when there’s not a lot of screaming. This was probably one of the more passionate crowds I’ve heard so far. Them bringing roses and throwing them to him was so sweet. I’m still looking for the other video but I haven’t found it yet. I think it was red roses but I can’t remember what song it was. Anyways, moving on to the debut of Barcelona. Him debuting it in Belgium is a little weird but I guess he wanted to practice it before he gets to Barcelona. I’m looking forward to watching him play it there for the first time, which is coming up in a few weeks. I did notice at the end of Barcelona he seemed really tired. On perfect he sounded like he was losing his voice. By the time we got to thinking out loud I knew he wasn’t feeling great. His energy levels were just really down. Hopefully he’s just really tired and not coming down with anything. I just we will see how he is next week. He did a couple of interviews which I have for y'all. The first is one of my favorite interviews. The second interview is also a good one. We are heading to Paris next. I’m not as familiar with Paris crowds, but it should be a great show. I will meet y'all back here next week. Keep on singing on sheerios and spreading the love 💙💙💙.


lock screen + home screen + last song listened to + last picture taken

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i quite literally made these wallpapers and was tagged right after lol. i love my cutie pie aesthetic mans and these cute webcam pics of the boys so much 💖💖💖💖 !!! also i make new wallpapers every time new pics of got7 come out i have so mannnyyyy help me lol. and teenager is the bop of a lifetime and i cannot stop listening to it hehe. also the sky was unearthly pretty that day 😊😊

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dating yoongi would include

• hella fun winters involving scarves and shared sweatshirts 
• lazy nights sprawled out on the couch with the tv playing quietly in the background
• protective cuddles. he won’t hold you super tight, but he’ll enjoy feeling like he’s got you
• warm. he’s just warm.
• lots of sarcasm lol
• lots of nights planning exactly where all you want to go on your grand worldwide adventure together. if your wanderlust isn’t as bad as his when you start dating it will be after a few months.
• surprising him in the studio and much to his discontent (if he’s in a good mood he’d actually be pretty pleased you came) sticking around until he goes back home
• that whole going back home part not happening until three in the morning so you crash either on the floor or in a chair somewhere to him musing around with various melodies
• he’s not a sappy guy but if inspiration strikes you can bet there will be at least 2.5 songs written about you
• every one of his words have meaning and that’s no exception for when the rare ‘I love you’ comes out of no where
• he’ll be extremely attracted to the things that are purely you. literally anything from the way you stand when you’re pouring cereal to the face of pure done you make when taehyung thinks it’s funny to hide your phone is what he’ll find most enticing about you.
• being comfortable and completely yourselves around each other.
• he’ll squash your insecurities that’s part of the warm thing. he just wants you to feel at peace with him.
• he’s not that protective and honestly 100% trusts you as long as he’s sure you’re being truthful with him, so he’s not gonna like. lock the other members in a cage when you’re all together or get paranoid if you’re out with a guy friend.
• however in the case something’s happened to you that either pisses him off or makes you uncomfortable the kind fellow that evoked those feelings will not have a pleasant rest of his night
• or week probably
• he would find names extremely meaningful. calling him yoongi is so much more personal than suga (duh) and if you got in a fight and called him the latter it would really hurt him
• nights at the Han river just chillin under the stars and discussing anything and everything
• honestly the nights that he’s off he’d probably love spending seeing things with you (or going home and enjoying sleepy cuddles)
• he would LOVE sentimentality and tradition. if there’s a spot you two have visited a lot, it would mean a lot to him.
• not a big present giver so he’s not gonna shower you with little things, more one big thing.
• lots of silently understanding each other
• falling asleep without him when he’s working late and waking up to see him completely passed out and arm thrown lazily over your chest or waist. gets frustrated when you push him off to get up.
• he’s the big spoon no questions asked don’t threaten his manliness
• just chill like dating him would be so pleasant and calm and also wild if you keep him up past 2 bc I feel it in my soul that when he’s not working his chill goes out the window after midnight. poor jin.

Other members ~ jimin

SHINee In Dallas
  • A room of nothing but Shawols
  • *tears up*
  • The opening VCR = NOSTALGIA TO THE MAX
  • SHINee hitting us with everything they had for Everybody
  • I wasn’t ready
  • Key twirling that arm like the fucking boss he is
  • God bless dedication 
  • Shawols
  • The host 
  • The host’s sass
  • That girl that flew here from Tokyo omg
  • Honey, Korea is like, right next….. nvm
  • The boys singing Hello
  • Key cutting Minho off to talk about Pokemon Go
  • Key not understanding Pokemon Go
  • Minho looking fine af 
  • Like…… BOY
  • That one male Shawol that screamed his love for Jonghyun
  • And Jonghyun recognized him from the Chicago meet
  • Taemin asking if we’ll support a future U.S. solo tour
  • *intense screaming from everyone*
  • Kibum’s F L A W L E S S English
  • Onew’s weird elephant, horn noise that he wouldn’t stop doing
  • Onew being hella extra 
  • Shawols loving Onew
  • Key getting “movies” to act out and then getting last place
  • Jonghyun’s goldfish
  • Shawols
  • Taemin w/ black hair <3
  • That SHINee World video
  • The sea of baby blue lights
  • And pretty much every Shawol singing along to the songs in the vid
  • View fanchant
  • The love of Shawols
  • Replay
  • the vocalsT
  • Lucifer 
  • the most lit song of the night 
  • Jonghyun’s long ass note
  • Shawols screaming their lungs out
  • Key and Tae going so hard in the dance
  • Sherlock choreo
  • Minho owning everything
  • The bts for the View mv
  • Jonghyun being so flirty I want to jump off a cliff
  • the boys coming out before the video was done
  • everyone laughing at the boys
  • everyone crying because View starts
  • strong ass fanchants
  • Shawols <3333
  • Key looking so good in his outfit
  • Taemin being a reincarnated MJ
  • Taemin hitting those NOTES
  • Taemin slaying that song
  • Jonghyun’s “DOOOoooooWWWNnnnNN”
  • Onew being at the front 
  • Onew getting his life
  • SHINee saying goodbye
  • Shawols start singing Happy Birthday to Taemin
  • Tae being so. damn. surprised.
  • Key being confused and shady cuz
  • “Taemin, what day is it?” Not the 18th? Ok, then sit down.
  • Minho not wanting to leave the stage
  • SHINee loving us
  • Shawols loving SHINee

This was such a beautiful fanmeet/concert and nothing will compare to the night we all had. I feel so close to SHINee but I feel close to Shawols as well. Pure magic. 

Ok hear me out . I think pretty much looking back on every album when it first comes out she’s usually not with a guy or with the guy some of the songs are about . But this time , with Reputation , shes coming out with an album that loves while she’s with someone that she loves , and some of the music’s about .

Im not crying you are …


I was going to make this a short playlist, then I said screw it! And I added pretty much every song I could think of about them. 


I’m Coming After You - Owl City / Sidekick - Walk the Moon / Out of the Woods - Nickel Creek / They Don’t Know About Us - One Direction / Stutter - Marianas Trench / Take Me There - Rascal Flatts / Fools - Lauren Aquilina / Perfect Storm - Brad Paisley / I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers / Something That I Want - Grace Potter / Flaws - Bastille / Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows / Electric Love - Borns / Falling In - Lifehouse / Home/Dirty Paws - Gardiner / Dress and Tie - Charlene Kaye feat. Darren Criss / Somebody Like You - Keith Urban / Lucky Strike  - Maroon 5 / Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin / Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland / I Want Crazy  - Hunter Hayes / Like I’m Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend / I’m Only Me When I’m With You - Taylor Swift/ 

BONUS: Wizard Love - Meekakitty feat. Heyhihello

Fic: Inked

Time commuting to and from NYU with Elliott gets Blaine thinking about tattoos, and Kurt helps Blaine explore his possibilities. Rated M for sexual content. Read on AO3 here. 

When Blaine comes back to New York, Blaine and Elliott end up on the subway from NYU to Brooklyn together a fair amount. At first, Blaine suspects Kurt requested Elliott play nice and look out for Blaine through his transition to NYU, but they genuinely get along. Most rides, Elliott listens in bemusement as Blaine recounts the adventures of his day in a new school, sometimes soliciting advice, sometimes looking for a sympathetic ear, and sometimes just happy for even more attention. After so many years playing the mentor he wish he had, Blaine finally has someone like him but more experienced who he can actually look up to and whose advice he trusts.

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taylorswift There’s only 19 days left and I couldn’t be more excited, happy and scared. But it’s a good scared, I’m going to be in section 319 so I know that I’m not going to have Loft 89 but I’m still happy I get to see you.

My mom knows me so damn well, she gave tickets to see Taylor Swift on my 13th birthday. This my first concert, not just yours, but my first concert EVER. And I’ve been told you give the best concerts and I believe them because I’ve been on Tumblr and I pretty much see it every day.

I’ce loved your music since I first heard Love Story back when I was about 6 and I begged my older sister (she’s coming with me to the concert) to tell me what song it was and she wouldn’t tell me, and then one day I heard that she was listening to it on the computer so I sneaked inside her room and I learned that the song was called “Love Story”, I watched the video about 500 times.

I liked your music but I was a Taylor Swift fan, not a Swiftie. It wasn’t until Red came out that I realised that your music changed my life. You see the Red album was a life changer because I didn’t just found out what heartbreak truly was, I also went through it and I found out that songwriting it’s the best thing the world has ever made. 

I’ve been through a lot of genre changes because I’m always changing, I went from county-acoustic, to folk, to indie-rock, to folk again, and to mixing it all up.

I want to thank you taylorswift for making me write songs, I’ve never found anything better and you were always my inpiration from the very first word I ever wrote.