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hiya! i notice you tag a lot of your posts with 'nora, sloane, etc.' i understand these are characters for a story you're doing. i'm curious: what's the story about?

ok ! well @turnandchasethewind (olivia) & i have been working on the sketches for this show for like. a Long time lmao it has as most projects do grown & changed & become something entirely its own & i think it’s really awesome & lovely & am rly rly jazzed for it to move forward one day

anyway the working title for it is called views, & it basically follows sloane & nora, best friends who live & work in toronto. they met when they were 18/19 at a catering gig (terrible) & theyre the kind of love that is this epic soft quiet fun powerful love between female friends. they’re young & they’re a little lost always, & the world hurts, but like. they’re Good. the current storyline begins when they’re in their early/mid-twenties & nora meets ridley, who becomes her girlfriend. ridley is rly rly lovely & beautiful & whip smart & v kind & sloane hates her which is altogether mostly funny but a little sad

sloane ideally would be played by maia mitchell just for a visual but like. a grungier cooler hot mess version of maia bc like. sloane is a trash kid she’s our absolute fav she has tons of stick n pokes & her hair is a mess or buzzed (or both) & she will wear vans until they r literally falling off. she shops mostly at black market & she got this bike off kijiji that’s like 800% terrifying. she was diagnosed with bipolar I when she was 18 & shes on meds but its obviously still smth she deals with every day. shes from vancouver & she dropped out of mcgill after An Episode but mostly bc she hated it & she moved to toronto a few months after that (which is p much immediately when she met nora). shes like our token white character shes funny everyone drags her constantly abt so many things but they Love sloane. she eats Shit food unless nora’s parents buy her groceries & she drinks a lot & sometimes she has lil spirals but she has a dog named carly rae who helps a lot. she also has a big brother named whit he’s trans & he lives in brooklyn & she Adores him. shes a tremendously talented musician but ofc being a musician is v difficult so she also works a bunch of weird jobs between music gigs. she lives in a funky apartment in kensington w like six rotating roommates. she plays sets at the beaver all the time. if sloane was gonna write a song it would be ‘young’ by vallis alps but if sloane had a themesong its a tie between i wanna get better by bleachers & control by halsey & buzzcut season by lorde & then a rly rly sad cover of i rly like you by carly rae

nora is laura harrier bc like Hot & also biracial so thats dope. shes a baker & she works at a rly cute lil bakery on queen west & she always looks so pretty & put together & she rides this beautiful linus bike everywhere w a fucking basket & everything she wears so much birds of north america & oak + fort & rly just anything from victoire & she has like 12 pairs of blundstones. shes from etobicoke & her parents are both immigrants so nora is first generation canadian shes v v invested in how that all interacts shes a smart cool kid. she’s bisexual she came out when she was 16 bc she Literally got drunk in a closet & she has a history of dating Truly shitty ppl so sloane is like v v Hesitant when she falls for ridley. she has some beautiful tattoos & some silly stick n pokes, mostly w sloane. she has a rly cool little sister named kennedy who goes to ryerson & nora went to george brown. shes rly passionate abt intersectional feminism & she volunteers w a few different organizations around the city that help lgbtq+ youth shes like. a Good person & also sloane ADORES her & nora is in a v real kinda love w sloane theyre the v best pals. also girl can Drink. once a month regardless of how cold it is she & sloane make rly good pot brownies & go to trinity bellwoods & eat them & they end up Laughing a lot. nora also fosters w save our scruff bc she & sloane adopted carly rae together but carly rae is like an emotional support animal for sloane so she spends most of her time at sloane’s apartment so bc of that nora likes to foster dogs its rly cute. she has a beautiful lil tiny studio off euclid & queen. if nora had a themesong its like some dope gay (bi) ass mix of company by tinashe & feelin myself by nicki but then she meets ridley so shes like all night by bey

pls know that nora & sloane sometimes get Rly drunk at the greenroom in the annex mostly bc they love smoking in the lil alleyway its like. their trash special place. & their songs r like. california by grimes & love gang by whethan ft charli xcx & ribs by lorde 

ok in our heads ridley is played by aj but mostly bc its hot & we love her lol, ideally ridley is quebecois metis. she has a degree in physics but her parents just both died so shes kinda taking a break from everything & rn shes a florist in the shop next to noras bakery on queen west. shes from montreal but she went to school in the states & she has a longtime ex named ash. theyre non binary & ridley & ash are still rly good friends which sloane is like Suspicious abt but nora is like sloane jfc. ridley is rly smart she wears a Lot of stay home club & j brands & she & nora have a lot of shoes n boots that look almost identical. shes queer & shes kinda just been queer forever? her parents were scientists so it was always a v inclusive educated lil home she grew up in. she was named after ridley scott & everyone always jokes that she was conceived during alien lol & honestly she probably was. shes rly funny & she has beautiful tattoos & pretty pretty eyes & nora falls for her rly fast. she has a lil quebecois accent & sometimes she forgets words in english when shes drunk or tired. she & nora first kiss outside of the beaver in the snow theyre in the alley behind the gladstone w rly beautiful street art they were smoking cigarettes & its just. soft. so queer. ridleys lil songs r hold by vera blue & 21 moon water by bon iver & Mostly corbeau by coeur de pirate

sloane has a plot twist & falls in love w jack who is half-japanese & hes rly good friends w ridley which is the plot twist part a little but the BIG plot twist part is that she falls in love at all bc she is Convinced no one can handle her & she isnt stable enough for romantic love etc etc. but jack is so good hes so smart & hes a music therapist for kids on the spectrum its like Absurd how good a person he is. hes trans & hes abt to have top surgery like a few months after he meets sloane & she goes for a while & is like blah blah im not in love w him whatever its just sex but then shes So worried abt him being ok during & after surgery & she cares abt him so much & she gets Rly drunk & cries abt it to nora its funny. one day sloane is having a rly rly bad lil depressive episode & nora has been outta town all weekend w her parents & kennedy at their cottage in muskoka & so nora texts jack like. yo sloane has bipolar i she shouldve told u this but like i gotta tell u now bc shes havin a meltdown so pls go over & bring her food from fresh get the falafel tacos & like all the pressed juice ill venmo you & Pls make her shower if she buzzed her hair try to find the scalp treatment i got her from lush its in her dresser top drawer. also shes gonna wanna drink just let her do that & make sure she takes her meds she’ll be ok itll take a day or two & hes like ok. a lot but ok. & he goes & he brings sloane food & a tshirt of his & he gets her into the shower & out to the couch & puts on superstore & she curls up into him on one side & carly rae on the other & she cries a little but honestly its not so bad & like. hes so in love w her its wild she never thought that would happen its a fun plot twist even olivia & i didnt plan on

so anyway the whole show is kinda an ode to toronto & an ode to being young & in love w your friends in a rly profound way & also what its like to fall in love w ppl u might wanna spend ur life with, a kinda love thats v new. its abt queerness & gender & race in a way thats v much present but all of the main characters r rly informed & rly like passionate abt intersectional feminism & thats a cool aspect we r both v excited abt. also sloane deals v realistically w a balance between being stable w bipolar I & also being v creative & v connected to making music which is smth thats v important to me esp. nora was sexually assaulted before she met ridley (HATE!) but we delve into that as well. 

mostly like. its just ‘we’re never done w killing time/ can i kill it w you/ i’d like it if you stayed’ 

The Lodge?

So I keep hearing about The Lodge, and I know Thomas Doherty is in it. I’ve listened to a bunch of the songs (I actually have a spotify playlist that is only the lodge and descendants songs cause I like them so much). But I was wondering if anyone knew where to watch full episodes? I’m in America and so far haven’t been able to find anything?

Also if someone wanted to sum it up or something, I’d love that. Cause from tumblr, I really have no clue what it’s about, I pretty much have the tumblr rough version with all the ships and such, and I’ve only seen the music videos. And honestly, it totally looks like Thomas’ character is part of a poly relationship, but I feel like it’s actually a love triangle. Cause like, favorite place to be music video so feels like something for a poly relationship, did you see how they all looked at each other, even the guys. 

But anyways, I’m interested in it cause I like the music, but idk what it’s really about. I wanna watch it though.

Sorry this isn’t descendants related, but I felt you all would be a good group to ask! 💙💜💙💜

(Favorite Place To Be music video because seriously someone agree with me this looks like a poly relationship https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=peYd15y4A7g )

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Common Japanese Anime tropes in Hetalia

As of recently, i talked about a very popular anime trope: the yandere. Today, i am going to talk about other -dere tropes in Hetalia. If you all really like this post, I’ll make a part two with more than just the -dere tropes. I’m only listing the -dere tropes in Hetalia. If you want to know all of them, i can make another post about that one too. With that let’s begin.

Let’s start with the most common and most famous trope: the Tsundere. 

The Tsundere is someone who secretly cares for someone, but acts cold and rude towards them. Tsunderes are EVERYWHERE in anime. They most likely the character that says the anime B word the most. You know: Baka. They are best described with this quote: “I-It’s not like I like you or anything…Baka.” We all know the tsundere in hetalia:

Iggiritsun. He is pretty much confirmed to be a tsundere. Do you know how many times this guy says “Baka”? A LOT. He acts rude and stubborn to people like America or France, but he secretly does care for them deep down. 

The Dandere

A dandere is someone who is really shy and does not really talk unless the right person comes along. I’m a little unsure about this one but I think you know who I’m thinking of, but there’s someone else that is also on my mind that I think fits into this category:

Canadan? …No? Okay then. I guess you can say Sweden might fall into this category since he’s too shy and silent to really talk to anyone except Finland. And even then he gets really nervous. But his emotions aren’t shown very well. Since he has a love interest, that may make him a true dandere, however, he has an intimadating aura and most danderes don’t really have that. But not all danderes have to be the same I guess.

The Kuudere
Kuuderes are “cool” and serious on the outside and rarely show emotion. However, on the inside they are warm and soft. We have quite a few people who fit this trope. 

Iceland was going to go here too (That would have been funny. Ice…cool…get it?), but I thought Norway REALLY fit the description and Iceland is really fiery deep down. That means I am also void of puns. Whenever Norway speaks there is little to no emotion in his voice, even when taunting Iceland or getting mad at Denmark. We all know that Vietnam is practically Kristen Stewart. She even struggles to smile when Thailand asks her to. 

So caught up in her kuudere complex that she can’t even smile. 

The Deredere
A deredere is someone who is always super sweet and energetic around everybody. They often fall in love pretty fast too. 

…Again I am lacking puns. Even when dealing with chibi romano, he remains positive and is always trying to cheer everyone up and make everyone happy. He is almost always happy and smiling. He also has been in a lot of marriages and gets overly excited about a lot of things. 

Even when telling America to go to hell, he’s smiling. Oh Spain…

The Yandere
We talked about this one already in my yandere post here. 

…I can’t think of a pun for this one. Remember how I talked about how people always mistake Russia for a yandere or a yang’re? While he does have the potential to become a yang’re, he fits a lot better into this next trope.

The Dorodere

A dorodere is someone who is sweet and loving on the outside but “messed up and disturbed on the inside”.

I think this description just fits him so perfectly. “Ah~My dream is to have a bunch of friends and frolic in a field of sunflowers.” “I also can’t wait to see everyone beg for their lives and submit to my enormous power…” I think that’s enough said. Doroshia? Is that a stretch?

The Bodere
Boderes aren’t very common. They lash out when embarrassed and usually threaten to use violence a lot.

Bolossia is so wrapped up in his Bodere complex. When the other micronations see him being soft, his immediate reaction is to curse them out, threatens them, and flips them off throughout the rest of the comic. He is a perfect fit.

SEKAIIII DE ICHIBAN OHIME-SAMA! These tropes are used to describe characters that act very princess or prince like. In this case, we just have an Oujidere. 

Though I wouldn’t call him a prince exactly, he definitely acts like a spoiled prince. He has an aura that says “I’m superior” and is constantly showing off his money. If he were a girl, he could be Hime River…My pun skills are failing me. 

The Kamidere
The Kamidere acts god-like and wants to be treated like a god and are very egocentric obviously.
I’m not absolutely sure about this one but I think this is the closest to a Kamidere that we will get. 

Or so I thought…

Prussia has obvious reasons. But Ladonia is a little harder to see. When Ladonia first met the micronations, he claims he should be leader and commands all the micronations follow under him. Like he’s some sort of god… Just a thought. 

That’s about it. That’s all I got. I may not be correct and I may have missed a few characters, but these are who I think fit into these tropes. If you think I missed someone, then reblog and let me know. If you want a post on ALL the -dere types, let me know. Otherwise, that’s about it. 


Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Ashley Osborn

Meet Ashley: the talented 24-year-old photographer who spends her days touring the world, shooting bands, and living the life so many young creatives only dream about. Ash has long since been a member of the Vans family, and continues to hold sh*t down year-after-year at Vans Warped Tour. While partying it up with Ashley at House of Vans Austin (and by partying, we mean working until 6am each day editing photos) we got to know this bubble of positive energy a little more, and quickly decided to make the adult decision to crown her as one of the coolest women we’ve ever met. Get to know this week’s insanely inspiring Kick-Ass Chick after the jump…

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((Gaaaah I love your art style and how you draw these two rascals, especially 2p Prussia! Anyways, what are your relationships with the other 2ps?))

Roland’s relationships with the other 2p’s:

2p Italy: (Acquaintance) “A little ball of anger management issues. We never really talk.”

2p Germany: (Friends) “We aren’t close, but we’ll go to concerts together and go drinking now and then. It’s rare that we hang out for reasons other than those though.”

2p Japan: (Friends) “He’s my horror movie pal~ He has an honorable aura to him, with valor almost comparable to my own. ALMOST.”

2p Romano: (BFF’s) “We spend a lot of time together. We always seem to have something to talk about, and his high class standards meet my own. We also talk sh*t about people behind their back together.”

2p Spain: (No relation) “Who?”

2p Hungary: (ENEMIES) “There needs to be a minimum of ten miles between the two of us.”

2p America: (Acquaintance) “Him? I very rarely talk to him. He doesn’t interest me in the least.”

2p England: (Friends) “He’s so adorable, a sweetly charming boy~ He’s a great cook as well. I wish he could teach me the ways of the kitchen….*dramatic sigh*” ((Roland can’t even made a toasted cheese sandwich right-))

2p Canada: (No relation) “I don’t talk to him.”

2p France: (No relation) “I don’t talk to him.”

2p China: (No relation) “We’ve never really talked.”

2p Russia: (No relation) “The only time he as ever spoken to me is when he scolded me for nearly burning down the World Conference with a candle.”

2p Prussia: (BFF’s) “LUV ME SENPAI~ We do almost everything together…mostly because I make him~ I trust him with all of my soul, and he’s an absolute delight to be around~”

Gilen’s relationships with the other 2p’s:

2p Italy: (Acquaintance) “Roland never lets me around him, so I don’t really know much about him. He’s very intimidating though….Q V Q”

2p Germany: (Okay Friends) “I’ll see him when he and Roland hang out. We talk, but not as much as you might think.”

2p Japan: (Good Friends) “We play video games together a lot, whether we’re actually together, or if it’s over the console or internet. Every once and a while we’ll get together and just sit in silence on our phones or something. He’s intimidating to look at, but once you get to know him a bit, he’s not that bad.”

2p Romano: (Good Friends) “I’m not as close to him as Roland, but he is one of my go-to people whenever I’m lonely or something like that.”

2p Spain: (No relation) “I met him once at Flavio’s…he scares me.”

2p Hungary: (Enemies, according to Roland) “Roland has banned me from speaking to her…I had to take an oath…at a ceremony…that he set up in the basement.”

2p America: (Acquaintance) “He’s kinda chill, but also kinda intimidating to me…I think we talked once? Maybe?”

2p England: (Friends) “He’s really cute, and a great cook. He likes to talk a lot, so whenever I see him, it’s pretty much just me listening to commentary the whole time.”

2p Canada: (No relation) “We’ve never spoken, but he is very intimidating to look at…”

2p France: (No relation) “I’ve never talked to him.”

2p China: (Acquaintance) “We’ve talked maybe once or twice. I don’t know anything about him really though.”

2p Russia: (Acquaintance) “We don’t really talk, but I guess we may have had a good conversation maybe once or twice…”

2p Austria: (BFF’s) “He is always near me, like he is Gorilla-glued to my hip. We do a lot together. He’s one of the only people I feel that I can trust with all of me, and he knows more that I would ever let on to most.” ((THEY’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED GUYS.DON’T EVEN TELL ME THEY AREN’T.)) 



When the World was Wider

Summary: During a road trip, America decides to ask China about a particular past relationship. China has a lot of thoughts, but has trouble putting some of them into words. 

Pairings: Past RomeChu, present tentative AmeChu, with some parallels.

Tags/Warnings: Light angst, lots of history talk

Also read on: ff.net/ao3

When China says he’s not been one for romance, in the modern sense of the word, he doesn’t of course mean he hates it. It’s something he cherishes, in fact–he’s had a long enough history of all sorts of stories that explore the various turbulent and passionate relationships of figures both fictional and factual, translated from the poems and novels of old onto the modern screens of the TV dramas he is not-so-secretly so fond of. The beauty of the grand romance is woven into his landscapes, his music, in his written language, and in that context he embraces it fully.  

In a modern sense however, when it comes to relationships between individuals, things do get a lot harder to define in any language even for humans, let alone nations.

“So what’s the scoop on you and Rome?” asks America out of the blue while they’re both heading down a particularly barren patch of highway.

“What about me and Rome?”

“Weren’t you two a thing, back in ye olde ancient times?” says America.

“Oh god, not this conversation again,” It’s not that it was particularly surprising, but it’s always annoying when the subject of past relationships are brought up. Especially relationships more than two thousand years in the past.

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So I can follow some awsum blogs, I’d appreciate it if you could like this if your blog contains pretty much anything to do with bands(One Direction specifically), youtubers, relatable shit, gay ships or TV shows. ALSO, if you live in America, Australia or London I’m probably gonna follow you anyways bc I need to know more people from those fucking amazing places THANK YOU BYE

Fanfic Commisions!

I am offering commission for fanfiction on a year round basis. I am currently unemployed and am unable to work due to a back injury so writing fanfic commissions supplements the income I get from disability payments and allows me to continue paying my bills and keeping up with the unexpected expenses that seem to keep cropping up every time I turn around (because I swear, I am the unluckiest person in the world, unfortunately…I think I broke a mirror last year and am paying for it mightily).

I can be found at AO3 under the username afteriwake.

My rates are as follows:

  • $10 to $25: 1K to 2K word fic
  • $26 to $50: 3K to 4K word fic OR trilogy series of 1K to 1.5K word fics
  • $51 to $75: 5K to 7K word fic OR quartet series of 1.3K to 1.5K word fics
  • $75 to $100: 8K to 10K word fic OR quintet series of 1.5K to 2K word fics
  • $101 to $150: 15K+ word fic OR octuplet series of 1.5K to 2K word fics
  • $151 and up: 25K+ word fic OR series (at least ten stories in length) of 1.5K to 2K word fics 

The specifics of what I write for my primary fandoms can be found below. A list of what I have written for donations and prior commissions can be found at this post and is continuously updated.

To discuss commissioning me to write a fanfiction for you, you may contact me via ask or IM. Please note I take payments through PayPal only.

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This is about the fifth post I’ve done for CAPTAIN AMERICA FIC RECS, which you can find on this tag, if you’re like me and starving for everything you can get your hands on. I’m pretty Steve/Bucky-friendly, but I’m also open to just about any combination of the main four characters and I am totally happy with genfic as well. I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH /gross sobbing

There aren’t a lot of longer fics yet (by which I mean anything that’s above 30k+), but I’m hoping that the fervor over the movie won’t die down until I get at least two 100k+ post-TWS fics, okay, fandom? You owe me that much. In the meantime, here, the second half of the recs that I started last night!

so this is how it is by dev_chieftain, steve & bucky & sam, the winter soldier spoilers, ptsd, 22k wip

Following the events of the Winter Soldier film, Steve and Sam finally find Bucky, and work to get back to a good place.

tabula rasa by dance_at_bougival, steve/bucky + natasha + sam, the winter soldier spoilers, 10.3k

Bucky Barnes screamed himself hoarse on that table and screamed falling off that train. He screamed when they programmed him and screamed and screamed until he isn’t Bucky Barnes anymore, not really. He is still screaming, a trapped rat running around a labyrinthine machine, clawing at the doors and running into dead ends. He has been screaming for seventy years.

The Age’s Most Uncertain Hour by dewinter, steve/bucky + peggy, the winter soldier spoilers, 1.8k

Five times the Winter Soldier remembered (and then forgot).

On Your Left by TravelingRoses, steve & buck + steve & sam + steve & tony + steve & natasha + steve & fury + steve & thor + steve & peggy, the winter soldier spoilers, 12.9k

Five times someone told Steve to give up looking for Bucky and two times someone didn’t. Alternately, five times someone smacked Steve on the head and said “Don’t do the thing” and he continued doing the thing and two times he listened so he could keep doing the thing.

Practical Mathematics by Grey_Bard, steve/bucky + steve/peggy + steve/peggy/bucky + tony, 1.7k

After a hard shift saving the world, Stark - in his infinite wisdom - has decided to bond with Steve by talking about his favorite subject. Well, third favorite, after building things and smart-mouthing people. Steve is pretty sure none of his experiences really count. Tony is starting to wonder what Steve’s definition of “is” is.

how happy must be angels thus employed by lanyon , steve/bucky + clint/coulson, mildly nsfw, humor, 2k

It begins entirely accidentally. Clint walks in on Bucky and Steve in a compromising position and then Bucky escalates by tapping a private line between Clint and Phil. Also known as The One With The Cock-Blocking Competition (and it’s all fun and games until Phil and Steve find out.)

Fate by sovietdistilled, steve/bucky + peggy, 2.1k

Bucky finds a drawing and it turns out to mean something more than he thought.

One More Time by DevBasaa, steve/bucky, pre-serum, ~1k

Steve’s clueless and Bucky’s not yet ready to acknowledge these feelings. But that doesn’t stop him from having them. Set before Bucky ships out, but after Steve receives his A1.

The Steven G. Rogers Guide to What You Missed the Last Few Years by what_alchemy, steve/bucky, humor, 5.1k

Steve’s got the hang of this 21st century thing.

Dad’s Got Skeletons by kehinki, steve & tony & avengers, humor, troll!steve, 3.9k

“To think he became a dad—your dad. A daddy.” He looked up sharply and saw that Steve’s smile had twisted a little bit, pulled up at one corner like a smirk, except no, Captain America did not smirk. “You know, it’s funny. I called him daddy once too.”

full details + recs inside!

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