i preferred the other ones but im not complaining


hello i’m currently looking for a second job and i need money for a place to stay and food to eat everyday, and would be grateful if you’d consider commissioning me! 

if you can’t read my handwriting:

  • you can contact me thru the messaging system/inbox or thru my commissioning e-mail kuuart@yahoo.com
  • i will NOT draw explicit imagery of children or heavy anthro
  • once i’ve accepted your offer please send me a reference, a pose/expression you prefer and payment
  • headshots: $18
  • waist up: $26
  • fullbody: $38
  • cheebs: $12
  • pixel cheeb: $10
  • all cheebs/pixel are transparent bouncing gifs unless requested otherwise

*please don’t haggle or complain about the prices, i spend at least 6-9 hours on everything i work on and put all my effort into my art

don’t be afraid to ask me any questions or concerns you might have;if you understand commission away!

bellathereal  asked:

i cant deal with these sad headcanons so im gonna add another happy one: While John complains about not having seen Sherlock, they spoke on the phone often, sometimes John calls but it quickly becomes Sherlock calling at set intervals (morning, a bit after lunch, just after john gets off work) and John at one point is like "I thought you preferred to text" and sherlock just pauses on the other end and is like "i'm making up for three years of conversation" and they both go quiet but john smiles