i preferred the other ones but im not complaining

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How did you start shipping Momo and Ritsu? And what's some headcanons you have for them?

Hmm i think it was actually that chapter when takenaka was revealed to be a telepath (i dont remember the numbers)!! idk just the way that he acted and how he just Knew what ritsu was feeling without even reading his mind was so 👌 im a sucker for grumpy characters what can i say

i love headcanons theyre so fun!!
- they spend a lot of time together just… sleeping. they just get together to take naps. mutual insomniacs come together to help each other get good rest

- going off of the “takenaka plays viola” headcanon, he manages to get ritsu into music and starts teaching him how to play too (ritsu prefers piano but well momo only has the one instrument available)

- they have these like… telepathic conversations during school. just talking about stuff, mostly complaining about whatever is happening in their classrooms or how boring the subject is that theyre learning. theyve both had trouble hiding random outbursts of laughter during class

- they. they just strive to embarrass each other. being super Extra and affectionate to make the other blush or saying something super romantic (and cheesy) out of nowhere to catch them off guard. momo kind of has the advantage here but ritsu is just too cute even if he sees it coming he cant handle it. adorable dweebs


hello i’m currently looking for a second job and i need money for a place to stay and food to eat everyday, and would be grateful if you’d consider commissioning me! 

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i cant deal with these sad headcanons so im gonna add another happy one: While John complains about not having seen Sherlock, they spoke on the phone often, sometimes John calls but it quickly becomes Sherlock calling at set intervals (morning, a bit after lunch, just after john gets off work) and John at one point is like "I thought you preferred to text" and sherlock just pauses on the other end and is like "i'm making up for three years of conversation" and they both go quiet but john smiles