i prefer to do mine on paper

Tips for getting a good nights sleep

2.26.17  030

I hope some of these tips help you guys  ♡

1. Don’t eat right before going to bed

2. Listen to rain on a timer you can do this by going to your timer and select stop playing

3. Don’t play timed games it’ll make you feel even more awake

4. Try not to use your phone if so have to try to use the night shift option

5. Drink decaffeinated tea preferably sleepy time ones

6. Spray lavender or soothing smells helps soothe/ de-stress

7.Try to do everything you need to do have everything thing ready for the next day

8. Read or de-stress right before

9. Clean your sheets it might just be me but i love getting into fresh sheets

10. Write in a journal get those last minute thought onto paper or set up what you need to do tomorrow

Bee’s Modest Art Arsenal

I made a comprehensive list of all the stuff I typically use to make art as of right now. It’s not meant to be an end-all-be-all for art supplies by any means, just… stuff I like! And it’s largely affordable whenever possible, yay!!! Some of my favorite art products I find completely on accident or in unlikely places so never be afraid to give it a shot if it calls to you! My list is under the cut, and ofc, all photos are not mine and used purely for educational purposes.

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Author’s Note: So my week hasn’t started out that great even for a Monday but I was able to finish this one-shot. I’m not sure how good it is so feed back would be really nice and as always requests are open. I will try to link the prompts list in, I’ve never done anything like it so it may not happen or work. I hope you enjoy this, I had a lot of fun writing it ad I feel over time my writing will develop with your guys’ help.
Draco x reader
Warnings: None
18: “You’re judging me, do you see this, she’s judging me.” “It’s what I do, its a hobby of mine.”
19: “They say I’m a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do.”
22: “You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”


Y/N sat in the Slytherin common room by the fire, her history of magic papers sitting, comfortably in her lap. She was so focused on her the work in front of her, she didn’t hear the noisy group waltz in.

   “We should.”
   “No, that’s idiotic.”

   “I say we go to Hogsmeade instead.”

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april study challenge / 18/04/17 -  How do you like to take notes? What method is your favorite?

so first of all i prefer to take notes with pen and paper, its just so much easier and quicker for me. i take notes during class and i always like doing it in points but sometimes its not possible but i just try to write down all i can and i sort it out later. either when i have time later on or before an exam i sometimes rewrite notes and then organize them in points and use different colour coding for each subject.


[may 24th: day 2, a photo of my study space]

my study space is usually super messy (i pushed most of it into a corner to get a decent photo,,,), and i keep a whiteboard with all my long term and short term tasks - over the course of my 2 years in the IBDP i’ll see it become more and more complete!

under my desk i keep a bunch of binders for my notes. i despise carrying notebooks around and i really prefer loose leaf paper that i can just shove into a binder at the end of the week.

i’m doing @hayley-studies30 day studyblr challenge with @studyanne! her day 2 post is [here]!

faethermoon  asked:

hello! your art is amazing. I was just wondering, because on some of them I can't really tell, do you do your drawings digitally or are some of them pen/marker like with Copics or something?

You are so lovely!!! Thank you so much :*

I very rarely post any traditional art online anymore (I do on my college blog @meabhd-art but that is very different to this one) and I never use markers.. we don’t get on that well… I do however scan some pencil drawings sometimes and colour over them.

That is a pencil drawing that I did a couple of months ago. I scanned it in and changed the colour of the pencil from grey to brown and then just coloured it in. You can usually tell that a drawing of mine was a pencil drawing or not if their is texture on the characters (from the paper) but not in the background (because I more often than not will rub all that out so it’s cleaner looking).

When I do line art straight onto the computer it’s just a little more polished looking. I don’t prefer either technique over the other… it usually depends on how much time I have or what I’m feeling like.

i want to use demencias giant ponytail like a pillow, like i do with my cat sometimes, i just lie on her and shes too lazy to get up or isnt bothered, and its an incredibly good pillow ,this turned into a post about my cat who right now is sleeping on my bed why do cats

does anybody elses cat prefer sitting/sleeping on things, any thing rather than regular ground, like plastic bags or magazines with mine or god forbid i leave papers on my bed because she gets on them and crumples it under her weight but she doesnt care cuz

#BackToSchoolWitchcraft - Day 10

Glamour your makeup to decrease chances of getting called on in class

This is the simplest of glamours. Ish. Enjoy.

What you’ll need:

  • A paper
  • A sigil
  • Your concealer/foundation’

How to do:

1) Make a sigil and write it down on a paper. If you want to use mine, it says “Conceal”. Charge your sigil with preferred method - I charged mine by drawing the sigil on a broken shell and putting it in a glass of water. Whatever suits your fancy. 

2) Use your concealer or foundation to draw the sigil on your face - your forehead and your cheeks. Gently smear the make up so that the sigil becomes invisible, meanwhile visualising it creating a shield to hide behind in class. 

Note: When charging your sigil, try to avoid using fire, as there is a possibility that it could create burning sensations on your skin. Be careful!

"Let Love Find Me" Spell

This is an old spell of mine, I haven’t used it in almost four years. that’s because I did this spell, then before a year was up I started dating my wonderful boyfriend, and we’ve been together two and a half years now, and plan on being together until our souls fade into nothing. 

What You’ll Need:

  • A small-ish jar that can be sealed/closed
  • Some small pieces of rose quartz (or another stone you associate strongly with love)
  • Columbine flowers
  • Apple seeds
  • Something representing you (some hair, your name on a slip of paper, a few drops of your blood, something of yours, though you may not get it back for a long time)
  • Oil of your preference (I used almond)
  • Wax, color depends on what kind of love you’re looking for

I did mine on the winter solstice, though you can do it any time really. I recommend something that represents only the potential for growth from here on out though. I picked the solstice because it’s the shortest day of the year, and the world could only move into spring and growth from that point, until the summer solstice obviously, but we aren’t going to get into full season logistics here.

  • Combine all the spell components in your jar, concentrating on how you want to find someone to love, who loves you back, and let that relationship grow in a healthy way.

Rose quartz represents love. Columbine is for love, but also kind of a permanent love…think once in a life time. Apple seeds are for love, and growth. People don’t always fall suddenly in love, sometimes you just need to be patient enough for it to grow, and that’s where the apple seeds come in. All of these things are in the jar surrounding/mingling with the object that represents you. This is designed to surround you with love, and it keeps the spell focused clearly on you. You fill the jar with enough oil to cover everything, and close the lid or pop a cork in it. The oil serves two purposes. One, almonds are associated with love as well, so you’re covering everything in love, soaking it in it, BAM! Two, everything inside the jar is less likely to rot. If your flowers aren’t dry, they can go moldy, cover it in oil and it’s like those jars of oil and garlic cloves on your grandma’s counter, only thing wrong with those is they’re dusty. Once it’s all closed up with everything inside, seal the top of the jar with wax. I used black wax because I wanted to find the kind of love I where I would die for the other person. Not Romeo & Juliet kind of die where they both just throw their lives away, but the “I would take a bullet for you, push you out of the way of a bus, put my own life in danger to save you” kind of love.

Now, a little explanation. I had known my boyfriend a long time before we started dating. I had liked him, and asked him out, and he told me no. A few years later, I asked him out again, and he told me he just wanted to be friends. That was it, end of story. Well, by that time, I knew I was falling in love with him, but I wanted to respect him. I knew at that time, the only way I would get over him was to either cut him out of my life entirely (which I couldn’t stand the thought of doing), or to find someone else to love. So, I did this spell. I did it with the hopes and intentions of finding someone else to fall in love with so I could forget him and just go on being good friends. Eleven months later, I asked him to go with me to see my Great-Grandma before she died, and meet my family. He said we should probably decide how we were going to introducing him to my family. I told him however he wanted, that I was fine telling them the truth: that he’s my best friend I love him dearly. He said it would be easier to just tell them he was my boyfriend, since it wouldn’t take as many words to say the same thing. 

While it could have been serendipitous, and just pure dumb luck mixed with good timing….I think that sometimes magic works like that. I honestly believe that this spell helped my boyfriend and I both see just how much the other meant to us, and that we couldn’t imagine a future without the other person in it. That’s why this is my favorite spell of all time. Gods willing I will never get the urge to cast it ever again, but it holds a special place in my heart. Especially since the spell jar had still been perfectly in tact when he and I went for breakfast and ended up dating, but the next morning when I got up, it was completely covered in mold on the inside. The spell had been used up, it had completed it’s purpose, and I didn’t need it anymore. That’s how I knew it was magic. (also, that is the clearest sign I have ever gotten that a spell worked, undoubtedly)

anonymous asked:

PM! You're art astounds me. Your paper sketches constantly inspire me. I'm very new to Coptic markers, how do you blend them so well with the prismacolor pencils? .x.

Hi anon ^^

Thank you so much for enjoying my art so much, particularly my sketchbooks! It’s very kind of you ♥

Ok, so everything starts with the right paper. If you have the right paper, the Copics are going to blend well and if they blend well, it will be easier to blend the Prisma afterwards. Copics don’t have the same rendering on all papers and the way they blend depends on the quality and texture of the paper.

You have all this great page about paper tests, I’m sure it will help you make up your mind. Also, as I’m French, I only use brands that are sold in my country so I’m not sure it will help you a lot. (-_-)ゞ゛

As far as I concerned, I love Canson paper or just paper from illustration pads, nothing too grainy or sophisticated. When I use Canson paper, I use the side that isn’t grainy and I prefer 124g paper to 180g, that is a bit too thick.

Now that you have the paper, let’s talk about Copics. To blend them well and to obtain subtle gradients, I use this “secret weapon”.

Anon, the Blender:

I start with darker tones, then lighter tones (I used to do the opposite but now, I prefer this method) and I blend on some areas. If you don’t know how to use the blender, you have this vid HERE. Also, if you want to see someone using Copics with beautiful shadows and highlights (and no blender, I think, because his technique seems different than mine), you have this vid of artist Masakazu Katsura ,the author of Video Girl Ai. Superb!

Ok! Now that you have beautiful gradients and a smooth texture, you can add Prismas, at last! With a light hand, I enhance dark areas (under the neck, articulations, fabric folds, etc..) and add details like hair, eye lashes, etc..To blend, I use my fingers (I have tiny fingers so it’s ok (ΦωΦ) ) or Q-tips. More rarely, I use blending stump like the one below but I really prefer Q-tips or a Kleenex wrapped on a pencil. I do the same thing in light areas with a white Prisma this time.

So, you see my blending is a combination of several things: a paper not too grainy, Copic markers used very often with a blender and finally, Prisma applied with a light hand and blended with my fingers or Q-tips. I build up my textures layer after layer so the “Prisma + blending” is not just a “one time thing”, I have to repeat the same operation at the same place several times to obtain the effect I want.

I hope that my explanations were clear O(≧▽≦)O Thanks again for enjoying my works and enjoy your Holiday Season ♥

How To Sew A Custom Applique

So I recently learned the proper term for this shit.  It’s called an applique, and you can very simply make your own instead of using a precut one. 

So what is an applique you ask? Probably the most helpful thing anyone in cosplay can learn besides the basic art of sewing.  An applique is a symbol, picture, shape, or whatever, which is top stitched onto a garment. You can find them at the local craft store (and, around here anyway, at walmart).  Usually they’re cut into little cutesy things: dogs, apples, bows, ect. They’re sorta stiff, like interfacing, so you can sew it onto the fabric without it getting all crinkly. 

But, for my purpose, I knew that there wouldn’t be an applique cut into the shape I needed for this particular cosplay (or probably any cosplay, honestly).  

So I had to make my own; and here’s what you do: 

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anonymous asked:

How did you make your lisia wig? do you commission?

I’m sorry I don’t do commissions! But I can try to help- (Sorry about all the links in advance) 

  1. To do a wig like Lisia, it’s really important to have a good base wig. If you can get a mint colored ponytail wig it would be ideal! Although since they didn’t sell any mint colored ponytail wigs on my favorite website, I instead bought this: https://www.epiccosplay.com/nyx-28-mint-green-long-straight-cosplay-wig.html It’s a good base for Lisia and is a PERFECT color!
  2. Take the wig you have and put it in a high ponytail- the tutorial I used was this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX19eVm73GY ! It should end up looking something like this
  3. NOTE:AFTER THIS I BEGAN REFERRING TO THIS TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IacsvCrxuQ 
  4. On paper I sketched out what I wanted the ponytail to look like, it’s all personal preference! Mine looked like this
  5. After you have the shape and you like it, take the ponytail you have created and cut it straight off, make sure to follow the tutorials directions when doing this, making sure that it’s not too short and that you hot glue it down. KEEP all hair you cut off by wrapping a rubber band around them. 
  6. Take the paper and begin to create a foam shape based off of the paper design. Remember that this is three dimensional and the base should be big enough to fit into the ponytail. Again the tutorial comes in very handy! Mine ended up being like this (I changed it a bit after but you hopefully get the idea!) 
  7. Once you are happy with your shape, follow the tutorials instructions on gluing the hair onto the shape. Make sure all the hairs go in the same direction or it will look very awkward! Remember that hot glue is the best glue and that it will serve you well for the wig! 
  8. Once you have the hair secure to the foam shape, follow the tutorials steps on glueing the shape back onto the wig! Considering foam is light, it should stay on! After this your wig will be done! GOOD LUCK! <3


06.18.16 // Monthly Overview Setup

Here’s a collection of photos of my monthly overviews (go check ‘em out if you please haha [link]).  It sort of evolved through the months in terms of how I decorated it, but the technical stuff (like color coordination and stuff) is all the same from March onward.

The Setup:

  • I have divided the events that do likely happen to my life into two categories in which there are certain events under it (that are related based on the category) so that I can color coordinate them easier

The Two Categories

  • School-Related Events – utilizes the dark colors for a bolder appearance since 75% of my life at this point of it consists of school
  1. Teal (yes, it’s not a dark color but it’s the only other color left that’s a color between the hues of green and blue) – Quizzes, Long Tests, Quarter Final Exams
  2. Dark Green – Extracurricular Activities
  3. Dark Blue – Deadlines and Submission Days (usually for projects, essays, research papers, ect.)
  • Social Interactions – utilizes light colors because imanantisocialpersonandneedshelpandisanintrovert
  1. Light Blue – Holidays, Vacations, Day-Outs, Hangouts, ect.
  2. Light Green – Hallmark Holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, ect.)
  • At the left-hand side of the page:  [Weekday // Day : ]

Anyway, this is my way of doing it so it may not be for you. You can change some things based on your own preference because you may have a different lifestyle than mine. I hope this gives you ideas and inspiration :))

I had a few requests for a post on how I organize my school work, so here it goes! 

  1. Calendar: I use a large desk calendar for all of my appointments and due dates. I like to use a desk calendar because they are inexpensive and there is tons of room to write. I always hang up my calendar on the wall (hence the binder clips), so I also like the simplistic design which doesn’t look to flashy in my room which has lots of other things hanging. 
  2. Moleskine Professional Notebook: I made a very long and detailed post about how amazing this notebook is here: (x) In short, I use this to take to meetings with me and for all of my extra curriculars. 
  3. Bullet Journal: I use a bullet journal as my day to day planner. I use the Moleskine Squared Journal for mine! Here is a more detailed post about my bullet journal: (x). 
  4. Mark Book: I use a small journal (the gold one pictured) to record all of my marks in. Each of the classes that I take has one designated page for the marks that I receive in that class. I find logging my grades into a notebook is very beneficial to me. 
  5. iPod: Though I prefer paper and pen organization over electronic, I do use my iPod and Blackberry for some of my organization. It is really easy to insert appointments onto an electronic calendar and then move them over to my bullet journal later. I also use apps like Flashcards+, Wunderlist, Translate, and Dropbox/Drive for school purposes. 

Do-It-Yourself 3DMG is possible, guys! And it’s not as hard as you think!
Here’s how I did it…


- - - BOXES - - -

What you’ll need: lots of sturdy cardboard or foam board, packing tape, scissors, silver and/or brown spray paint, hot glue or super glue, and paper brads

  1. Take the cardboard and cut and tape it together with craploads of packing tape until they’re in the shape you want. Mine are 30.5in long, 7.5in high, and 4.5in wide.
  2. On one of the narrow sides, cut out six slots (or three, depending on your preference / general box size) of equal distance. Mine are 1in x 3in.
  3. For the metal ‘tank-holder’ bars, get cardboard or foam board (which is what I used here) and make them as tall as your boxes plus as tall as your gas tanks. Cut additional pieces to bridge the two metal pieces, and others to decorate the box up is you choose (I put some on the sides just for show). Don’t glue or tape them to your box yet!
  4. Spray paint the box bodies brown or silver (mine are brown but they should be silver; that was my mistake). If your paint appears dull, buy some clear lacquer spray paint and spray over it again to give it gloss.
  5. Spray the metal pieces (separately!) like above and add gloss if you need to. To give mine a buffer metal look, I didn’t use any. I also poked paper brads in where the screws should go.
  6. Finally, glue the metal pieces on the box with hot glue or super glue. If you choose to use hot glue, use a lot. Hot glue will not normally stick to paint unless you use a ton.


- - - GAS TANKS - - -

What you’ll need: two full-sized poster boards, scissors, two disposable water bottles, two glue sticks, and a piece of cardboard big enough for both of the bases of the water bottles to sit on.

  1. Empty the bottles and cut off their tops, right at the top of the paper wrapping.
  2. Roll both poster boards tight enough so the bottle tops will fit over them. Glue / tape everything in place.
  3. Take the two glue sticks and hot glue them to the tops of the bottle tops.
  4. Stand your gas tanks upright so the empty end is down. Trace out two circles on the cardboard / foam board.
  5. Cut out those circles and glue them to seal the open ends of the tanks.
  6. Spray paint everything silver. Again, use a clear spray paint to add sine if you need it (I chose not to, again, so they’d look more like metal).
  7. Slip them inside the tops of your finished boxes and glue or tape in place very securely. This is where they will be attached to you, so make it tight. I used a lot of hot glue.
  8. To put on the box/gas tank pieces, slip two dark strings around the gas tanks and tie them around your belt loops. If they’re flopping around when you walk, fix them in place by safety pinning the box itself to your pants, but don’t let them carry any weight, or you run the risk of them popping, getting bent, ripping the boxes, or ripping your pants. The finished pieces are only about five pounds apiece, and are very easy to move in. I can jump, run, and climb stairs as fast and easily in mine as I could without them.



What you’ll need: one foam board, paper brads or small screws, paper and a printer, colored pencils, black and brown paint, two small pieces of brown pleather, scissors, a screwdriver or nail, two bottle caps, and two long black strings.

  1. Get a foam board or large piece of sturdy cardboard, and paper brads or small screws.
  2. Find a picture of the sword handhelds online and trace them out on paper. I did not find any that were useful to me, so I drew my own using my own hand as scale.
  3. Color code your sketch so you know how many layers of board to put in certain spots. Mine are three layers of foam board thick, with additional small layers in certain spots. The triggers are only one board thick, as well as the large handle on the side.
  4. Cut out all the pieces you’ll need and glue them all together, except for the large side-handle.
  5. Take two bottle caps and glue them on the fat ends of each handle, then glue the bottle caps to the sides of your handhelds.
  6. Hand-paint everything accordingly. Find the place where you hold the handhelds from and cut out the outline of that place on the pleather, then glue it on.
  7. When you’re finished, take a screwdriver or sharp nail and poke holes in the board where there are metal screws / rivets. Stick in the paper brads and paint over their bottoms to disguise them.
  8. Hot glue long black strings on the bottom of each handheld, and their other ends to the undersides of the spools.


- - - SWORD BLADES - - -

What you’ll need: one foam board (don’t use cardboard this time), one box of aluminum foil, one can of spray adhesive, scissors or an Exacto knife, a rubber band, and some electrical tape.

  1. Trace out the shape of the blades you want, but make them only as wide as your handhelds are. Mine are 29in x 2.5in. Cut them out.
  2. Get the box of aluminum foil and stretch it out so they’re as long as your blades. Lay the blades down side-by-side and coat each with a thick layer of spray adhesive.
  3. Quickly flip them over on the aluminum and press out any air bubbles or wrinkles. You’ll only have about thirty seconds before it sets.
  4. Do the same on the other sides. Cut away the excess aluminum or wrap it around the edges.
  5. Hot glue them on your handhelds and secure at the bases with electrical tape.
  6. Now slip them inside the slots in your boxes. If they are flopping around or are at risk of falling out, cut two small pieces of rubber band and put them on the slots in your boxes. When you want the swords to be stored away in the boxes, slide them in and slip the rubber band around them somewhere to keep them from sliding. When you want to take them out, slip the rubber band off and slide them out.


- - - SPOOLS / NOZZLE - - -

What you’ll need: a large piece of cardboard / foam board, both small and large paper brads, poster board, toothpicks, gray, brown, and black paint, scissors, hot glue, and two large pieces of industrial strength black Velcro.

  1. Get a plastic lid and trace out the tops of the two spools on either side of the fan. Mine are 5.5in in diameter, and in the picture above, are seen in gray. Cut them out.
  2. Trace out the same shape on the poster board and lay it underneath the heads of the spools. In the pictures above, I used foam board, but I wouldn’t recommend it; it makes the top thicker than necessary and poster board works just as well.
  3. Take another piece of poster board, and cut it as long as the circumference is on your spool heads. Then cut off another inch or so. Make them as wide as you want your spools to be deep. Mine are 2.5in wide. Tape both ends together so it will stand up as a circle, and glue it underneath your spool head.
  4. Trace the lid again on your foam board or cardboard and glue it to the open end of your rolled poster board.
  5. Cut out about ten curved ‘L’ shapes on foam board or cardboard. Lay the unfinished spools on their tops. Place the short sides of the ‘L’s on the bottoms of the spools, with their tall backs to the center. Make them equidistant to one another!
  6. Glue a small square piece of cardboard or foam board (only about an inch in each direction or so) to the bottoms, and glue a larger cardboard piece (I used 3.5in in each direction) to that little piece at about a 45 degree angle. It will look really unstable and may not hold together well yet, but the central nozzle piece will hold it in place.
  7. To make the central nozzle piece, do the same thing as the spools. But make it smaller. Mine is only 4.5 inches in diameter. Also, the poster board that is measured as the circumference does not need any length taken off of it unlike above. You may also cut out a smaller piece for the top of the nozzle just for decoration, like I did.
  8. Cut out a little nozzle’s shape and glue it to the side of the round nozzle body, and glue a small piece of cardboard or foam board underneath the round body at a 45-degree angle. Use extra glue here.
  9. Glue the back of the nozzle body to the fronts of two cardboard plates, facing in the same direction as the spools. Add small piece of cardboard where you’ll need it for reinforcements.
  10. Hand-paint accordingly. Stick paper brads in where screws would be. Also, roll a bunch of toothpicks in gray or silver paint (I forgot to do that) and then stick them on the sides of the spools.
  11. Put large pieces of black industrial Velcro on the backs of the two large cardboard plates; where they’ll attach to your back. Do the same on your leather straps and where they look like they should attach with the spool/nozzle mechanism. Most Velcro is adhesive on the back so it should stick, but you can use hot glue to reinforce it. To put it on, simply press the whole thing against the matching side on your straps. It weighs only a pound or two and will absolutely not fall off if your Velcro is strong enough. It’s also easy to move in and easy to take off / on.


Total time for everything: one month (but it could be shorter if I wasn’t so slow to do it)

Cost: Less than $50

It may be tedious, but this is definitely possible! This is by far the biggest cosplay feat I’ve overcome yet, and I’m very glad I did so. If you really want to make some 3DMG for your next SNK cosplay, do it! Don’t hesitate! All it really is is shaping and gluing basic materials into the shapes you need, then painting them to look realistic. It may be more time consuming than ordering online, but the bonus is that you can customize it (both to your liking and your body size/shape), and make it better than anything you’ll find. It’s very cheap to do if you’ve already got most of these materials at home, and really the only working space needed is a wide, flat area (like a garage floor or patio or unused table) and a tablecloth. I even took this to a con and got non-stop compliments on it, though I told them it was actually really simple to make, so I made this tutorial for anyone who wants to try it. Give it a shot!

anonymous asked:

Hi ^^ can i request a scenario with Sehun where you both 'hate' each other at school but actually you two are secretly a couple and people find out?? Gomawo~~

Nobody Knows ~Sehun~

“Stop staring at me,” you snapped as soon as you caught Sehun’s eyes on you. You were trying your best not to throw him up against the wall and kiss him, but it was difficult.

“Can’t I admire the view?” He smirked faintly and walked by you very slowly, admiring you. “You are one very attractive you girl.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” You slammed your locker shut and held your books up to your chest, paying close attention to the people surrounding the two of you. Everybody in the school just thought that the two of you absolutely hated each other, but the truth was very far from it.

Sehun walked beside you and that smirk didn’t leave his face. “Can I walk you to class?” he asked.

“You can walk to class yourself. I prefer walking alone.” You sped up your pacing to pass him down the hall. Once you were down the hall, you turned around for just a second when nobody was looking and winked at him.

He blew you a kiss and then continued to go on his merry way.

While everybody thought you hated each other, the truth was; you were actually dating.




When you approached the classroom, you sat down in the back, right where your friend Rani sat. Even she didn’t know that you and Sehun were a secret couple.

She hit your arm and nodded. “Has Sehun been trying to pick you up again?” she asked and shook her head. “Idiot. When is he gonna realize that you don’t like him?”

You shrugged and pulled out your notebook. “I don’t know. Boys are just clueless.” You faced forward to hide your mischievous smile.

Sehun stepped into the classroom at that moment and his eyes wandered the classroom. When he saw you sitting in the back, he thought the only appropriate thing to do to keep up the act is fill the empty desk beside you. “Hey you,” he greeted as he sat down. “Did you miss me?”

“I was actually pleasantly enjoying the time I was away from you.” You pulled out a pencil from your pencil case and began to scribble down the notes on the board.

Sehun exhaled a breath. “Wow, why must you be so harsh?”

“Because I don’t like you.”

“You could at least pretend to like me.”

“Pretending makes people delusional, and I have enough sympathy to keep you sane.”

Rani’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as she sat back in her seat and tried to focus on the board notes. “Damn, you two really do hate each other,” she muttered and looked down at her paper.

Right when she wasn’t looking, you and Sehun exchanged sneaky glances and then listened as your teacher began to explain the lesson.




After class ended, Sehun purposely began to pack slow so that it could just be you and him in the class. Once everyone was gone, he ran up to you and lifted you up by the waist. “Ah, sometimes I hate pretending I hate you,” he said and pecked your lips. “I’d prefer showing people that you’re mine.”

You laughed and kissed his cheek. “There will come a day,” you replied simply and began packing your things. “There’s less drama and crap to deal with this way.”

Sehun was still a little disappointed over the fact that people didn’t know the truth about the two of you, but he just nodded and went with what you were saying. “Do you want me to walk you home?” he asked on his way out.

“Gosh, you’re not really good at hiding a secret, are you?”

“Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting, sorry.” He shook his head and held his backpack. “So do I just meet you at your house then?”

You nodded. “I’ll see you there.”




And so it was like that every day. You and Sehun would go back and forth, insulting each other and poking fun at each other at school. People all around you would comment on the hatred you have towards each other, and on the inside, you and Sehun couldn’t help but laugh at their comments.

But behind closed doors, the two of you shared a very passionate love that nobody knew about.

The next day in school, Sehun had come into class late. He was limping into the classroom.

You had the immediate urge to run up to him and help him once you saw him limping into class, but you restrained yourself.

Rani chuckled. “Did you trip him while he was trying to walk your home or something?” she asked.

This time you didn’t answer to her question, all your attention was on Sehun as he sat down beside you.

“What happened?” you whisper shouted to him.

He just grinned and fished out his pencil from his backpack. “Oh, am I finally getting some of your attention?”

You glared at him, showing that you were being serious this time. Sehun just shook his head, signaling that everything was fine. But still, you couldn’t help but worry.

By the end of class, you carefully waited until everybody left again. Then, you stood up and rushed to Sehun. “What happened?” you asked frantically.

He awkwardly laughed. “I tripped one some ice outside,” he answered.


“I tripped on some ice outside. I didn’t know it was there, I just kind of tripped.”
“How did you not know the ice was there? Were you not paying attention?”

He smiled. “I was too busy thinking of you to pay attention.”
“Oh my goodness, Sehun.” You threw your arms around him. “You are so dumb at times,” you mumbled.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“It’s okay. Just don’t do it again.”

The two of you stayed like that, with your arms around him, having a conversation for the entire next period.

It was when one of the students in the grade walked in on your little love fest that things got crazy. The studio gasped and pointed accusing fingers at the two of you. “You guys are dating!” he exclaimed. “Ha! I knew it! I knew it!” He ran out the door, still shouting things behind him.
“Oh crap,” Sehun muttered. “So much for being a secret, huh?”

You gave him a weak smile. Now the whole school would find out in a good couple of minutes. Rumors spread fast.

“_________!” You heard Rani shout from outside the room. “Girl, you got a lot of explaining to do!”

Your eyes widened. Sehun quickly stood up. “I love you jagiyah, but you’re on your own here!” And with that, he limped out as fast as possible.

You threw your arms up in disbelief. “Great boyfriend you are!” You crossed your arms and awaited Rani, who would literally scold you until tomorrow for not telling her your secret.

Sehun would be so in for it later, though.