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a little update

hey guys! i haven’t been here for so long and i feel that i should have given an explanation or something. there’s a lot of messages asking me how i’m doing. (honestly, i can’t believe that people cares about me, like, i’m just?? i’m just kinda here. i really appreciate all of the messages and chats ok)

  • so i was busy with college and all and i finally finish that shit on last february. i’m no longer required to go to classes and
  • i’m currently working as an UI/UX designer intern. it’s kind of fun. i uploaded some designs on my dead behance account and ended up getting hired because of that. it’s a miracle. the best thing is that, the working hour is from 10am to 6pm, i got salary, and free food. free. food. everyday.
  • the downside is that, i’ve had multiple breakdowns because of the company’s culture. everyone loves arguing and i dislike conflicts. 
  • after 2 weeks, i was given a performance review because i was being too meek and working too slow (i tend to spend 2-3 days designing something and making a highly feasible prototypes) 
  • it’s my first job. i’m lacking in experience but no one cares. 
  • but anyway, i’m used to it now. i finally changed my laptop to mac too. i really love how sleek it is
  • i’m probably going to be here once in a while. but won’t be able to post much. but i’ll let you know that i’m still alive

thanks for reading guys!! i hope you’re all having a great weekend :)

Cut & Run Meme ▬ Favourite Moments [02/05].

“Hey, give me my gun, would you?” Zane asked as he shifted, only to wince as the skin pulled.

“Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around?”

Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster.

“Tempting, but you’d probably get off on it,” Zane said, holding out his hand.

“Maybe so,” Ty drawled again, grinning widely as he placed the gun in Zane’s hand.

Zane’s palm covered the gun, and his fingers curled firmly around Ty’s hand. His eyes had gone serious when he looked up at the other agent.

“Why did you help me?”

Ty looked down at their hands and then up at Zane with open confusion. “Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

That certainly wasn’t the answer Zane expected. He figured he’d get yet another smartass remark. His face softened slightly, and he nodded slowly, letting go of Ty’s hand. “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” Ty responded with a smirk. “Just don’t get your prissy ass hurt again.”

“Better watch it, Grady, I might get to thinking you’re taking a liking to my prissy ass,” Zane said, sliding the gun under the pillow.

“I’m sure I’d like parts of it,” Ty shot back as he headed for the door.

“Be right back.”


nightween \o/

anonymous asked:

Did you see beauty and the beast? I saw it and Emma was amazing don't get me wrong but like something about it I didn't really like that much idk I still prefer the original version

Truthfully I have never fully watched the original Beauty and the Beast😪 I was more of a Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Princess & the Frog, and Pocahontas type person but I might go see it next week.