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A Date Between Soul Mates

Continuing in my five prompts in five days challenge, this one is for the-not-so-evil-queen who told me she wanted OQ and to surprise her. I’ve had several requests from others to continue Irresistible so I give you part two. It contains lines from the S3 finale and also porn lol. Hope you all enjoy!

Also, two people haven’t answered my in regards to the prompts they were due so I am going to open it up. The next two prompts I receive will be written this week!

Rated M

She was nervous, which was ridiculous. It wasn’t as if she were some jittery virgin. Less then an hour ago she’d been fully prepared for Robin to take her on a table in her vault but then he’d stopped.

He’d told her he wanted to romance her. He’d wanted to make their first time special and take his time.

She’d been touched. Her stomach had fluttered with the butterflies that had become all to common when she was around him. With her heart pounding she’d agreed to give him an hour to plan a date.

The hour was up and as she walked toward her office her heart was pounding for a whole other reason.

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anonymous asked:

Why you love Russell? Give 20 examples or more. :)

Oh god I love this question and I love you too. Here we go:

1- I think he’s an amazing actor. He always tries his best and he doesn’t care if the movie is big or not, his characters are so important to him that he’ll always do as much research as he can. Besides I think he’s so good making you feel the character and his feelings.

2- I love how much he loves his job. Acting is really important to him and he said that he’d do it for free just because for him there’s no better job. When his parents told him to go to college because that way he would have something to fall back on he said “I told them I might fall on my face occasionally, but I’d never fall back. Acting is my life.”

3- I fucking admired him a lot when Les Mis cast sang at the Oscars and he was there even when he had received a lot of bad reviews and jokes about his singing (and they weren’t deserved btw). He needn’t be there but he loved the movie and he wanted to be there for him and his fans. 

4- He’s ALWAYS giving presents to everyone especially things of his  rugby team

5- Now the rugby team.  He was a fan since he was a kid and he loves it so much i mean THIS WAS HIS FACE WHEN HE BOUGHT IT. HE WAS SO FUCKING HAPPY I CAN’T

6- Another moment that makes me love him even more is when he won his Oscar (this makes me so proud idk) He’s just sitting there and he CANT BELIEVE THAT HE WON and of course his speech, which is amazing.




8- His love for animals. He loves talking about his horses and his farm and that makes him even cuter.

9- He’s such a good friend. And why I am saying this if I don’t know him? Well I think that having the same friends for 15 years says a lot about loyalty. I love how he’s always with Scott, Alan and Kevin and how he casts them in his movies (Robin Hood and Winter’s Tale)


10- He’s capable of admitting his mistakes and I think that says A LOT about a person. He apologized when he knew he screwed up and I admire that a lot. 

11- When the phone thing happened he went to David Letterman (his appearance on the show had been announced before the ”scandal”) and I admire that he could have used his publicist, he could have decided not to go or he could have asked the program not to ask him about it but he prefered taking responsability and he even used it to apologized in public which I think it’s really brave and honorable. 

12- He’s always making people laugh and he’s stupid

13- People say that he’s rude and mean and WHAT?? He’s always taking photos with fans and signing autographs even when he’s with friends having dinner or something

14- He doesn’t see himself as a Hollywood star. He prefers being in his farm or singing with friends 

15- His twitter. Do I need to say more? 

16- He donated a lot of things to an Australian museam and he asked famous friends to do the same (here). What’s more, he has made a lot of donations (x)

17- His passion for music

18- He fucking helped to built a pool in Australia which helped a lot of people especially people in wheelchairs (x)

18- He’s just like a big teddy bear

19- Come on he began his career as a musician with the name Russ Le Roq singing a song called ‘I just want to be like Marlon Brando’

20- He’s so intelligent. You can see in his interviews that he knows a lot about a lot of subjects and he tells amazing stories

21- If you want an honest answer about something, ask him. He won’t tell what you want to listen, he’ll tell you the truth. 

22- This fucking quote of  Bruce Beresford “Sensational …. the best, the most convincing actor I’ve ever seen. When Russell Crowe is in a film, he’s what you want to see. When he’s off the screen, you can’t wait until he comes back.”

I could say even more reasons :P sorry for the long post! 

anonymous asked:

Even though Pan kind of had to perish in S3A, did you like his character even though he was a villian? I knew he was evil and all but I felt sort of bad when he (litteraly) got stabbed in the back by his own son. I am glad the whole Neverland thing is over, though. Now to the yellow brick road! Ha. Maybe I just miss Robbie Kay.

If you all haven’t guessed by now, Peter Pan was always my favorite fairytale growing up. I preferred watching that and Robin Hood over the princess movies, in fact. That said: yes, I did like Pan. I really liked Pan. I thought he was amazing as a villain. He was more psychologically threatening to everyone than villains of the past have been - and I was happily surprised with how AMAZING Robbie Kay portrayed him.

The only thing I did not like was the plot twist (*gasp*) that he was Rumple’s father. It was certainly clever, I’ll give them that. But I don’t know…maybe it was just personal preference, but I didn’t really want to see him be another part of the weird family tree and rather have him be his own entity in himself.

Do I want to see him back? Yes. I’m actually one of those people who’d love to see a reboot of OUaTiW Neverland style. I felt like there were SO many questions left unanswered.