i prefer their burritos

“I don’t do cuddles”, Sherlock says as he gets closer to John’s front to be wrapped around him. John knows exactly what Sherlock wants and wraps around him exactly like a Sherlock burrito who hums when John finally starts cuddling him. Sherlock turns his head around a little and pouts his lips, eyes closed demanding a kiss. John doesn’t complain. In fact, he is delighted to kiss his pouty Sherlock burrito.

anonymous asked:

Do you eat breakfast? How tall are you? Coffee or tea? Any sports?

I do eat breakfast. It’s not always the healthiest of breakfasts because sometimes it’s a donut. >_> but sometimes I eat a sausage biscuit or burrito.

I am 5'7" :D

I prefer tea, hot or iced is fine. I’ve just never acquired the taste for coffee. I can’t seem to get rid of that bitter taste no matter how much stuff I add to it.

Many eons ago when I was a kid, I played softball. Then I got fat and inactive.

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What are your pronouns and preferences?

She/Her, and I like a steak burrito bowl with white rice, cheese, hot sauce, sour cream, and guac. Maybe a side of chips.