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So, I have a request? Um could I have the RFA+Minor trio with an MC who doesn't like lip kisses/french/make outs? Like eskimo, cheek, chin, anywhere else really is fine, but? Not mouth? I've done it before and I felt like I failed at such a basic romance thing it was so uncomfortable. I love your writing, by the way, it's really believable and involving! <3

A/N Thank you??? Literally so much??? I’m so happy you like it??? Lemme tell you, there’s no such thing as failing at kissing my friend. It’s completely up to you where or when or why you kiss someone but it’s not the kind of thing you can really mess up as long as it’s genuine. I’m horrible at explaining but I’m sure you kiss perfectly fine though it’s still your choice of course.!! -Much much love, mod cozy <3

- Oh my god he’s kind of so happy???
- Because he’s never kissed anyone before and he was literally terrified of messing up and this takes sososo much pressure off him
- Cheek kisses he can do!!! He loves how soft and cute and affectionate they are and you can expect them almost every other minute
- And then when he gets tall enough he’ll kiss the top of your head!! Just so he can feel even taller!!
- Hugs too oml hugs come in the tons and he’ll hold you from behind and put his chin on your shoulder
- He’s literally so okay with this, he’ll find an infinite amount of ways to be affectionate

- She’s also really super okay with this like this girl doesn’t have an intense desire to liplock anyway
- She actually prefers cheek kisses as well! Because they’re short and sweet and just feel all warm and fuzzy and domestic which she adores
- She’ll always ask for a little kiss on the cheek before you two start work for the day and she’ll return it in kind
- Sometimes she’ll just “miss” and get your collarbone or neck instead
- Hugs always involve running her fingers through your hair or vice versa
- She doesn’t even really give it a second thought honestly she’s just glad to have you in her life

- He’s the only one I can see having hesitation other than maybe Jumin
- He keeps leaning in and stopping himself on accident but he’ll play it off pretty well
- He honestly doesn’t care what you prefer and will do his best to cater to you but he’s just used to lip kisses because of all the cliché kiss scenes he’s been exposed to
- Eventually he’ll get used to it though dw dw
- Love LOve LOVES hand kisses like so!!11! Much!1!!!
- Kissing your hand as a greeting or departure??? YES PLEASE.
- Kissing each individual knuckle asjfjdhsf
- Will sometimes kiss up your arm to your neck or collarbone oml *fans self*

- He’s fine with it!! He’ll just find other places to kiss ya wink wonk
- But really he doesn’t feel the need to lip kiss?? He’s completely indifferent he really just loves you and wants to show some form of affection, it don’t gotta be kisses
- Loves wrapping you in giant hugs, he’s so tall he’s basically covering your whole body
- Feels super safe and warm
- A huuuuge fan of little ear kisses ansolutely obsessed with like whispering something to you before kissing downwards along your jaw and then maybe a little further depending on where you are and his current mood ;)

- He just. Honestly. Wants. You. not an innuendo I stg
- He doesn’t need kisses!!!!!!! At all!!! As long as he has YOU it’s fine!!!
- Loves to show his affection through like goofy hugs where he lifts you up and carries you to the couch and falls and snuggles or oR OR like swinging you around and setting you down!!!
- He likes kissing your stomach a lot like when you’re both laying in bed or something
- Does that little raspberry thing is that what it’s called??? Rasberry?? Razbury????

- That’s fine, perfectly okay!!! Never feel self-conscious around him MC but whateva makes you comfortable!!!
- Head kisses!! This boy is alllll about soft affection I mean have you SEEN him
- That was a blind joke yes hey hi I suck
- But honestly he doesn’t even think about it???
- Eye kisses!!! Eskimo!! Butterfly!!! Anything where he’s close to ya
- Little did you know my friends, the eyes are super duper sensitive parts of the face so it feels really ding dang nice to have them kissed
- V is pretty good at monopolizing that fact because he knows it better than everyone someone stop me
- Nose kisses too!! All his kisses are super soft it’s like he’s actually heaven-sent
- Which he basically is #vdidnothingwrong2k17

- He’s a L O T like yoosung he was lowkey anxious about liplocking and now that he doesn’t have to it’s like “phew”
- His alternate kisses include forehead when he’s feeling soft affectionate and the occasional top of the head with an arm wrapped around your shoulder
- Moderate affectionate includes chaste jaw kisses and peppering your face
- And then there’s Extreme Affection Saeran™ which is like kinda really attractive (mod cozy is in saeran wrap hell as you all know)
- This saeran usually occurs mid-cuddle or smthing while you’re watchin’ tv and try to stand up???
- Pulls ya down so quick and holds you tighter
- He LOVES ear nibbles that lead to kissing down your neck to your collar bone
- Will highkey mess with you sometimes by like, blowing in your ear

- Doesn’t like you anyway, why would they kiss you *tsundere hmph*
- But in all seriousness they aren’t the biggest fan of lip kisses either!!
- They head kiss a T O N in public since it’s affectionate but not overly so??? So perfect for them???
- And then in private it’s nose and jaw kisses for DAYS
- Mostly their kisses are super fast like you hardly know what happened
- But OCCASIONALLY like ONCE IN A BLUE MOON they’ll leave like a hickey or two on your neck after kissin’ there a while;;; remember, they aren’t all that intimate especially at first
- The kind of person to accidentally run into you in the middle of the night because you’re both getting snacks or smthing and just giving you like a 10 min hug

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ben being a little jealous when mal gets more attention?

AN: My second Bal fic! Hope you all enjoy!

Public Display of Possession

He shouldn’t be jealous. He knows that. She’s made it abundantly clear that she only has eyes for him, but that doesn’t make it any easier when he sees other guys ogling his girlfriend.

And he knows she can take care of herself. If any guy did or said something that upset her, they’d be on the ground before they knew what had happened. He doesn’t have to protect her from a few boys with wandering eyes…

But still!

Seeing them stare makes him unbearably uncomfortable.

Mal rarely, if ever, wears skirts to school. She generally reserves those for her dates with him. She prefers her skinny jeans and leather jackets for daily use. And those - although gorgeous in their own right - don’t attract much attention from anyone but him. She looks good and everyone knows it, but no one feels the need to stare.

But today it’s 90 degrees and it’s far too hot for heavy jackets and jeans.

So, logically, Mal wore a dress. A short, sleeveless dress that would keep her comfortable in the heat. A short, sleeveless dress that has been drawing quite a bit of attention from the male population of Auradon Prep. And, while Mal doesn’t seem to mind, their appraising looks haven’t gone unnoticed by her.

When Ben meets her at her locker that morning, she must be able to tell that they haven’t gone unnoticed by him, either.

“What’s the matter, Benny Boo?” she teases, “Jealous that a few other guys have finally realized I’m pretty?”

“Maybe a little,” he admits, smiling at the pet name she only uses as a joke.

“Well, don’t be,” he replies, touching his arm, “I’m your girlfriend. They can look all they want, but you’re the only one who gets to touch.”

The gleam in her eyes spells mischief, and he knows it.

“Oh, is that so?” he smirks, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her closer to him. Maybe it’s the bit of beast still in his DNA, but he wants to push her up against her locker and kiss her hard, in front of everyone. He wants to show all these guys who are more fascinated by her hemline than by her glittering eyes, that he’s the only one who gets to kiss her.

But he was raised to be a gentleman. And gentleman don’t forcibly kiss their girlfriends to prove a point to a couple of gawking princes. So, he does the polite thing, and asks permission.

“Can I kiss you?” he asks, much softer and sweeter than his possessive grip would generally imply.

“Are you only asking because you want to prove that you’re the alpha male and get those idiots to stop staring at me?” she counters, with a raised eyebrow and a smirk to match his.

“I also just really like kissing you,” he adds. The ‘also’ does not slip past her notice, but, thankfully, she seems amused rather than annoyed.

“Good answer,” she laughs.

And before he can even lean in, she’s wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down into a hard kiss. It’s quick, but nowhere near gentle. It’s meant to show ownership, but Ben can't quite tell if he’s claiming Mal or if it’s the other way around. He somehow pulls her even closer and holds her even tighter, while she tangles one hand into his messy hair and the other into the fabric of his shirt. Ben doesn’t actually end up pushing Mal up against her locker, despite his earlier urge to do just that, but if a teacher had walked by at that exact moment the couple would have most definitely been given detention for excessive PDA on school grounds.

Instead, their only audience is several boys who have gone from staring at Mal’s legs to gawking at the fact that she’s now making out with her boyfriend in the middle of the hallway. A few seconds later, they pull apart, and Ben’s almost surprised that Mal didn't end up biting him during that little exchange.

“Still jealous?” she asks, all innocence.

“Nope,” he answers, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.

“Good. I’ll see you later, okay?” she replies, smiling. He nods in answer before she turns on her heel - her violet hair fanning out behind her - and walks off to her first class.

A quick glance at the group of boys shows that they’re all still too stunned by what they just witnessed to watch Mal leave, and Ben is content in knowing he has absolutely no reason to be jealous. They can stare all they want, but he’s still the only one who gets to kiss her.

and i'm so unprepared so here's your valentine

A sweet and snarly collection of Grace and Harry’s Valentine’s Day celebrations over the years! Can’t wait to hear what you think! And what’s your favorite part? <333

Sugar on the Asphalt & Tennessee Teacakes

(rated ma)


February 14, 2012

Graceland Ainsworth is a pretty big fan of Valentine’s Day. In fact, she’s a pretty big fan of anything that gives her an excuse to bake and make others happy, which is why she stayed up until three in the morning baking heart-shaped sugar cookies. She’s been doing this for three days straight. After all, she needs eighteen hundred—one for each student at Franklin High. She’s bagged them in clear cellophane and tied them together with a pink bow, a handmade valentine attached to each and every one.

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hi hehe can you write an angst scenario whereby youre in a relationship with bobby but you found out that he used you to make good lyrics based on your experience with him and you felt sad and had a huge arguement with him ? thank youuuuuu ! ^-^

You take a seat not so far from the shop’s entrance. Your boyfriend planned a short date with you at the coffee shop where you two first met. It was just a simple ‘hello’ that led to a hundreds of happy but sometimes sad days. You smile with excitement at your cup of hot chocolate, waiting for your boyfriend that was late, just like usually.

“Isn’t that Bobby’s girlfriend?” You hear a whisper coming from a few tables away.

You glance around the room, searching for the owner of the voice. There wasn’t a lot of people, probably eight or nine. Some were sitting alone while others were with their friends or their date.

“It is! It is! Ah, how can she look so nice yet be so mean to our Jiwonnie?” A girl mumbled as she glared at you.

Some fans always tell a bunch of nonsense, you didn’t know what they were talking about. Even if you tried to ignore it, your ears would only listen to their conversation.

“She’s so lucky to be with him… I’m so jealous, let’s be honest, I would never yell at him, he’s too cute for that.”

“Right? She’s such a rude wench, why aren’t they breaking up yet? Unless they’re already over? Is that why she’s here? She’s probably meeting another dude, she’s so disrespectful. I wonder if she really slapped him, she was probably on drugs or she’s always crazy." 

Holding yourself together, you remain calm, trying to not interrupt their discussion that you shouldn’t be eavesdropping. Keeping your eyes on the smoke that would come out of the cup, you felt your body shake, your eyes watering themselves with your incoming tears.

You never actually got insulted that way. Talking on your back and hearing it wasn’t a way to know how people hated you, you preferred reading his fans talk shit on you on the Internet more than hearing them in real life since you can’t log out. You wanted to leave the café but either way, their voices would still run through your mind.

"Eh? Is my girlfriend crying?” You hear your boyfriend asks.

You look up. “Oh! When did you get here?" 

"A few seconds ago. Why are you crying?”

 You let out a faint giggle. “It’s nothing, just the smoke of my hot chocolate made me cry.”

You didn’t get a date properly, not with the amount of people gathering around you two as some of them sent him sweet smiles while they gave you death glares. You wanted to rush home and cry in your room but then again, you wanted to throw yourself in his arms but you knew that some people in the audience would get angry at you. 

You finally got back to your dorm that you shared with a friend. After all, you were still in college, not like you could afford an apartment or anything for you two to live together. He walked in the dorm with you, taking his boots off before walking around. 

“Why are you feeling so down today?” Your boyfriend wonders, walking towards you to give you a hug. 

“Can you explain to me what you tell the media about us?” You felt your tears coming back.

“I’ve barely been in any interviews lately, I’m not part of any show either. What’s wrong?”


You didn’t feel like talking about anything anymore with him. He would probably lie to you about it or he said something about your relationship. Opening your laptop and going on the Internet, you look up his name and yours, trying to find out what those girls were talking about earlier.

[Song Analysis]
omg guys I listened to Bobby’s song and idk if it’s just me but is he referring to his relationship with ________? lemme tell you why

the way you scream as your tears roll down
the pain i caused you when i wasn’t around
those hurtful words i knew i couldn’t erase
i’m telling you you’re the only one that exists

express yourself in a different way
i can’t listen to you all day

the sound of the slap that landed on my face
that day i just wanted to hold you in my embrace
but it felt like it wasn’t the right place

you make my heart beat faster
it feels like you’re my master
i can’t refuse what you say
because if i do you won’t stay

is she like hitting him or smthing?? _________ is probably really rude bobby would never tell bad things about her like this! she can’t even be happy with what she has wth -.- i hate her so much

You remembered the day you slapped him. It was a big and hard day for you, you had three projects and an exam due for the next day and stress was running around you, you felt yourself get angry and tense up. It was the first time you weren’t grateful to see your boyfriend come to your dorm. 

You were sad when he wasn’t with you and that day, you were reading a story about relationships and you started to deepen yourself in it, thinking he was cheating on you and whatnot. It was stupid argument after all, yet he made a song about it and now everyone sees you a different way.


You silently cried as you tried to wipe your tears away, not wanting him to see you in that state. You hurried up and pulled out a bunch of tissues before being able to face him. When you turned around to look at him, he stared at you confusedly.

“Why are you crying?" 

"It’s nothing…” You lied as your lips shaked at your smile.

He moves his eyes to your screen, reading the words that were shown on it. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You begin, trying to stay calm.


“I apologized after, I know it took me two days to apologize, but I did it. You still wrote a song about it? I know apologizing isn’t enough but…. doing this? To humiliate me? To make me feel guilty? What did you try to make me feel? What kind of revenge did you want?" 

"No, __________, this isn’t it, my point is─”

“To make me feel weak? You want to be my master? Fine, do it. Order me around. Slap me in the face if you want to. I don’t remember when I was being so strict towards you to tell you to do things like I was your master but go on, use me. Use me like you did with your lyrics, use me like I used you.”

“Oh my god, __________, let me speak!” He shouts, making you tremble as tears ran faster.“I’m sorry, okay? For making a song based on how we live our life together like this. I know saying 'sorry’ isn’t enough but… It was two months ago, can’t we forget about this?”

“Are you crazy? Forget about this? When the whole world thinks that I treat you like a slave everyday, seeing me as a bad image, as a bad person, you think I can forget about this? If everyone forgets about this then I can too. But everyone knows and remembers this, no matter what.”

“What can I do to make it up to you?” He sighs, frustrated.

“What you can do? I’ll tell you what you can do. Break up. Let’s break up. Let’s cut ties, let’s end everything here." 

He wasn’t just angry but sadness was added to his current feelings. He never wanted to hear you say anything like that to him and you did, he knew it was a huge mistake.

"Do you still love me?” He asks with a shaky voice.

“A relationship needs to have two person that loves each other. I should be the one asking you that question." 

Tired of pretending (Luke imagine) part 2


A/N: Thanks so much to everyone who requested this!! Let me know what you think by liking/reblogging and or messaging me your feedback :’) <333 I hope you like this one!

Part 1


To do list…


[Y/N]’s POV (5 months later)

“What are you doing here?” Calum asks shocked when he opens the door.

“Hello to you too…” I chuckle nervously. He frowns.

“Seriously… Why are you here?”

“Because, you guys are only here for three days of your tour and I wanted to see you…? I say cautiously. Calum shakes his head and sighs.

“You shouldn’t be here [Y/N]…” I close my eyes and swallow hard. I know I should have been prepared for this reaction, but I guess I’d hoped for them to be at least a little bit happy to see me.

“Okay, I’m sorry… I just thought…” I trail off not really knowing what to say.

“[Y/N]?” I hear someone say from inside the house. I look around Calum and see Ashton walking towards us.

“I get it… But it’s not fair to Luke!” Calum says catching my attention again.

“We were friends too, Cal” I murmur and he sighs dejected.

“You broke his heart [Y/N]” Ashton, who’s stopped next to Calum, sighs frustrated.

“You can’t be mad at me for that! I did what I thought was right” I whimper, feeling the tears prick my eyes.

“We’re not mad! But you don’t know what you did to him!” Calum says upset and Ashton nods.

“We know it wasn’t your intention, but because of you Luke was a mess for months!”

“Yeah, like we had to listen to him cry himself to sleep throughout the whole tour… He only really recovered like a month ago! It’s too soon [Y/N]…” Calum finishes and I bite the inside of my cheek hard not to sob.

“Okay, I’m sorry” I say before turning on the spot and quickly leaving them behind me.


Luke’s POV

“Okay, would you stop pacing and sit down? You’re making me nervous!” Calum snaps at me and I throw myself in a chair nearby, letting out a loud groan.

“I don’t think I can do this guys…” I begin and my three bandmates stare at me.

“Because of…” I frown before Ashton can finish his sentence and he hesitates.

“Are you afraid she’s out there?” Michael asks and I nod silently with a nauseated expression on my face.

“I’ve already told you… She won’t be!” Calum chimes in, trying to console me. I drag my finger through my hair messing it up a bit and take a few deep breaths.

“Problem is… Our friend here is equally worried she won’t be!” Ashton sighs and puts a comforting hand on my shoulder. Calum furrows his brows and looks at Michael, who’s looking at Ashton, but nobody says anything else.

Suddenly there is a soft knock on the door before it swings open.

“2 minutes guys!” Kelley, our assistant tour manager, says chirpy and we all force a smile back at her. Ashton picks up his drumsticks while me and Michael take a last quick look in the mirror prior to following Kelley through a long, narrow hallway that leads to the back of the stage.

We can hear the chanting of the audience growing louder and louder. We stop next to a small set of stairs leading up to the main stage and wait for Kelley’s queue. The background music that had been playing fades and I hear the crowd going crazy out there. Someone places a guitar in front of me and I adjust the strap over my shoulders. Kelley nods and gives me a small smile and I forcefully play the first chord.

– – –

About an hour into the show I take a gulp of water as Calum interacts with the crowd.

“How’s everyone doing tonight?” he yells in the mic and the cheers are overwhelming. He laughs and we all wait a moment to let the fans quiet down a bit.

“So… We were thinking about slowing down a bit right now, if that’s okay with you guys?” Michael teases the audience, while a stage crew member hands him his acoustic guitar. When he’s finished correcting his guitar strap he looks at the rest of us to check if we’re ready, and when we nod, he starts strumming the melody to our song ‘Amnesia’. The crowd absolutely explodes with excitement and as Calum sings the first words every single person out there sings them back to us. I can’t help but to smile, this is the most amazing feeling in the world.

I’m singing the chorus preparing to go over to the bridge. The music gently fades as the lights sway and turn out to the crowd, illuminating the scen before me.

If today I woke up with you right beside me, like all of this was just some twisted dream” I sing softly, gazing over the crowd before I close my eyes for a moment. “I’d hold you closer than I ever did before… And you’d never slip away!” I continue somewhat louder and open my eyes again, my gaze captured by a pair of mesmerinzing, all too familiar eyes looking straight at me. “And you’d never hear me say…” I catch my breath and stumble a few steps backwards. Unable to take my eyes off her, I forget to sing the rest of the words. Thankfully the crowd sings louder than ever and Calum, who’s more than confused, tries to save the last chorus by clumsily singing my part.

Cause, I’m really not fine at all…” I hear Calum end the song, but my focus is still all set on the girl in front of me, smiling shyly at me, holding up a sign as the last chord echoes in the speakers.

'I’m not fine at all either…'it reads.

kit purrson headcanons

Because Kent parson is a “crazy cat lady” and i’m all about that. (A bunch of these are variations on my own life with my cat so if it seems unlikely….you’d be surprised. Cats are WEIRD, man.) Using gender neutral pronouns bc idr kit’s canon sex, if they have one, although the name isn’t exactly canon either, so there’s that. Unless it is. (”kit purrson is confirmed for he/him, a friend asked n at a con” - anon)

Ok, so anyway:

  • Kit LOVES protein shakes/”muscle milk”/etc, which Kent found out by accident when trying to show him that he wouldn’t like it, and will totally magically appear within seconds of hearing him crack open a bottle, even if they were on opposite sides of Kent’s place of residence, no matter how quiet he tries to be about it. Kent is pretty sure it’s not healthy for cats, so he compromises by letting him lick the bottle cap. Sometimes he tries to drink from the bottle simultaneously with Kent, which never works, but Kit gets points for trying, right? Right???? Sorry, little buddy.
  • Zero interest in other “people food,” though, despite Kent’s mother’s best efforts.
  • Kent has gotten into the habit of keeping mouthwash and a cup by his bed at home because apparently Kit hates his morning breath and on more than one occasion he’s been rudely awakened by a cat trying to clean his teeth/nose, which is kind of cute? But also dear God no.
  • Kit hates it when Kent bathes with the bathroom door closed, and will sob outside the door if he does. He doesn’t actually come in when Kent opens the door, though. Unless he’s taking a soak in the tub, in which case Kit will come in for a drink of bathwater and then leave him to his ablutions. Sometimes when Kent is drying off, Kit will help by licking the water off his ankles, which scared the crap out of Kent the first time he did it. You just don’t expect the rasp of a cat’s tongue on the back of your calf, really. He’s gotten used to it, though (just not on the face, please).
  • Kit “taught” Kent to play fetch by dropping a bottle cap on his laptop keyboard while he was checking his email. His instagram account has more than a few videos of Kit’s midair contortions when trying to catch the cap.
  • Kent walks his cat, with a harness/leash combo. One time he tweeted a selfie of himself crouching next to Kit, who lounged regally on the sidewalk, with the caption “#walkingthecat involves a lot of me standing around and looking pretty” and one of his teammates replied with “dw parser you’ll get the hang of “looking pretty” eventually #practicemakesperfect”. 
  • Kent mentions in an article/interview that he misses his cat cuddles when he’s on the road since they aren’t exactly allowed to bring pets with them to away games [or are they? Logistics seem like they’d be a nightmare], so one of his fans knitted/crocheted him a stuffed animal duplicate of Kit, complete with a tiny #90 jersey, and gave it to him at a signing. He was so touched by this that he donated $50k to a local animal shelter in her name. 
  • (Kent made sure, in no uncertain terms, that his team is fully aware that Purrse Jr is off-limits re:the usual prank wars, and is to be considered part of his pre-game ritual/superstitions/whatever. No touchy!!)(one of the rookies tried to commission a duplicate so he could fake a hostage situation, but word of the plan got back to Parse and the retribution was swift and hilarious)(but they all know better now)
  • One of the Aces’ PR interns helps run the kit_purrson instagram account and is in charge of cute cat pics (and Skype sessions)(seriously) and checking in on Kit while Kent is out of town. There were rumors that they were secretly dating, which later turned into rumors of a torrid love triangle when the intern was “caught” out on a date with their ACTUAL significant other. Kent and the intern both maintain that they’re just using him for his cat. The intern’s S.O. has no comment.
  • Tumblr user “kitpurrsondefensesquad” is an aggregate media blog with a queue full of images, videos, sound bytes, quotes, article links, etc devoted to Kent’s cat. Kent’s involvement in helping to run it is kind of an open secret since some of the earlier asks were answered using proprietary language (oops, ok look, he just gets really enthusiastic about his cat, ok, and he fixed the posts as fast as he could), and someone made a theory post comparing “mod k's” wording to that of Kent’s various media output, so they have to clear the inbox of frequently invasive questions about his personal life. 
  • At one point Kent briefly toyed with the idea of getting a companion cat for Kit, maybe a black cat he could name “Zimms”, but like…one cat with separation anxiety is bad enough, plus things between him and Jack would have to be WAY less…whatever they are now…for that not to be a terrible idea….