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Can’t Stand You - Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

Requested by anon.

Summary: X-men first class one shot where reader is a CIA agent and friend of Moria. She ends up helping train the mutants. 

Basically just lots of cute Erik fluff and Charles being a dork.

Like a huge dork.

I love Charles. Can you tell?

I got a little too into this so there’s quite a bit of swearing.

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“(Y/n)?” Charles called, walking into the library where you were reading. You looked up and he smiled. “Can I have your assistance in helping Erik?”

“I’m pretty sure Erik doesn’t want my help. What with me not being a mutant.” You said with a tone of bitterness.

Charles chuckled slightly, “He may say that, but really-”

“Charles?” Erik walked into the library, seeing you and his gaze instantly steeling.

“One moment Erik. (Y/n) is assissting us in your training.

“Fantastic.” Erik said sarcastically, walking out. “I’ll be outside.”

“Oh yes, I didn’t get the impression he can’t stand me at all.” You rolled your eyes.

Ten minutes into training and Erik hadn’t said a word to you, merely bending different metal objects in an attempt to convince Charles to shoot him so he could stop the bullet.

“Fine. You want someone to shoot you? Here.” You pulled out your gun, aiming at Erik and firing three consecutive shots. The bullets froze in mid air between the two of you and Erik glared at you past them.

“Nice try.” He said, the bullets dropping to the floor. 

“Who said I was trying to hit you? I just needed to express some…” You bit your lip, letting out a slow sigh, “rage.”

Erik stared at you in thought, Charles standing off to the side, grinning like an idiot.

“Alright, Charles?” You asked, eyebrow raised.

“Oh,” he cleared his throat, “Fine. I’m fine. I’m just going to go and see how Raven and the others are doing.”

“I’ll come with you.” Erik said, pulling his gaze off you.

“That’s quite alright, Erik. (Y/n) can help you here. Much more use for you out here if you ask me.” Charles said, a little smirk still on his lips.

Erik stared at Charles for a few moments, the bullets quivering on the floor.


“I’m not going to get any better if I’m  training with a human.” Erik spat, “I need you- someone who understands this.”

You took a breath, trying to steady your heart rate, close your eyes. Failing, you put your gun away. “Fine. I have better things to do anyway.” You said, storming off.

As you walked away you heard Charles and Erik having a heated discussion ending with Erik yelling, “So what if I do?”

Later that evening, Charles found you in the library again. 

“Evening, (Y/n).” He smiled, sitting beside you.

“Hello.” You murmured, not looking up from your book.

He sighed, “I’m sorry if Erik bothered you.”

You scoffed, “As if I care what he thinks of me.”

“Mmhmm.” Charles nodded, smirking slightly. 

“Are you in my head?” You gasped, dropping your book with a thud.

“I’m inclined to say no.” 

“Charles! For fuck’s sakes!” You yelled, standing up abruptly.

He laughed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It really is quite distracting though when you’re just broadcasting your attraction to Erik.”

“I’m not broadcasting anything!” 

“I beg to differ.” he smiled.

“Charles, please don’t tell Erik.”

“Fine, fine. But I will tell you that he feels the same way.”

“Oh god.”

“I think his exact words -and yes he did say this aloud- were ‘I can’t deny she is beautiful and intelligent but she’s human so, naturally I can’t stand her.’” Charles smirked smugly, leaning back in his chair.

You closed your eyes for a moment taking a breath. “That settles it then. It’s never going to work. Now, if you’ll excuse me-”

“(Y/n), wait.” Charles said, grabbing your wrist.

You shrugged him off, walking away.

“Stay out of my fucking head!”

You rounded the corner, crashing into Erik.

“Sorry.” You said, before glancing up and seeing who it was.

“I’m sorry I’m human. I’m sorry I don’t have some mutation which gives me the right to treat everyone who doesn’t like shit. I’m sorry mutants have been treated terribly by some humans, but not all of us are involved in that. I’m sorry I’m just trying to help you. I’m sorry for getting involved in your fucking life.” You blurted, glaring up at him before starting to push past.

“(Y/n), wait.” Erik stopped you by the shoulder.

You glanced back at him, “Erik.”

“I’m sorry that-” He sighed, “Everything. I’m sorry for everything.”

You took a breath. “Okay. Glad that’s sorted then. I’ll let you carry on with your important training discussions with Charles then.” You turned away again but Erik stopped you pressing your shoulder against the wall.

Neither of you said anything, bodies touching in the hallway, staring at each other. Erik released a breath.

“I’m supposed to not be able to stand you.” He breathed.

“Who says?”

He sighed, chuckling slightly. “You’re right.”

Erik pressed his lips to yours, tilting your chin up towards him, eyes shut. He held your wrist above your head, forehead pressed to yours. 

You caught your breath again, a single breath before your lips were on his again, just brushing. 

“It sure seems like you can’t stand me.” You whispered.

“Shh.” He laughed slightly, his lips on yours in a passionate kiss again.

The door to the library burst open behind Erik to reveal Charles.

“Thank you for meeting me, Erik.” He grinned, clapping him on the back, revealing he’d planned this all along.

“Same time tomorrow, or would you rather just train with this intelligent and beautiful human?” Charles smirked, leaning against the wall beside you.

Erik pushed him away and Charles left the corridor laughing.

“Have fun you two!’

Erik tilted his head slightly, “He’s a dork.”

“Oh yes he is.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around Erik’s neck and pulling his lips back down to yours.


Control is Fickle

With how much time Erik and Alucard spent together, it was unsurprising that eventually someone caught on that they were connected in some way. Maybe they didn’t realize exactly how deep it went, which was preferable in Alucard’s eyes, but it couldn’t be denied that they were at least working together.

It was HYDRA who finally did something about it, who made use of this knowledge. They sent out the twins, Wanda and Pietro, so that they could turn Alucard against Erik, get rid of the mutant once and for all.

It proved to be highly successful. While his own speed matched Pietro’s, the speedster kept him distracted so that he didn’t turn on Wanda. He could feel her in his mind, but he couldn’t tell what she was doing, and any time he turned to try and stop her, Pietro was in front of him again drawing his attention back. Alucard even attempted to fight back against her mentally, but the extent of his telepathy was only such for hearing and/or portraying thoughts and emotions. He couldn’t control her. He couldn’t even attack her properly.

This dance went on longer than he liked, and then, suddenly, it was over. Both Pietro and Wanda disappeared, leaving Alucard alone and trying to figure out what the hell just happened, and why.

More confused than anything, he returned back home to Erik and flopped onto their bed when he got there, thinking about what had happened.

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I still love how in their first issue, the Acolytes are getting their butts kicked by the X-men for killing Genoshan slavers

and Magneto shows up to save them, saying he didn’t sanction this, that the Acolytes snuck out while he was asleep, but “I will not abandon them” and also he doesn’t think they did anything wrong anyway

(and Fabian is smirking at the X-Men like nah nah nah my dad is here so I’m not in trouble)

and the Mags flies off with the Acolytes scolding them for this

this is literally like when a kid gets in trouble at school and the parent shows up at the principal’s office but then finds out the kid is in trouble for punching the school bully and takes them out for ice cream after

@magnetician @superiorvengeance @muffiewrites @magnet-dad @actually-i-prefer-magneto Did the Acolytes get ice cream on the way back to Asteroid M, yes/no?

holmephobic-deactivated20170126  asked:

fuck okay my ask I just sent to you reminded me of something. alright so everyone basically sees Erik as the moody and intimidating person most of the time but honestly I think he's the biggest fucking dork in the world. not to mention he can be a huge troll. Idk if you agree with that or not but if you do do you have any troll/dorky Erik headcanons cuz I'm in desperate need of them. he's just a smoll lil nerd

I agree with you 100% Erik can definitely be intimidating and broody, but he’s also a big fucking dork. He obviously has a sense of humor (he’s hilarious in XMFC and even quite funny in DOFP) and bizarrely good with the kids??? The part when he’s leaning out the window with Alex and Raven all smiles while they watch Sean jump warms my cold, dead heart every time.

Erik is a nerd headcanons:

1. Erik legit loves the name Magneto. He thinks it’s mad clever. When Raven first says it, he plays it off all cool like rolling his eyes and sarcastically saying,”Exceptional” but in his mind he’s like “Holy shit YES WHAT A GREAT NAME I can’t believe I didn’t think of it!” After retreating to his own room, he immediately begins rehearsing how to most effectively and dramatically say “I prefer… Magneto.”

2. Erik is a sore loser. When he loses to Charles in chess, he gets pouty and sullen until they can play again and he wins. He suspects that sometimes Charles lets him win on purpose, but he’s not going to say anything because PRIDE. (As a sad aside, in a role reversal, in DOFP, when they play a tentative game on the plane, he lets Charles win.) 

3. Erik is obsessed with fashion and appearance and likes to be dressed immaculately. He’s great at sewing (needles are metal and super easy to manipulate!) and he makes all of his own Magneto costumes (obviously improving throughout the years). After he retires back to the mansion, he spends a lot of time knitting hats for Charles’ bald head instead of making outrageous outfits.

4. Erik doesn’t know how to deal with PDA (it’s never been a part of his life, hell, people have barely touched him his whole life). Even after they’ve been together for decades, he still blushes every time Charles takes his hand in public. When Charles points this out, Erik denies it vehemently.

5. Erik is a dangerous mutant terrorist but now that he’s living at the school, he’s become a favorite of the children, especially the little girls. (This reminds me of a headcanon I talked about with ikeracity one time: Charles laughs his head off when he finds Erik sitting in a too small chair, his long legs bent uncomfortably as Jean pours him imaginary tea while Ororo insists on sliding a tiara onto his head. Charles stops laughing when he tries to join the tea party and Jean scolds him, telling him this party is only for princesses and Charles is not invited. Erik smirks, and damn him, the tiara looks adorable on him.)

6. Erik gets upset every once in awhile when he thinks about how domesticated he’s become. No one fears the mighty Magneto anymore! Not even children are afraid of him! Charles has to talk him up, reminding him of how powerful and intimidating he is, and “Remember that one time you lifted a stadium? So strong!” (Charles doesn’t mind doing this because whenever he puffs up Erik’s ego it automatically leads to mind-blowing sex.)

7. Erik has a deep love of cats. He adores them. He thinks they are regal and magnificent creatures, and when he finds out that Charles is a dog lover, he’s morally offended. (Cats are obviously the superior beings, Charles.) He adopts a cat that hisses at everyone but him and is totally thrilled to be the cat’s undisputed favorite. Eventually, however, the cat grows attached to Charles (who comes with a convenient lap 24/7 thanks to his wheelchair) and Erik feels a deep sense of betrayal (but also a deep sense of grudging understanding. Who doesn’t love Charles?)

Oh man, I’m sorry, I’m going on and on. I need to stop! I also have a few more in this post of stupid cherik headcanons, including selfies and Erik being a doodler.


Another bar, another drink. He’d lost count of how many bars he’d hopped to tonight, but he still wasn’t as drunk as he wanted to be. He couldn’t drink as much as he wanted/needed at a single bar, had to always act drunker than he was so not to arouse suspicion, so nights like this he hopped from bar to club and club to bar, drinking and flirting and dancing his way around town. If he was lucky, he would never be alone for too long.

Which was how he found himself here, slipping up to a stool near another man, ordering a drink, and twisting on the stool to eye the men and women around.


“I trust you, Alucard,” Erik answered even as his eyes darted around trying to count how many demons there were. Far more than the vampire could handle alone, that was for sure. And enough that they wouldn’t stand a chance if Alucard spent the entire fight focusing more on protecting Erik than anything else. “But if you think I’m staying out of this then you’re an idiot. I’m going to draw as many of them away as I can. Trust me, I can handle myself.” With that, he pulled away from his friend and took off running, calling his knives to his hands and throwing them at a handful of the demons who were rushing at Alucard. He grinned when a cluster of them peeled off and took after him. He spared another glance to the vampire and hoped that it wouldn’t be the last.

Alucard wanted to argue, but as he reached for Erik’s retreating form, one of the demons cut him off and pushed him back. There were a lot, too many to be coincidence. Someone had found him, someone had sent the demons to deal with him, and Erik was caught in the middle. This had nothing to do with Erik but he was willing to sacrifice himself to help the vampire out. Alucard wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to Erik because of this. It wasn’t Erik’s fight, not in the slightest. He wished he knew who had sent the demons, he might be able to put an end to this, stop groups of demons showing up.

A handful of demons split off of the main group, chasing after Erik, leaving the rest of the demons to circle around Alucard. With a snarl, he drew Masamune out and braced himself. Erik would be okay, Alucard had to believe that. He didn’t get much more chance to dwell on it, as the demons chose that moment to attack.

Mutant Empire, Book 3, Chapter 7

Hello guys! Welcome to another installment my liveblogging all the Magneto bits from the Mutant Empire trilogy of X-Men novels. Tagging the usual Magneto crew @malakhvent @hexiva @muffiewrites @magnetician @superiorvengeance @actually-i-prefer-magneto @taintedhero @magnet-dad

For those new to this, the “X-Men: Mutant Empire” books are a trilogy written by Christopher Golden in the 1990s. They are novels, not comic books, and the X-novels occupy a very shakey/debated place in canon. That said, they’re excellent characterization sources (in my opinion), especially for characters that didn’t get much in canon, such as Carmella Unuscione or the Kleinstock brothers.

However, the characterization for Magneto (not what anyone would call a minor character!) has also been amazing, and is probably the most well-balanced portrayal I’ve ever seen of him. So I figured people would be interested it it and thus I’ve been posting the bits that have him in it as I read. If you want to catch up, check my mutant empire tag!

Keep reading

@actually-i-prefer-magneto [x]

“You realize I could just take it back from you without asking, right?” Erik asked, tugging slightly on the metal to prove his point without actually going so far as to steal the blade yet. “It’s rude to steal my knives when it was your own damn fault you got stabbed. I was clearly throwing it at one of the gentlemen behind you and you got in the way. You’ve even gotten blood all over my knife! That’s completely unnecessary.”

He grunted a bit when the blade was tugged on. The blood was actually why Erik couldn’t have it back, especially if he planned to use it on the men still. Still, he couldn’t help teasing him back.

“You can control metal, how do you even miss? You could have avoided me,” he said. He drew Crissaegrim out of his pocket dimension. “Here, you can borrow Crissaegrim for now. It’ll do more damage than this butter knife you call a dagger.”

[Reds and Oranges and Yellows]


Playdates between Anya and the twins were a common thing now, even when Erik couldn’t be around himself. Fenrir and Erik had been happily, if somewhat awkwardly, working at proper relationship ever sine their official dates went well. It had taken some time, what with them both being busy single fathers, but Fenrir found himself happier than he’d been in years. It definitely helped that he and Erik had finally started kissing, proper kisses too, and even though neither of them were quite ready (or had any real time) to go farther than making out like teenagers, Fenrir was stupidly happy.

He was learning more and more about Erik and his daughter, as well as their past, in bits and pieces. He didn’t feel ready to push, though, so just let the information come when it did.

This time, though… Fenrir was worried.

Erik was teaching piano, so Fenrir had come over with the twins so they could play with Anya, and Fenrir could at least be in Erik’s presence (and he did love seeing him play, even if it was basic things, it was unfairly sexy). Anya and Skoll were coloring quietly, Hati playing with a few animal figurines she had brought, when Fenrir noticed what Anya was drawing.

Later, when Erik was done teaching, Fenrir beckoned him over to the kitchen while the kids watched cartoons. “Erik…” he started, frowning, fidgeting. “I know it may not be my place but…” he handed him the picture Anya had drawn, filled with reds and oranges and yellows – fire – with her father at the center. But he wasn’t in his fire gear, he knew that well enough because he’d seen her pictures of him with his gear on. “Do you… maybe you need to talk to her about your job. Or take some time off. I don’t think… this is good.”


Erik Lehnsherr - I Prefer Magneto

Happy Magneto Monday!

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