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Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I joined the fandom just this May and I’ve felt so welcome. Onward to a bloody new year! 

  • Kara and Lena going out to eat so much that Lena has to sign up for the gym.  (Also, Lena getting super jealous that Kara can eat 10x more than her without gaining a single pound)
  • Kara and Lena spending the day together and Kara wanting to eat every two hours and Lena does her best to keep up
  • Lena having her credit card bill sky rocket because of how often they go out to eat
  • Kara appreciating a $100 steak as much as a $5 burger
  • Both wanting to cook for each other but failing miserably because Kara is a horrible baker and Lena has had a personal chef her whole life
  • Lena eating a whole basket of Kara’s horrible scones just because Kara made them for her
  • Lena flying to France for a weekend to try to learn how to bake authentic pastries for Kara
  • Lena flying Kara to China to have authentic pot stickers
  • Lena flying Kara to Japan and Kara wants to eat every single item from every single street vendor booth (and doing it)
  • Kara flying Lena (because by now she knows she’s supergirl) to Italy to visit one of her favorite vineyards

I just have a lot of feelings about how Kara and Lena go on so many lunch dates. 

Dreams - Dylan O’Brien

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dylan x Reader

Words- 4,944 (not sure how this happened ;) )

Warnings- alot of fluff and smut

AN: Ok so this is my first fic and i’m super nervous to post this. I just wanna thank @ninja-stiles for helping keep me motivated and helping edit.

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Best friends are supposed to be with you no matter what, they’re supposed to be there for you through everything, always be happy for you and support you.

Dylan was exactly that. We have been friends since we were little, neither of us can actually remember a time when we didn’t know each other, but our moms tell us we’ve been friends since the womb. Dylan has been there for me through everything crappy that life has decided to throw my way, and I have done the same for him. But not once did I ever think that being happy for him would kill me inside.

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Caro mio futuro qualcuno,
vorrei sapere quali sono le tue passioni, i tuoi libri preferiti, o i tuoi fast food preferiti, o le cose che ti danno fastidio. Vorrei sapere tutto di te, e se non avremo troppo in comune va bene lo stesso.
Se ti piacerà l'arte ti porterò a visitare le mie gallerie preferite, se ti piacerà la musica comprerò i biglietti per portarti ai concerti che vorrai.
Se sarai un pianista sarò felice di ascoltare le tue sonate, e ti chiederò di insegnarmi, le tue mai sulle mie, a suonare le nostre canzoni.
E se vorrai imparare qualcosa sarò la tua insegnante, ti insegnerò tutto quello che so, avrai tutto quello che ho. Non voglio che stiamo sempre insieme. Voglio che siamo una sorta di migliori amici che condividono i loro segreti e le loro emozioni e che si amano, anche.
Vorrei essere la tua amica e confidente, la persona con cui ti piacerebbe bere una birra per festeggiare una qualunque giornata di sole, quella con la quale ti divertiresti non facendo assolutamente nulla, quella con la quale saresti sempre a tuo agio.
Quella a cui chiederesti aiuto per nascondere il cadavere nel caso per sbaglio uccidessi qualcuno.
Vorrei uscire con te di notte, correre per le  strade e perderci nelle luci della città.
Ho sempre sognato di girare il mondo, e se vuoi ti porto con me. Ma se non vuoi andrò da sola, e a volte sentirò la tua mancanza. Poi tornerò e potremo passare le sere mangiando pizza sul divano mentre guardiamo una serie.
Potremo addormentarci in un abbraccio, altrimenti potremo giocare ai videogiochi tutta la notte mentre ascoltiamo i cari vecchi Beatles, perché a te piacciono i videogiochi e a me i Beatles. Quando sarà il momento ci incontreremo.

Con speranza.

La tua futura qualcuno

—  trovata sul web
Sweet addiction

Netherlands: “I’m not obsessed with sweet food.”
Luxembourg: “One of your leading supermarkets has 664 items for cookies.”
Netherlands: “Yeah well, people want to have choice?”
Luxembourg: “This excludes chocolates, tarts, pies and other pastries.”
Netherlands: “Erm well…”
Luxembourg: “You have a chain letter cake.”
Netherlands: “I just don’t like to waste ingredients!”
Belgium: “Actually I have that chain letter cake too.”
Luxembourg: “…are you saying you gave her a piece but not me?”

funny habits;

⇢ summary:  “You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.”  ⇢ this wasn’t what you were expecting to find out over an exchange of homemade cookies. for this request from this prompt list.

⇢ relationship: chae hyungwon/reader.

genre: cat hybrid!au, supernatural, fluff.

⇢ words: 3.9k

⇢ warnings: prehensile tails. cat hybrids.

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a/n: I really wanted to try my hand at a hybrid au at least once in my life, and this prompt screamed something cute so~ originally this was a drabble request but then i almost hit like 4k so!!!

You really liked living in the apartment at the end of the hall. Ever since you’d moved to the not-so-shabby complex in the middle of your college career, you had found it funny that not once had anyone occupied the only apartment next to yours. You had been living in that very building since you were nineteen years old, and here you were now at the ripe age of twenty-three, still enjoying that almost impossible luxury. Your rent wasn’t terrible, your neighbors across the hall were quiet, and you could be as loud as you wanted without fearing the tenant next door would hear. It came in handy some nights, when you lost yourself in a marathon of nostalgic music or “ooh”’d and “aw”’d watching Your Name for the hundredth time. You never got noise complaints from anyone else on the floor anyway.

Of course, all of this had to change sooner or later, and it seemed it would be the former when you awoke to something thudding against the wall adjacent to your bed, the thudding continuing long until you’d been roused out of your fitful sleep and into a grouchy mood. At first, you had wondered if the sound was misplaced and instead coming from the hallway, but there was no denying that there was someone in the room on the other side of your wall, and your grouchiness melted into a dramatic panic. Someone couldn’t possibly be moving in, could they?

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Impress you (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Hi love, can you do a Bruce Wayne falling with a rather unpolished woman fic? All cute and stuff
Summary: Not being used to the fancy life. 
Word count: 506
Warning(s): fluff

Fancy was never your thing. You had always been simple, much unlike your date Bruce Wayne who had lived his whole life in luxury. You had been obviously hesitant when he had asked you out, not because you weren’t interested in him, but because he was way out of your league.

When Bruce came to pick you up, your jaw nearly hit the floor, his car was expensive and he even had a driver, Alfred from what you understand. The ride to the restaurant was pleasant, but quiet, you didn’t dare to say a word in fear of saying something wrong.

The restaurant was fancier then you thought it would be, and you felt underdressed. Your clothes were nowhere near good enough to be here but Bruce didn’t seem to care at all. 

You were quickly sat at a table and given menus. Half of the words you couldn’t even pronounce and a look of fear was making its way on to your face. Bruce quickly noticed. “Tell me what you want and I’ll order,” He smiles, 

The wait for food was pleasant and the conversation seemed to flow. You were trying to ignore the uncomfortable knot in your stomach from looking at all the silverware on the table. 

once the food was set in front of you you couldn’t bring yourself to eat. “Is there something wrong?” Bruce asks politely, you shake your head “No” But still don’t touch the food. “What’s wrong,” Bruce asks finally, holding your hand.

I don’t even know where to start,” You sigh, looking at all the forks and knives. “We could go somewhere else, where you’re more comfortable,” He says, and It wasn’t up for much debate, as he called a waiter over, asking for the bill.

After paying you two stand in front of the doors looking around. “So where to?” He asks giving you his jacket when he saw you shivering from the wind. “A burger maybe?” You say pointing at a burger joint not far away.

He smiles, taking your hand. “Well as long as you’re happy,” he chuckles, opening the door for you. 

You order your food, sitting down at the food. You feel so much more in your element, a true smile on your face. It was captivating for Bruce, even contagious as he smiled brightly.

They brought you two the food and you quickly dive in, Bruce not waiting long either. the conversation flowed better than before and He was happy to see you happy and free.

Sorry about the restaurant, “ You apologize sadly, after finishing your food. “I prefer this over that anytime,” he smiles playing with your fingers gently. “I’m not used to the fancy stuff, I’ve always lived pretty simply,” You confess, his smile not faltering. “ It was my fault for trying to impress you, I should have known.” 

You were trying to impress me?” You smile, eyes bright, looking up at him finally, to which he nods. You chuckle, causing him to let out a heartfelt laugh. 


With love,