i prefer coffee to water

Fic: Blame It on the Candle

Summary: Candles and tea bring back memories of Japan
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,042
Tags: Fluff, Domestic, Established Relationship
Author’s Note: For @succ-succ-succ, whose prompt was “its a totally random idea but i was just thinking how much i love feeling cozy and warm after being cold, so maybe something wintery like that? or something about tea… the smell of tea… wafting”—I kind of ran with the tea idea, I guess, though probably not in the way they intended. (This is probably a little too long to be a ficlet, but with too little plot to be a proper fic. Call it what you will.)

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Coffee Shop AU

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Wanted to celebrate Elderburn Week with at least one ficlet! I don’t know if I’ll squeeze anything else out this week, but I’m glad that I was at least able to pitch this in for @texanredrose‘s Elderburn Week plan! 

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to RWBY. It is the creative property of the late, great Monty Oum, as well as Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross and the rest of Rooster Teeth.

Coffee Shop


Winter Schnee sat down into her usual leather chair over in the corner of the cafe and began her morning rituals. It was all there at her disposal. Today’s newspaper? Check. Her breakfast? Check. A glass of ice water? Check.

Winter quite liked the From Dust till Dawn Cafe. Not only was the food delicious, but the shop was comfortably quiet and private. While it had been long enough since she abdicated her family inheritance and joined the military, Winter still preferred to keep to herself. She was a soldier now, not a socialite.

As she buttered her brötchen roll, Winter felt a pair of eyes staring at her. Well, no, not at her… it was at her cup. She turned to see another woman clad in brown leather and golden hair before her.

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“Atrocious weather.”

Darcy shrieked at the man before her. He appeared from nothing; one minute there was nought but an expanse of snow and forest. The next, a tall pale figure draped in a black cloak that billowed in the gale. He seemed unaffected by the storm and stared at her with sharp, hungry eyes.

“You know, I rather thought it much too cold for feeble little Midgardians, especially ones so woefully underdressed as yourself.”

“But you’re supposed to be dead,” Darcy gasped, “am I dead? Is this hell?”

“Not quite, to all of those. Might I suggest you come with me? Before you do perish of exposure…”

The God before her extended his hand to Darcy, awaiting her acquiescence. Weighing her options, she seemed to have a simple choice: possibly die or be tortured and used at the hands of the despicable Loki, or definitely die out in this blizzard. The lesser of two evils was not something ever thought would be applied to Loki. With a disgruntled sigh far belying her predicament, Darcy slapped her hand into Loki’s and was instantly flooded by the sensation of warmth. Whatever magic he was conjuring washed over her, and she felt like she’d been sitting in front of a roaring fire for the last few hours, rather than trudging through blinding snow and cutting wind.

Everything turned a funny shade of green out of the corners of her eyes. She blinked, and suddenly found herself just inside the front door of a spacious, grand log cabin. There were comfy couches and fur rugs, wooden furniture and an ornately carved staircase. Loki dropped her hand and strode forward, flinging his cape onto a sofa. The motion seemed to cause fireplace to light itself. The illusion of warmth abated without Loki’s touch, but it did not disappear and Darcy rather thought, perhaps, the entire building to be magic. It certainly did not seem like a log cabin any sensible human would construct. There were Nordic-style animals carved into the balustrade; the rug was a highly peculiar shade of blue; and the light from the brass chandelier seemed to fill the room far more than she’d expect.

Then again, maybe all of it was just her brain misfiring as it froze. Maybe in reality Loki was still dead and she was huddled underneath a tree, being slowly buried in the amassing snow. She’d be one of those mummies that got found completely frozen, centuries after they died.

Still, she hurried to follow Loki’s path. She had no real desire for his company, but failing to keep an eye on him struck her as highly foolish. She found him rifling through the kitchen cupboards, with a large copper kettle already rumbling away on the stovetop. Without looking, he waved a hand at the pale wood table. An earthenware tea set floated out of a cabinet and set itself gently on the table, two of the chairs pulled themselves out and Loki finally glanced over his shoulder, gesturing that she should sit.

“Where are we?” Darcy asked, tentatively taking a seat for fear it would vanish from under her.

“Oh, some wretched hovel the locals abandoned sometime in the autumn,” Loki replied and waggled his fingers, “I’ve made a few home improvements, of course.”

“Why are we here?”

“I’m saving your life,” he said, then pulled a sour face as if the very concept came with a bad smell.


“Why not?”

Darcy quirked an eyebrow and looked over her glasses disbelievingly. The kettle let out a shrill hiss; Loki reached out into thin air and made a sort of twisting motion with his hand. At once, the kettle was quiet and he began to pour steaming hot water from the earthen teapot into their mugs, as if the water had switched places.

“I understand you prefer coffee. Can’t stand the stuff myself but there we are.”

Looking down, she saw her mug filled not with plain water but with black coffee. And his with tea.

If this was real, which was still not guaranteed, why should Loki help her? What would be the catch to being rescued by the God of Mischief?

“So what am I?” she asked with a piercing glare, “Leverage? Bait? Hope I’ll get Stockholm Syndrome so you can send me back like a Trojan horse?”

Loki smiled and leaned back in his seat with a wicked sounding hum, “I never realised Midgardian women were so astute. What a waste of talent, in so short-lived a form. You’re not altogether wrong, I suppose. Quid pro quo, after all.”

“Right. You save my life and I…?”

“All in good time, Miss Lewis.”

hatsunekei  asked:

To the crew, your favorite foods and beverages you would like eat and drink?

“Guess you’re all expectin’ me to say hot saucy bacon soup, right? Well that’s wrong. I’m sick of it! I like best those hard candies Drake used to bring me, ‘cuz he thought I was some kind of kid. Jokes on him, I LIKE candy!
And if I can help it, I avoid drinking. But I prefer ink over anything else.” - Bendy

“Hmm…I really enjoy anything home baked though that’s not really much of an option down here…ingredients are often difficult to procure…we have a nice collection of various teas though…” - Alice Angel

“I prefer anything with meat! My favorite drink is water, and sometimes coffee.. But not too much coffee…” - Boris the Wolf

“Of course, loyally, my favorite is bacon soup-.. Ah, who am I kidding? I just want a glass of wine.” - Sammy Lawrence

“Oh! I like cake and cookies and especially cupcakes! My favorite drink are those magical icey slushies Sammy brings down sometimes. I really like sweet things <3″ - Bonbon the Angel

“Bread.” - The Sister

“Oh…uh…I pretty much like anything! I can’t really chose between one type…I love all food! Though I guess I really like tea and coffee - and I like sparkling water rather than soda? I don’t like seafood - but vegetarian sushi is pretty nice! And pasta! I love italian cuisine! And chinese! And mexican! And fast food-[He continues to ramble about his love for food.]- Roulette Mallard

[the souls of the damned screaming]- The Cherubs

ok here are my absolutely not medical advice tips from having had chronic migraine for 11 years, these are the tips i use, but I’m not a doctor and I do not pretend to be one and you shouldn’t treat my advice like I am one. #disclaimed

1) get off tumblr my friend??? the light from electronics is hurting you. tv, phones, laptops, these things emit blue light and it’s super straining on our eyes and it will definitely exacerbate a headache

2) take a shower. sit down in the shower. let the water of the shower kind of fall on your head. v gentle head massage. water warm, with ice pack over your eyes

3) hershey bar and coca-cola. I’ve heard m&ms too but this particular combination works very well for me personally. you’re looking for magnesium and caffeine. magnesium and caffeine. if you have headaches a lot you can take a daily dose of magnesium but you should discuss dosage with your doctor based on other medications (I personally take 1000 mg every day, but I worked up to it, and I can always tell when I haven’t been taking my mags. magnesium literally saved my life. and also my career. but more importantly my life.) caffeine is a diuretic though so if you drink caffeine drink it in small doses (why I prefer coke over coffee) and drink it with water.

4) if you are not in a warm shower / bath, be cold. embrace cold. open your windows. warm feet, cold head. you’re trying to draw the blood down away from your head, so cool down.

5) if you have neck pain, alternate heat and cold on it. heat for ten minutes, cold for ten minutes. I sometimes put ice on my head and heat on my neck to move the blood around too

6) quiet and dark. quiet and dark. i find it helpful to be in bed and have a pillow kind of ‘aimed’ on the park that hurts, the pressure of a pillow (i.e. very soft) sometimes help relieve the pain. 

7) DO NOT TAKE OVER THE RECOMMENDED DOSE OF PAINKILLERS. DO NOT MIX PAINKILLERS okay so when you over medicate, you can get what is called a painkiller hangover and it is. basically. like an actual and real hangover, and it prolongs and exacerbates the headache. do not do this. this is not the answer.

8) water water water water. sometimes headache can be caused by dehydration. gotta stay hydrated too if you’re taking caffeine and/or painkillers.

9) I personally have not had any success with essential oils but I have heard that combinations of lavender and peppermint oils have helped some people

10) i don’t actually have ten tips but have a nice shower and turn off your electronics and go lay down my friends

Someone Rquested~

I was Requested to do the Boyfriend app myself so here it is~

Size: 5′7 and 127 pounds

Perfect Date: Anything stupid and romantic… Like honestly you can take me to iHops and if we laugh and have fun thats perfect to me.

Preferred Gender/Prefixes: Ummm? Femboy?

Sexuality (if I’m gonna date ya, I better know your sexuality) : Super gay and FAB ✿

Your Best Quality: Personality, blue eyes, BUTT, hair, body and understanding

Video games or Movies: Movies to cuddle, video games to have fun

Soda or Water: I prefer Juice and Coffee tbh

Cuddlier or Fucker: Hot Damn i’ll take both at the same time

How would you introduce me to friends? How about parents?: “Mom, dad this is my Bae, hes my life and if you don’t accept him i’m finding new parents”

Dogs or Cats: 100% DOG LOVER… cats a jerks ;w;

Nudes or naw (please do not attach those, let talk first): Of course… I’d do anything my mate wants

Dream career: Nurse or Furry Artist!

Dom or sub: I’m a massive sub… Like its not even funny my BDSM score was 100% Sub and 100% Slave ;w;

Why would you even want me as a relationship partner?: I’m extremely hard to catch… I really enjoy having lots of fun when i’m comfortable around you and once I fall for you i can get a bit clingy only because I fear losing you. I have a very kind heart and i need the same in return moving forward with you. I’m extremely sentimental and if i feel you don’t feel the same towards me i have no patience towards nonsense and move one pretty fast. My love is like no other and if I do commit to you, you’ll always have me.