i pre-ordered the book already

The pre-order hauls and ARCs that I received this week. I have a book slump right now so I haven’t been doing any reading but nonetheless I’m still excited to get onto them! I already read The Bone Witch which is one of my favorite reads of this year. A fantasy new series starring with an anti heroine that are cut from the same cloth as Adelina Amouteru! I’m also stoked to read A Conjuring of Light, I miss my child Rhys ⭐🌙

Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2017

I just found out the fifth and final book of William Joyce’s Guardians of Childhood series is coming out this year, so I’m PUMPED!!

  1. Horizon by Scott Westerfeld.  Release date: March 28 (I have actually already pre-ordered this one and I have a poster from YALLFEST put up over my desk, I’m Ready.)
  2. Within the Sanctuary of Wings (The Memoirs of Lady Trent) by Marie Brennan.  Release date: April 25
  3. The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein.  Release date: May 2
  4. Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning by William Joyce.  Release date: October 3

Bonus: Here Lies Daniel Tate by Cristin Terrill comes out June 6, but I’ve already read it.  I got an advanced reading copy as a prize at YALLFEST.  It’s both inside and outside my usual reading repertoire, but I have to say I highly recommend it if you’re into mysteries and complicated family dynamics and the story of kids off the streets.  Here Lies Daniel Tate takes a unique POV and then turns it end over end, like watching a train crash from inside it.


Although the devil made me see that Kenma x Gomez thing, it’s also nice enough to let me know Gusari is releasing an anthology! (It really is anthology season in the HQ fandom!!!)

It’s a 2 books set - an anthology and a collection of colour illustrations. There are some new/extra work plus extended version of 2 existing stories, therefore even if you have all the books already this is still worth getting. Personally, I am most excited about part 3 of the army AU and the extension to Gunjou no Shashin! :D

It’s already up for pre-order and you can find links to the different shops via her pixiv. On Toranoana, the option with a calendar is already sold out. Even the normal version is low on stock! 


So I know we kind of knew already when it was posted that QoA was up for pre-order, but I went to my local bookstore today and looked the books up and ALL 4 QUEEN’S THIEF BOOKS ARE ALL SET TO RE-RELEASE ON FEBRUARY 28TH 2017!!

No photos of the covers yet, but I am SO EXCITED to have an official date to look forward to & I’m gonna buy all of them right away! (I also really hope that they get other people interested, we need more people to know about how amazing these are!)

(Also, this hopefully means that we’ll get the new book(s) sometime next year which is super exciting and I’m freaking out. I’m sure you all know the incredible feeling of joy one gets when hearing news about this series)

  • Me: I hate TSC so much
  • Also me: *has a whole shelf dedicated to TSC*
  • Also me: *screams every time I hear other people talking about TSC*
  • Also me: *Stares at TSC books in the bookstore even though I already own them*
  • Also me: *spends every waking moment planning TSC fics*
  • Also me: *calls Shadowhunters my favourite TV show even though it hasn't aired yet*
  • Also me: *owns two different sets of TMI and TID in different editions*
  • Also me: *just paid £17 pre-ordering limited edition of Lady Midnight*
  • Also me: *also plans on buying paperback copy of Lady Midnight so it'll match the rest of my books*
  • Me: I hate it so fucking much
New Book!

Hey there everyone! I just checked my email and guess what? William Joyce (author of the Guardians of Childhood book series that inspired Rise of the Guardians) is coming out with his new book regarding Jack Frost! I’ve known this book was coming for a while now, but it finally has a publishing date!! It’ll be out on October 27th, 2015. If you like, you can pre-order it on Amazon for $10.99 on Kindle or $13.27 for the hardback. The book summary is already very interesting and unveils a new aspect of Jack’s backstory. Let’s show Mr. Joyce how much we can’t wait for his new work and how much we appreciate his incredible mind!

I’ve always loved this quote by Marian Wright Edelman, and I know it has changed the way I work as an activist. It also ties into the announcement we have for you today. theasexualityblog and fuckyeahasexual are pleased to offically announce an art book full of pieces about, for, and from asexuals! 

An art book entitled What You See will be available September 2015. We’ve already lined up a number of amazing artists for the project, and if you’d like to contribute your own work please email us at creative_aces@yahoo.com before July 25th. 

I’ve seen several questions about this project, and I’m thrilled I can go into more detail for you today. The month before it’s release we are going to be taking pre-orders and will have “tip jar” for the artists. That way you can support the book and/or the artists. Profits from this collection will be forwarded towards creating the aromantic, agender, and asexual anthology set for Winter 2015. 

If you’d like to donate before the pre-order we have a dedicate button on the blog, but we’d also be grateful if you spread awareness so everyone can see our amazing community. 


I had pre ordered this book last month, to support a youtuber that I’ve loved for a number of years. I’ve been going through a really rough patch atm, dwelling to much on the past, body confidence, amongst other things. I haven’t read it properly yet but I already know that these three sections will help me so much in the road to feeling better about myself and will help me focus on the future instead of looking back. So thank you Louise, you’ve words have helped me so much already.


this is my favorite kitchen BY FAR


also..so glad I pre-ordered this book already

Rosketch's One Direction Adult Coloring Book
Coloring book inspired by one direction contain 40 pages of more than 30 lineworks all made by me. in the inside there are OT5s, OT3s dan some couple of f duos illustration. You'll also get a certificate of authenticity and a set of mini-stickers.

Hello! I have restocked the coloring book - since i already sent all the pre-order, you can go to my etsy to place new order :D (link up there)

Anyway, because people ask about this a lot…  the ‘adult’ part on the title, ‘adult coloring book is because the line is a little bit more complex than children coloring book, and this book is more likely made for grownup fans (coloring can be a good way to relaxe :D). There’s no dirty image (or things that is not safe for work) in it, and it also don’t have anything too shippy inside.

Here is a little sneak peek to the Inside of my new book All The Words Are Yours while it was still being created! A ton of you have already pre-ordered and I love you for it. The good news is there are still limited edition signed copies available!

Head to tylerknott.com/haiku and learn how to get your hands on one, or preorder from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I am so excited for you all to get your hands on this.
#tylerknott #AllTheWordsAreYours

Took my 11-year-old daughter to see The Force Awakens today.

As we exited the theater, she said, “That was the best movie ever! I want to see more movies about Rey.” Later, at home, she told me, “She didn’t ever give up. She’s awesome. And do you think she’s gonna get to be a Jedi??” She’s already planning on dressing as Rey for her school’s “character day” next semester (it’s supposed to be a book character, so I’m definitely ordering the novelization as soon as I can so we can read it together).

My daughter has mental health issues and physical disabilities. When she was small, she was obsessed with Disney princesses. Since her mental heath and physical disabilities have become more obvious and burdensome as pre-teenagery has reared its ugly head, she has rejected those former role models (yes, even Elsa). There is no room for imperfection in the princess world. And no matter that Rey is not mentally ill, is not physically impaired. My daughter found someone to relate to, to look up to, in this movie. Rey came from nothing, and got to do everything. That means the world to my daughter.

{Incidentally, Rey’s clothing comes into play here. My daughter thinks she could wear a Rey costume. Part of her mental - and physical - health issues include sensory sensitivity. She would be perfectly happy to be tightly wrapped in cloths on her arms and legs as Rey is. Though she says all that sand would bother her - as it would any of us!}

I love Rey for her hope. That means the world to me. And I’m so glad my kid is idolizing Rey, instead of a princess who needs a man to kiss her alive.

I havn’t even played the game yet, and I’m already obsessed with this gross man and his fucking pirate hat.

If I’d known that I wouldn’t get Fallout 4 until 2 weeks after its release I never would have pre-ordered the art book with it. I’m almost at my breaking point.

*continues furiously sketching the ghoul bf*

These are my favorite coloring books that help me do a lot of distracting! They are by Valentina Harper and can be found on Amazon. I found pages of the flower book randomly when I was inpatient this year and spent hours looking for where they came from online when I got home. Afterwards, loads of people in my groups wanted pages or bought their own coloring books.

There are four new ones that are going to be a available in September I believe, I’ve already pre-ordered them.

Coloring can be a great distraction tool, a great way to self-soothe and release anxiety. It can also be used for behavioral activation as it’s something small you can do that is still active.

I also color pages for friends and write quotes on them, which helps me feel like I’m using the DBT skill of contributing.

Gravity Falls: Journal 3

Amazon’s pre-buy price for Journal 3 is just $11.48 USD right now!

Already pre-ordered it? No worries, their lowest price guarantee means you’ll get it at this price (or less if it drops between now and July)!

I may have just bought 2 more.
Please spread the word! We gotta make the sales for this book INSANE!