i pray it looks good

Emergency Prayer Request

Early this morning, my grandfather called my parents and told them that my grandmother wouldn’t wake up. They ran across the street (my grandparents live across the street from my house) and finally woke her up, but she started vomiting and her words were incoherent. She’s at the hospital now and it turns out that she had a really bad stroke. There is bleeding in her brain and the doctors also found that her heart wasn’t in good shape. She’s in ICU now and stable, but according to my dad, it doesn’t look good. PLEASE pray. I know she’s old (84) and she’s lived a long life and all that jazz, but she is my best friend. She has helped raise me and my brother and seriously I can’t imagine a life without her. I really don’t know if I can take it. Please pray that God heals her. Please.

I used to think that love was
A fire licking through my veins
A sickness that consumed me
And I was grateful for the chains

I thought love was choking madness
A crazed desire I could not fight
I thought that passion without softness
Could heal the ache at night

But love should not burn my insides
And roast my heart to embers
I shouldn’t look at all the good times
And pray that he remembers

Instead I want love that’s quiet
A tranquil bond of my heart and mind
I want to wake up and feel safety
In the light of your sunshine

I want love like sleepy smiles
As we crawl into our tangled bed
I want your silly, familiar laughter
And your soft kisses on my head

I don’t want love that breaks me
And leaves me feeling all alone
I just want what you have given me
A love that feels like home


Monica Lewinsky: The Price Of Shame - TED

This was a great talk.  And if I may say so, Monica Lewinsky is a well spoken and stunningly beautiful woman.  I pray I look that good at 41.