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Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
 “I can’t believe the first time I looked into your eyes, I didn’t instantly know you were the man I’d spend my life with.“


Packing Now, Shopping Later

Momma came over today to help me pack. I’m moving in 5 days, it’s getting real you guys! I’m excited as fuuuuuuuck! I told her she could help me decorate my new place so she wants to go furniture shopping.. joy.

i’m honestly at a loss for words right now to describe for how my birthday went for me this year. in all honesty, due to some personal issues, the beginning of it was…tough. it was hard to enjoy, and because it was hard to enjoy, the pressure to enjoy my one and only 21st birthday when i felt like crap made everything feel infinitely worse. i went from starting out okay to waiting for the day to end (because i knew i’d feel better tomorrow).

but then, after our dinner out, i came home to a house filled with people i love, screaming “surprise!!!” as i walked through the door. my mouth dropped right open, and this time, i started crying for joy. they could all only stay for so long, being a tuesday night and all and there being young babies (my nieces) all over the place), but…i felt so much love and happiness in seeing all the people i love gather to celebrate, even if it was just for a couple hours.

and it meant even more to me after having such a crappy day. after struggling with out-of-nowhere thoughts about how worthless and disposable I was, stemming from the general crappy feelings I had. and then, to suddenly be surprised by those I loved, to be overwhelmed with how many people loved me and cared about me…

it couldn’t have been a better way to redeem and make memorable my 21st birthday



my boss wants me to be alone with the woman who yelled at me last week and the thought of that makes me even more nauseous than i already am but it’s that or tell him what happened and turn it into a Thing™ so idk what to do and i don’t need this stress along with the apartment stress so someone pls save me or let me go cry in the bathroom until 5pm. 


Sword Art Online II — Episode 12: Phantom Bullet - Preview Screencaps

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Woke up this morning and literally gave myself so much anxiety by getting on tumblr… All the spoilers and speculations have my mind going in worst case scenario mode, and I just have to share.

So, they’re saying they’re going back to season 1 which means they’re basically gonna separate them imo (Bellamy in space, and Clarke on the ground), and the trailer kinda supports that with it looking like Clarke seeing them come down after 5 years (last minute of the episode cliffhanger style). But then my mind jumps to this horror… Last seconds of the episode before the screen fades to black, Bellamy exiting the ship, hand in hand with Echo (or not?), who is holding a small kid under the age of 4 that looks exactly like Bellamy. 

I think my heart will stop and not restart if they pull an Arrow and bring a kid into the equation. I. Will. Die. Worst case scenario for me, bar none, because then he is permanently tied to her… Five years without Clarke, not knowing if she’s dead or alive, and Bellamy Blake doesn’t go looking for comfort? As much as I wish, highly unlikely seeing as how I think (like me) he will go for worst case scenario believing she’s dead, and with two other couples there, even more unlikely that he doesn’t want comfort in the form of physical intimacy. And I only pick Echo because I get vibes from her that she wants to bang him, and dear God (I can’t believe I’m writing this), Bellamy probably wouldn’t turn her away if she made advances on him, and whose to say that with five years in close proximity to each other the hostility felt between them toward the other doesn’t turn into something more… Something we’ve all seen happen on this show. It would probably even create just as strong bonds as he and Clarke have/had seeing as how he and Clarke only had, what, a less than a year on the ground? Most of which was spent away from each other, and almost completely cemented with high pressure intense circumstances. As for the kid thing, birth control anyone? I’m sure that was not on the list of “Important stuff to pack the rocket with”… Yup, we’re *bleep*ed. That would set all of next season up for Bellamy to be conflicted as to who to choose with strong feelings for both women, etc.etc. while trying to rebuild civilization. I’ve made myself sick. I hate me right now.

UNLESS, Echo doesn’t survive the solar radiation, in which case all of this is completely useless and I’ve freaked me and whomever reads this out for nothing… I gladly wish for that to be the case. They want to increase the shock value for the audience by killing off characters? It would shock me if they killed her off in space. JS.

Update… This is looking more likely than ever and I’m going to need to get a therapist to deal with this BS.


Danny on Lorraine this morning ahead of the NTA’s (。♥‿♥。)

Couples Costumes (Jack Request)

“Come on you two! You really not gonna tell us your outfits until the party?” Josh raises his brows at you and your boyfriend, Jack, sat on the couch together.
“Nope! It can be a surprise” Jack wiggles his brows and adjusts his arm around your waist.
“This better be good!” Conor chuckles and checks the time, “Well not long to wait now buddy”
“Yeah speaking of which we should probably head back to mine if we want to get everything ready” You nod and go to stand up.
“Good point” Jack stands and takes your hand, “See you at the party guys”
You two head back to your place which wasn’t at all far from Jack’s and was where all of your costumes and makeup were.
Being fairly good at makeup yourself, you had offered to help Jack with his as well as doing your own.
“Costumes first?” Your boyfriend suggests and you both go off to get changed into your couples costume for the evening.
You dressed up in your white, blue and red outfit, beginning to shape up the character but not yet right without makeup.
And then, as soon as Jack came out, you began to create his makeup.
With green sprayed hair, pale makeup and dark eyes, a significant mouth, ‘tatttoos’ shaping his chest and his arms covered in pale white with another mouth on his hand, Jack began to look more and more like the Joker.
“You look so cute when you concentrate” He chuckles as he watches your every move- guiding your hands over his hands to shape the mouth.
“Shut up” You roll your eyes and find that your tongue sticks out slightly
After a long concentration, it is finally time that Jack is finished and you get on with yours.
“I’m not so sure about these outfits babe” Jack says, turning round from looking in the mirror.
“What?” You frown, praying he was joking.
“I think you look too good as Harley Quinn” He chuckles, “The guys will be staring at you!”
“Well let them stare” You laugh, “I’ve got my joker right here”
“Nice line” He grins.
Eventually your makeup is looking perfect and you finally seem to appear as Harley Quinn.
Jack of course pulls you in for a photo, some looking serious as your characters and others looking silly.
The pair of you get into the taxi and drive to Joe’s, already hearing the party inside.
“Here they are!” Conor cheers and walks out in his hilarious costume.
“Heyyy!” You smile and stand beside Jack.
“Well you two went all out!” He chuckles, “Loving the relationship goals!”
“Of course, we had to pull out all the stops” Jack grins and slings his arm over your shoulder, “And we look sick if I do say so myself”
Oli comes out wearing a classic old style suit with big dark circles around his eyes and you are already proud of the effort they had put in.
“We’ve got to get photos of this!” He exclaims and you and your boyfriend pose in the best ways for the photos, looking more and more like your characters.
Jack takes back his phone and quickly posts it to his Instagram.
‘I think me and (y/n) win the prize for best couple! Maybe next year Conor and Mikey 😝’
(Decided to post this one before a couple of others because of the theme of it but will be back to normal order now x)

trips. falls. millions of pictures of Íþróttaálfurinn fall out of his pocket

BONUS: u think i’m playin here…!!!

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any advice for someone who doesn't know how to apply makeup?

um…I um…I just put it on my face and pray it looks good honestly i have no clue what i’m doing…maybe just watch youtube videos? when i’m doing scars and bruises and such i just pull up photos of how i want it to look and imitate that. Honestly that’s what i do for most of my makeup so…idkk