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Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
 “I can’t believe the first time I looked into your eyes, I didn’t instantly know you were the man I’d spend my life with.“

I’m still hoping for Nekomata Sakura to come home but my orbs looks pitiful hnnnghh (o;TωT)o pls come home I’ll give you all the sweets you want!



SEVENTEEN as things my mom has said to me
  • Seungcheol: I am the authority here, you must obey!
  • Jeonghan: *flipping hair* Damn, your dad is lucky to have me.
  • Joshua: These kind of things happen to you because you don't pray enough to our Lord.
  • Jun: Of course I look good, I always do.
  • Soonyoung: That old lady thinks she knows what dancing is, lemme fucking show her
  • Wonwoo: Stop talking to my orchids, they only like me
  • Jihoon: *she was rummaging through the refrigerator and I asked her what she was looking for* the ruin
  • Seokmin: I'm the only one allowed to sing this song, okay?
  • Mingyu: You call that rice? Let me show you how to cook some real good rice
  • Minghao: Scream again and I will throw you from the window
  • Seungkwan: I should have my own tv show, I'm hilarious
  • Vernon: But facebook said that famous person died, how can it not be true if it was on facebook???
  • Dino: But do you think I care?

Cosplay progress?

Introducing: Edward Hyde, the Glass Scientists ver!

I’m really happy and excited to finally this done, especially for a character who I love and honestly relate to a lot.

I wanna thank @edwarddhyde and @b1nary-m1sch1ef for giving me a lot of confidence in myself to do this. Giving me tips and pieces. Then to my friend who stitched my cloak.

A big shout out to @arythusa for the fabulous adaptation of our favorite street urchin and giving me a character to be this excited to cosplay. 💚


Soon To Be Lil’Marco’s *Marco Asensio imagine *


~Two Months ago

”Hey Y/N what day is it today?” Marco asked coming into the living room

I looked up from the book I was reading , and picked up my phone checking the date. “The 23rd” I said going back to my book

I didn’t hear anything from Marco for a little bit, assuming he had left but when I looked over he had taken off his shirt and was standing there in his boxers. I chuckled, “What are you doing?” I asked closing the book and looking up at him

Marco placed his hands on his hips, “Don’t you know what time it is?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow taking another look at him, “No, Marco I don’t know what time it is” I said

Instead of answering me Marco lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder causing me to scream slightly, “Marco!” I yelled

“C’mon sweet cakes we’ve got a process to begin” He said smacking my ass

“Marco! What are you talking about? Did someone pour something in your drink?” I asked as we made our way to the bedroom

I heard as he pushed open the door, and then threw me on the bed, not even giving me a moment before hovering over me, “Unless they poured some baby making type potion into my drink nothing is wrong” 


“Bro put that thing back in the fridge” I said coming into the kitchen holding my nose

Marco turned around looking at me, “What?”

“That, put that back in the fridge” I said pointing towards his hands

Marco looked confused, “You mean the fish?” He asked

I nodded, Marco chuckled and put it back. “You know for someone who loves fish, you’ve started to hate the smell of it” He said

“When did fish ever smell good raw?”I asked

He nodded, “True”

“Can you do me a favor if you’re going out?”I asked looking over to him

Marco raised an eyebrow,”Sure what’s up?”

“Can you get me some strawberries” 

“Again, I just brought you some yesterday after practice” He said

I groaned, “Yeah but I finished them just five minutes ago” I said whining

Marco sighed, “Alright fine, I’ll be back” He said grabbing the keys

I smiled, “Love you Marco”I said

“Yeah, yeah I love you too” 

I waited till I heard the car pull out of the driveway before I ran to the bathroom, going underneath the sink I grabbed the box thanking all of the gods that Marco hadn’t found it. And if you were wondering what “it” is it’s a pregnancy test. I’d bought it a couple of days ago because I’ve been feeling pretty weird lately and I haven’t gotten my period for the past two months which I was thankful for but it also made me nervous.

So opening up the box, I grabbed the stick and turned over the box reading the directions. “Well this should be easy right?” I said to myself outloud

Sighing I began to do exactly with the box had said thankful that I drank so much water earlier. After I finished peeing on the pregnancy stick test thingy I set on the sink and clasped my hands together after washing them. 

The box said that I had to wait five minutes and it literally felt like I was waiting forever. Even as I walked back and forth, trying not to think about the stupid thing I still thought about it. Not even Candy Crush got my mind off of it. 

Looking down at my watch for the thirtieth time I let out a sigh after realizing that the time had ended and I could now look at the pregnancy test. I prayed for a good five seconds before shakingly picking up the test. I screamed but then poked my head outside to make sure Marco still wasn’t home.

Sighing, I picked up my phone calling Francesca. “Hello it’s Dominos” She said

I chuckled, “Fran two lines on a pregnancy test mean positive right?”

”Yes Y/N, two lines on a pregnancy-WAIT ARE YOU PREGNANT!” She yelled

I pulled the phone away from my ear, “I think I am” I said

”Oh my god! We’ve gotta go shopping, wait you don’t know what you’re having-Holy shit did you tell Marco yet?” She asked suddenly

”He went to buy strawberries” I said

”Strawberries?” She asked

”Yeah I’ve been craving strawberries”

“And you didn’t think anything of it?” She asked

”Well no because I-“

”Y/N ! Here are your strawberries!” I heard Marco yell as he walked into the house. “Shit I’ve got to go Fran I’ll talk to you later”I said not waiting for a response

Hiding the test, I walked out of the bathroom just as he came over. “I put your strawberries on the counter” He said going to open the door

”Why’re you going in here?” I asked

Marco looked at me and then the door chuckling, “Uh-I don’t know maybe because I have to pee” He said

I laughed nervously, “Right, well I’m gonna go um have a great pee session” I said leaving before he could say something

Going into the kitchen I leaned against the counter sighing in thought. I didn’t even hear when Marco came out the bathroom, “Why are you so out of t?” He asked

”Just thinking, I’ll be right back. I’ve gotta go get something” I said again not waiting for a response.


Walking back inside the house I set the bag down on the counter just as Marco came around in his boxers. I placed my hands up, “Not today my friend” I said

Marco raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry what?” He asked

I stared at him, “What do you have amnesia or something remember the last time you came at me with just your boxers on?” I asked him

Marco thought about it before smirking and leaning against the counter, “Well I’ll have you know that wasn’t my intention, I just came down like this because it’s hot.” He said

I nodded “Sure thing whatever you say”

He smiled, “So whats in the bag?” He asked

I smiled going over and taking out the box, placing it in front of him. Marco looked at me confused, “What is it?” He asked

I smiled, “ Open it” I said

He sighed, fixing himself before going to open the box. I pulled my phone out just to record the moment, “You got me a box, thanks” He said sarcastically

I laughed, “Just Open it “

Marco rolled his eyes before opening the box, and looking confused as balloons came out from the box. He looked over to me and pointed to the balloons now on our ceiling, “You got me balloons?” He asked

I shook my head, “No it’s what inside the box” I said

He raised an eyebrow, and looked inside the box pulling out the smaller box. Placing it on the counter he opened it looking at the cupcakes inside. Removing the cover, Marco stared at the cupcakes and then at me and did that a couple more times,

“You’re lying “ He said shocked

I shook my head, “Nope I’m serious” I said smiling

Marco ran over picking me up and making me drop my phone, spinning me around he smiled looking up at me. “I freaking love you kid” He said placing a kiss on my lips

I chuckled, “I’m not a kid, I’m a year younger than you” I said laughing

”Yeah, Yeah lets go make twins”

Get Away  Joker X Reader

“ Y/N! Y/N! How did you meet The Joker. How were you able to become The Joker mistress” I kicked at all the people that surrounded me, pointing microphones and cameras in my face. “Don’t you see you idiots! I am The Joker!” I let out my imitation of J’s laugh, it was mediocre but it would give the press something for the six o'clock news. “Tell em Jimmy please” I said to Jim Gordon who held my arms tightly. When he ignored me I leaned into him flicking my tongue around in his ear. ‘Tell em baby’ I said before I was torn away by another pair of arms and thrown roughly in a cop car the door slammed in my face. I pouted running my finger down my face to symbolize a tear drop. He didn’t pay any mind only averting his attention to  dismissing the crowd. I shrugged off the heartbreak ol Jimmy had given me and looked around the rig. It was one of the “new’ cop cars. They were some brand spankin’ new sports car all tricked out on the inside to be completely “Villain proof” seeing that Gotham has it’s fair share of rogues. Basically they bulked the interior and made it harder to pick the door locks or to kick out the windows. Not much of an improvement but they were trying. I chuckled looking at the two male officers one was older and had worked for the GCPD long before I ever came to town, the other though was different. He had dark black hair, a handsome face and something nervous about him… I bit my tongue thinking what his dilemma could be. Most of the time cops were confident, or at least pretended they were unless they were- I clapped my hands together smiling at the boy. New recruits. He could be easily swayed. “Hey Mister old guy?” I said tapping on the glass. He looked quickly into the rearview nodding my head so I could speak. “Where are you taking me and is it going to be close because I have to go to the bathroom. You guys really shook me up out there.” The old man seemed to think for a minute then spoke softly into his radio. I leaned closer but was rejected when the old cop rapped his knuckle on the glass. ‘When we transfer you at the station then you will be permitted to use the restroom” I pumped my knuckle “Yes!” I exclaimed throwing myself back up against the surprisingly comfortable seat. If things kept going as smoothly as they were I would be back with J in no time. I stopped my excitement thinking of why I was in this position in the first place. He had left me unconscious at the crime scene not even thinking to send somebody back to get me. For how much of a man J seems to be he really is a coward. A coward and a brat and a self-centered, Narcissistic butthead. I crossed my arms kicking the seat slightly. Maybe I wouldn’t go back to him. I could always shack up with Two-Face, I saw him checking me out at the last shoot-out. A man has never looked at me the way Harvey did, maybe it was his old self peeking through. He was a gentleman. Not once did he order his men, or point his own gun, to shoot me even though I shot three of his people before taking a hint and stopping. I dropped my gun winked at Harv and climbed into J’s car. Not only that but being with Harvey would drive J wild! He would go off on a jealous rampage destroying anything in his path. I imagined J driving madly through the streets turning his gun to innocents walking down the streets, well most of the people roaming the streets during late night Gotham probably weren’t as innocent as one would think. My girly fantasies came to a halt when reality hit me. If he wouldn’t save me from the police why would he care if I was with Harvey. He wouldn’t even save my life, though I was capable of doing it myself a girl needs a little reassurance. I cast my eyes up to the rear view mirror. My black hair was all knotted and wild, my makeup was smeared slightly around my eyes, even my nails had started to chip everything was giving up on me. Sadly I slumped over picking at a piece of string that struck out of the leather seats until there was a loud knock at my door. It was the old guy. “We are here.” I popped up smiling. The show must go on. He tightened my cuffs holding my arms firmly but respectfully until we got into the building where he chained my cuffs to the prisoner bike rack. It wasn’t really a bike rack but had the same principal. It was a long metal bar that had individual chains, that were reasonable separated from one another so a rogue couldn’t grab one and do what they please. Anyway, the police officer then wraps the chain into the cuff and locks it with a padlock they are given at the beginning of a briefing. It was fun but not as fun as a real bike rack. ‘Hey Mister!” I said kindly “May I go to the bathroom now?” He sighed looking around hesitantly, I don’t blame him. If I were in his situation i wouldn’t trust me either. “I will take her” the cops little buddy exclaimed suddenly rubbing his hands together. The old cop looked at him questionably then nodded. “You know where the prisoners John is right Seymore?” He nodded frantically smiling shyly. “Down the hall three rights over.” I squinted suspiciously at his enthusiasm.  What was this guy’s motive?Suddenly I felt vulnerable. Usually J was by my side when I encountered strange men protecting me from any weird thing they might do. My heart ached at his absence. The young cop walked towards me unlocking my padlock with nervous hands. Slyly I snaked towards him nibbling on his neck. He stepped back calmly yanking on my arm. “Are you sure you can handle this?” Seymour nodded his head confidently and tugged on my arm impatiently. Panic flooded into my chest causing it to tighten it was never good when a cop doesn’t have a violent reaction to your sexual advantages. We walked down the worn halls of the GCPD his hands growing more sweaty as we advanced. I thought of running now, only at the risk of being shot which I had my doubts knowing that in my case they would shoot to kill and honestly I wasn’t ready to die. “Down here Miss” I snapped out of my own little world looking at him in confusion. ‘Misses?!?’ I thought to myself. “Oh right” I said striding towards him with false confidence. He opened the door letting me in first then walked in quickly behind me. The bathroom was really small, for convenience of detainment of course, and starkly white. So white it was almost uncomfortable. I slowly walked over to the toilet looking back at the officer. “A Little privacy please? Cops in this town” He just stared at me with something I had only seen in the eyes of the perverts that wandered outside of J’s strip clubs. He never allowed them in. “Those are very very bad men, my sweet.” he would say lightly dragging his white gloved hand up my chin. I would just smile at him and continue to get out of the car, noticing how their eyes lingered a little too long and how when they came towards you they stood a little too close. On that particular night I remember this younger man with light brown hair stalked towards me. I didn’t see him before hand. I was to captivated with how the pink and white lights sparkled around J like he was an angel. Abruptly I felt a squeeze on my leg. “Who the-” I turned around and froze in something I hadn’t felt in ages.. Fear. He tenderly put a knife to my throat and shushed me motioning me to come closer. I nodded my head discreetly tapping the bodyguards hand hoping he would heed to my call for help. My feet were shaky in my heels as I stepped down off of the curb. ‘Oh shit not tonight god please. Like I know we aren’t on the best of terms  but come on I look to good to die tonight’ I prayed quietly in my head. “My dear? May I ask where you are going?” J said curiously. I turned showing him the knife the creep had at my throat. Something close to anger sparked in J’s eyes but knowing him he would never fully show it unironically. “Look what you’ve gotten yourself. Ya’ know” I said stepping off of the sidewalk and down onto the street, the man pulled my arm harder wanting me to continue down the street. I stayed put looking into the blue eyes that came closer and closer. “She’s a tricky one you know” The man put the knife tighter against my neck quivering. “Step back or she dies.” he said lacking the umph he was hoping to have. J laughed wildly taking out his pistol and blowing him away. The knife streaked across my neck as the man fell. For a split second I thought I was dead. I was going to bleed out on my new dress but I didn’t. My arms seemed to throw themselves over J’s shoulders. He chuckled softly in my ear before leading me safely into the club.

“No one will believe you if you tell them and if you scream I will shoot” I was startled by the voice. “What” I said seeing  Seymour standing in front of me his pants unbuckled. A sour shock stung in my mouth. Fear. “Hey bud. News flash I ain’t yours to be touchin.” He stuck his gun to my head with a sinister chuckle. “Bend over” he whispered in my ear. Part of me screamed to fight back. Snatch the gun out of his hand and waste him. I would be cooked though. Shot ead by whatever cop stormed the door. So I just nodded bending over.

His hands were cold as they found their way to my hips violently he ripped my pants down with a groan. I bit back tears.


The cop stopped what he was doing. Looking quickly to the door. I laughed letting the warm tears fall down my face. “You’re as good as dead now”

A gunshot blasted through the door, ripping through Seymour’s poor chest. Drops of blood and chunks of skin splattered through the air. I sighed in relief watching his body slump on the ground, his blood spilling out around him like he was swimming in a pool of his own life. The door flew in and my knight in white.. Well my knight in a purple suit came in pointing his machine gun directly at me. “J” I said weakly happy to see him. “There you are baby” he said kneeling down next to me. I crushed my lips into his savoring every second. “Did he hurt cha baby?” he said jealously slowly collecting in his face. “He didn’t just please take me home. This place is a dump” I tried to shake off the day but he wouldn’t give. “Are ya sure kitten? Cause it looks like we’ve got a breather.” Mischief entered in his eyes as he motioned to the poor sack on the ground. I smiled “Well in that case-”

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Sword Art Online II — Episode 12: Phantom Bullet - Preview Screencaps

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