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[Allure] K-Pop Group BTS Reveals Its Biggest Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin

Written by Devon Abelman

Last month, BTS, a K-Pop group from Seoul, cemented itself in American pop culture by winning the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards. The second the boy band hit the magenta red carpet, thousands were exposed to the wonders of K-Pop. Since then, people have been quick to call BTS, which is short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English), the One Direction of South Korea. However, that’s just an easy way to give them some context. In reality, BTS is actually completely different. Why? The seven-piece group’s performances are complete with flawless choreography, expert rapping, high-fashion looks, and insanely catchy vocals. Oh yeah, and they look damn good while doing so.

No matter where BTS is, their skin is forever smooth and has an enviable glow to it. Their eyes are typically adorned with a subtle smoky eye look, which both Jin and Jimin told me is their favorite part of wearing makeup. Their lips always have that popsicle-stained look that everyone’s been craving lately. Their hair colors are constantly changing, too. In 2017 alone, Jimin’s hair has been bubblegum pink, silver, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, and caramel brown. If they had to choose just one shade, though, Rap Monster tells Allure that he prefers “ash gray and ash blue because these complement my skin tone well.” Agreed. Also, Suga added that his favorite hair color is blonde because “I just need to de-color and that’s it.”

The beauty aspect of BTS’s fame alone separates them from the likes of One Direction, the Jonas Brothers, and the Backstreet Boys. And their legions of fans, lovingly called A.R.M.Y., live for it. YouTube is filled with makeup tutorials inspired by looks from BTS’s music videos. A whole Tumblr account called Dewy Bangtan is even devoted to tracking down the beauty products BTS uses based on screenshots from behind-the-scenes videos.

Why is it important to you to take good care of your skin?

Jin: “Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it’s equally important to take good care of my skin — that’s a pivotal part of my face.”

J-Hope: “Taking good care of your skin is the No.1 rule for all celebs. I get to meet a lot of fans face-to-face at fan meetings and similar events, and I’d like to look my best for them.”

What’s your biggest skin concern?

Rap Monster: “My skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it [moisturized]. I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well.”

Jungkook: “I get pimples sometimes, and it’s very stressful.”

You guys travel a lot. Do you do any skin-care treatments while you’re on the plane to keep your skin from freaking out?

V: “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much.”

Jimin: “I don’t really do anything extra special for my skin on the plane, but I try to drink as much water as possible.”

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

V: “I’ve been looking for my absolute favorite beauty product for a long time because my skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. I haven’t found the right one, but I’m not giving up! Any recommendations?”

What is your skin routine like?

J-Hope: “[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream. [At night, the steps are] toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream.”

Jungkook: “Toner and cream for night and morning routine.”

A lot of people find skin care routines to be a form of self care. Do you agree?

Rap Monster: “I totally agree. My favorite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work.”

Jimin: “I do agree because I try to clear my mind by cleansing my face after performances.”

Do you have any bad skin care habits?

Suga: “My bad habit is that I don’t take care of my skin.”

V: “I don’t particularly have a bad habit, but I’m worried about my skin having lack of elasticity. How can I prevent this?”

Are there any Korean beauty trends that you particularly love?

Jin: “I love sheet masks. I try to put them on whenever I feel my skin is dry and exposed too much to the sun. They help me make up for lost moisture and brighten my skin.”

Do you have any go-to skin care tips for clear, glowing skin?

J-Hope: “I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work.”

Jungkook: “I wish I had one! Let me know, and I’ll try.”

Excuse me while I send Jungkook my list. If I learned anything from the Bangtan Boys, it’s staying diligent with toner, using it day and night (and on the plane). If you need a recc or two, Allure editors are loving the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner and the Milk Makeup Matcha Toner right now.

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Hey dude how do you feel about all the pewdiepie drama lately? Honestly I still love him, he made mistakes trying to make a joke and he realized what he did was not cool and apologised. I dont think he deserves all the backslashes and hate he's gotten. But anyway what do you think?

(this post is talking to people generally, not specifically to you, the person who asked. :>) 


cuz I’m getting so many asks on it. 

I was in California for when this situation happened in Long Beach comicon from an event I literally came back from tonight, and I’m, both disgusted, and I’m not even surprised that this happened. If anything, I’m surprised it took so long for everyone else to finally chip in and see the vulgarity that the media is placing on Pewdiepie. 

I watch Pewdiepie’s videos every day. I also watch him more often and favor him over literally any other channel for he’s even apart of my daily routine. I wake up, watch the new vid that came out, and then draw. He’s by far my favorite channel, (I know, CRAZY! innocent little me doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy his entertainment, but I truly do, and will be a bro forever. XD lolol) and because I’ve been actively watching him without fail as a big fan of him for the past year, I’ve seen from the beginning how the media has placed attack after attack on him, warping what he says out of context to make him out to be a monster, when he is infact NOT. because I would watch the videos first and see the context of his videos before the media threw lies at him. The proof, in my opinion, is undeniable that pewdiepie is being attacked. It’s actually because of how I see raw proof of evidence of how disgusting the media is that I don’t trust a lot of news I see anywhere, even regarding politics because the media targets that like it’s a gold mine. (because for them it is. it’s all about money to the media, NOT morals or standers, click bate and ad rev and controling people’s views and opinions so they can keep wracking in more money for later scandalous news articles and reports. it’s all a fake greedy glutenous ploy for money.) So seeing what happens to pewdiepie, I don’t trust most media, because they are the same people that make news on everything, even to people I don’t always agree with or support such as Donald Trump. I will say that I am definitely not a Trump supporter, but the media does the same thing to him as they are doing to Pewdiepie, they are in the same position, Just… food for thought… 

Now when I say this, I want to make it clear that my point when I say this is that, be careful what you believe when it comes to hollywood, news, the media, the press, even when it comes to people you hate, or love.  

I may be only 22, so it’s probably not saying much when I say this, but I have NEVER seen the media, the press, news, even the bias of some teachers in education, Hollywood, etc become so full of lies, let alone people be so GULLIBLE as to believe whomever gets to them first, and then believe it without question, or do any background check, or research. The people that think Pewdiepie is what the media is making him out to be, is just as ridiculous to me as the media itself who is accusing him of these horrendous labels. Like seriously, the least you can do is watch his videos to actually see what’s going on. it takes all of 15 minutes. I don’t understand how people can be so disgustingly violent and ready to believe and hate and disrespect someone so quickly just because someone pointed the finger to them, let alone with false evidence, when they have NO idea what the story is? HOW Can you people be so hypocritical to call someone scum, and then act like scum, TO SOMEONE WHO IS INNOCENT!

basically, the media is disgusting, and I’ve seen it’s vulgarity for a while, and I find the people that believe it to be wrong too, especially when they spread hate themselves and lets the media control their views.  

Look, I’m not saying that Pewdiepie’s jokes were in good taste, and that labeling it as “oh it’s just a joke” justifies the bad joke he made, and I can understand why it would be offensive to some. but an offensive joke is something worth forgiving, that’s just a mistake, and it’s a COMMON mistake that many do, everyone is guilty. it only matters because he’s in the public eye. like it’s not like he raped someone, or committed murder. and unlike those things, a joke, does NOT define a person for what they truly believe in, that’s why it’s a “joke”. So to call pewdiepie any of the horrendous names that the media is labeling him under, is absolute slander and bull, it’s disgusting, it’s inhumane considering the fact that it’s literally an all out attack to give attempts in ruining his career, Just So the media can make money off of a story that isn’t even true.

I see other’s such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, h3h3, CToastKen, even The Amazing Atheist who hates pewdiepie, etc. defending pewdiepie, and these hypocritical “social justice warriors” who’s blindly follow the horrific media trying to tear down Markiplier and all who defend pewdiepie with hate, and calling them homophobic, racist, nazi, kkk, antisemetic etc. I even saw people accusing Markiplier, one of the most genuine and respectful people on youtube’s platform, being called these things today…So originally, being a small tiny youtuber in comparison to the giant youtubers who are being attacked just for defending a friend who is innocent…. I was scared to talk about this subject, because unlike them, a lot of hate for me defending pewdiepie can seriously hurt my channel…. And chances are, I will receive hate for this post, and will be labeled the same things as them. but ya know what?… I don’t care… And if people don’t agree with me and think I’m a homophobe, or a sexist, or a racist, and attack people and tell people to go die over a situation you don’t even know, (despite that I’m a female, feminist, liberal that is apart of the LGBT community) you can gladly unsub to me if you so desire. And I will respect that. because respect, is important. it’s not easy to respect someone you don’t agree with, or even someone who hurts you, it definitely takes the bigger person to respect something you don’t agree with, And it seems like a lost trait these days… 

So I’m ready and prepared for whatever is thrown at me once I click that little blue button saying “post” in the bottom right corner of my post. 

I completely 100,000% defend Pewdiepie, and stand firmly by him. The Media is disgusting.

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wait what does kyungsoo have that other's dont?👀

!!! ok so this is gonna be really long bc like there’s gonna be a lot of pics and translations (all of them are from @fydk-translations !) but here it is, the one thing that ksoo have that others dont is….

Churro King’s ultimate love and support!!

okkk so i’ve been thinking about it and how ksoo’s basically one of their most loyal customers like?? apparently it started by one of kyungsoo’s fansites sending kyungsoo some churro trucks since like aaages ago back even back during his cart filming

i actually have no clue when this was

cart filming!! 

during its okay its love

okay aNYWAY…. i think ksoo must’ve taken a liking of them?? bc as we know he started to order them for basically like EVERYTHING but it started to become really apparent ever since he ordered one for sehun and baek

ok so i wont be posting anymore pics of the food trucks but what really got my attention is their instagram caption everytime churro king updates. at first it was just simple information about the food truck and how ksoo sent them you know but i think as time pass…. they got fonder of ksoo……… like……… their captions…… are so sweet….

like that time when exo prepared food for exo-l and then ksoo prepared churros

‘we love you #DoKyungsoo’ ‘We are always supporting you #D.O.Best’ uh?? i wrote the caption

he sent like a lot for his film projects but honestly their instagram captions are like the best thinG????

like during his shooting drama for positive physique he sent one but he doesnt want anybody to know its him so they went all

like… bro…. same i would be upset too

and then during room no7 ksoo reserved the truck for two days

‘We are even fonder of him …… from Cart til now’ ‘whenever he or EXO appears on TV, we stop to keep watching’ my heart??? burst???? tears????

after two times being sent in churro king went for room no7 set again…. BC SEHUN SENT THEM!!!!

smh sehun only gave them 1 hour to prepare and i know that its probably like a customer satisfaction thing that they actually need to do it but ‘It’s not for just anyone after all, but Kyungsoo’ DAMN BOI!!! ME!!!! SAME!!! ‘You’ll be up late; have strength to the end.’ *shaking* i….. i ghost wrote it…….. every night i thought of this……….

and during with god filming, ksoo sent one in too when he actually finished his parts of the movie. apparently here, they were reserved for both room no. 7 and with god and….. look at this gem……..

THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH!!! THIS WHOLE, look at this!! ‘He’s really quite delicate and warm’ uhm yes ‘His message of encouragement was concise, and the design simple like it. But his warm heart is quite clear in the short message.’ this!!!!! !!!! thiS WHOLE SENTENCE basically summarizes ksoo, that he’s a man of few words but you always know he has good intentions and he says what he needs to say. honestly….. this warms me so much like………. i dont even know how to explain it???

HONESTLY, churro king truck…… they love ksoo…… they love ksoo SO MUCH theyre basically an EXO-L they first got called in from fansites to support ksoo but like a dream come true it’s ksoo who started calling them…… they got closer to ksoo, getting to know him, getting fond of him………… and like wow for real ult goals…. and seriously thanku so much for churro king adklfs this might seem really funny but jokes aside they take good care of ksoo so thankyou a lot:(((( wow:((( my heart hurts

Fanart Monday!

After some weeks, finally, I can do this again!!

There are so many fanarts omg xD And some birthday gifts I never got to post?? I’m sorry!! But you’ll get all my love now!!

Fanart of the week by @goldendragonsflower!! Thanks for giving me a wonderful dose of creepy!! There’s no way Frisk can get out of that situation now… 

More under the wonderful, sexy cut <3

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Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo

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Request - Could you please do a Harry x reader where’s she’s the daughter of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen so she’s really good at cooking and Harry always bothers her to make him little snacks and pastries so they end up baking late at night
Requested by - Anonymous
Word Count - 1,158
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Tiana and Naveen’s Daughter)

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oh, baby [draco malfoy]

request: “Could u do Draco x reader with prompts 97 and 103 please? It would be so interesting plus I love your writing. You’re so cool xoxo” -anon

word count: ~3000

a/n: why thank u anon, i AM pretty cool! (kidding im actually SO lame like u dont even know omG) anyway i wrote this at like 3 am and im posting it at 5 am so. i’m a few hours late (like a day actually but who’s counting, NOT ME) but happy bday to the real OG man draco malfoy! now enjoy this hot mess of sleep deprivation, angst, snark, and marina and the diamonds inspiration

97: “i don’t want to have a baby.”

103: “i had to see you again.”

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why wont the "ironic" dan hate will stop:(

this is a thing i have a long opinion about so get ready lol. i assume youre referring to the reply someone tweeted calling dans posts overrated and stale but that was a funny reply to his instagram coffee post. i personally think its just a joke and that he would find it funny as well - we all know that he enjoys joking around with us. but there is a big part of the ironic hate that really bugs me and i wish people would stop doing it.

a lot of people defend phil when he gets any hate (nothing wrong with that! just adding here for comparison) but when it comes to dan those same people will call his videos annoying, boring, not special etc. and, you know, everyone has opinions on things but those people do it because “oh hes dan, he can take the hate”.

do you ever just stop and admire how flustered he gets when someone compliments him? its so adorable, he gets all giggly and blushes and lately you can see that even more. its okay to joke with things like this coffee post (needless to say that it has its own limits as well) but when those jokes start to turn into general rudeness thats when it crosses the line. 

i remember when he talked about making a really important video earlier this year. everyone got really excited but instead of that video he uploaded another episode of the internet support group. now some people just said “oh well he just didnt feel like uploading that video anymore, i respect that” but others freaked out soo much! they started to complain (and that complaining went over the kind critical opinion line) but they did it all because “he can take it”. if i was him, i would have felt very insecure and self conscious. (a little tangent here - i feel like something people often forget is that in the end, we are their audience. we are not their friends or family and we dont have the right to know certain things they decide to keep private. we also dont have the right to directly control what they put on youtube - its their channels anyway)

in conclusion, joking is fine on certain things but when youre straight up insulting him under the excuse of “he doesnt care, he can manage it”, it just isnt okay. yes, he has been on the internet long enough to know he is gonna get hate one way or another, but its so easy to just be kind! especially when we know how much thinking and effort goes into his content.


for those who know how heartbroken I was when Jen had to cancel OUATTOR I  thought my wish to meet Jen was over, crushed and done but I got the opportunity to go to NYC for my birthday and what happened was beyond my expectation because it was such a magical moment all 4 time I got to see Jen.

Day 1: June 22nd MY BIRTHDAY 

of course I was a nervous wreck ,we wouldn’t wait to go the the theatre we arrived about 1 hours earlier :P and we kept joking about running into Jen in a Starbucks located near the theatre but the unexpected happened, we were on the street and my friend @jollyoldroger goes “DON’T LOOK DON’T LOOK” yeah like I wasn’t gonna look, Jen walked right next to us O_O, she was running late and because we forgot to speak she went right away inside. while us outside FREAKING THE BEJEESUUS OUT of what happened. I started crying LOL. 

the doors open, we had front row tickets it was THAT CLOSE. my friend kept teasing me about my face, which I probably looked like a total idiot for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, I mean that lingerie scene DEAR LORD AND EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY, and every single outfit she wears on stage OMG!!!seeing Jen perform on stage is surreal. (back on her character later)

we decided to stay pretty much last (we didn’t have much choice in the matter anyway) but when she finally to me , she probably thought I had some kind of speech issues, my voice sounded so shaky and horrible I WAS SO NERVOUS HOLY SHIT but I managed to ask her to write a quote for a tattoo and she did it and actually used my back to write it down, she was so focus, make sure to get it right, I was shaking she told me “dont move”  RIGHT If that was easy ‘JMO is using me as a board’. I gave her a gift I told her it was for her and Ava and she was like “awwww thats so sweet thank you awwwww” and she hugged me.

Day 2: June 23rd 

I had a different different view from the stage and yes the LINGERIE scene 

I wanted to take a video of the curtain call because it gets SO LOUD for Jen and she makes this adorable shy expression and its tooo daaaamn adorableeeeeee but yeah i like following rules (sometimes :/ and because I was coming back the next day) I didn’t do it LOL. but seeing it 4 time yeah WOW

this time meeting her, I asked her to sign my phone case LOL and she took my phone to take a selfie, she is a selfie PRO! I actually look good. 

Day 3: June 24th ( DOUBLE SHOOT)

I got my tattoo in the morning I got to the theatre just in time for the play. I was excited to show Jen the tattoo and I had a gift for her that I made she said “OMG this is amazing, I have to be very careful” and then I showed her the tattoo she said “OMG THATS INCREDIBLE” once again she took my phone to take a selfie and I do look good, its the Jen magic because I’m a potato. after the later show once again we waited last (its much much better) 

she gets to me and she signed a CS wedding pic (I will post it later because she wrote something that yeah ITS PRETTY AWESOME LOL. HINT: something I like A LOT) when I was about to leave she grabbed my arm and called Quincy and Sue were near by and showed them my tattoo and she said “I did it for her on her birthday (HOLY CATS SHE REMEMBERS) and she got it this morning” Quincy and Sue were like “wow thats incredible” and Jen said “My brave girl, I’m so proud” 

I think she read my letter because I explained why I wanted that specific quote. and when she told me that she had this face: 

and this all happened after the incident no worth mention because people like that doesn’t deserve any attention!


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Ok so about the leak. I AM NOT ASKING TO SEE IT I just want to ask if he REALLY is wearing his jacket or its just an assumption because I was there when it happened *sad post-battle music* and I saw some of it and I remember people drawing over it and what not but it was never a 100% conclusion and I honestly DO NOT CARE ABOUT IT but I see people mentioning it ALL THE TIME lately without even seeing it (WHICH IS HOW IT SHOULD BE) but I dont want them to get their hopes up to much. Love you

i’m just going to write down all my thoughts about this dnfbsdfsd i have no clue if he’s actually wearing lance’s jacket because what was around keith’s neck in the leak was just some sort of cloth that had folds that COULD be the hood on lance’s jacket, like it is possible that it’s his jacket because it looks similar, but it’s obviously not a 100% thing because it could also just be a blanket… or a possible wardrobe change? i was always very skeptical about it at first too because i was there when that whole dealio happened and i remember people saying O: could that be lance’s jacket… and at the time i just didn’t think it could have realistically played out in the show at that point with their development and the circumstances… but after watching s3, it’s got me thinking about it again, for sure… because s3 gave us some… changes that could end up realistically leading up to some sort of scenario like this happening…

  • we all saw how much lance supported keith in s3, we all saw how their relationship evolved a lot… it isn’t far fetched to think that lance would indeed offer his jacket to keith if he really needed it for some reason which brings me to my next bullet point…
  • keith being part galra hasn’t really been touched on yet and there’s no way they aren’t planning more for it… in the leak it appears like fur is growing on his ear or, at least, something is happening to his ear while he appears to be in pain… it’s possible he is experiencing some sort of transformation. what triggers this transformation if it is indeed happening? i have no flippin clue… it might possibly end up being because of something lotor does…??? anyways, we know keith’s jacket doesn’t have a hood… but lance’s does so keith might either ask lance for his jacket so he can cover it up, or lance himself offers it to him
  • then, we have the whole shiro being a clone thing… like i’m pretty damn sure that’s 100% true and i’m pretty sure keith has already picked up on something being off about him. if he somehow hasn’t yet, he definitely will because he knows shiro better than anyone… so, it would make sense that keith wouldn’t confide in shiro about him experiencing some weird transformation… it would make sense that he’d distance himself from this shiro, in general… and it would make sense, given their development in s3, that keith would go to lance about it instead

so yeah… this shit is definitely not 100% at all, it’s all just speculation but at this point, it’s not as if something like this happening is impossible… 

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anyways im in an expensive headphones mood so tht with 3, 10, 24 and 46,,


well anyway this was longer than i expected
hope u like it!!


3. “It’s three in the morning.”

10. “Come here.”

24. “You’re trembling.”

46. “What happens if I do this?”


Michael woke up when he heard his phone buzzing. And buzzing again. And again.

Whoever it might be, it’s obvious they were desperate for an answer. Michael took his phone, squinting at the sudden light. Three messages from Rich.

R [3:02am]: hey man i know its fucking late but i really need to talk to you right now

R [3:02am]: like

R [3:02am]: RIGHT NOW

M [3:03am]: dude its three in the morning

R [3:03am]: please man im already outside

R [3:03am]: i know its really fucking sudden but i needed to get away from home and like

R [3:03am]: i need to talk

R [3:04am]: especially with you

M [3:05am]: okay, can you climb through the window?

R [3:05am]: yeah just turn on the light or smth so i can tell which window it is

M [3:05am]: on it

Michael took his glasses and got up to turn on the lights.

M [3:06am]: k come here

M [3:06am]: wait im without my binder let me just change to a hoodie real quick

R [3:06am]: okay

R [3:06am]: you know i dont mind though right

R [3:06am]: whatever makes you comfortable

M [3:07am]: yeah thanks

M [3:07am]: its more for comfort than passing around you tbh

M [3:07am]: (i already have the hoodie on you can come in)

R [3:08am]: thanks man, be there in a moment

Rich the Bicon

Last seen today, 3:08am

Michael sat on the edge of his bed, waiting. What’s so urgent he needs to talk to me this late?

A few moments later, Rich climbed through the window, breathing deeply. “Hey. Sorry for the short notice.”

“You’re.. You’re trembling.”

“Nice to see you too, Mikey.” He closed the window, taking a deep breath.

Michael patted the place next to him and Rich moved closer, sitting down. “But seriously, man, what’s wrong? You’re shaking and you’re not usually awake at 3am. C’mon, tell me what happened.” He wrapped a hand around Rich, careful to not make him uncomfortable. He didn’t know what was wrong, so he hoped he wasn’t making it worse.

Rich moved closer to Michael, relaxing a bit under his touch. “Just… Give me a moment, okay?”

“Okay. No worries, man.”

They sat in silence for a while, Michael gently rubbing Rich’s back while the other boy collected his thoughts. He closed his eyes and leaned on Michael’s shoulder, letting him have a better look at his face.

Rich looked exhausted. The skin around his eyes and nose was red and puffy, the bags under his eyes looked worse than ever and his hair was messy.

On the other hand, this might just be because of the climbing.

Michael started humming quietly, hoping it will help Rich relax. And to some extent, it did - he still looked pretty terrible, but he wasn’t as tense and the trembling has almost stopped. After some time Rich opened his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Okay. I think I’m better now.” Michael nodded and was about to answer when Rich shook his head. “Nope. No. Nevermind, I take that back.”

Michael looked at him, worried. “Wha-”

“No no no no please stop caring oh my God it’s making it worse.”

“Making what worse, Rich? I- Am I doing something wrong?”

Rich shook his head again, quicker this time. “No no no! You’re doing everything fine, really, you’re fine and everything about you is fine in general and-”

He stopped suddenly, his gaze dropping to the floor. “N-nevermind, I- This was stupid. Fuck, I- I’m gonna go now-”

Rich tried to move away but Michael grabbed his hands. “Dude, look at me, okay? Whatever it is, it’s obviously bugging you a lot. It’s not stupid.”

“But it is stupid and I can’t fucking tell you why cause truth is I’m honestly terrified of how you might react!”

“Woah, dude, just- Relax a little, yeah? Keep your voice down. I.. Why would you be scared of how I might react?”

Rich looked at Michael quietly, shaking again. “Because you’re so nice and sweet and funny and I’m so, so fucking scared of messing everything up like I always do, but I guess I already started so there’s no fucking point to just stop here, right?” Rich chuckled, trying to not break down.

Is he saying what I think he’s saying?

“You’re so great and amazing and I’m just a fuck-up and you’re also the reason why I realized I was bi and, God, what will happen if I just do this?”

“Do wha-”

Michael’s words got cut as Rich pressed their lips together. He had no idea what to do now, and the only thing he managed to do was think: Holy fuck he likes me too he likes me he fucking likes me-

Rich moved away, pale. “I’m sorry oh God I’m so, so sorry-”

This time, it was Michael who pressed their lips together, wrapping his hands around Rich’s neck. The shorter boy basically melted, closing his eyes. A few moment later Michael pulled away to breathe, but Rich moved forward towards him - he waited for this moment for so long, and he really didn’t want it to end.

He looked at Michael, breathing heavily. “So, uh, you..”

“I like you too, yeah.”

Rich grinned at him and pulled him in for a hug, making the other boy smile.


this was so fucking fun to write oh my god

hope u liked it!!!!!

I thought I could handle it (DT)

hey guys! here’s a requested imagine for the twins! Unfortunately the original request was deleted but basically its about the hate the reader gets after they are in more and more snapchats/posts and fluffy twin comfort. hope you enjoy! 

Requested by @badwolfgirlatbakerst ILY BBY <3

Warnings: like one curse word lol, hate comments

Word count: 1199

“Y/NNNNN!” Grayson sang as he thrust his iPhone camera in my face, recording a snapchat.

“Gray, stop! I told you I don’t want you to put me on the internet!” My hands flew to my face in an attempt to conceal it.

“Oh, come on,” he whined, lowering his phone finally. “Is it really that big of a deal?”

“Yes, Grayson,” I sighed, running an exasperated hand through my hair. “I told you, do you know how much hate you would get if your fans thought you were hanging out with a girl? How much I would get? I don’t want you guys getting hurt. And you know I’m pretty tough, but I already have too much on my plate, I don’t need the extra stress.”

“Sorry,” He whispered, looking down at his feet. I sighed, realizing too late that I had hurt his feelings. “Look, it’s not your fault. I know I’m your guy's’ best friend, and you want to show me off.”

I tipped his sharp chin up, looking into those bright hazel eyes. “Ughh,” I groaned, breaking at the sight of those puppy dog eyes. “Fine, If you really want to post something with me in it, you can.” How bad could it be? I could handle it. I was a big girl.

“YES!” He jumped up and down like an overly hyper rabbit. “Can we take an Instagram picture?”

“Sure. But be careful there, sonny, or those sweatpants are gonna come down with all that jumping,” I giggled, shaking my head.

“Bet you wouldn’t mind that to much,” he said, sticking out his tongue and wiggling it.

“You’re disgusting!” I yelled, waving behind me as I made my way into the main floor of the warehouse. He followed not far after me, ready to snap a picture.

A few days later I flopped down on my bed, trying and failing several times to unlock my phone with the fingerprint, and eventually gave up and put in the passcode. Already people had found my Instagram and twitter even though the boys hadn’t tagged me, and I had gained dramatically. I opened the twitter app and scrolled through, trying to avoid the hate comments as best as I could, until one particularly nasty one caught my eye. And then another. And another.

@twitteruser: Ewww wtf is wrong with her? Do you know how many people want to be in her position. Ugly ungrateful slut

@fanacct: she doesn’t deserve to be friends with them

@fanpage: why are they hanging out with someone like her, gross

This was under a repost of the snapchat video Gray had posted of me that day, when I was covering my face.

I almost choked on my own spit. Jesus Christ, how could people be so cruel? They didn’t even know me!

And then I couldn’t stop scrolling, scrolling and scrolling through hate comment after hate comment. My Insta and Twitter were spammed with them, and even though I tried to not let them get to me, of course they did. And soon, the tears began to fall.

Goddamnit, pull yourself together! I snapped at myself. I took a quick shower to try and calm myself down, but to no avail. So what to do now? Call Grayson? No, he would immediately know something was up just based on my voice. E would too; they knew me too well.

I gave a small laugh through my wet cheeks as I thought of how the boys and I had met. I had literally tripped and fallen right into Ethan’s arms, earning the first of many snarky comments his brother would make, “Yo, did you just fall for him?”

We had talked for a few more minutes, and then agreed to keep in touch. And here we are now.

I decided to text Ethan, just to ask if we could talk. What I was going to say, I had no idea.

Y/N: hey E, you up?

It was only a matter of seconds before the three typing bubbles popped up.

Eth: yeah whats up

I typed for awhile, trying to work out what to say, but eventually gave up.

Eth: are you okay? Why did you stop typing

Y/N: oh sorry I’m fine

Y/N: idk why I texted lol nvm

Eth: do u want me and gray to come over

Y/N: no, dont I’m fine

Eth: i can literally tell youre not over text

Eth: best friend brain power

Eth: yee haw

Eth: idk what that was lol

Eth: anyways G and I are on our way

Y/N: ethan stop you don’t need to really im okay

Eth: be there in a few

Fuck. Now I had both twins already on their way to my apartment. I moped around for a few minutes, trying to configure what I would say to them. How would I explain? I was never good at talking about my feelings.

A soft knock on the door woke me from my thoughts, and I went to answer it. I looked like shit, my hair still wet, eyes red from crying, and only in shorts and a sweatshirt that I had nabbed from Ethan’s room when he wasn’t looking, but I honestly didn’t care.

“Hey,” Ethan said brightly as he entered the living room, Gray trailing not too far behind. E immediately pulled me into a hug. “What’s going on, Y/NN?”

I nuzzled into his shirt, smelling his musky scent. “I told you this would happen,” I mumbled.

“What?” Ethan said carefully, gently releasing me and taking me over to the couch.

“I told you guys this would happen. I thought I could handle it, but I guess not.” I scrubbed at my eyes and tear-streaked face.

“What happened?” Gray reiterated, sitting down on the other side of me and taking my hands in his.

“Have you guys checked your Twitter comments recently? Or the instagram ones on the photo we took to together?” When both boys shook their heads I sighed and continued. “They’re writing awful things about me, guys. Some stuff I don’t even-” My voice broke. “-don’t even want to repeat.”

Both of them looked horrified. “Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry, this was my idea, I shouldn’t have pushed you-” Grayson gushed, but I interrupted.

“It’s not your fault, Gray. But it just hurts, that’s all.”

“Listen,” Ethan said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “You are worth so much to us. So much you don’t even know.”

Grayson nodded fervently. “Don’t listen to them, Y/N. We love you so much.”

“I know, but it’s hard, ya know?”

“Oh we definitely know,” Ethan said. “But you can get through this. You’re a smart, kind, strong, and beautiful woman. And we won’t stand for this. I’ll tweet something out as soon as possible.”

“I will too,” Gray interjected.

I sighed happily, pulling both boys into a hug. “I love you guys. Thank you.”

“Anytime,” they both said simultaneously, earning a shocked look and a laugh from all three of us. We sat together for a bit, chatting, until Ethan looked down at me. “Is that my sweatshirt?”

I grinned sheepishly. “Maybe.”

Vigilante Partner in Crime!Wonwoo Pt 2

LOOK WHO’S BACK WITH PART 2!! I WANNA THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO GAVE ME WONDERFUL FEEDBACK THE DAY I POSTED PART 1!!! Can you guys believe that was only my 2nd piece I posted on here?? And now look at how much has happened since then! IT’S BEEN OVER A MONTH!!! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to write this!!! Writing this was a real struggle,,, my writer’s block for 3 weeks suddenly all disappeared TODAY and I couldn’t be happier!! Also,,, look out for that last bullet point ;)))  GET READY FOR A WILD RIDE AGAIN!!!! I MADE THIS TOO LONG LSJDFLJF I CAN’T CONTAIN MY FEELS FOR WONWOO HAPPY READING MY CHILDREN!! <3333 For a refresher, I recommend you reading Part 1 before continuing!

Part 1 | Part 2

  • “Hello?” a customer waved their hand in front of your face
  • Your hazy eyes focused back for the tenth time that same hour
  • “S-sorry, miss,” you stammered as you resumed scanning her items
  • Once she left, you sighed and shook your head for who knows how many times that week
  • Get it together, Y/N, you mentally scolded yourself and lightly smacked your cheeks
  • It already had been a week since that night
  • Can’t we just,,, keep it between us?” his words still rang in your ears, a constant mantra that continues to linger in your thoughts
  • “Ugh, nO!!!”
  • “Okay, okay! It’s fine if you don’t wanna,,,, i can just do it myself,,,”
  • You turned around to meet a bewildered Wonwoo, his eyes slightly bugged out and his hands raised in defense
  • “O-oh,,, Wonwoo,,,, i’m sorry what did you say?”
  • “I just asked you if you wanted to restock with me,,,,,,,”
  • Your expression had “mental facepalm” written all over it
  • You quickly muttered an excuse to stay at the cashier and he seemed to get the hint
  • All week you’ve been making it a lil too obvious you were on the edge and if wonwoo had caught on, he sure didn’t say anything about it
  • You trudge back home where your grandma greets you granny makes a comeback!!!

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i cant speak for all but i stan kylo because

he’s different from the other edgy characters that seem to flood the market nowadays. a lot of these characters are pretty basic and linear, darker wearing emo boys that look cool without having any real bite to back up the bark or any substance behind the fancy looks.

tbh, i expected kylo ren to be more or less the same - another dark and angry edgelord hipster that uses a cool weapon to overcompensate. instead, i find someone that is actually pretty unique, but interestingly enough, i feel like i’ve met his type before.

let me explain.

kylo ren is a guy who in our universe, would be pretty normal. daddy issues aside though, i dont think he would be too much different from any other normal guy - like me. im only speaking from a non-fictional standpoint cause there are a lot of people that will actually think that im relating to the fictional character for all that he is which is ridiculous because for one - I DONT HAVE THE FORCE.

neither do i plan on killing my dad either.

with that being said though, i think what has gotten anti’s so spooked is because they can agree with me to some extent. while i believe star wars is not the place for social justice, i can agree that these characters feel more personal this time around.

and perhaps thats owed to the social awareness that our generation has made the new standard - but regardless, i must chalk it up to the writers. i may not agree with the antis, but at least they are invested enough to care to hate the character rather than just not be receptive at all - aka actually ignoring or erasing the character. its great for the franchise or rather, the fandom because it spreads the word of mouth, after all, there is no such thing as bad publicity anymore.

kylo ren reminds alot of people of the horrible things that we as a people are capable of. along with all the insecurities, all the temperamental issues, trust issues, anxiety, the list goes on. i myself know the anxiety and indecisiveness very well. i tend to overthink and feel like im living up to expectations that i personally dont care for, and at times i dont know who to talk to or turn to.

so sometimes, i fuck up and feel as though its too late to fix some things that never should have needed repairing. and kylo ren’s main selling point, is that he is a villain that isn’t a total villain. he was raised by heroes and knows right from wrong, but he’s doing bad things in the name of a man he never had the chance to know and adam driver himself has said that he doesnt consider ren to be evil or a “villain.”

he’s just a guy doing what he honestly thinks is right. which is disturbing, but interesting because i can finally see more than two possible paths for a character like his. of course, he can die - but finally i can ask - how or even better, why?

and if he gets redemption, i can ask the same questions. but another question as well, does he deserve it? does he want it?

OR, is there a third option?

like tekka stated in the beginning of TFA, kylo ren did not rise from the dark. and yet, he is there anyway. there is a lot of promise and hope for his salvation, but he doesn’t need to rely on it to put the finishing touches on his story. for him, i can see that after this trilogy, his story will not end in the way many people may think.

and to the writer’s credit, a lot of the characters in TFA are as ugly as they are beautiful, their paths can take them through many twists and turns, ups and downs, and that’s great. it shows us that they are human, and not emotionally numb battle priests, neither are they unrealistically evil power hungry war mongers.

TLDR, kylo ren is a better character than people like to admit. he gets a huge genuine emotional reaction from the audience whether it be good, or bad, and i feel as though he is definitely my favorite character along with finn whom i will be doing a post on why i stan him as well in a few.

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Top 5 zayn pics

I just want you to know this took me so long because this was like asking me “Top favorite times I breathed”. How do you choose the top 5 photos of someone who has served so many Lewks™? And then as I was picking a fruit snack out of my bra (its still good), it dawned on me: “Go back to the beginning. Go back to Fetus Zayn.”

This photo is extremely aspirational, because it reminds us that even at a young age, we can still strive to serve Vogue editorial-worthy looks from a Best Western conference room in East Bumblefuck.

Since the moon is probably a hologram anyway, I would very much like this photo to replace it. At first you wonder why Zehn’s taking the time to properly blow dry and style a wig (and of course he’d use the right attachment, because if you think his wig is gonna have frizz OH BUDDY)

but then I saw this

and realized he  was just making sure his wig was party ready, like you do. 

This is some Sears Portrait Studio realness, and one of the earliest known appearances of Zayn’s Blue Steel:


I would like to believe Zayn enlisted one of his younger sisters to be photographer for this extremely important photo, which entailed 2 hours and 45 minutes of Zehn yelling “AHM GUHNNA LOOK DIS WEH AHND DEN YEW TEK THEH PHOTOAH FOH FOOK’S SEK DOHN’T TOUCH MUH STUFF”

Bonus round: 

This photo was taken the moment after someone told Zayn they wash their face with Dial hand soap. “They duhn even knoah how dryin’ thaht is,” Zayn whispers to himself in disbelief. “Wuht kind of peasant farm field trihp did muh mum sign meh uhp foah?”

Thank you I hope you liked this post goodbye

I Can't Remember
5 Seconds Of Summer
I Can't Remember


but i did write down the lyrics and i had a less clear version of it so it made it harder to decipher, but here thye are! enjoy :) 


hey pretty girl whats your name whats your number

ive got the keys to my dads yerllow hummer

theres a party 

you can come if you wanna

girl tonight alright 

see you later

wrapped up late took minute but i found my mates

she was there acting cool

so i made her wait

wasn’T long couple songs

till i headed her way to say 

damn you look amazing

last night what a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess

doesn’t get better than this 

phone rings from the..?

twenty five texts

and a call from mum  

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

retrace my steps took my phone tryina figure out

posting pictures of the street from passing neighbors house 

nick my boss sees my status

he’ll freaking out but i dont care

oh well, deal with it later

last night what a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess

doesn’t better than this? 

phone rings from…?

twenty five texts

and a call from mum  

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

“bro.. wheres your shirt?”

“oh shit..what the hell happened last night?”

“urgh got the biggest headache”

“…yeah i need asprine my heads killin’ me…?”

“wheres that girl from last night anyway?”

pretty girl i’ve got your name and your number

i’Ve lost the keys to my dads yellow hummer

can’T remember how i did it

but i got her now shes mine

damn shes so amazing

last night a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess 

dosnt get better than this 

phone rings from the..?

twenty five texts

and a call from mum  

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

last night what a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess 

doesn’t get better than this

phone rings from the…?

twenty five texts

and they’re all from mum 

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’T rememeber

must have been good cause i can’t remember

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Reasons why you ship rivetra?? :)

What a loaded question!

Let’s see…

I should probably start off with the fact that Rivetra is what got me into SnK. I was late to the fandom, having joined just when the Dub was being released. Matt Mercer had voiced a character in a game I had just played and I loved his voice so I wanted to find more of him. I saw he was going to voice Levi and idk, I looked up Levi, read his wiki page, saw the mentions of Petra, clicked Petra, read hers, and immediately shipped them. 

Like I hadn’t watched the series, I knew next to nothing about it or the characters, and the fact that I shipped them from two wiki articles clearly says a lot. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Their interactions that readers/viewers witness are limited to a handful of (wonderful) scenes, but despite this, despite the limit, even these scenes stick out to me and show that there was more to them than what was on the surface.I mean, I have a knack for reading super deep into things and word of god does state that between the panels of the manga, Levi does think Petra is cute, and while that may be looked at as just attraction, it’s honestly more than enough to prove my point that there’s more than meets the eye. 

A lot of my reasons are also based on the anime, and while a lot of people argue the scenes in the anime versus the manga, you have to keep in mind that Isayama was involved with the anime, and I just read about how with the upcoming second season, he is also not only involved, but allowing for more filler scenes to be included that he wasn’t able to include in the manga. So to try and debunk any arguments based on the anime because those particular scenes weren’t in the manga is kind of redundant tbh. 

But rather than make this a post proving why Rivetra is a thing, and with all the available arguments in favor of them in mind, the short answer is that I really, truly love them. I love their characters and I love them together.

I think despite Levi’s social ineptness, he and Petra really seem to go well together. I mean, whether their relationship has platonic or romantic undertones, you cannot deny the fact that they were closer than a typical Captain/subordinate relationship. 

She cares for him, and that’s very clear, from her talk with Eren about him to consoling him during his frustration at Eren’s lack of transformation to worriedly demanding he step away from a partially transformed Eren and even to the letter she sends her father (regardless of what translation you prefer to listen to.) She respects him, yes, but she does care for him, and as does he. He listens to her, he asks her for reassurance when comforting a dying soldier. And you absolutely cannot deny the visible heartbreak of finding her body, of taking her patch from her, of watching her body fall from the horse cart, of surrendering her patch to another soldier, and of course his meeting with her father. 

And it’s this that I’m able to see between the panels, between the animation sequences, of what their relationship was, of what it could have been. It’s this dynamic that I love, of a stoic warrior and a kindhearted soldier, of a love that could have been, and just how wondrous it would have been. 

For a bit of a less serious but equally important reason just look at them okay, they’re the perfect size for each other and together are just super aesthetically pleasing. 

Tiny grumpy and tiny happy. 


  • you met in high school 
  • you know that guy that’s always carrying an instrument with them everywhere 
  • yeah that’s Jaehwan with his guitar, but he actually hasn’t been in a music class since 1st year 
  • claims ‘they didn’t appreciate his creative genius' 
  •  really he passed with a B and felt some type of way because he gave A+ effort 
  • Catch him the courtyard at lunch having a mini concert sometimes Sewoon is there with him. 
  •  And you, out of the kindness of your heart, are on the sidelines cheering him on and being his personal camera man 
  • just kidding, he pays you in snacks and foods in exchange for some quality camera work so he can post it on YouTube 
  • anyways but you and Jaehwan have always had classes together 
  • so you were casual in-school-only friends 
  • until one day you decided to ask him to teach you guitar 
  • you received one for a birthday a while back and you’ve just never used it because you don’t know how until you remember you have someone who might be able to teach you 
  • and Jaehwan, will never admit it, but he loves to be praised and to show off his skills so he agrees to teach you 
  • so you exchange numbers and plan a date and time to meet 
  • you end up meeting at your house 
  • when the lesson begins, apparently your guitar is ‘horrendously out of tune' 
  • so you spend the first 15 minutes learning how to tune it properly 
  • now Jaehwan isn’t.. the best teacher 
  • he’s just very straight forward, it’s either you get or you don’t and if you don’t get it…..he literally has no idea how else to explain it to you cause it makes sense to him why don’t you understand??? 
  • ‘maybe this just isn’t your thing' 
  • you mumbling 'maybe I should have asked sewoon..’  
  • 'what did you say?' 
  • ’ I SAID….. show me one more time' 
  • so you continue to practice the chords he showed you for about an half an hour until you feel finger tips going numb 
  • you just set your guitar down sighing 'I need a break, I’m gonna make some ramen. Do you want some?' 
  • looks up from his guitar 'sure if it’s not too much trouble' 
  • and as you two eat you realize you have a lot more in common then you originally thought 'oh god I hated that teacher, I forgot you were in the same class as me then' 
  • 'Oh I loved that movie too!! We should have a movie night one day' 
  • Eventually, he has to leave but you agree to meet up again the next week and after that it sudden became a ritual to meet up ever once or twice a week out of school
  • you both just enjoy each other’s company and can talk about the most random things for hours 
  • he’d always bring his guitar when you two hang out but after a while you kind of stop bringing yours (because you’ve secretly been getting real lessons from Sewoon, shhhhh)  and if you’re over his house you just end up watching Netflix or playing video games 
  • probably calls or texts you in the middle of the night to ask your opinion on song lyrics 
  • 'hey I wrote these lyrics can you read them over for me' 
  • 'Jaehwan it’s 2 in the god damn morning
  •  ’….and you’re awake and replying to me so I don’t see the problem' 
  • you: (눈_눈) but no matter what you always help him when he asks 
  • 'well this line doesn’t really make sense' 
  •  ’yOU DOnt MAKE SeNSe’ 
  • easily offended when it comes to his work 
  • but still values your input so he’ll here you out 
  • when he calls, he’ll sing some songs he’s been working on and it’s nice cause his voice is like honey and sometimes you might… accidentally fall asleep 
  • 'So y/n what did you think about that?… y/n? Did you fall asleep? This wasn’t a goD DAMN LuLLABY!! Wake UP you jERK!
  • you wake up next morning with messages saying how he’s never gonna ask for your help again. Dramatic 
  • but he’ll call again later that week cause your the only one who won’t curse him out for calling so late at night 
  • (low key thinks it’s cute that you fall asleep to his voice, won’t admit it though) 
  • somehow always knows when you’re not happy 
  • willing to give you your space and not push you if you don’t want to talk but won’t let it drag on 
  • will barge into you home with your favorite snacks and sit with you until you’re ready to talk about it
  • sometimes he’ll just strum his guitar to combat the silence or he’ll let you lay your head in his lap to comfort you  
  • acts like he doesn’t care most of the time but actually really loves all his friends and just wants to see them all living well and happy (( Tsundere af))
  • always feels like he needs to prove himself.. even when he doesn't 
  • 'Hey y/n, you know Sewoon is my best friend and all… ' 
  • 'Wait I thought I was you’re best friend' 
  • *ignores you* ’..but I’m a better guitar player than he is, right? Like be honest here I won’t tell" 
  •  'What? No, you’re both equally talented' 
  • 'But I’m older so I’m better' 
  • 'Jaehwan age has nothing to do with talent' 
  • 'Why can’t you just support me y/n' 
  •  Or 
  •  'Hey y/n what you laughing at over there?’ -
  • 'Oh Seongwoo just sent me this meme, he’s so funny' 
  • 'I’m funny too' 
  •  'Yeah funny looking' 
  •  'Rude. No y/n, listen, I’m funny too.’ Proceeds to tell you jokes that he probably heard from Jisung or Seongwoo 
  • 'Why are you like this????' 
  • Just a kid who wants to be the best in everything he does And wants to hear he’s doing well every once in while 
  • when he laughs, it’s probably you’re favorite thing. Even if what he’s laughing at isn’t even that funny, you can’t help laughing with him because his laugh is just so ridiculously loud and funny 
  • though sometimes in public you have to tell him to calm it down a bit 'Jaehwan relax, you’re gonna make some kid cry' 
  • 'Stop being dramatic, I’m not that loud’ but then you point at a little girl holding her ears closed and on the verge of tears 
  • and Jaehwan starts pushing you out the store 'We gotta go immediately' 
  • he’s one of those friends you’ve probably thought about being in a romantic relationship with because you two just click 
  • but then you look over on the couch where he’s sitting, eating crumbs off his shirt and those thoughts immediately leave your head 
  • a platonic soulmate 
  • someone you know, no matter where you go in life or what paths you take, they’ll always be there for you
A Thank You To Fishblr

I’ve had this blog since late 2014, and previous iterations existed as early as 2013. In that time I have seen a lot- and i mean a lot- of drama. Blogs that are long gone and blogs that I wish were. People who were cruel and people who were so kind I still can’t understand how they did it. I saw best-of-fishblr, I saw aquarium-love deleting, I saw a lot.

In my early days, when BoF was very much still active, the fishblr community was hostile and frankly scary for a relatively new aquarist with a sorority. People were right to have concerns but the way they addressed them to me was frequently aggressive and insulting. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time as a pet owner. Like having a betta sorority, keeping males in a 3g with hardly any footprint, buying Lucky without being ready to purchase a 20 long if she came with a tank hat was too small. There’s far more that I could name, but for the sake of brevity I won’t.

For the majority of the time, after BoF shut down, the fishblr community has been nothing but kind to me. After all, we are a family. Like the average family, we squabble and disagree and some of us refuse to ever interact with certain members, but we are still very much a family. I have met so many people here that I cannot imagine not knowing, people that I love and never want to stop talking to. I love seeing everyone’s pets on my dash every day, I love talking about animal welfare with all of you, I love the help you have all given to everyone. From providing correct information in place of misinformation, to helping people rehome fish they cannot keep, advising stocking, sending support when a fish is ill or dies, and everything in between, you are all truly amazing.

All of you make me strive to be a better pet owner, to doubt what I’ve been told and do my own research, to help others when I can. Despite its flaws, I love fishblr.

I am now going to tag some of my closer friends on here as a special shoutout to some people who are so so amazing and wonderful.

@flicker-betta You were one of my first friends on fishblr, and I was so sad when you stopped posting. I am very happy that you are back, I adore your wiggle babies so much.

@immersive-lore-friendly-cheese Megs, you’re hilarious and always there with a snappy comeback when necessary. You’ve put up with a lot of dumb shit from me and I am eternally grateful.

@iantojonesthebetta Mason, you’re basically the betta dad of fishblr. I’m constantly in awe of the fact that you talk to me. I’m super excited for your albi pair and I adore Ladybug. You’re so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, even if it means repeating the same information 70000 times.

@toothless-the-betta-fish Tamara… Really what can I say about you that I don’t message to you almost daily. You’re hilarious, so sweet, and you love your animals so much. I’m terrified of spiders but I can’t help but find Cornelius adorable. I love seeing how far you’ve come in your fish keeping journey.

@bettabbys / @pet-of-subs / @my-splendid-splendens I’m putting you three together because lets face it, squad. . Anyways all your fish babies are perfect, and Sammy your snaps of Brie are always flawless. Basically, when are you three and tam road tripping to minnesota to come hang out w me.

@water-spots Lacie you created the livebearer conspiracy and that’s amazing and perfect. Your licorice gourami project? Adorable and wonderful. Also you need black lace bettas in your life and that’s just the tea.

@narelleart ok first of all, i agree that all catfish are good excellent babies who must be protected. second, I’m going to convince you to purchase a wild betta species if it kills me. it might kill me actually. i have no idea how strong your willpower is but I’m assuming strong.

@birdfightingbigotry basically the goldfish patron of tumblr honestly, i dont know how you manage to comment on every single post in the goldfish tag but its amazing and a valiant effort in an uncaring void.

@sans-vertigo i know your nsfw blog so you basically have to be friends with me forever now. sorry. also sorry snails are illegal. thats rough. 

@howmany-toomany / @philosophicalfish / @gouramissimo / @jaredtheidiot / @true-trans-soul / @happylilshrimps / @hibou-wu / the rest of the discord squad whose blogs I can’t remember or was never told: honestly theres few people who come close to as awesome as y’all are, just a big group of fish nerds who also play a dragon sim because we’re dorks. i love it and you.

@ everyone whose blog i forgot because i am exhausted: I LOVE YOU TOO OKAY

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anonymous asked:

Hey, if you're still taking Malec prompts: Human!AU where Alec delivers the pizza to Magnus' birthday party and the guy is so hammered he is 110% certain that tall, dark and dreamy is a stripper his friends have hired for him.

Alec gets off his bike, grabs the pizza box and adjusts one of his earphones that came loose. It’s his last delivery for the night and he’s glad he can finally get home, grab a cold drink and read a few pages of his textbook for next week’s uni lecture.

He’s been in this area before, but never this apartment. He can hear music through his earphones, through the walls, probably some party. He hopes they’ll even hear the door over the noise. He’s lucky and led in and pulls his earphones out as he climbs the last few steps and arrives before an open door, with no one waiting for him.

The music is almost deafening now and he takes a step into the apartment. Neon lights, a spinning party sphere and a dozen more people than should fit into the apartment come into his view. Everyone’s chatting, dancing and drinking, not sparing a look his way.

He sighs inwardly, braces himself and steps inside, “Hey, hello! Pizza delivery!” 

He talks to the first person in his way, a blond petite woman with a ponytail and blue eyes that are watching him in a daze, and she smiles but shrugs and goes back to dance with her partner. Alec frowns, lifts the pizza box higher and carefully pushes through half a dozen dancing people, again trying to shout over the noise, hoping whoever ordered the pizza will hear or see him.

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