i posted this on the wrong blog omg

that beanie is very distracting i dont even know why


I moved accounts! reason? my accounts were messed up and I wanted my mod blog to ACTUALLY be my main (same name tho) so this is the account Ill be posting from now. I will check a bit on the other account but this is now my main account~
@borurou /@yoralim(I wasn’t sure which to tag so did both?)

me: has lit never managed a sideblog until 2 days ago

it’s a struggle y’all

calls tech support @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick @lainebriick

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i just saw that an anti sent me a post about the paparazzi laws and that we got it all wrong and other shit and i'm just??? idc about what the post says but that the person felt the need to sent it makes me feel so uncomfortable? i'm not a big blog really just on the sidelines and she doesn't know me and it's just really embarrassing omg (love ur blog btw💕)

I bet I can guess which anti it was and I strongly recommend you block them (and anyone else who harasses you like that). Antis have been known to look through the likes and reblogs of Larry posts and message all the people listed there so it doesn’t matter how many followers you have - they’ll find you. I’m sorry that happened, bub. Definitely block them.

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OMG!! I'm so sorry. I've been following you for a long time and all this time I thought your blog was named kimidildos. My tumblr mobile glitched and your blog post was the only thing I saw and I just noticed that I've been reading it wrong. I'm sorry.



Summary: It’s Christmas day in the Howell-Lester household, and Dan gets a Christmas present he wasn’t expecting to receive, but he loves (that sounds so wrong omg im so sorry).

Words: 513 words wow i swear i never write this short on wattpad

Warnings: extreme fluff (not vry extreme but)

Relationship Status: together

A/N: idrk know if landlords let people have pets but lets just forget everything about that didnt exist for now

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What scrolling to my dash does to me...

I only logged in so that I could edit a post that had a wrong spelling error and also I was about to edit posts which I wanted to add captions on but then @rapsae , @taetaetown , @become-the-story and @sung-jaelly-fish were all in my freaking dash I couldn’t help myself opening each blog and just lurk (is this term even internet-slang correct?) there. 

OMG. How do I control myself. 

ps. sorry for having to tag you guys.