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Hi there, I've noticed a lot of the booklr blogs I follow have been inactive for a while now :( if it's not too much trouble, could you recommend some of your fav blogs to follow?

I feel you my friend! Lots of people have disappeared over time, but there are still plenty of lovely blogs out there! <3


Good lordy I should really alphabetize this or something but instead you just get this messy ass list, I’m so sorry everyone lmao if I got anyone’s gender pronouns wrong I AM SO SORRY i wasn’t entirely sure and not everyone has them listed, or I may have just messed up, just let me know and tell me I’m awkward.

a response to an analysis of Saizo (SLBP)

@oh-my-otome​ Hello! Just to clarify, this is not meant as a personal attack, but rather constructive criticism regarding this particular analysis on Saizo that you’ve written:


I do apologise if it comes across that way, but please keep in mind that my intentions most definitely do not include making personal attacks.

(NOTE: Spoilers under the cut for Saizo’s route.)

I’d like to start off by saying I’ve been following you for quite a while because I enjoy reading your meta posts - I find that you put a lot of effort into them considering the depth of your research and analysis, and as such you’ve been one of my most respected writers when it comes to analysing fiction (more specifically otome games haha). I also read your analysis on Ieyasu and gained a lot of new insights, even though he’s not my favourite character and I haven’t read his MS (yes I spoil myself…)

However, I was very disappointed with your Saizo analysis :( Organisation-wise, it was very messy and haphazardly written. Ieyasu’s analysis was well-organised, and just by skimming through I could get a sense for the flow of ideas: background → relationships → his characteristics → his development after meeting MC → relationship with MC. Something along those lines.

With Saizo’s, on the other hand, I found that I actually had to read it closely and pay attention to changes in the flow of ideas because everything was broken up (if you get what I’m trying to say). I think it went something like this: characteristics → very briefly, relationship with MC → characteristics → criticism of his MC → characteristics → briefly, his guilt about murdering his best friend → characteristics → ear cleaning kink and health problems → characteristics → relationships → content of his books. It could definitely have been much better than this.

Moving on, I also felt that in terms of your analysis, there was very little new content. I didn’t gain new insights at all; in fact, I found it to be a superficial and flimsy examination of his character. Much of what was written could easily be found in the game itself e.g. acting as if he’s annoyed even though he intends to help you out anyway - that’s very similar to something MC said about halfway through Saizo’s MS: “He grumbles and complains… but when I need him most, he is always there. No matter if it’s to save my life, or save me from unwanted kisses… he is always there.”

For some strange reason, there is a significant portion dedicated to information that is not crucial to understanding his character, specifically the parts about his ear cleaning kink, health problems and Lovers’ Guides. Those were completely unnecessary and the fact that they were included gave me the impression that you ran out of arguments and were therefore resorting to “filler information”. It also suggests that there was very little effort made to truly analyse his character; the post barely touched on how transformative and defining the incident with his best friend was, or the role MC plays in helping him heal from his mental and emotional scars (yes, he is a trauma victim), yet somehow it managed to include trivial information. I certainly did not see Ieyasu’s analysis include similar information about his love for strawberry daifuku or, you know. Hair pulling kink because he likes doing that to Tadatsugu.

Speaking of his health problems, you said that realistically speaking, he would not be buff, but instead suffer from muscle cannibalisation, etc. If we’re looking at his character from a realistic standpoint then, I don’t think it’s fair that you’re not pointing out that realistically speaking, it would take him years, maybe even a lifetime to recover from his trauma and move on from his issues. I remember you mentioning in another post that his character is very static and that his constant fixation on how he doesn’t deserve the MC (and vice versa) was annoying, which contributes to your dislike of Saizo. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with anyone disliking his character even though he’s my favourite character. Everyone is bound to have different opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it seems as though you’re being selective with what you choose to see in his character? It’s not that far a stretch to take things a step further and see how the murder of his best friend permanently damaged his mental and emotional health and therefore how unrealistic it is for him to quickly develop and get over his issues when he starts a romantic relationship with his MC. In fact, because I can relate to him to some extent, I really appreciate that the writers didn’t portray love as a cure-all. While some fans say they’re sick of seeing him conclude that he’s never going to push MC away at the end of every event story and yet do the same thing again in the next, I think it’s important to remember that healing isn’t a linear process. People with mental health issues tend to relapse, some more often than others; for someone like Saizo whose damage is so deep down that most people don’t notice it until they really look inside, I think it’s realistic to expect that he’s taking a long time to overcome his issues, and that he will face setbacks on the road to recovery. Of course you could attribute it to bad writing, but I think you’ll find that you can appreciate a character much more when you look beyond “bad writing”.

And now to bring this back on track: none of this was brought up in your post despite how fundamental it is in understanding Saizo’s character. So many of his issues stem from this heavy sense of guilt and regret (which, by the way, is further exacerbated by the lack of emotional support he received while growing up): his low self-esteem, his negative self-perception, how he thinks he doesn’t deserve MC, or even happiness… Yet there was only a short little paragraph that briefly mentioned his past and guilt, and even then it barely even skimmed the surface. Your writing did a great disservice to his character. If we were to compare this to your Ieyasu analysis, this one can’t possibly hold a candle to it - the entire first quarter was dedicated to Ieyasu’s history as a victim of abuse, and in subsequent arguments you linked his present behaviour to his past, therefore showing how impactful the abuse was on his personality and relationships. None of that was done for Saizo.

While we’re on the topic of how Saizo’s character was analysed, I’d also like to talk about the tone of your analysis. Overall it felt very much like criticism of him and MC in the way your sentences were phrased: “Because Saizo loves dango so much, and because his MC obsessively desires to please him by almost exclusively making him his favourite food and little else, and because he just sits there happily eating it without a care in the world…” Then there’s also the part where you criticised MC for being inconsistent, obsessed with Saizo and having low self-esteem. Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to detect how scathing and sarcastic those sections were - it’s a little off-putting, don’t you think, for your readers who expected a holistic and thought-provoking analysis of Saizo but instead got a bunch of disparaging remarks about his character? Additionally, the complexity of their relationship was completely disregarded and you simply wrote them off as flat characters - MC was portrayed as your typical obsessed heroine who exists solely to make her lover happy, and Saizo was your typical angsty tsundere/kuudere. Not only so, you also painted them in an unnecessarily negative light - for one, I feel that MC’s so-called obsession is a love that is warm and pure and wholesome, that sees Saizo for who he is and accepts him with open arms anyway. Here is a series of screencaps that demonstrates this in particular (Part 2 is equally important, the link is somewhere in the caption I wrote). I’m not about to go into all the complexities because my response simply aims to address the flaws of this analysis, but your writing clearly displays a very shallow understanding (if any) of Saizo and his relationship with MC (and Yukimura). This is also related to your selective disregard for the parts of the characters that don’t fit your perception of them.

I think I could pick out more details to critique, but those were the more glaring problems I found in your analysis.

If you’ve noticed, throughout my response I have been comparing this one to the analysis you wrote on Ieyasu. This might sound like a personal attack, but I assure you it is not: I think it is very unfair that you put so much effort into deconstructing Ieyasu while your Saizo analysis could hardly even be called an analysis.

I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to be biased, or dislike particular characters. Our interpretations and opinions will always be influenced by our values, beliefs and attitudes. That’s completely natural. And if someone requests meta of your least favourite character, you aren’t obligated to write it for them, because you are the curator of your own blog content. However, if you do choose to write it anyway, I think it’s only reasonable to expect that you would give the same treatment to characters you dislike/who are not your favourite. If you’re going to put a lot of effort into writing about your favourite character, you shouldn’t let that effort decline for your least favourite character because you made the conscious choice to write about that character. It doesn’t do justice to the character, your readers, and least of all yourself, because you know you are capable of writing a much better analysis - an excellent analysis, in my opinion.

Aside from that, the SLBP fandom also suffers from hive mentality as many other parts of Tumblr do - many fans rely on others to form their opinions, which should not be the case because we as consumers should be critically engaging with media and making our own judgements. I think you’re aware as well that you have a fairly large following - a meta post you make can end up influencing the views of many, many fans. Which again, doesn’t do justice to the character, but this time it’s worse because the effect is amplified. As much as I hate to say this, you do have a responsibility to your followers and I think it’s only right that you publish content that is unlikely to heavily skew others’ opinions.

Of course the onus isn’t just on bloggers to publish relatively accurate and reliable content; it’s not right that fans can sit back and be lazy about thinking critically. But ultimately, we also play an important role, and I think it’s only right that we fulfill that role to the best of our abilities.

Thank you if you’ve read this far! I hope to see improvements in your future meta posts. Also I apologise if I come across as rude, it’s just me being honest and straightforward.

(P.S. credits to @catchthespade​ for some of the points, particularly the part about flat characters! ♡)

The Signs Complaing About “Wrong” Astrology Posts

Who actually believes that star galaxy whatever stuff anyways?”

Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius

“Omg they’re putting my sign to shame”

Taurus, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio

“Let me reply with why they are wrong, I can’t believe they would think that”

Leo, Aquarius, Pisces

“They didn’t even include me in the list, it’s fake anyways”


enjolras socaial media au

 @edgardegarse and i came up with this kind of on accident 

enjolras would be that person who: 

-had the most disorganized and busy twitter ever 

-he would tweet back and anyone and everyone within the 5 seconds of them tweeting(especially political figures to tell them either how right they were and how much he loved them or how wrong they were and how much he fucking hated their guts) 

-grantaire would be the one to tweet back at enj telling him to chill although he’d constantly make himself not like everything e is posting 

-had the most aesthetic tumblr blog and the most hilarious rants “omg there there was this guy in the checkout line at the grocery store and oh my god he took forever. first of all he was buying unorganic fruit and like who even does that anymore? then he also took forever and started chatting with the store clerk UGGGHHH!! i was not going to be late for that protest. i was just picking up some energy drinks for me and the boyz. [courf has warned him not to call them ‘the boyz’ anymore because “gender equality!! what about eponine and chetta? jehan for gods sakes!!”] 

-his instagram was extremely artsy but had totally shit captions

 -facebook is where enjolras has opinions about everything. any post he sees. enjolras has an opinion. (whenever Enj tries to open his mouth and R beats him to it he goes “everyone stop enjolras has an opinion get the band aids somoenes gonna get hurt”) he has opinions on from people’s political views to “oh my god no ferre that fugly shirt where the fuck did you even manage to get a moth shirt and why”

-he’d be the one inviting everyone to all these social justice rants and events and message them with ‘if you don’t accept i’m blocking you irl’

{sidenote enjolras tries to use text speak in actual conversations enj: hey M$ULkeCraZ SOHF CUL8R •Joly: did you seriously just say that?•Enj: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) •Joly: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?}

 -when grantaire declined the invitation enj was like HELL NO and he came to r’s house barricaded it with trashcans and stuff and when taire was like “dafuq angelrus” he was like “you are BANNED from reality” R’s comeback is “well you were banned from IKEA last week for building a barricade there, so we’re kind of in the same boat”

 •courtesy of me and @edgardegarse

tell me if ya want more 

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i swear in that tweet that chris responded to about biceps, rick says percy's bday is aug 15, but it's not???? is it a mistake o r what is going on

Oh, guys look! A wild link has appeared on Riordan’s tweet

I wonder what would happen if I go to see the blog post he made about it 

omg is a blog post, what could it say?

Rick did tweet about it wrong tho, it does sound he makes his birthday be the 15 but he linked a post to the tweet and is not really hard to find when you know is on his website. But I do agree that he did a bad phrasing on his tweet.

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Saw the halo discourse you participated in, and…

Up until now, Dick was the only halo blog I followed, but then I discovered The Halo Friends(which Yeem is a part of I think?), and was relieved to find some actual fucking Halo optimism. I know 4 and 5 have their problems, but constantly shitting on them gets real fucking old after awhile…

The discourse was so wild, I not only gained followers, but stole the Dick Man’s followers. 

And yes, from personal experience, tumblr has been the only place I’ve found 343-Halo positivity (H4 literally gets more shit than H5, I’m not joking.) It’s actually where I learned that Bungie-purism is wrong, and started to really learn about Halo and come to love it. Even though I detest Halo 5, I’ve still found things about it I love (ie the Sangheilios arc and Fireteam Osiris.) 

And yes, @yeeeem is part of our Halo Group (”Halo Friends” is so cute tho omg), idk how he got into the discourse but I’m assuming pulsar was looking through my blog and found his post (ugh.) 

But if you want more Halo blogs to follow, I have plenty of suggestions!

@haruspis - Literally the Steve Colbert of the Halo fandom. He knows everything about Halo (has a wordpress.) If there’s something he doesn’t know it’s because Halo itself hasn’t clarified it yet. Go to him for Knowledge.

@finiteandprecious @mrs-chief @galway-bae @cortnan @nagunkgunk @betakats and @near-infinite are all really good Halo fan-artists! 

@greenreticule @sailorsanghelios and @thequantumqueer have a lot of good writing and headcanons

some others - @yeeeem @suddenlyoranges (<– both livestream), @eliashaverson @officeofnavalintelligence @thehaloman @masterjuridical @julmdama and @decade-dance (my best friend, also loves Halo.)

Those are all I can think of right now, but they’re my Halo Friends and I’m sure you’ll enjoy following them! <3

How not to add to posts:

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  • im scREAMING
  • if you dont have room for (insert stupid shit here) on your blog then youre doing it wrong !!!!!!!!
  • I CANT
  • thanks satan
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  • wow everyone on this website is so smooth
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  • i think the fact that so many people have reblogged this says something!
  • literally me

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Hey so this is ?? Very random.. but um how did dan and phil meet?? Ive seen bits and pieces but i never got the full story

alrighty get ready for a long and thorough explanation my pal,, i’m about to write a lot… (also correct me if i’m wrong or anything omg) 

okay, so  way back in 2006, 11 years ago, a teenager by the name of daniel howell made a youtube channel. he was a fan of big youtubers (such as communitychannel and charlieissocoollike) similar as to how many of us are now. coincidentally, also in 2006, phil recieved a simple black and white camera in a cereal box and created his channel, which is where he posted the video  Phil’s Video Blog – 27th March 2006 (which apparently wasn’t his first video but was his 3rd? however the first two were either deleted or made private.) Despite phil having the channel, dan didn’t find his youtube channel until 2008 but when he did, he became an avid fan and attempted to befriend phil, which he did (after excessively tweeting him about their similar interests in music and movies as well as commenting on every video) and phil ended up talking back, fllowing him and that was the beginning of their friendship. They sent dm’s for months and then switched over to skype and had several long calls that lasted for hours, talking about anything. however they didn’t live close to each other as dan lived in berkshire (right near reading which is pretty close to london down in the south of england) and phil lived up north around manchester which made them roughly four hours away from one another. 

with the help of phil, dan uploaded his first video, hello internet, on october 16th, 2009 and three days later on october 19th, 2009, after months of talking and becoming great friends, dan took a train to manchester to meet phil. at around 12:50-1pm that day, dan and phil met for the first time on the train platform at the train station (i believe it was on the train platform??)

they went around manchester together and did a selection of things that included: going on the manchester wheel (which is gone now?? it was taken away??), going to starbucks and going to manchester’s skybar in the hiton hotel where phil went all out and apparently spent quite a bit of money on the both of them 

the day after they met, the 20th of october, they filmed their first video together named philisnotonfire (which was uploaded on october 25th) and dan continued to stay over for the rest of the week. phil moved to manchester and in 2010 so did dan when he started univerity at manchester university for law, bringing both dan and phil together and eventually on August 10th, 2011, they moved into an apartment in manchester togehter. less than a year later they both moved to london (july 23rd 2012) where they lived in the same apartment until just recently as they moved out for an apartment with more storage. 

their journey of meeting, creating a life and brand together, dropping a conventional life and traditional jobs to do youtube full time together, hosting two radio shows, hosting the brits for 2 years, writing two books, making and performing a stage show on several continents, travelling the world, making a gaming channel and still constantly being there for each another for almost a decade just stands to show that some goodness does exist in the world and i really believe that their friendship is something truly important and beautiful