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Everything (Sam Holland x Reader)

Summary: You get into an accident while Sam is overseas with his brothers and Harrison.

Word count: 2,622 (wow)

Warnings: lots of angst and sadness, swearing

Author’s note: I originally posted this a few days ago but since this blog is fairly new, my posts weren’t showing up in the tags! So here it is again, new and improved. Also thank you @dusktillholland for the much needed advice that made this a lot better than it was <3.

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  • The baby mew’s cries rang far and loud, heard by many strange Pokemom of the forest. They all seem friendly, but Leaf has never seen most Pokemon like this before!

Thank you so much to all the sudden asks I received! I barely just started and my ask box had to be temporarily closed while I finished this! I tried to fit everyone into the shot (I couldn’t fit all those asks though) and if you see yourself missing, it’s because you’ll be addressed later in a separate post!

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enjolras socaial media au

 @edgardegarse and i came up with this kind of on accident 

enjolras would be that person who: 

-had the most disorganized and busy twitter ever 

-he would tweet back and anyone and everyone within the 5 seconds of them tweeting(especially political figures to tell them either how right they were and how much he loved them or how wrong they were and how much he fucking hated their guts) 

-grantaire would be the one to tweet back at enj telling him to chill although he’d constantly make himself not like everything e is posting 

-had the most aesthetic tumblr blog and the most hilarious rants “omg there there was this guy in the checkout line at the grocery store and oh my god he took forever. first of all he was buying unorganic fruit and like who even does that anymore? then he also took forever and started chatting with the store clerk UGGGHHH!! i was not going to be late for that protest. i was just picking up some energy drinks for me and the boyz. [courf has warned him not to call them ‘the boyz’ anymore because “gender equality!! what about eponine and chetta? jehan for gods sakes!!”] 

-his instagram was extremely artsy but had totally shit captions

 -facebook is where enjolras has opinions about everything. any post he sees. enjolras has an opinion. (whenever Enj tries to open his mouth and R beats him to it he goes “everyone stop enjolras has an opinion get the band aids somoenes gonna get hurt”) he has opinions on from people’s political views to “oh my god no ferre that fugly shirt where the fuck did you even manage to get a moth shirt and why”

-he’d be the one inviting everyone to all these social justice rants and events and message them with ‘if you don’t accept i’m blocking you irl’

{sidenote enjolras tries to use text speak in actual conversations enj: hey M$ULkeCraZ SOHF CUL8R •Joly: did you seriously just say that?•Enj: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) •Joly: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?}

 -when grantaire declined the invitation enj was like HELL NO and he came to r’s house barricaded it with trashcans and stuff and when taire was like “dafuq angelrus” he was like “you are BANNED from reality” R’s comeback is “well you were banned from IKEA last week for building a barricade there, so we’re kind of in the same boat”

 •courtesy of me and @edgardegarse

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Posted to the wrong blog on accident. Cleaning it up and making sure to post it here.

See this thing up here? That’s Dil’s Lineart, but it’s actually based on something @tricomator put together when they were ‘waiting for food.’ 

Original here: 

I asked @atowncalledbedlam to line it for me so I could try and color it. Being a great friend, he quickly obliged. The photo quality of the original is next to impossible to color correctly without relining the entire thing… which I did try to do myself before asking someone more skilled than I.

Little bit of color. forgive me. But you see how my inexperience shows? well, I’m going to go further into that below…

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anonymous asked:

does ' to forgot about the little things' still exist? I think the author changed their URL but I can't find it :( thanks!!!!!!

yes, it does! This is mine! I actually did fix all of the links on the masterlist posted on my blog, so it should work fine now!!

To Forget About the Stupid Little Things - After Phil Lester is in an accident leading to the loss of his every memory of Dan - and just how badly they’ve ruined each other over the years - the two of them work to find out just who they are to each other. But is history doomed to repeat itself, or can Phil fix where he went wrong in the first place, even if he doesn’t remember it? 

- Elizajane



Anyways, I made a teeny McCree model I just spent a minute trying to capitalize that fucking M and failing. But it’s been a while since I did a Dax Original™ and I really wanted to model something simple! SO I went with an old drawing of mine of McCree. 

-freezing jazz hands-

I recently made a second blog based around A.C.E @best-choice-scenario (I got converted to a CHOICE i’m so sorry) so if you see me post anything, it’s not intentional I swear…

Originally posted by aceschan

(On a side note, you should check out these talented guys. They all sing and rap and dance amazingly and are in KBS The Unit, as well as YG’s Mixnine and could so deserve your love.)

Coat(Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Request- Could I request a Daveed x reader where the spend an evening watching Hobbes & Me and Daveed knows the reader finds his tiger mink coat lowkey (highkey) sexy. I think you and me both know what this is gonna end up as- Anon with winky emojis
I posted this on the wrong blog by accident I’m sorry
Also, this wasn’t supposed to end here. I’m posting this now because I haven’t been posting much. I have a bit of the next part written if you want more. I hope you enjoy.
Warning: Mentions/the beginning of sex I think idk
Ship: Daveed Diggs x Reader

“Dammit, (Y/N), it’s just a coat.” You said, looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror. “It’s just a fucking coat.”
You leaned down and splashed more water into your face. Tonight was one of those rare nights where neither you or your boyfriend had work. Discussing it, you decided to stay in and watch some funny YouTube videos. After showing him the Llamas in Hats videos, he requested to pick the next series after using the bathroom. You agreed, regretting it as soon as he came back, wearing his tiger coat without a shirt. You excused yourself to the bathroom and now here you were, splashing water on your face because of a damn coat.
“(Y/N)?” Daveed asked, knocking on the door. “You okay?”
“Yeah!” You answered, turning off the water and drying your face. You opened and smiled up at him, forcing yourself not to stare at his abs. “I just had to use the bathroom. Too much beer, ya know?”
Daveed chuckled, shaking his head at you. “Come on, I got the video ready.” He threw an arm around you and led you back to the couch, dropping back into his spot as you sat next to him. He went forward and pressed play, quickly leaning back so you could curl up against him.
“Hobbes & Me?” You asked, laughing when you saw Daveed and your mutual friend Rafael sitting again the tree on the screen. “Really?”
“What? They’re good videos?” He grinned down at you before shifting his eyes back to the screen. You did the same, just as Daveed adjusted his coat, giving the camera a glance at his shirtless torso for a moment before it was covered. Your eyes glanced down and you bit your lip once you saw much more exposed than what was on screen. Fighting yourself, you glanced back up, seeing the next video had started and tried to pay attention.
But damn was it hard to pay attention when all you could think about was the heat radiating off your boyfriend’s body. By the time you had gotten to ‘Dynamite for Susie’ you’d given up, taking to eyeing the man next to you instead of the ones on the screen.
“(Y/N), are you even paying attention?” Daveed looked down at you, chuckling as you shook your head. “I told you you would get bored just watching YouTube all night. What do you want to do?”
You sat up a bit straighter, smirking. “I can think of something.”
Daveed raised an eyebrow. “Oh really? And what might that be?” You brought your hand up and tangled your fingers in his hair, tugging. He groaned out your name and you grinned, looking down to see just what you did to him. “I think you know.”
“Hell yes.”

anonymous asked:

You have a ton of followers here and on your other social media sites. I'm sure that a lot of the ones here came through your other tumblr, but like... how did you get followers in the first place? How long did it take you to get to this point? How did you start making those connections? Where did all of us come from??

Honestly, I have no idea. Tumblr was not something I went into with the goal of gaining followers, it was just something I joined when I was in college because one of my friends said, “You might enjoy this.” And all I did was blog about stuff I was interested in and lo and behold, three years later here we all are. There’s not any sort of secret social media witchcraft involved. I wasn’t even actively trying to accrue followers. It just happened. I think some of it was because there weren’t a whole lot of people posting about books that weren’t YA and I answered that demand completely by accident, just because YA isn’t what I usually read. (Not that there’s anything wrong with YA, just that it’s hard to find book blogs on Tumblr that aren’t YA-focused.)

Truly I still don’t understand why this many people are following me, but I’m very grateful for all of you. 

with-a-glass-of-mimosa  asked:

Hello! I'm writing a Harry Potter fic (if there is no answer to my question, I can always say it's because of magic) where one of the characters is killed by potion experient gone wrong. What kind of chemicals (and the following question which is for a different script blog: where in the nature can I find them?) are needed for an explosion big enough to throw off a human too close to it?

A disclaimer up front – this post is going to deal with the topic of an individual being killed in an explosion-type accident. I’m definitely not going to show you any pictures of that kind of injury, and I won’t even be giving detailed descriptions (that’s @ScriptMedic’s gig, and the topic has already been covered), but I wanted to give everyone a fair warning before proceeding.

This is quite an interesting ask because the scenario you’re aiming for is actually fairly difficult to produce; you need enough oomph™ to get a person in motion, but it needs to be a controlled and directed oomph™ because I’m assuming that after the character is thrown you’d like there to be a body, a building, and potentially even some witnesses left to tell the tale. First we should take a moment to discuss what an explosion is, and the different sorts of explosions you can get from chemical reactions; then we’ll move on to how they might affect the surroundings and an unfortunate individual who happened to be nearby. Finally, I may be able to offer some advice as to how to throw your character and still have them be recognizable at the end of the scene, though it’s going to take some careful planning to do it in a realistic fashion.  

Just so we’re all on the same page, an explosion is a very fast release of stored potential energy, with most of it being released as heat, light, sound, and pressure. Chemical explosives are usually compounds that decompose to release a lot of heat (energy from chemical bonds) and large volumes of gaseous products like nitrogen; the rate of this decomposition plays a large part in how useful a material is as an explosive. So-called ‘low explosive’ compounds decompose by deflagration, meaning that the reaction travels through the material slower than the speed of sound; low explosives include things like gunpowder, pyrotechnics, propellants (propane/gasoline), and many other mixtures of fuels and oxidizers. If the reaction propagates faster than the speed of sound, you have a ‘high explosive’ material that decomposes by detonation. As an example, let’s take a look at something called detonation cord (det. cord), a thin flexible line filled with the high explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN). Below is a setup where a bullet is fired from right to left, activating an electronic trigger connected to the end of 16 feet of det. cord. (FullMag’s full video can also be found here.)

PETN detonates at 24-28,000 ft/s, so in the time it takes the bullet to travel the remaining 2.25 feet to the target (moving around 2800 ft/s), the reaction front of the explosive travels 16 feet to catch up with it. If you look closely, you can also see the blast wave from the newly formed gases expanding outward after the explosion – look for the ripple in the air at the top of the frame, or for the wave of dust knocked off the right-hand cinder block as the concussive force of the shock wave moves past it. This high-pressure, high-velocity wave of compressed gas is what causes most of the damage associated with an explosion, but unfortunately we’re going to run into a slight problem if we try to use an explosive to throw a person – humans are relatively small and squishy, which makes them extremely resilient to pressure waves and able to survive much more than you might expect. Here’s one more explosion gif to demonstrate how this works (and this time it’s a splodey-melon):

There are a few things to take note of here, besides the complete lack of eye protection – if the chunk of watermelon rind that struck his head was two inches lower down, that eye may very well have been lost. First and foremost, the individual pictured was completely unharmed by the pressure wave, and the melon shrapnel luckily only caused a welt; you can see the full clip here. However, if you watch the edge of the table you can see it flex down with the pressure of the explosion, and if you look really carefully you can see chunks of debris knocked off the bottom side of the table at very high speed (through a process called spallation). When a pressure wave encounters a solid object, it deposits some of its momentum as kinetic energy and is then reflected off the surface; that energy must either be absorbed or dissipated by the solid, and if the solid is rigid it will crack and crumble. If the solid is squishy and flexible (like a person), it can deform slightly to both absorb and dissipate energy without shattering and falling apart. This table compares damage to structures and humans at various peak blast overpressures in the frame of mining explosions; at peak overpressures of 5 psi, only 1% of humans exposed will even rupture an eardrum, but at this pressure most buildings will collapse. Real-world mining explosions that reach 5 psi overpressures do in fact cause many injuries and fatalities, but it isn’t the pressure that kills – it’s the shrapnel and the blast wind that accompanies large-scale explosions. The other factor protecting a person is the fact that humans have a relatively small surface area when compared to things like tables or walls or buildings, so only a fraction of the explosive energy from a pressure wave can even be absorbed by a person to begin with. In order for enough energy to be transferred to a person to throw them across a room, the explosion needs to be massive.

So what does this mean for your character and their exploding potion? If you want the actual explosion to throw them, you’re going to need something huge; it’s going to take out the room, probably the floors above and below it, and maybe even the entire building/wing of the dungeon. An explosion of this scale involves forces far greater than those holding the body together, so if the character is near the center of it then there isn’t going to be much left at the end; to get this effect from something the size of a potion would also require military-grade high explosives, and they’re not the sort of thing you make accidentally.

There is perhaps another way to achieve the same effect, but with a much smaller explosion – it’s even a plausible accident that could occur in the real world. Consider that fact that the amount of energy in a small firework, which can turn a watermelon into a vapormelon without injuring a person sitting a few feet away, is more than an order of magnitude larger than the energy required to fire a bullet from a gun. The difference here is how the explosion is contained; with the melon it expands in a spherical wavefront and can bounce around and reflect off of things, but with the bullet the explosion is funneled down the barrel, propelling a single piece of shrapnel to a very high velocity. If you can contain the explosive energy of your potion and channel it into a heavy, solid object, it could easily strike your character and carry them across a room, killing them in the process through blunt force trauma.

Perhaps your character was preparing something in an iron cauldron over a small open fire, and instead of grabbing that vial of Horklump juice they accidentally grabbed the hydrochloric acid. Iron (and a number of other metals) will react with hydrochloric acid to produce iron chloride and hydrogen gas; the reaction isn’t particularly fast or violent, and the gentle bubbling and yellow color of the solution might not even be noticed in the bottom of a black cauldron. If your character were to put a heavy iron lid on top and let it simmer for half an hour, quite a lot of very flammable gas would build up, but as long as the lid remained in place it wouldn’t be able to come into contact with an ignition source.  Your character returns and grabs the next ingredient, but as they start to lift the lid off, hydrogen can escape into the room and oxygen from the air can diffuse into the cauldron. The escaped hydrogen is ignited by the small open fire, and it quickly flashes back towards the cauldron, snaking down under the lid where it meets an ideal mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. This results in a powerful explosion with almost all of the force being directed straight up into the iron lid; it takes off towards the ceiling and strikes your character’s head or torso on the way, causing them to fly back and collapse in a heap.

This is just one way to spin this unfortunate tale, but it would give you a plausible potion accident with a readily available material, and it could cause an explosion that (indirectly) kills your character and sends them flying across the room. You could even have any number of people standing around with ringing ears who are otherwise uninjured, and besides that dent in the ceiling you haven’t done much structural damage.

Of course it goes without saying that you are always free to exclaim “MAGIC” at any point to either augment or supplant chemistry and physics, but going that route is entirely beyond the purview of my expertise.




Steven Universe Photoshoot part 2!

I don’t think I could ever fully describe how much this character means to me. She is a large gorgeous woman who loves others. She is literally everything I have aspired to be and always felt like I would mocked for.

This big beautiful woman is so important to so many folks out there. She is also the reason I haven’t given up cosplay despite the times I ended up on fatpeoplehating websites and otherwise mocked. She’s one character no one can tell me I am too fat to be.

Rose: chubbymagicalgirl​ (Space Mom)

December 12, 2017 - what rhymes with Tuesday Tuesday

Tuesday… News Day? Hm Hm.

(i totally didn’t accidently number yesterday’s blog post wrong and then quickly renumber it or anything)

OK so. Today’s a bit on the introspection side of things. I wanted to go over some feelings I have felt yesterday and today that have enough about some interesting discussions between me and Geo. You remember that drawing request we received? Well thanks to my consistent procrastination it definitely took longer than it honestly should have. The user messaged us yesterday and asked if they could see the process on the drawing. It was no big deal and I was like ‘yea sure no problem easy enough to do’ and I took a screen cap of the lineart and sent it to them. The part that was strange is what conspired during the wait for their next message.

I starting having a whole bunch of second doubts. ’what if they hate it? What if it’s not good enough? What if it’s taking too long?’ My mind filled up with these thoughts and I started freaking out. I don’t usually second guess myself like this. I’m quite the perfectionist, but I don’t drill myself with questions of what ifs. Geo noticed something was off and he asked me what’s going on. I told him about my worries and how unpleasant they made me feel. I told him how scared I was of what the guys answer could be, and the anticipation was agonizing. Geo said he understood all too well, because those weren’t my thoughts, they were his. He told me that they were invasive thoughts, and they are there every second of his life. He then became somewhat concerned because he was afraid part of his mind might be bleeding into mine. I wanted to tell him not to worry, but I was already in a state of panic and uncertainty.

Geo said not to associate with those thoughts. They are his and his alone, and he will deal with them. Then he told me that if the requestee said anything rude or mean, he would personally tell the dude off for me. Funny enough, this seemed to help me a lot as I regained my senses. Mind you the actual requester didn’t respond for like 30 minutes so the wait for the response was quite long. In the end they said they really enjoyed the lineart, and were excited to see the finished product. I figured they would have said that, I mean I’m such a perfectionist how could he not love it hahahaha. Erm, anyways I felt silly for being concerned, but I was kinda happy too because I knew if I was actually in any kind of trouble Geo would be there to defend me. I can’t just let him deal with that agony all alone. Unfortunately, that’s probably part of the reason he is afraid to learn switching and co-fronting. The possibility of thought bleed and the chemical effects of the physical body on his mind seem to weigh heavily on him.

Geo might act like he doesn’t really care, and he always wants to try to keep me at a distance from him, but I know he cares about me and everyone around him. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t try to pick up the world alone on his shoulders.

I’ll do my best to support him though. It’s the least I can do for the one who protects me and bring me along for the magical journey that life has to offer~

We can't Anymore

{Imagine: reader falls for Dallon and vice versa. Dallon chooses between Breezy and reader.

Request: Yes / I love your blog!! Can you do an imagine where the reader slept with Dallon by accident, but he’s still married to Breezy. So now after a while reader ends up falling in love with Dallon. He now has to choose between his wife and reader who he has also fallen in love with.

Word count: 1830

Ok, I don’t agree with cheating, I think it’s sad and Very wrong, but I’m writing this because I feel angsty today. This is not posted an our later sorry I had stuff to do. Ask box is OPEN Let’s just imagine that Breezy and Dallon don’t have kids.

Imagine coming up *ding ding*}

{Not my gif. Found on google}

(Part 2)

You couldn’t believe what had just happened. Waking up naked, and next to one of your closest friends. But here you were, in bed, with a married man. It would be different if he wasn’t married but he was. 

You had been in love with Dallon since the night you two kissed a few years ago…before he was married to Breezy. Trying to get out of his grip so that you can run out of the hotel room and forget this ever happened and spare yourself the embarrassment. 

Sadly you wiggling aroung woke him up. Dallon gives a heavy sigh and tightens his grip even more. Once he open his eyes he sees your Y/h/c and immediately knows it’s you. 

“Y/N.” He whispers while nudging you. 

The tears still in your eyes as you turn to face him, looking down wanting to avoid the shame. “Yes?” you ask. 

“Can you look at me?”  He asks. You hesitantly look up at him. Your afraid of the shame you might see in his eyes. As you look into his beautiful blue eyes, you see confusion, and what you think might be adoration. His hand slowly comes up and gently cups your jaw. Slowly but surely you both are leaning into each other. 

Your lips finally meet one another’s. You were never one for being to cheesy, but you just had to agree that kissing Dallon felt like a whole bunch of fireworks going off around you. Kissing each other a little harder, hands start moving as well as your bodies, but before anything can get to out of hand, you stop what you’re doing. 

You look down biting your lip out of habit. “We can’t Dallon. You’re married and it wouldn’t be fair to either one of us. I can’t risk that. We’ve already risked so much just by sleeping together, even if it was an accident.” 

“You’re right.” That’s all he says. You guess you were waiting for him to say something more but he doesn’t. Sighing quietly you grasp the sheets around you and tighten your hold on them. Quickly taking a glance at Dallon, he’s just sitting there with his eyes closed, face filled with regret. 

Finally while you were looking for your clothes he sits up. He hangs his head in his hands. Putting on his boxers he stands up and faces you. “You know this was a mistake right? It never should have happened. I’m have Breezy, and you have…..whoever you have. I’m just…I’m sorry Y/N. I really am.” 

The look of total heartbreak on your face is what made him regret the words he just said to you. Pulling up your pants the last of the way. You respond. “Yup, a total mistake.” You finally find your shoes and run out the door ignoring his pleas and crys for you. 

The next morning you don’t feel like performing. So instead of staying on the tour bus or in the green room, you get a hotel for the night.

A few hours of lounging around later, you hear the door of your hotel room bang. Brendon had gotten a key and wanted to be dramatic and banged the door into the wall. You just groan and pull the covers over your head.

“Boom baby!!!” Brendon screams.

“I don’t feel up to hearing Disney references, please, I don’t feel good.” You croak out to him.

“He told me what happened Y/N. I didn’t ever think he would cheat on Breezy with you. I mean not in a bad way, what I’m trying to say is….if he cheated on Breezy I thought it would’ve been with me.” He says.

You pull the covers off of your face and look at Brendon. “Seriously? I thought you were supposed to cheer me up?” You make a look of disgust with seeing yourself in the mirror on the dresser in the hotel room.

“Come on Y/N, I’m serious. He’s a married man. This can’t happen again and you know it.” He says seriously. 

Oh boy was Brendon wrong. It only happened over and over and over and over again. It was an addiction.

You were addicted to Dallon, and Dallon was addicted to you. 

Neither of you could help it. In your mind, it wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t his either. 

Slowly, a few weeks later you and Dallon were able to act comfortable around each other in public. You had to sing that night for the concert. Performing was kind of odd now that you and Dallon were secretly a ‘thing’. There would be times were you two would get caught in the moment and sing to each other without even realizing it. People online had already suspected something was going on between you two. 

You worst fear at this moment: Breezy finding out. That’s it, it wasn’t being afraid of the dark or spiders. It was Breezy. Dallon choosing Breezy.

Finally it was time for your performance. You had several songs ready. One of the songs was your personal favorite House of Memories. It had been weird these past few days. You were throwing up. Thinking you had gotten food poisoning you blew it off, having gotten food poisoning before. But you knew something was different. So you checked your monthly blood warden and realized that the blood red warden hadn’t come.

Now you were expecting Brendon in a few minutes. 

Knocking on your door Brendon holds the bag with the items you need. “Thanks Brendon. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Really.” You tell him while letting him into your room. 

“Not a problem Y/N, as long as you tell me who the baby daddy is. It has to be a stranger right? I mean the only one you’ve slept with on tour is Dallon but that was like two months ago.” He states as if it was obvious. You cringe at his current choice of words.

You don’t answer him and keep your back to him. “It was the only time right Y/N? You better tell me it was the first and only time you slept with him.”  He says sternly.

“About that.” You let out a nervous chuckle. Not wanting to say the truth but know it will come out sooner or later. But it was Brendon he was someone you felt that you could talk to. “We’ve even sleeping together since then.” You shrug your shoulders in nervousness. 

“Are you kidding me Y/N!?!? He’s a MARRIED MAN. He loves Breezy, I love you Y/N, I really do but you can’t make him choose cause a million years in the past he would choose Breezy, a million years in the future he will choose Breezy, even right now he will still choose Breezy.” You shut your eyes tight so that you unshod tears won’t give way. 

You say nothing and walk into the suit bathroom. You pee on the stick and now have to wait. You wash your hands and put the test on the sink. You close your eyes and walk out of the bathroom.

“You can’t make him choose Y/N. I’m so sorry but you can’t do that to him. It would confuse him even more.” Brendon says ever so softly. Those words are what made your tears break the dam and fall down your face. 

You face him and let the tears fall. He comes up to you and wraps you in a hug. You burry your head in his chest and soak his shirt in tears. “I don’t know why Brendon. We just met up again two days later after the first time, and it just happened. After that we couldn’t stop.” You say sobbing into his chest.

About a minute passes in silence. “I love him.”

Those three words, those eight letters is what broke Brendon’s heart. 

It had been a month since that night. The night you found out you were pregnant. Pregnant with Dallon Weekes baby. The married man that you loved.

Getting up on stage would be the only time that you would have full contact with Dallon, only you guys didn’t miraculously sing to each other anymore. 

Brendon does his thing while you play guitar for this song. The next song, House of Memories, you would sing. It’s the final song so you move up to the mic while Brendon backs away from it.

“Hey everybody! I know that Brendon already introduced us, so I’m not going  to do that.” You chuckle out. 

“So this is one of my favorites. It’s called House of Memories.”

As you sing, you direct the song towards Dallon in a discreet way. You start to sing the final chorus.

Baby we built this house
On memories
Take my picture now
Shake it til you see it
And when your fantasies
Become your legacy
Promise us a place
Baby we built this house
On memories
Take my picture now
Shake it til you see it
And when your fantasies
Become your legacy
Promise us a place
In your house of memories
In your house of memories
Promise us a place

As you end the final chorus your hand is on your stomach and you’re looking at Dallon. You quickly snap out of it and look back at the crowd who is going nuts because of the change in lyrics.

Dallon looks at you in awe probably already figuring out that your pregnant. But you ignore him and wave goodbye to the crowd. 

Running to the tour bus you grab all your stuff trying to get out of here as fast as you can. Getting into the rental car one of the guys got you. You turn on the ignition and start to pull out of the parking lot. 

Looking in the rear view mirror, you see Dallon running as fast as he can. You know he would never choose you over Breezy. Brendon was right, who would have thought.

You drive off into the night with the love of your life falling to his knees crying, and the tiny baby growing inside of you. You’re not alone, you have your baby and right now that’s really all you need.

(What you guys think?)