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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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This dumb photoset is just to catch your attention because…

My MOTHER3 animation is done, and it’s indeed published on my blog (in 2 parts), but my friend told me it does not show up on her dashboard? So if you’re following me, it probably did’nt show on your dashboard either. That sucks! (Tumblr, why are you so weird)

So, you have to manually go on my blog to see them!

Hopefully, the videos will be rebloggable and will show on other people’s dashboard once it’s reblogged?  I’m so embarassed about this, ahhh….I’m gonna cry and hide under a blanket for 2 thousands years!

One last word: If you are commited to watch the videos; just know it last a total of 10 minutes and it’s a bit sad; so don’t watch it during a break at work or something. Watch them when your body is ready, ok? ❤


So this is the last post here from me. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I’ve posted that I’m leaving this blog. It’s actually been really hard to think of what I can say other than goodbye. 

This blog has really been a joy to run, and even when it was hard and tiring I love this blog with all my heart. It was something that started out as a blog that was supposed to be funny, and then became something genuinely cool and appreciated by so many people. I know lots of you were really glad to have a blog that kept up with so many idols even without translations! I hope you’ll be able to find blogs on here that can help you keep up with your favorites, and if you ever need to find an older instagram picture well you know where you can look! I won’t be deleting the blog. Neeeevvveerr. 

I would like to put the word out that anyone who wants to try and maintain this blog can message me here or at my personal. I’ll check over the next couple of days in hopes that someone or maybe even two or three people could work together to maintain it. I can give you all the information you need, and help until you get the hang of it. It would be nice to see it go on even it’s not with me. Maybe if a few people come together than I can come back after a break, and we could be a team.

I’ve seen so many messages and comments asking for my personal blog so you can find me here: @jenniferleawho Be forewarned that while I am a multifandom type blog I do post a lot of Bangtan Boys. I mean a lot might even be an understatement. Don’t be afraid to message me and let me know that you followed me here! I want to try and talk to people more on Tumblr so let’s have some nice chats! 

These are the final stats with 9787 pages:

Ah really. Thank you all so much for all of your time and attention towards this blog. 

signal boost;

hello! uhm okay so this is really embarrassing but could you reblog this so people know i’m alright? :“) i’m adda (jiminguk) who deactivated a couple days ago and some people (wow thank you so much) worried that i deleted after posting that i was feeling down. i remade my blog because i deactivated the other one impulsively. i can’t get it back because tumblr support won’t help me… so please could you reblog this? i also want to get some of my precious followers back (which sounds really selfish of me, but trust me–thats not my intention. they were just really lovely ;;” /weeps)
thank you!!