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1, 4 (I FORGOT THE NAME HHHH), 6,7, 30 ^^

Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
It really depends on what it is that I’m drawing! I love the different feels with both traditional and digital drawing. Digital still amazes me to this day even though I’ve been using it for some time XD But in the end, I love doing traditional work <3 (Just too lazy to post em all here XD so I seem like a “digital artist” more often :p)

Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?
I have a DeviantArt account and a Furaffinity acc, aside from Tumblr XD (which is my main acc!)

What’s your least favorite thing to draw?
Myyy least favorite thingg…hm…I think really heavy gore/bloody scenes I’m not always A-OK with drawing. 

How often do you use references?
As often as I can! I always have some picture or ref next to me whenever I draw! 

What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?
It’s always so interesting to see different things. Not just the physical things outside, but the weird things I come up with in my head. The biggest dream is to bring whatever I have in mind come to life, through art! <3 And animating it all…*fans self* that’s gonna be a good day…

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I love you and I love your blog. You're so friendly and funny so you're one of my favourite people on tumblr

and I love you too <3333333 you don’t know how much these mails mean to me. It mean a lot and the main reason why I’m still on Tumblr doing what I’m doing <333 *emotional unicorn* Have a great day/night ahead sweetie! <3

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So I need to set up a mains page still, but I need to post a list first thing of who I’m going to start adding first. (Everyone on the list is going to get a tag for their character on my blog too.) Also if you share a muse with anyone on this list it doesn’t mean I won’t interact with you! I will just be prioritizing these muses in particular && when Battler refers to a particular character in other threads it’ll be in reference to them:

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Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 

i posted this on my main blog but ima post it here too because why not. um. this is steven in together breakfast. notice his height, mostly. how he can easily stand at the counter. then UH.

This is stevo in storm in the room. 

What The Fuck. Whatever this creature is it ain’t steven anymore and we should Not under Any circumstances feed it after midnight.


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Back in the fall I got super inspired by this outfit from @cosmashanti​ (the outfit link goes to a reblog on my main blog because the original post has been deleted) and decided I needed to recreate it for my mayor! And then when I was done I realized it was October and my mayor would freeze in the short sleeves… so I made a long-sleeved version to match!

Mairin likes to wear this dress with the star hairpin, black tights, yellow buckled shoes, and heart i. balloon - but it goes well with a pretty wide variety of items~

If there’s a wide enough demand for it, I might try to make a matching umbrella pattern… (or I might just make one either way because I want it) And if anyone wants a darker skintone edit just let me know & I’ll hook you up!


pls dont reupload
pjm // 160617

keep me entertained ?!

so guess who’s bored ?? also guess who’s close to 1.2k followers ? that’s right, me !!! and so to keep me entertained and to hopefully help get me to my next milestone, i wanted to do something fun!

the main problem i had was that i couldn’t decide between blog rates, winter rates, name aesthetics, archive moodboards, or would you rather moodboards… so here i am, deciding to offer you guys all of them (or at most two each bc let’s not get too crazy here lmao).

more info under the cut

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Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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the nacho rebranding

nacho here! it’s about time i revealed my main blog. i’d like to reply to posts, too! but i have an ulterior motive: i’ve recently turned my main blog into an art-only blog. what this means is that i’ll be posting original art (including very low quality caretaker shitposts) on that blog… and lots of monster ladies! maybe some non-caretaker-related undertale fanart, too.

in the future there will probably be tasteful (non-sexual) nudity, so keep that in mind if you decide to follow.

check me out @ eruto.tumblr.com!


My previous url was pixelb0mb, I attempted to delete a sideblog I was not using and inevitably deleted my main blog and all its contents :( 

I figured since I lost all my posts I may as well start this off fresh with a new url too ♥


((Honestly I have no explanation for this. I just started re-playing Sacred Stones for the hundreth time and the idea of a crossover popped into my mind.
So here, have the main 3 characters of my blog in their FE classes :3c I used the designs of Awakeinig ‘cause they were the ones with those design sheets that were posted, unlike the previous games’ and Fates.
I was really tempted on making Feliks a Trickster, but ended up with a Cavalier due to his pony.
I’m planning on making more of this, would anyone actually like to see them??
I feel like Natalya is way too tall in this drawing ;;;; ))