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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 4 A/B/O

A/N: WOOHOO! Part 4 is here! I will be posting part 5 in a couple hours when I get off of school today! This chapter was supposed to be part 4 and 5 together, but I had to cut in in half cuz Tumblr was like “lol nope!” 😭☹️ I hope y'all like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Smut. Swearing. Fem/Fem.


The scream you let out echoed throughout the entire tower and it was driving Bucky insane.

“Damn,” Sam laughed as he poured himself another cup of coffee. “Nat’s really putting in work, huh?”

Bucky cringed. He was having a difficult enough time already trying to block out your screams of pleasure and he really, really didn’t want to talk about it. But being the condescending little shit Sam was, he made sure to bring it up every time he entered a room. If it weren’t for Steve, he would’ve strangled the man by now.

“Are they still at it?” Bruce gawked as another scream echoed throughout the halls. Everyone at the table groaned. It was seven in the morning and they really didn’t favor hearing sex sounds at breakfast. It was gross.

Steve rested his chin on his hand, his eyes dropping closed. Bucky honestly felt so bad for his best friend. His room was right next to Y/N’s, which meant he probably got only a few minutes of sleep before he was woken by the screams. He ended up coming to Bucky’s room and hogging all the covers just like back in the day.

“I am so done with my life,” Tony sighed dramatically as he bit into his toast. He looked like hell –well they all did, but he looked by far the most drained. “How long do heats usually last?”

“Three days.” Wanda yawned, resting her head on Vision’s shoulder. She blinked rapidly to fight the exhaustion that crept onto her. Even Vision was falling asleep against the chair.

Three entire days Bucky would have to put up with this. That is if he can. He didn’t want to say it, but realistically, he was dangerous. They all were, but not like him. Bucky was a much older alpha, which meant his ruts were twice as strong. There’s a reason most older alphas are too old to uh…engage in any sexual activities. They’re body is supposed to age, meaning their testosterone would go down as well. No testosterone, no ruts.

But unfortunately for James Barnes, he was a hundred years old trapped in a twenty nine year old body and his testosterone levels were twice what they should have been. Bruce really had no idea how to explain it to him, so he just flat out said it was Hydra’s fault –which wasn’t entirely untrue.

So here he was, a genetically modified alpha in rut in the same building as a delta in heat. That was a giant recipe for disaster or unplanned pregnancy.

As much as he used to want it, Bucky wasn’t exactly in any shape to be around kids. He could barely take care of himself right now, he didn’t need a little mini Winter Soldier running around here as well. Not to mention, you probably didn’t even want kids. He’d never be able to live with himself if he did that to you.

Bucky just wasn’t worth all the hassle.

With an annoyed sigh, he planted his elbows on the table and rested his face in his hands. Even though it pained him, he hoped that Nat would take care of you. You didn’t deserve to lose your virtue over this.

He should have never came here.


Natasha thrusted her hips faster, creating the most delicious sensation as her core rubbed against yours. She threw her head back, savoring the feeling of your heat against hers. Her nails raked down your breasts, creating angry red streak marks. But you loved every minute of it. In fact, you craved it.

“Does that feel good, baby?” she asked, her voice trembling as she reached her own orgasm.
You nodded your head furiously, your mouth open in a silent scream. She peered down at your blissed out self with pride. She loved watching you orgasm, her name coming from your mouth in nothing but a scream for everyone to hear.

“Oh my god, Natasha!” you cried out, pulling harshly on the sheets that you grasped onto.

After your orgasm subsided once again, she collapsed on top of you with exhaustion.

It had been a solid three hours since the two of you started going at it. As soon as the door closed behind her, she wasted no time ripping the sheets from your body and sucking orgasm after orgasm from your body. You had no idea how many positions she pulled and put you into, all you knew was that your heat still hadn’t died down.

In fact, you felt even hotter now.

Natasha craned her neck to look at you, a hopeful smile on her face. But when she felt you rutting against her thigh, desperately trying to chase another orgasm, she frowned. To be honest, she was growing worried for you. You should’ve been okay by now, all her omegas never lasted this long. Yet here you were, completely unaffected by her attempts at satisfying you.

“Are you a robot or something?” she groaned, resting her head on your shoulder. Her blue eyes stared into yours.

She was disappointed, but not with you. It was a giant blow to an alpha’s self-esteem if they couldn’t satisfy their partner, and honestly, she was feeling a bit insecure right now. She’d never let you know, but it was eating away at her.

What did Bucky Barnes have that she didn’t?

She was twice as dominant as he was. Even more so when it came to sex. She was known for giving her complete attention to her omegas. She was pretty darn good at this, but for some reason it wasn’t enough when it came to you.

And it kind of hurt.

You stared up at the ceiling, completely unresponsive and it scared Natasha a bit.
Your hair stuck up in different places, giving you the perfect sex hair, but you weren’t in post mating bliss like you should’ve been. You looked so miserable. The sheets had been shredded in the process of your love making, your body was covered with little love marks that she left –especially between your thighs. You looked thoroughly fucked out, yet you weren’t.
The sound of the door creaking open pulled the read head from her thoughts.

“I’m coming in,” Pepper called out, shielding her eyes with her free hand. “Please cover yourselves, ladies. I don’t want to have to bleach my memory out after this.”

Natasha let out a snort before gathering the ripped sheets from the floor and spreading them out onto your bodies, making sure all your lady bits were covered before giving Pepper the okay. Pepper entered the room, holding a tray of food in her hand. Food sounded so great to Nat right now. You hadn’t eaten in an entire day, which was a bad sign for someone in heat.

“How is she?” she asked, setting the tray down on the night stand. Nat let out a sigh and dropped her face into the pillow. She murmured a response, which came out in a small inaudible sentence. Pepper raised an eyebrow. Nat turned her face to the side and peered up at her.

“It didn’t work. She’s gonna need Barnes.”

The older woman peered down at you, running the back of her hand along your forehead, wiping away the sweat. You were burning up now, way more that you were yesterday. Your eyes stayed on the ceiling, completely unaware of everything going on around you.

“Y/N,” she said softly, running a hand through your hair. “I know you don’t want to, but you’ve gotta eat something. It’s not good for you to starve like this.”

She grabbed the metal fork and stabbed the piece of orange on the plate before bringing it to your mouth. You didn’t budge one bit.

She sighed again, setting the fork down on the tray. The last thing she wanted to do was force feed you or force anything on you, but you were malnourished, which was the worst thing to happen during a heat. If you didn’t eat anytime soon, you’d go into shock. As much as she hated the idea of bringing a strange man in here and mating you, it was the only option. You could die.

If only you were an omega.

By now, Nat had collected all of her clothes and redressed herself. It wasn’t obvious, but the hurt in her eyes was there. This was probably a first for her. Pepper felt so inadequate as well. You were her mentor, the closet thing she had to a daughter and she couldn’t provide you with a safe alternative. She literally exhausted all of her options.

Dr. Strange was currently in Australia on business and wouldn’t be reachable until he got back, which could take days. You couldn’t wait that long.

Pepper stood, covering you better with the sheets before walking towards the door. She gave Nat a small, apologetic smile as they left the room.

She prayed that you would forgive her for this. You and Tony.


Pepper was high, Bucky was a hundred percent sure of it.

Or at least on some other mind altering substance, he didn’t know for sure.

The main goal was to keep him and Y/N apart, but now she wanted them locked in the same room for an entire day. Not only was that a terrible idea, it would surely get him killed as well. Tony would probably behead him on sight if you somehow got knocked up.

Speaking of Tony, why wasn’t he here? Shouldn’t he have a say as well? You were his successor, so it was only reasonable.

He interrupted her rant, by putting down the weight in his hand rather loudly. She jumped, taking a step back from him.

“You don’t seem to understand,” he began, peering up at her. “I’m not doing anything without her consent. That’s the one rule.”

Pepper ran her hands through her hair in frustration.

“She’s going to die, Bucky!” she argued, her eyes wild with fear. “Do you not understand that?”

Steve stood silently beside his best friend. He promised to provide a completely objective insight with minimal subjective opinions, but he couldn’t help the fear that was eating away at him. Steve always had the utmost respect for a woman’s consent. Hell, he even refused to patch up Wanda’s broken rib that one time until she gave him the okay. But this was a life or death situation and completely preventable. If it was Peggy in there, he’d risk it all just to make sure she saw another day.

Pepper was right.

“Buck,” he chimed in. “She’s got a point.”

“You’re saying I should go in there and take advantage of her?”

“No,” Pepper countered. “We’re saying you should go in there and save her life.”


You couldn’t comprehend the slightest bit of information that Pepper was giving you. The only thing you could focus on was the burning arousal between your legs. You weren’t exactly all hot and bothered anymore, you just ached. And you ached for only one person, no matter how much you tried to take your mind off of him. He was there when you closed your eyes each time you tried to rest. You just hoped he at least shared the same problem.

“- going to help you out, okay?”

If you weren’t so exhausted, you would’ve asked her to repeat herself, but you didn’t care anymore. You just wanted this to end. Two entire days you’ve been in this room, delirious from your heat. It was torture, but you were just glad they found a solution.

The sound of the door creaking open and closed shook you from your thoughts.

You heard the footsteps growing closer to the bed before halting a few feet away. Pepper looked up at the mystery person and gave them a small reassuring smile before getting up from the bed.

“Make sure she eats something, okay?” she asked, patting them on the shoulder. And just like that, she was gone.

Immediately, you began to panic internally. Who the heck did she leave you with? If it was Sam, you’d legit scream your lungs out. Steve was a nice guy and all, but you were still sore from being hit by his shield. You still couldn’t believe he did that! Why didn’t he just pull you away like a normal person? Who even does that? You made a mental note to get him back for that.

Oh god, if it was Tony you’d literally kill him. Even if you ended up in jail. He was practically your dad when it came down to it. You loved him, but not like that!

You felt the bed sink in beside you and you reluctantly opened your eyes, expecting to see any one of the people you just imagined.

“How are you feeling, doll?”

-FIN! ❤️


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awakeforjin replied to your post “Transference (M) – Chapter 05 Teaser”

I literally googled Rick Bowman, like are you basing this person of some obscure person or character that already exists?! Or play off whatever imagery is conjured up when one hears the name Rick Bowman?! But that’s just me being extra, lol.

Rick Bowman is a character that the audience hasn’t met yet, but will meet in Chapter 5. The teaser is the first time he’s mentioned in the series, so Hoseok’s reaction is everyone’s first impression as to whether Hoseok has good memories about him. 

Ok so I spent most of my night off watching drum line videos on youtube. Then moving on to listening to my Music Man alum. Which resulted in drawing this and regretting basing off the nations uniforms with their flag color; because omg that’s a lot of red white and blue.  

While I do think this pic is way too busy it’s not as busy as my original sketch which was a drawing of the 5 major allies because with France and Russia I think we all would be wanting to scratch our eyes out lol. But by the time I came to that conclusion I already drew England and American and was like f*** it there too adorable not to post and here we be. 

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Hello! Did you do top 5 Mimoments? (If not, do a long post, kekekekekeekkeekekkeekkeekekekkeekekekekekekekekekekekke!) I think I know what no1 is... (Never been this weird....)

I haven’t done one yet, but I’ve already used most of the gifs I have for them so many times already… Lol, I don’t think my no. 1 is that predictable but we’ll see~  

1 and 2. all of HTS tied with whenever they perform together

(Mina’s face is like ‘that’s right, y’all other ppl better step off’. And keep in mind Momo could’ve picked anyone for her ‘This Love’ couple dance, but she only wanted Mina and she was the only one that picked someone of the same gender, too. Oh, and Momo also refused to wear a wig to act as ‘the guy role’ y’all~)

(there’s more cute actual Twice choreo they do together but y’all get the point~)

3. their many subtle and natural moments, especially the behind the scenes ones or when they think no one is watching (I considered making this #1 but I kept changing my mind about it so I’ll just leave it here~)

(they were giving each other air kisses :3)

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Hmm, let's see... the color meme! You most definitely are black, blue, indigo, and coral. (DOES IT COUNT IF I SAY INDIGO BC I WAS HERE BEFORE THE KURONANA MEME AND WHEN YOU ONLY HAD LIKE 5 POSTS AND I JUST DON'T KNOW AND WHHAATT)

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GACKTtweets Jan 2nd 2016

It’s been a long time. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’d like to answer people’s tweets for the first time in 2016, but is everyone ready? Are you ready to yell out loud even if there are other people around?

[I’m done in the bath. Go ahead when you like]@.chiichan0913 Sorry I’m late. Did you wash yourself thoroughly?

[The devil king teases us. You’re going to be a super sadistic devil king again this year, huh?]@.noriko1971 Not teasing, I was training. I kept you waiting! Happy New Year!!! And, it’s GACKT here… GACKT… the… average… celebrity

[I’d like you to hurry up and change your twitter icon]@.silver_vrock Okay, okay. I’ll change it when this is over. Don’t get so mad at me~

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[Whenever GACKT comes on Twitter I get a mental reset!] @.BlueKj280911818 If you can get a mental reset just from that I’ll come anytime?

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oh my god this 52 year old pagan who used to be my neighbor is on facebook on a picture i cross posted from insta asking me why i cover my hair and she’s like “is it a new religion, or a bad haircut or what?” and i’m like… already down 5 points on my patience scale, y’all. 

so then i reply “no new religion lol it’s the same one i’ve had for about 2 years now” and of course she asks what religion it is, it’s here that she also says i can switch to a private message if i want. like…. so… you knew… this entire time… that you were being nosy and invasive with your questions but instead of just sending me a private message….. you wait until things feel a little awkward before you invite ME to private message YOU to continue a conversation YOU fucking started. what fucking twilight zone bullshit

and then i’m like “hellenic polytheism” and she—the 52 year old pagan who is licensed as a clergy person in the state of ohio says “is that wicca?”

for those that don’t understand the punchline here… she just asked me if my religion, which is literally thousands of years old and has writings that date back to 800 bce… is the same thing as wicca… which is a religion that isn’t even 100 years old. also, i should mention that i find this question truly hilarious because SHE!! IS!! WICCAN!! and was the high priestess of her local coven at one point in time like if hellenic polytheism was an alternative name for wicca wouldn’t you be the first to know??

special moments (feat xiuhan)

aaaa…love is in the air….the preview of Immortal Song really made my satnite more lovely!!!
my timeline is spazzing crazily over them!!! *meehh toooo* ahahhaa

but here..some gifs that *I wish* also brighten ur nite :Dsome moments on weekly idol…have you guys noticed it???

1. When the MC was adapting Suho and luhan was approaching xiumin and laughing

2. The laughing lu-ge beside xiumin *wonder how funny was it,luhan-aa??*

3. The frustated xiumin wanna get a clue from luhan! <3

4. yep! DANCE START! Luhan who cant stop dancing accompanying xiumin (and Suho too)!! >__<

5. OK! Luhan kept dancing with Xiumin (n Suho too) till the end! >_<

6. Even when Suho already stops dancing, Xiumin and Luhan are still dancing! (pay attention on Luhan hand in the left) XDXD

7. After enjoying the dancing time, finally Xiumin stops dancing! *after he saw Suho was only clapping his hands* LOL  >__<

WHAT A LONG POST!!! sorry for the inconvenience and for the bad gifs I made T—-T just wanna share with Xiuhaners! <3 Hope you guys like it and I really appreciate all of your attention! >_< 

will post another gifs soon!!! bye yeom xiuhaners! ^O^//