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john steinbeck // ジョン・スタインベック

Ok guys so I just gained 400 followers, so I wanned to do follow forever post. It’s my first one and I don’t really know what to write and i can’t do gifs and graphics so its emmmm… shitty. But ye I just wanned to show love to blogs i follow and thanks for all my followers. :) You all are the best and without you this blog would never exist. 

Hugs and kisses ♡

✿ Rl friends@leedamnchaerin @am-lewanse 

✿ Mutuals: @slice-of-life-anime @fullblacknabot @edii-kun @ir0nyyy @latinochurro @765pro-fight @n-agisahazuki @ninjamika @officialmugi 

✿ Other awesome people: @yuriobsessed @simplykasumi @sanctuary-for-strange-people @nico-nasty @ohmikasaa @sowhatifwearebothgirls @djigokushoujo @yurioverlife @larimii @mogyutto @animepenguin @kumiko-x-reina @mekoo-san @cattiepon @hanayo-and-rice @smexmuffinpeddler @xthundere @tippy-the-rabbit @epherium @maki-gayest-tsundere @layne-orion @shimapancomplex @darfixn @zuiccraft-translation @grizmund @hoto-cocoa @tennosuke @ipscell @literally-the-best-onii-chan @mypokemonpride @freyjagoddessofshipping @nikoniko-nii @xyukimeanssnow @gay-potato-prince @it-s-yuritime @madoka-obsession @yurifeels @yuriskittles @protect-her @official-nagato @yurifreak15 @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga @chino-is-the-order-a-hell-yeah @mugiwara-nami @natiii-chan @angeljas @yuri-wonderland @aegrimonia @animefreak89 @allyurillyneed @pixel-horror @yakimxchi @lunarjumper @ephemeral-moon @kyoukosama @maki-is-gay @shadowjen @tygah @zekroms @fishunini @kudokawa @bakaqbe @anime-pictures-and-other-stuff @yurilayuri @secretotakuyuri @yuridiculous @gigapig @eri-channn @yurinnocent @faggit-kun @mylifeforyuri @yuriobsessionblr

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SO I hit 3k followers recently and I decided to do blogrates to celebrate! I’ve never done these before on this blog so I figured it’d be a fun and kinda different thing to do for you guys ♥


1. Must be following me! (I’m doing this for my followers after all!)

2. Reblog to spread the word!

3. Send me an ask! (It can be anything from a question about Stranger Things to a question about me or my thoughts on something or, heck, I don’t know, have fun, be creative!)

All will be tagged with “br” in case you want to blacklist them!

Format underneath the cut!

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