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I’ve just had a really bad experience commissioning R&M fanart that I’ve been waiting  a couple of months to get the final version of that the artist just decided today they didn’t want to finish with no offer of a refund. (Oh they posted a finished version of it, but it wasn’t the sketch I approved for commission nor what I wanted and after 4 more weeks I got back in touch to politely ask how they are getting on with it and they’ve basically said they won’t complete.) I was mis-lead into believing the version they did was a clean version they wanted to do, something entirely secondary to the sketch I commissioned, I’m a naive idiot. I mean I loved it, told them I loved it, was really happy with it, but on the proviso that I was still waiting on the ship-art piece I had actually requested, the sketch we had agreed upon. 

I’m really hoping nothing like this ever happens again. The whole thing has been a total mind-fuck frankly from beginning to end and left me wary of trusting people. Especially being told near completion that the version I commissioned (the sketch they drew and sent me and I agreed to) can’t be posted anywhere, because the don’t want to fend off “thirsty kids”, or have the “incest kids giving me shit on my blog, on account of them being helplessly over defensive and stupid.” 

Yes, it depicts two fully clothed Rick’s groping each other, (one Rick being an actual Bill Cipher) but I didn’t ask for that exact pose, I just said it might be nice to have it a bit lewd and all that mattered was that it emphasised their closeness.  Yeah and of course I agreed not to post it because I didn’t want to cause problems, even though I didn’t quite understand why they sent me a sketch they didn’t want to publish and thought might cause them hassle!!?? Doesn’t really matter now I guess when they’ve basically said the won’t finish it due to, and I quote, “artist ego.” oh and best not to forget the fact they went on to say they now feel it is the worst thing they’ve ever drawn…THANKS for that. 

I really like commissioning fan-art, I’ve commissioned loads of R&M art and Rickcest art. I guess in the end I’ve learned not to be so damn naive and accepting of things. It was only 80 dollars but it’s the principal of the thing, I feel like an idiot. I’m still deciding whether to raise a dispute via Paypal or just cut my losses and put it down to experience. It has really put me off making larger commissions I must admit (80 dollars is large for me).

Edit: After speaking to a few people and showing them the 34 emails between myself and the artist they have encouraged me to seek a 50% refund as I do have the sketch and the artist did say I could get someone else to colour it if I wanted. (Even though I paid for colour for the design I chose) I’ve also said to them that I wouldn’t need a refund if they could finish the piece by end of July. I’m trying my best here as a full refund doesn’t seen fair on them as I have the coloured piece they did (which is not the sketch I wanted or approved) and the sketch of what we agreed, (just not coloured.) God this is complex.

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so my sister set up my location on snapchat yesterday and i forgot to set it to my close friends. i have 1 or 2 people from here added on snapchat and didn’t remember that they could possibly see my location too. long story short someone took a screenshot of my location and posted it as their story yet the caption had nothing to do with the screenshot. I freaked out so I deleted them as fast as I could before I could message them and I don’t remember their blog name so I can’t message them to delete the picture. So in conclusion: DON’T DO THIS PEOPLE, and dear person that’s not cool!!! I should of been more cautious and remembered to set my location to private but that doesn’t mean you can go around posting people’s locations as your story!!!!


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.