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Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was in a car accident and it kind of shook me up. I’m okay though, don’t worry! I hope to be back in the swing of things for Steter Week, though I’m not sure if I’ll get to any prompts before then. Just wanted to give you all a heads up for my radio silence. Please be patient with me; I’ll be back better than ever!

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Did the author Quadenomen delete their account and works on Ao3? ;-; Does anyone know what happened or if they have any social media accounts? Or even like, if their stories like Can We Be Friends and Of Stolen Time and Kisses exist anywhere? :'( Quadenomen was one of the best out there, what happened :'(((

Hello anon!

It does seem like Quadenomen deleted their account, since all links relating to them pulls an error. I tried looking up if they have any social media accounts but didn’t find anything. It seems they still have Can We Be Friends posted on AFF, though ~ Admin P

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did vld-shipping-center actually get hacked by an anti?? cause thats what I heard??

Blacked out because vld-shipping-center has been targetted by antis before (they once complained about it in a long vent post in Japanese, which they deleted soon after):

As you can see, vld-shipping-center is fine. The antis are just being unbelievably petty in taking their deleted url.

Deleting blogs isn’t uncommon in the Japanese fandom. They don’t give warnings & they just randomly delete all their stuff if they feel like it. (Remember to save & backup their fanart or you will regret it later on…..)

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Nickname: Overalls, that guy who runs around the woods in a gas mask

gender: male

star sign: Aries

myers briggs personality type: INTJ

height: 5 ft 3

time: 1615

birthday: —-

favorite bands: :Laibach, REM, pop music from the Yugoslav wars

favorite solo artists: —-

song stuck in my head: The Flintstones theme, but the word “Flintstones” is replaced with the words “Pet Shots”

last movie i watched: Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice

last show i watched: Twin Peaks

when i created my blog: 2017

what i post about: Personal blog

last thing i googled: “K93m gas mask”

other blogs i have: this is it

why i chose my url: It’s a website

following: 73

followers: 25 (2543 before deleting that other, unrelated blog)

favorite color: navy blue

average hours of sleep: Varies on whether or not I go out to the woods on a given night

lucky number:  37

instruments: kinda trumpet, kinda piano. Not good at either.

what i’m wearing: Firehose pants, Finnish jackboots, hoodie, N10 respirator, rubber gloves, oilskin duster

number of blankets i sleep under: as many as I can get

dream job: Cryptid

dream trip: Finland, but without a work schedule.

favorite food: Sardines.

I think I’m supposed to tag like 20 people, I’m not going to do that. 

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Hey about the extras being canceled can you elaborate on that because Im actually really pissed because I bought that one?

I wasn’t sure on this one so I asked someone who helped do the extras and asked someone else who had purchased the Extras.

From what I understand is that one of the bundle included a Lanyard. The Lanyard was cancelled after preorders closed. I believe the reason cited was that the Zine did not make enough money.

When I asked the buyer if there had been a partial refund since the lanyard had been cancelled they told be no. They were paying full price still.

I went to go check on the Bullseye Zine blog to find out more info only to find out that all post before November 9th including the schedule had been deleted.

Regarding the Exotic Petblr Masterpost

I am scratching this project and will be deleting the original post do to concerns from the community about the accidental promotion of poor pet care. I think my original intent has been completely lost and if there is this much concern before the post has been made, I don’t see this idea turning out well. I first want to clarify that this list was never meant to be a promotion of any particular blogs as experts in pet care. I very much understand that there are blogs out there of varying degrees of accuracy and knowledge, and that some perpetuate outdated or downright improper husbandry standards. My thought was as a vet blog, people would give me the benefit of the doubt here, but I think the opposite effect happened. I didn’t think about how my position as a soon-to-be veterinarian could be taken as a position of authority to unintentionally promote blogs and practices that were sub par quality. I apologize for that, as I am a student and still learning about what it means to be a professional.

My hope for this project was just to create a list of blogs and other reference materials that people could look at if they wanted to find people that had experience with their species of interest. I didn’t mean to create something that would be seen as a how-to guide for pet care, but more of an open list of people in the exotic petblr community. I was attempting to replicate masterposts I have seen in other communities, including Vetblr, where people can find links to blogs that fit their interests. As someone who is kind of Tumblr illiterate and sometimes struggles to find blogs and information about less common species, I was really excited about this project and may have let that excitement runaway with me.

I thought long and hard about whether this should be an open list or a closed list, and the reasons I decided on an open list are as follows: 1. As a veterinary student, my schedule is already jam packed and I do not have the time to screen every single blog that asked to be on the list, nor do I have the knowledge of every species out there to know what exactly is best practice. 2. Screening and rejecting people seemed like an easy way to create drama, which I wanted to avoid. Clearly this backfired. 3. I wanted to find blogs outside of the circle I am a part of, so I hoped asking everyone and anyone to reblog it would help me find new blogs and new sources of information. It never crossed my mind that this would cause this list to be seen as a promotion of poor pet care standards or a lack of caring about the quality of the resources. I had planned to provide an explanation that the list was just that–a list, and not a care guide or endorsement for any particular blog, but this idea clearly worked better in my head. I can certainly see how this would cause confusion and not translate well from my original thought process.

Since my explanations on this have only created more concern, it is clear to me that this list, no matter what my intentions were, is not a good idea and will do more harm than good for the community. Promoting best practices of animal care, particularly for exotic pets where the information is so varied, is of utmost importance to me. Exotic pets, especially herps, are my passion and I would never knowingly promote any resources that would recommend poor care practices. I have seen poor exotic pet husbandry first hand on this website and should have thought of a better way to address that on my list. Perhaps if I have more time in the future, I can go about making my own list of blogs and resources that I personally endorse and that I know are providing information about the most up to date and optimal care standards. I apologize for any concerns this list may have caused.


Yeah, I’m sick of losing soulmates

Won’t be alone again

I can finally see, you’re as fucked up as me

So how do we win?


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

Regarding Old Posts

As some of you might already know, I - the current owner of Supper Mario Broth - am not the original creator of the blog. While I have been a contributor since the creation of the blog, I only took over as the owner in 2016 when the original owner lost interest and granted me the ownership.

When the transfer of ownership took place, there was an agreement between the two of us on what direction the blog would go and what should be done with old posts that do not conform to it. As I decided to focus only on factual, verified content, I was given explicit permission to delete any existing posts that contained fan-made or joke content.

I admit that this was a bad decision. I have received overwhelming negative feedback from fans regarding the deletion of old favorites like “Luigi Thunder”, “Luigi’s Rotation Party” and many more. I truly regret upsetting so many people with my attempt to keep the blog to only factual posts.

From now on, no more old posts will be deleted. Instead, in the coming weeks, I will add a small disclaimer to them about how they are meant for entertainment purposes only - a solution I should have implemented from the beginning. In addition, old posts I have misguidedly deleted will be reposted over time, as well as content made by the previous owner that was never submitted before, along with the same disclaimers. Naturally, permission from the creator of that content has been obtained for all of these procedures.

I hope these changes will be accepted as my apology for the deletions.
Thank you very much.