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Omg if you watch the video that taylor posted before the f1 concert where she says "see you in texas. Just so that they don't go to the wrong place" you could her someone in the background say "you don't want them to go see calvin" i cant believe no one noticed it


I swear, next time someone says how Gafou is an abusive ship because of the manipulation scene (no shit, Sherlock), I’ll write some dumb crackfic of Gaston giving up the mob to braid LeFou’s hair or something.

Baby Niall saw a butterfly!

Favorite Positive Character Traits

i listed my favorite character flaws (and still have another post in progress about them), but i figured i’d list my favorite positive character traits, by request.

adaptable - i like seeing characters that can adjust to new situations. i especially love it in unrealistic situations. “that person’s flying? cool, seen it before.” 

attentive - i, personally, get tired of oblivious characters, especially when it comes to situations where you (the reader) would be jumping up and down in your character, yelling “it’s right there, omg! it’s so obvious!” especially when it comes to people.

certain - they’re one hundred percent certain in their choices, even if it turns out to be wrong later on. they’re decisive and they follow through. 

charismatic - i like when it’s portrayed in a friendly light. while most villain’s pull it off, i’m kind of tired of seeing it be used for characters that have ulterior motives.

communicator - there’s nothing wrong with talking and being open. i love that and wish there were more characters who avoided leaving thing’s left unsaid. 

connected - they have connections with people, their religions, their hobbies, etc. 

easygoing - people like this are easy to get along with and they tend to tie friendships together. 

generous - i love when characters are the kind to hand out their kindness without expecting anything in return. i love when it’s subtle, especially.

intimate - a super friendly kind of person, who forms deep bonds and shows their affections openly, regardless of the nature of their relationship (platonic or romantic). friendly, but bold; might be the kind of person to wipe crumbs from the corner of another’s mouth, definitely brushes dust off another’s back, etc. 

knowledgeable - don’t get me wrong, i love intelligent characters like no other, but i like it slightly more when their knowledge lies in other places (hobbies? places? history? mythology?)

listener - this person enjoys listening more than talking and that’s acceptable, but sometimes i like knowing that this character’s friends will listen to them in return. too many times do i see these kinds of characters play the role of ear only. they’re a character too, y’know?

loyal - to their friends, family, lover, pets, etc. sure. however, i enjoy the kind of loyal characters that know when their friends are in the wrong and they don’t just obliviously go along with it.

those are just a few examples. i hope they give you ideas.

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Would Karasuno be good with crying girls? (like they're not in a relationship, but just a classmate)

OMG guys, there hasn’t been a post for so long. I’m sorry!

Daichi would look around to see if there was someone else who could help the girl, feeling a little awkward to go to her because they had never talked before. After he figured out no one was around to help the girl he would walk towards her and ask, “Are you okay? I mean…. Can I help you with something?”

Suga would sit down next do the girl and ask her what was wrong. At first the girl would look a little ashamed that a guy she hadn’t ever talked to had to see her like that, but after that she would tell Suga what wrong, and gladly accepting his comforting words.

The first thing Asahi was worried about was whether she was crying because of him or not. When he finally decided that he hadn’t done anything that could have scared the girl so much she had started crying he would look for someone who could help her out.

Tanaka would hesitate about approaching the girl, knowing very well that crying girls were risky to be around (he learned that the hard way with his sister). He would decide to leave her alone since his sister always yelled at him to leave her alone.

Noya wouldn’t know what to do. He would want to cheer the girl up, but he didn’t really know her and he didn’t know what would cheer her up. In the end he didn’t have to do anything because the girl’s friend showed up.

Kageyama would stare at the girl, wondering what people usually did in these situations. He would be very relieved when the girl finally stopped crying, but when their eyes crossed he would feel guilty for not doing anything. The girl herself would turn bright red, because she knew that Kageyama had been watching her crying.

Hinata would immediately talk to them, asking them what was wrong. He would try to cheer them up and would smile brightly when he would be successful.

Tsukishima would decide to leave the girl alone, thinking she would probably appreciate that more than him being awkward around her.

Yamaguchi  would notice the girl crying and he would hesitate whether he should talk to her or not. Before he would be able to make a decision some of the girl’s friends would come over and comfort her.

dude mate

I know I made a mistake submitting an r18 pic here one time before..

but like- some of you have been telling me ‘omg you posted this on the wrong blog’ 'oh no there u go again’ yada yada yadaaaa on the next few reblogs that doesn’t even include SO MUCH sin in them

now for starters, I don’t appreciate you guys being sassy with me while I tries my best to reblog all of these beautiful drawings for me. °H° And secondly? This is an R13 blog NOT A COMPLETELY FRIENDLY FAMILY BLOG ;V; I will still submit stuff that have a Lil hint of sin in them.

Like ok? I was free to reblog whatever content I want before(r13 stuffs) and now few people start being sassy with me after I made nsfw blog..?? Dude..? Srsly? Not cool. _:'3_

my dash right now

  • “i wasn’t a ladies code fan but…”
  • “you don’t need to start with "i wasn’t a ladies code fan but…”
  • “kpop community is really great when…”
  • “i don’t give a fuck about your "kpop community is really great when…”“
  • "this reminds us that everyone is mortal and [some deep shit]”
  • “i don’t give a shit about your "this reminds us that everyone is mortal and [some deep shit]”“
  • "omg this should make us think: idols are humans too”
  • “wtf is wrong with you, eunbi was a person before being an idol no need for these "omg this should make us think: idols are humans too” posts"

can’t we just all agree this was a tragedy and direct our prayers and thoughts to the victims of this terrible accident instead of wasting time correcting one another? 

Not my gif!
Now I’ve been looking at this gif for 5 mins and trying to imagine different characters being A and pulling the mask of. Lets talk about the characters and whether they fit the reaction or not.
People who are NOT A:

Cece - I think she would fit Ali’s reaction because Ali would feel betrayed if Cece was the one behind this.
Noel - same as for Cece
Lucas - all we’ve ever seen from Lucas and Ali was that she was above him (at least she thought that), she bullied him and he was afraid of her. I think her reaction would be a confused “wtf?” if that was Lucas
Melissa - possible, I think the reaction fits
Wren - I think she would be confused since she never had a scene with Wren, so as far as we know she doesn’t know him. Sure, she was around Rosewood while she was missing and most likely heard about him but I doubt she ever talked to him
Wilden - if he’s actually alive, I think her reaction would fit perfectly because 1. she knee Wilden, was “friends” with him and 2. the OMG because she thought he was dead
Ian - same as with Wilden
Jenna - again, I think the reaction would fit since she thought she knew Jenna and also probably thought that Jenna wasn’t able to do something like this because she’s blind
Mona - I’m not sure how Alison woukd react but I do think that this would not be her reaction

I obviously could be 100% wrong about all of these but I just had to get my thoughts out.
I haven’t been posting many theories lately but I might do one more big post before 6x10 airs.