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I think maybe she could be my girlfriend. I don’t want to be her girlfriend, though. But there’s this part of me that totally knows I could be her boyfriend. I don’t want her to think of me as a boy, or a boy substitute, though. I want to be a boyfriend who is a girl. I have no idea how to explain that stuff to anyone, let alone a girl I like. I just wish it was already all understood.
—  M.E. Girard, Girl Mans Up

“So who is this new guy?” He pressed. “No one you know and none of your business.” I told him. “Is it serious?” He continued. “It’s serious enough.” I answered, getting annoyed. He stared at me silently. “What?” I asked him. “Why are you asking me these things? Matter of fact, why do you care who I’m with now, or whether or not it’s serious? I’m happy, I’m at a peace, and he loves me with his whole heart. I don’t wander into your life, disturbing you, so if you could kindly not wander into mine and disturb me - that would be really great.” Again, he stayed silent as he stared at me. “Jesus Christ!” I yelled. “What?! What do you want from me?” - “Just one more question, and then I’ll leave you alone.” He said. “How do you know he loves you already?” I looked at my ex, and shook my head. “Because the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking, is the way I used to look at you…” -Cici B.

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telll us about your s/o. do it

Tell us abt ur s/o!!!! :DDS

OH GOD sjdhfksdfdf//////// ill just. try keep it brieF

so we knew each other through a mutual friend irl not v long ago but i think i really like him??/ we’re casual, not dating or anything like that, but its nice and im actually comfortable……..which is….rare

its midnight texts and afternoon calls, “good morning”s and “how was your day”s, all that biz. hessss a musician, a rlly talented one at that, made a song about me once and i just hjdfksf

a super supportive person. #2 cheerleader (after vel, bless vel), best quote: “hows your drawing?” “*sends a wip with handwritten ‘nowhere near done yet’” “id still buy that”

one time we were hving a call and i was Very Sleepy so i told him that i wanted to sleep? and he jst started browsing for bedtime stories and read to me. after the story i was already half asleep and he told me “just go to sleep” and started messing around w his guitar and lmao i actually…did…fall asleep….. after like 10 mins he put down his guitar and jst. slept too. said he didnt want to end the call since theres a ringtone? thing? when calls end, didnt want that to wake me up. so we….. took a nap, together, via call…………..and thats just wow. ive never been comf enough w anyone via call EVER please let alone take a nAp

oh no wait best quote is…. post argument…. abt a petty thing and we jst made up and. “(me) we can be bad at this together?” “100% be bad at this together”

anyways htis is getitng too long im sorr. jst wanted to share the fact that i found someone who makes me feel comfortable when i havnet been in so long and thats just a blessing thank sfor asking???

edit: i forgot to mention that he lovs memes + likes shrek unironically. please. and also our 3am crash courses about dolphin reproduction. on a school day. with no context

amazingly, i reached 2K followers! i’m like, super surprised, i’d never expected to get 1k let alone 2! so i’m gonna revamp my birthday&fandom family pages for you guys:)

[and, i am going to finish the blogrates, i just wanted to post this now :)]


send me an ask with your name, 3 characters from one of my fandoms in order of preference & a quote. check this page to see who’s already been taken.


send me an ask with your name and birthday & your favourite character/ship for a lil birthday surprise :) 

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Hey, I'm very sorry. I saw your tags that you posted in that "What's your age, sheith shipper?" post and it makes me sad. I'm sorry you feel you have to hide the fact that you ship sheith, that this place is so meh you can't just like whatever you want and no one bug you for it. It's not even shameful, they're a wholesome ship it's just... the vld fandom is... so... I'm sad you can't ship what you want and have to hide, basically. *hugs v tightly*

This fandom is the only one I’m in that makes me feel this way. I’ve never shied way from expressing how much I love certain ships… until now. You’re so right- they are a wholesome ship and I want to scream about them so badly. I’d love to post my own headcanons, reblog my favorite fanart, and make more edits.

The enjoys of caring what people think too much and being pro-shaladin.

Thank you, friend. *hugs*

Am I insane? I ask myself over and over again. Am I alone? Surrounded by sin, I think it might just be the end. Am I insane? Am I insane? Am I insane? The devil came to take me to hell, but I’m already there.
—  From “The Death of Me” by Asking Alexandria
Why You Need to a) NOT PANIC and b) Leave John Boyega the Fuck Alone

First of all, this is unprofessional as fuck. Chris Mandle quoted three words of something John Boyega said entirely out of context and tweeted it in order to get hits. And it worked! There are already five articles on Google News and a whole bunch of people posting about it in the Stormpilot tag! I saw a gif of the Titanic breaking in half! 

The full article will be out in Shortlist on the 21st, and if you weren’t already going to read it, you are now, aren’t you? You’re damn right, because you want to know what John Boyega actually said. Unfortunately that means we’re playing right into Chris Mandle’s grandstanding, and I hate to reward that, but I’ll do what I have to so I’m not just taking his word for it. 

Secondly, this is the same John Boyega who totally went along with Oscar’s “I was playing romance” statement in their Ellen interview. Do you really think he was trying to sink this ship? Really? 

Thirdly, OSCAR ISAAC SHIPS STORMPILOT, WHERE IS THE CONFETTI AND TICKER TAPE PARADE? I need a thousand percent more celebrating the fact that he is on board with this. How many fandoms ever get that from the actors who play the dudes they ship?

Fourthly, do you know what else once only existed in Oscar Isaac’s head? The idea that Poe Dameron grew up on Yavin IV.

And now it’s canon. 

Keep tweeting Lucasfilm and Disney and Rian Johnson and asking for queer representation. Keep making petitions. Keep talking about how much you love Stormpilot and queer Poe Dameron. 

But if I see anyone hating on John Boyega for this before we actually know what he said, I’m going to murder


Yes, I know I have posted all of those photos already today. But this was something that only started off with “cracked” and “shattered” standing alone and then kinda evolved over the day into something (in)complete. So I figured I’d put the (existing) pieces together and post it as a set again… 

Barely Holding Together
Ripped Apart
In Pieces (and some of them missing)

And with a very fitting quote, which I have also posted before, I’ll close the day:

“Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain or negativity.” - Yoko Ono