i posted the art in the middle before but

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3

‘the girl locked inside the iron maiden’

for those who don’t know, iron maiden is a torture instrument from middle ages.. one of the most brutal though XD you can search what’s the inside

you don’t mind if i post original artwork rite??? and oh if you noticed that girl really looks like my persona was my oc genesis before XDDD

Music: Moonsong by Adrian Von Ziegler (check out his music QAQ)
Estimated Time: 1 hour and 14 minutes

have some of my crappy painting stuff

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*slapping knees* gUESS WHO HAS A MOTHA FUCKIN' ANGST PROMPT? This guy! So so so imagine middle aged erejeans in which they're getting older and Jean is still super scared that Eren will one day stop loving him (I'm going to draw a thing for my idea, but I may as well leave a prompt before it leaves my head)

Dude, this was so hard to write? I noticed I’ve actually never written from the perspective of a middle aged character before and I had to concentrate so hard to get into a fitting mindset? Anyway, I hope it somewhat worked. Thanks for the challenge!
You should definitely show me your art when it’sa done so I can link it in this post!

The years had been kind to Eren. It wasn’t that they’d flown by without leaving their mark, of course they had. But with every change, every tiny, additional imperfection Eren grew more striking and unique. The silver streaks in his dark hair suited him just like the laughter lines around his mouth and eyes did. Even the scars he’d collected over the years and years working at the fire department were beautiful badges of honour he wore with pride.
Not even the difficult years after his accident where he’d almost died trapped in a burning building and developed serious Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder afterwards had managed to leave lingering shadows on his soul and mind. He still had nightmares sometimes and was uncomfortable in small rooms but he’d learned to deal with the intrusions that had gotten much rarer and look out for himself in unfamiliar situations.

Eren was strong and gorgeous and so full of life. He was happy. And that was really everything Jean had ever wanted for his husband. To see him happy and content with the life they had built together.
But at the same time it was so much harder than expected. To have someone beside him who was this vibrant and energetic and gorgeous, someone who made everyone around them light up with joy and fascination. Someone who was kind and loving and smart and deserved so much better.

Jean hadn’t aged nearly as well as Eren had. His hairline was thinning more with every passing month, his eyesight had worsened considerably over the last few years and his body … well, all the sitting around at the office sure didn’t do him any favours. He’d grown thin and weak, fingers bony and knees knobbly, the lean muscle he’d once been proud of melted away by long hours of overtime and laziness. He could barely stand looking in the mirror.
But it wasn’t just that. Jean was … boring. He knew that. Of the hundreds of things he’d found interesting thirty years ago there was barely anything left. He was interested in work, which was a silver lining in his grey everyday life. Then there were the handful of shows he enjoyed and followed. He liked good whiskey. He liked documentaries about nature and wildlife. He liked Eren. Besides that there wasn’t much.
He was also sarcastic and bitter about a lot of things. Politics, education, art. How any of their family members even tolerated him was a mystery.
How Eren could still stand to be married to him, an enigma.

“Maddie called earlier”, Eren said over the loud bubbling noises coming from the stove. He was preparing soup for dinner and busied himself cutting a few slices of fresh bread while it cooked.
Jean looked up from the article in his business magazine that he hadn’t caught a single word of.
“Yeah?”, he huffed, watching his husband across the kitchen island. “How is she? Still with that loser, what’s his … Chad?”
“Brad”, Eren corrected him, one side of his lips quirked up and Jean rolled his eyes. Right, Brad. Pathetic frat boy.

“She’s fine and yes, she’s still with Brad. But she called about the loan contract for her apartment? I told her you’d call her back…” Jean grumbled quietly, mentally going over his schedule.
“I’ll … call her Thursday around lunch time?”
“She called me Papa, I think it’s urgent”, Eren grinned. He was still clinging on to his image of Maddie as their little girl the way they’d first met her. Seven year old spitfire and constant pain in their asses. They loved her dearly and she’d learned to love them right back. Twenty years later nothing had changed, really.

“After dinner then”, Jean gave in and got a wide smile in return, the way the skin crinkled around Eren’s eyes now would always make his heart stop for a second or two.
“Thanks, darling.”
Eren finished with the bread and put the slices into a little basket they’d bought a few summers ago during their vacation in Italy.

“Is everything alright?”
When Jean looked up from his magazine again Eren was leaning across the kitchen island, handsome face dangerously close and studying him with that intense gaze. Jean swallowed and leaned away from him a bit. He could barely open his mouth to answer when Eren furrowed his brows and shook his head.
“Don’t you dare feed me bullshit. You’ve been grumpy the last few days. Well, grumpier than usual…”

Jean squinted at him even though the little laugh Eren tacked onto the words was quite disarming. But what was he even supposed to answer? ‘Could you stop being so damn amazing so I don’t feel like shit next to you’? Hardly the way to begin this discussion. But was there really an alternative? Should he even talk about this?
They’d been over his insecurities time and time again. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, nor an inexperienced freshman and it was definitely too late for a midlife crisis…

“’m fine”, he grumbled instead, eyes flicking back down to the pages he could swear he’d never seen before.
For a moment it felt like Eren would protest, insist, press on. He knew Jean way too well and there was no way he’d accept this without a fight. Then there was a low, thoughtful hum and Eren pushed himself away from the kitchen island to stroll over to the calendar hung on the wall.

“We should go dancing Saturday night”, he said, his voice light and pretty. “I’m not on call on Sunday, so…” When Jean looked over at his husband his eyebrows were dancing and Jean always laughed.
“Dancing?”, he asked, incredulous. They hadn’t been out to dance in … years, probably. “Where, the community centre? Maybe they’ll let us play bingo before. But we’ll need to take care to not throw out your hip…” Eren snorted but shook his head.
“Come on, we’re not that old!”
“We’re … pretty old, Eren”, Jean grumbled. He could already feel his stomach sink at the thought of people looking at them, wherever they might end up going. Wondering how someone as lively and beautiful as Eren could end up with someone as dull and ugly as Jean…

There was a hand curling around his, tugging him off the bar stool, gentle but insisting.
“Not too old for this”, Eren smirked as he pulled Jean close. The way he positioned their hands said he’d let Jean lead but the pull of his body showed the opposite, sweeping them around the kitchen and twirling around Jean to a silent tune.
Just like that the memories came back. Nights spent in dirty bars and clubs, sweating and sliding and spinning until sunrise. Then, later, ballroom dance at fancy work events and weddings, at their wedding…
Jean swallowed, his chest pulling tight around his heart. He had to hold on to this, this feeling, this amazing man, and enjoy their time together for however long he still could. Before Eren understood how pointless wasting his time with Jean was. Before he’d leave to find someone better.

“Saturday night, then”, he forced out and Eren’s answering smile was blinding.
“I love you, you grumpy old man”, he grinned as he suddenly dipped Jean. It wasn’t as low as it had been years and years ago, but his hands were still warm and broad, his body strong and steady. Jean felt his eyes slide closed.
“Love you too, idiot…”, he muttered and moments later soft lips pressed against his as Eren pulled him upright again.

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what made come to the conclusion you were an entp?

Hey! I knew I was and ENTP young because I am pretty damn stereotypical and because my dad is also one. I took the test for the first time when I was….. maybe 14 or 15? and I got ENTP then too. I actually never questioned it because it was just a perfect match at the start. But i’ll tell you some general trends in me growing up//in me still now in a very organized bullet point list:

  • I was weird. So very random.
    • My old facebook posts are some of the stupidest things you will ever read
  • I liked everything and did everything at least once before quitting pretty much all of them because I hate people and commitment 
    • basketball, piano, violin, tuba, saxophone, volleyball, rock climbing, theater, theater tech, gospel choir, softball (I actually enjoyed that one), diversity club, greek mythology club, science bowl, math competitions, robotics competitions, mountaineering, cheerleading, Art (which I stuck to until the end of high school because I was great at it), literary magazine, etc.
  • But despite hating most people, I was pretty popular. A popular loner. (in high school) (I was mostly just a loner in middle school as I was still trying to figure people out)
    • I could walk through the hallways, say hi to everyone because everyone loves me–but none of them were close friends, so I’d go and chill by myself somewhere. At the end of the day, I rarely hung out with people, I just went home and enjoyed my personal space.
    • People watching is my favorite pasttime. I love being around people I don’t know, and not being forced to socialize with them. But just watching. 
  • I was loud in class because I love attention–but if I wasn’t in the right place I was the most quiet little mouse
    • Class time = pun time. I literally would shout out the most sarcastic comments… and for some reason, the teachers still loved me.
    • But everyone hated me in basketball (because I sucked), so they all thought I didn’t talk because I never spoke during practice. 
  • My ego is/was very large
    • I’m great.
  • I had little regard for other people’s emotions (I’ve learned to deal with them better)
    • I once punched a kid for crying
    • I actually did that twice
    • Maybe more
    • I often distanced myself from kids who I realized were crappy, or who I believed were getting too close. 
    • In middle school, being the little nerd I am, I often corrected the math teacher (because they aren’t that great at math, and my dad’s an engineer who taught me calculus when I was 12). Needless to say, that teacher hated me.
  • I was plotting and manipulative (without necessarily trying to be… I just was)
    • I got a teacher fired once in 3rd grade (she was a bad teacher), because I suggested I call my parents, and I left the phone off the hook because I knew she’d scream at me. My parents recorded the message and got her kicked out.
    • The year after, I stopped doing all of my homework because my parents wouldn’t buy me an electronic dictionary. I started failing all of my classes, then I picked it all up at the end. And then I won all of the awards for my sudden hard work (And the fact that I knew all of the teachers were scared of my parents)… My parents were like wtf kid. 
    • High school teachers loved me, as a result, I never did homework until maybe an hour or so after it was due, and I could turn it in. Once I got a full week extension on a paper. I also got out of detention a few times with a little bit of buttering up. One of my teachers knit me a scarf when I graduated.

Basically young me was immature ENTP on high. So when I got the test results, my family was like, welp… we knew it. I’ve learned how to seem normalish. I’m still pretty/really weird though. I am told this often. That’s fine. I’m pretty sure on tumblr I don’t seem toooo ENTP since most of this blog is advice. But I like seeming like I know what I’m doing so there ya go. 

Kaito showing off that upper body strength. I saw this post and had to. A quick little something before I head off to bed. This was inspired by this post http://2am-rain.tumblr.com/post/141187009953/la-uniceja-de-radamanthys-draw-your-otp


The touching story of how Tarn fucked up and lost all his friends.
It’s almost 4 AM and I thought it might be fun to scribble my predictions for 53. I’m sorry for the shitty drawings, I’m in the middle of moving houses and really wanted to get something done before my room is gone. Please don’t take this too seriously



Various translations from Sato Takeru’s book profile 2007~2010 “So far, so good!”

Up right picture: The funny glasses who suits suprisingly well to a two years old.
Those glasses with eyebrows are pretty surreal don’t you think? (laugh).
At this time, I liked to be complimented. It seems that I looked at my mother when she was putting makeup and that I loved when I could put on some lipstick (laugh).

Down left picture: After the ceremony of graduation, let’s eat green salad!
The ceremony of graduation of primary school. This day, with six of my friends and their parents, we went to a family restaurant. There, the green salad we could eat in the set menu was so good that I ordered only this green salad a second time. I loved so much green salad before ♡ .

Down right picture: The damaged costume at the kindergarten art festival.
The play the children of the middle class did as presentation was “Alice in wonderland”. Three children shared the role of the rabbit and, after having to dance a little at the beginning, it seems we broke the clock who was sticking on our stomachs (laugh).

(This is my own pictures and translation. Do not share this post without crediting me and, please, ask me before translating my translation into another language. Thank you)

Hey there, Since no-one seems to be asking questions I guess I will tell you about one of my OC’s. This ones name is Juniper Wilde and is the daughter of Nick and Judy Wilde. The art is by my good friend Quirky Middle Child.

As a creator I make a lot of characters with backstories that I never really post public because I am too nervous about how they would be received. I have posted headcanons before in the Brony fandom. And surprisingly in a fandom supposedly about love and tolerance I received nothing but hate and arguments from people who follow what I call “The mainstream headcanon.”

I will tell you anything you’d like to know about Juniper Wilde in questions from my askbox. If this turns out well I might show off my other characters I have created. So if ya like to ask me about Surrika or Juniper or even myself don’t be scared to drop an ask.

kavinsky’s pack of dogs aka my favorite misguided boys. i realize i’m posting this in the literal middle of the night, but it seems appropriate.

i finally figured out what i wanted all of them to look like and wanted to practice their faces before i did a whole big drawing with ‘em!


Dune (Re-posted with some color) 

I gave in to the siren song of Dune and was dashed upon the rocks like so many concept artists before me. There just isn’t time to render these, but I’m reasonably pleased with the line-work, so here they are!

Some context: I fell into a Dune-hole recently which started by stumbling across the INCREDIBLE art from what would have been Jodorowsky’s Dune film. That inspired me to re-watch the David Lynch movie again (one of my favorites). At that point, I had to read the book again. In the middle of my read-through, I watched a couple Tarsem Singh movies and my brain made a connection that I couldn’t shake loose:

I want a 4 hour Dune movie designed by Tarsem Singh’s crew (production designer, art director, costume designer, cinematographer, etc…)

So, in order to get that thought out of my brain, I took a clumsy swing at designing the cast of Dune through the lens of Tarsem Singh’s crew. To me, that meant making each character an operatic or theatrical expression of their role in the story. Visual storytelling cranked to eleven.

For descriptions:

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nightlyneutrois replied to your post: “i wanna draw the cool kids in that 3rd wheel pic before the meme is…”:

Put them in a giant sweater all together in the middle doing the stuff in the picture.

im LAUGHING, for the one i wanna do itd probably be just


im still in that phase, in which i figure everything about studyblrs and tumblr in generel out, so im not even done with creating my profile. im sure i will make my first posts in a few weeks, since my whole new stationery is coming by then, yay. i appreciate any help by the studyblr community till then :)

so, before i end this post, ill try to introduce myself as much as i can.

my name is sophia but i prefer the nickname soph. first things first; i have my own writting style and im aware of grammar rules, so please dont correct me in that. im in middle school, when it comes to the american school system, i guess?? but i could be in high school next year idk sry. im only 13 years old but im turning 14 soon, so. my favorite subjects at school are english, art, biology, history, politics (my politics-economy class) and german. i struggle with latin, but im studying for it as hard as i can atm, since i have spring break. i love, love, love japanese stationery so much, i gladly re-bought my mildliner collection a few days ago. anyway im a very loud and open person, so i keep in touch with a lot of people at my school. when it comes to my private life, my favorite hobbies are drawing, swimming, watching tv series and cuddling with my little dog.

as you can see, this paragraph is way too long so ill end it right now. ask me questions and dont be shy; message me if you want to! i love getting to know new people :)

i was inspired by your beautiful art and this post  and needless to say fanart happened.

i just love your faery wip, man. keep up the good work <33





I’m literally gonna cry thank you so much???<333 This is so the protag I can’t … I can’t with this. I don’t deserve this. You’re too sweet. I am deceased.

Thank you.

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David and M!Rabbit

Since the near the beginning of my time spent in the SPG fandom I have known that David and Bunny were identical twins but I learned later that Bunny had transitioned. (I thought M Rabbit was just another member that had left). Assumably because of that that’s why every time I see things such as this

or this

I always kind of start back a little because news flash: identical twins look identical wow. Even today watching an archived livestream of Bunny doing art they still look similar, if not quite as much (in my mind).

So I got thinking…

How many of you have seen those posts where the dad imitates the daughter’s instagram poses? Show of hands. *pause* It’s pretty great. (woo Captain Albert Alexander reference)

But what if before Bunny transitioned they would mess with each other and their parents like going to each other’s classes in middle school and answering when the other’s name was called and imitating the same pose every time one of them took a picture and all kinds of twin shenanigans just because they could.

And what if Bunny went to a concert as The Spine and David went as Rabbit and everybody would know it was them because of their different body shapes but everyone in the production was in on it so all of the fans were mildly confused but no one said anything 

And toward the end they would sing brass goggles and Spine-dressed-as-Rabbit would pretend he blatantly didn’t know some of the words so he just kind of mumbled some parts and Rabbit-dressed-as-Spine would pretend to be really serious and fail at keeping a straight face as she pretended she couldn’t go very low while singing “brass goggles”.

Spine-dressed-as-Rabbit would do the arm swirl thing wrong and instead of swinging at the elbows he just kind of did helicopter arms at the shoulders. Rabbit-dressed-as-Spine would do that thing where Spine sways a little and stops completely but instead of stopping she would fall.

And meanwhile Zero is giggling softly to himself and shaking his head at Spine aggressively swinging helicopter arms while dressed in drag and Rabbit smearing silver makeup under the brim of Spine’s hat every time she fell and trying to apologize in a deep voice and laughing instead, and that’s the only time anyone beside Spine and Rabbit (human or robot) does anything that shows that anything was amiss.

Hey sorry I hadn’t been post a lot. I’ve been busy with college finals that I don’t have the time to post up new art to Tumblr. But anyways here is Jacob Stone. Amy ex boyfriend form middle school and also Jimmy’s second best friend. Jacob and Amy use to dated until Jacob (is a year older than Amy) graduated a year later before Amy and Nathaniel from middle school. During his freshman year of highschool he cheated on Amy with three different girls and course Amy find out about the cheating and broke up with him after two years of dating. 

Jacob Stone © animekawaiimarshallow/Jixx734x
Draw by animekawaiimarshallow/Jixx734x




Illustrations are fully colored, shaded and with solid/plain background.

  • Extra props and stuffs + $10 - $15

Sketch with solid/plain background.

  • Busts are $5 w/o color
  • Half body are $7 w/o color
  • + $3 - $5 with color

Colored/Clean Lines are flat colors only and with solid/simple background.

  • + $10 - $15 for shading and highlights
  • Extra props and stuffs + $5 - $10

If you want to have a BG, we can talk about it and discuss the price

Inquire me OFF ANON

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