i posted it on twitter already but this deserves to be in my tagged me

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Yes, I saw some bad comments here too but most - most not all - of them were in response to people being nasty to Payet. Some of them rubbed me the wrong way as well, including the ones saying Portugal didn’t deserve the win, which is very unfair to them seeing as they scored and we didn’t. I mostly muted and was fine, my unfollows came on the game against Germany because surprisingly I follow a lot of Germany blogs (??? - which I don’t even see because +

+ I have their tags blacklisted, but still). Just wait until oh say halfway through the season when Oli is playing regularly, you won’t be able to go on his tag. I had to untrack it because I couldn’t deal with so much tagged hate, and I already have to see Debuch’s (mostly on twitter because I go on his tag everyday to see if there’s any news)

Thinking about how Payet was treated after the final honestly breaks my heart. I mean he saved France so many times but he was left to be torn apart by bitter cr7 fans….it breaks my heart.

I’m with you though, ‘deserved’ doesn’t exist in football, it’s who scores the most goals the end. it sucks a lot because i’m still convinced we could’ve beaten them if we weren’t so nervous, so worried, so… whatever it what. but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go around saying they didn’t deserve it. they did just because they scored more than we did. that’s all. 

yeah, i unfollowed a handful of people after the final (less after the germany match tbh i’m not sure why, but i think it comes down to respect honestly). 

ugh I’m just so tired. even when people are being more nasty than they should, why do they feel the need to fucking tag it? if I’m on the oli tag or hugo tag or debuch tag, I don’t want to see shit about them. at the very least DON’T TAG IT FFS