i posted a picture just like this b4

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It could be bc you're black but it's most likely more bc A) you lie about half the shit you say you're doin like the Beyoncé video lmao.. Like girl, honestly? In what world? Lol and B bc you make the same generic ass designs literally alllll the got damn time and C bc ur literally just a fucking blogger that does nothing to bring attention to himself besides post pictures of his "fashion" ? Like wtf do you expect a ducking Fashion icon award or some shit? Lmao quit reaching b4 u dislocate ur arm


honestly i could go on if you’d like me to…


i was gonna go to bed but someone had to tell LIAM to fucking step up or quit PLAYIN dress up and let us the big girls handle it

If you have one of my sims in your game, whether for collabs or ships, don’t feel like you’re obligated to take pictures of them. The whole point is for it to be fun for the both of us and I don’t want anyone forcing themselves to take pictures just because they feel they have to SO y’know for future reference or somethin .-.


im getting my hair dyed today so i feel like i need 2 post these b4 the change
(also i just rly love these)

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did u ever find out how u got caught cheating ?

yeah i added my side chick on my facebook which is dumb i know that now :( lol but anyway she was on there for weeks nothing happened never said a word then i posted a pic of me and my girl hugged up and she commented “aww yall look so cute ;) ” so i told her to chill you gon get me caught and not to comment she got mad or whatever but we resolved the issue; so i thought. What i found out later (after me and my girl got on speaking terms again)  was the side chick sent a message to my girl on fb saying she had no idea about her saying are u guys dating i see yall posting pictures together so side chick deflected all the blame on me like she was oblivious to the fact i had a girl instead of apologizing and saying shes been messing with me and she knew about me and shes sorry. (She was scared to catch that fade) My girl is like its ok u had no idea how we gonna handle this lol they went through a series of plans and ideas b4 they decided they were just gonna whoop my ass on my birthday lol crazy part is they’re like best friends now :/  glad i could bring them together :/ (pardon my grammar i wrote this fast)