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If you ever thought about starting a podcast, but felt stuck figuring out where to being, I wrote this for you. Three years of making @wolf359radio and @focusedafshow, I’ve learned a lot and packed as much of it as I could in this epic Medium post. If you like my article, please recommend it on Medium by pressing the green heart! Also, I’d appreciate if you’d share it with anyone you think would get value from it :) Podcasting has unequivocally changed my life for the better and I hope you consider letting it transform your world, too!

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So I've been thinking, we know how Keith reacts to losing Shiro but how would it be the other way around? We know next to nothing about how shiro deals with grief, since he seems to bottle things up but given how he seems much closer with Keith than with the Holts his reaction could be different. Idk, their relationship just fascinates me.

Oh, good question! Remember when he lost Allura–how he immediately takes the blame, is very visibly upset and then launches a rescue mission immediately? Ya, I imagine it’d probably be something like that. And actually, I think BOM gives us some really good insight as to how he’d react. When he sees how the trial’s progressing, he yells “You’re going to kill him!” And the idea that he’s supposed to just calmly accept that, that he’s supposed to just stand there and let Keith die? It makes him livid

Like, this boy literally tried to fight off everyone in the base and had to be restrained before lashing out and running off–only to think it was a good idea to try and take them all on again, simply because he cares about Keith that much. So I think, in the moment, Shiro would be furious. You can also glean this from watching the battle in Stayin’ Alive. Keith is in Yellow lion, and there’s this part where Yellow gets hit and both him and Hunk scream. Shiro goes from upset and concerned to blind rage in like 5 seconds flat. When someone hurts Shiro’s team, his knee jerk reaction is strike back

You don’t fuck with Shiro’s team, because that boy is a storm

Going back to BOM, you can really see the fear in Shiro’s eyes–that moment when he stops and thinks What if this it? What if I really lose him? Shiro and Keith are both very protective of one another, and it really shows. While Fake Shiro only offers to help Keith stand and then ignores his wound, our boy is hanging onto him the whole time. Holding him close enough that no one can tear him away–supporting his weight while he gets his bearings and shielding him from the BOM’s wrath. And that little moment when he finally reaches Keith and just stops and stares? The very thought of losing Keith leaves him paralyzed. He also looks incredibly guilty and remorseful. 

I know it’s meant as a joke and everyone just kinda laughs it off, but back in Across the Universe? When Keith opens up and smiles, fondly tells Shiro “My life would be a lot different without you”? All Shiro says is, “Yeah. You wouldn’t have crashed a flying lion on an alien planet, and be stuck with little hope of rescue. So, you’re welcome.” And I mean, ya, Shiro has this very gallows sense of deadpan humor. But I think that particular choice of words still says a lot. If anything happened to Keith, I think Shiro really would believe it was somehow his fault, like he had ruined Keith’s life by “dragging him into this.”

So yeah, if Shiro did lose Keith, I think he’d be in a really bad place. He made Keith his successor because “I know what you’re capable of”–he looked at Keith and he saw hope. The possibility that he would somehow outlive Keith is something I don’t think he’s ever even considered. Because for him, Keith is the future. And the fact that Keith refuses, that he looks back at Shiro and affirms time and again that he’s that black paladin, that he’s going to make it, I think Shiro was really touched by that. 

If Keith were to just disappear, I firmly believe Shiro would do everything in his power to get him back 

And I mean…considering that Lotor’s half-galra and all his generals are half-galra and that he likes the idea of making his enemies swear their loyalty to him,, uh…it’s very likely that he might well take a personal interest in Keith at some point. And if the galra empire were to ever get their hands on him, I think Shiro would go on a warpath 

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Ok so there was a post pointing out how Lance's hair is straight while all his family members have curly hair, but considering that is not genetically possible (hair type allelles show incomplete dominance meaning that if there is one gene for straight hair and one for curly hair the result is wavy hair) do you think that a) he could be somehow straightening his hair or b) he could be adopted or c) I am looking too much into the stuff that arent even there

I doubt Lance is straightening his hair because we’ve seen him sleeping (before he would have done any part of his morning routine) in s1e1.

I will say that generally cartoonists do not really draw punnet squares for character design, or, if that’s an expected thing, nobody’s told me and I probably look like some kind of fool right now.

That said I dunno if Lance’s hair is really all that straight? Like- it’s pretty short but it flicks outward at the back of his neck. It could just be that it would curl more if he grew it out.

sometimes i think “im rly embarrassing i need to Not Talk so much” but then i remember that im the OP of the “i accidentally called bigfoot a dilf in front of my mom and felt like i neeeded to vent about it on tumblr” post and i remember that i literally cannot have shame anymore im too embarrassing and far gone for that at this point

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robin, since i saw your new post about how ym sleep in bv2 i can't help my self to share my thought about it. like, i think OR analyse(you may laugh at this word, but i did) -j turn off the lamp and the camera goes off either-- they were stargazing and drinking wine--after a lot of wine and talk they decided to sleep--put the pillows on ys side cause it too much and annoying--why?of course the CUDDLES on js side of bed--in the morning the staff woke them up--j woke first and (p1)

and woke y after with ‘hyung go to your side of bed, they’ll notice we were cuddling"–y being the laziest ass he is just move his body to that position BECAUSE he is too lazy to move and made the pillows so he just ‘go to his side’ and assume everyone would not notice they have cuddle each other night before with such a position- SO, from my view(lmao) its explain why it just js side that have more wrinkle, that bunch of pillows on the corner of bed, the blanket that half use… p2 

ohhHHHH i love this 💖

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re: Gansey's second coming, I see it as like, bc time is circular he's ALWAYS been the same Gansey? There's such an emphasis on time not being linear and things existing now that haven't happened yet (i.e. the Camaro wheel) that I think it could apply to Gansey too? He's always old and young at once bc he's made of ley line magic, he's always felt that time-slipping because he's always been the version of himself that died twice and is made of magic? Idk that's how I've justified it to myself

on this post

HECK! This is so interesting!! I need to think about this further but this actually make so much sense! Esp re: my theory in this post about the kiss that killed him functioning in the same way as Neeve’s mirrors (which allowed Persphone to move through time before she died), as well as his first death being tied to Noah’s own cyclical existence, and time manipulating Cabeswater’s role in his resurrection. This theory ties together so many strands of the story like I need to reflect a bit but considering TRK’s time motif, this makes a lot of sense to me so like thank you for sharing! I feel like you’ve lifted a weight off my shoulders lol

Frustrated with Drumpf?

This is my creative space and I generally don’t want to put political stuff in it, however…

A reminder that with this guy, we need to settle in for the long haul. It took the investigators 2 years to build a case against Nixon. I think we can see, though, that there is waaaaay too much smoke in this administration for there to be no fire. Be patient, kind, and helpful to others as we all weather this storm. IT MAY BE YEARS.

Don’t give up hope, though.

Remember that every single day, there are people out there working to get him impeached.

If I get tumblr hate for this post, that’s fine. Don’t be anonymous, though. If you’re a Drumpf supporter, I still care about you and I don’t write you off. Stand by your beliefs, though, and don’t hide behind anonymity - it indicates that you think something’s wrong with your stance.

Interview w/ Maurice Hindle (Excerpt, We'll Get Telepathy)
John Lennon

December, 1968: John (alongside Yoko) talks to Maurice Hindle about the travails of communication and human connection. [Note: I previously quoted a bit from this interview here in regards to John’s longing for sharing in each other’s minds telepathy and typical #projecting onto George. A more complete transcript of this excerpt will be edited into the post as soon as I feel better or at least less ill. My sincere apologies!]

HINDLE: What do you think about language?

JOHN: I think it’s a bit crummy, you know? It is a drag form of communication, really. We’ll get – we’ll get telepathy. I believe that.

HINDLE: You believe that?

JOHN: Yeah, sure. Sure. Sure as anything I believe. It’s too… Because now we need it so much. Just for me to communicate with that guy and he’s written a letter to a paper to tell me to tell me and I’m talking to a tape to you that he might never see. Where’s that, you know? But if he was really wanting to communicate with me, even to come and see me to talk is hard. What I’m saying to you, you’re translating it all the time even though it’s English into what you think I’m saying. And I’m only saying what I’m trying to say from way back there which is coming out in the limited amount of vocabulary I have anyway, and the way I’m trying to describe all that or all this, you know? It’s nowhere.

HINDLE: Yeah, but unless you’re going to be a dropout, you’ve got to compromise haven’t you?

HINDLE: Well, you have to a bit, but it’s not a great sin. You’re compromising by not fucking every woman you fancy as you walk down the street. You’re compromising by not smashing everything you don’t like when you feel like smashing it. The compromise is within yourself, you know. We’re all good and bad. You’ve got to compromise one thing or the other to just take a step forward. You’ve got to compromise whether you’re going to fall over when you walk up a set of stairs or anything, really. It’s the degree of com– of how much you compromise.

HINDLE: It’s what your value is… when you compromise.

JOHN: Yeah, yeah. You know.

HINDLE: What one person values as compromise, another doesn’t.

JOHN: Yeah and the point is that – a lot of us probably all agree – we all really know the compromise we’re talking about, it’s that one where you sell out. And everybody thinks everybody else has sold out. But there’s even guys just in business that don’t think they’ve compromised and they haven’t really, and they’re secretly trying to do what everybody else is trying to do but they don’t know it half the time or they don’t realise. ’Cause even just, I was talking to that guy Lord Beeching, I said, “We want help with this Apple, but we don’t want any of them, you know, this that and the other… We’re idealists.” And I was giving it to him, you know, “That’s what we’re trying to do and we want a happy office,” and all that. And he rightly sort of said, “Listen man, there’s a few idealists; they’re aren’t all – they’re not complete set of fascists, there’s one or two human beings in the city.” Which I hadn’t allowed for, with my great open minded awareness and all that. I just hadn’t allowed for any human beings in the banks or anywhere. But there are some human beings there, there’s probably some in the government, you know? I still sort of find it hard to believe, but somewhere in that pile of slush there might be some human beings. But it’s hard… it’s that bit, you know. There are – there’s people everywhere of the same mind and it’s just… even amongst ourselves we can’t communicate. Which is the hard bit, you know.


JOHN: Amongst the people that sort of really agree.

HINDLE: Just ’cause of words?

JOHN: Just ’cause of words, and upbringing, and attitude, and how you express your… Well, it’s just some – you’ve got to find a mutual sort of language to express yourself, you know? And my language is that—

HINDLE: Unless you fall in love it’s impossible to communicate like that.

JOHN: I mean, I wasn’t in love last year, but I was communicating quite well with people. Not as well, or maybe not as powerfully. ’Cause now there’s two of us, doing that, brrmmm, whatever it is. Sending out a vibration or whatever. But before it was me and… or me and George, alright, or whatever it was; we weren’t in love, but. You know. There’s enough in you to shove it out. It is just that bit. If you – if somebody comes in a room and he’s uptight and that, he can make the whole room uptight. 

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I'm not sure when/if Cartoon Network will post Legendary Place, so would you mind sharing a bit of info on your pilot?

I can’t say too much, but maybe I can talk about it’s genesis… Legendary Place came from me trying to think up of a concept for a show. One day I ended up at a Burbank Chinese restaurant to eat lunch. While eating my Broccoli Beef special, I noticed two small kids, a brother and a sister, just hanging out and playing like it was their living room.

This situation was immediately familiar to me. This made me think of me and my brothers childhood hanging out after school at the restaurant where my mom worked. We’d make our own fun! A lot of immigrants can’t afford childcare or believe in paying for it, and so this was our after school– spending time with the parents at the family restaurant, hanging out at the businesses around it, going on adventures. So Legendary Place started from that!

Closing my requests.

I mean, yeah, you could easily know it just by reading it on my bio, I know. I almost have 30 requests and I’m taking way too much time writing them, so I decided to take my time to wrote thoses and don’t make y’all wait so much. Also, I wanted to take my time to read some of my old posts and correct some grammar mistakes that I did because, seriously I was really terrible at English. I didn’t notice how much my English impruved until I read them again and started cringing so much. Appart from that, I think this is my last week having my winter holidays, then I have to go back to classes and that’s other thing to procrastinate about, lol.

But I’m writing this mostly because I  wanted to give y’all the list of the requests that I have to do so you can have an idea of what you can expect from my next posts, also, this time I wrote down the dates where I got this requests, so I decided to add them beside the request. Anyways, here you are:

  • Masterposts:
    • Johnny:
    1. Enemies to loves w/ Johnny (2) (17.7)
    • Taeyong:
    1. Getting into an argument w/ Taeyong (25.7)
    • Doyoung:
    1. Lazy mornings w/ Doyoung (23.7)
    • Renjun:
    1. Florist!Renjun (14.7)
    2. Sleepovers w/ Renjun (17.7)
    3. Lazy dates w/ Renjun (25.7)
    • Haechan:
    1. Arcade date w/ Haechan (24.7)
    • Chenle:
    1. Water park date w/ Chenle (21.7)
    2. Boyfriend!Chenle (25.7)

  • Scenarios
    • Yuta:
    1. Based on the song Fall Out Boy - The Kids Aren’t Alright (25.7)
    • Ten:
    1. He having a mysterious aura. (22.7)
    • Haechan:
    1. He wanting to make your relationship with him public. (16.7)
    2. Based on the song Reece - Alone (25.7)

  • Reactions:
    1. NCT’s reaction to you being taller than them. (17.7)
    2. NCT’s reaction to you fangirling over EXO. (19.7)
    3. NCT’s reaction to you getting scared of a fear of them. (19.7)
    4. NCT’s reaction to meeting you again years after the betrayal. (Continuation of this reaction.) (19.7)
    5. NCT’s reaction to you asking them if they want to go on a date in the middle of the night. (20.7)
    6. NCT’s reaction to you describing your ideal type but it’s far from how they are. (25.7)
    7. NCT U’s reaction to you cheating on them with other member. (20.7)
    8. NCT 127′s reaction to you falling from the stairs and getting hurt. (19.7)
    9. NCT 127′s reaction where one of their habits sticks on you. (20.7)
    10. NCT 127′s reaction to you debuting in a girlgroup of the SM. (21.7)
    11. NCT 127 + Hansol’s reaction to you having arachnophobia. (19.7)
    12. Hyung line’s reaction to you dancing to CupcakKe. (14.7)

  • Others
  1. How would they show affection. (20.7)
  2. NCT 127 being angels and falling in love with their human. (23.7)

As you can see, my lazy ass loves to procrastinate and I just couldn’t accept the fact that y’all are waiting so much time for my shitty content. I’m really sorry, but I’ll try to post two or three times a day so I can hurry up a little.

Also, let me get a bit cheesy and remind y’all how grateful I am to all of you for being so patient and nice with me. I know I’m making lots of mistakes and I’ll probably do a lot more in the future because I’m still learning but the fact that you still like reading my stuff and motivate me to keep writing is incredible. Especially with the fact that I created this account less than half of a year ago. I really appreciate every compliment y’all give me and I can’t be happier with how things are working out. Thank you. 💕💗💗💗🤧

lucifer is one of the best shows on tv rn and i barely see any posts about it? more people should watch it and this is why..

  • it’s Super funny
  • also lowkey a crime show
  • it’s dramatic but not too much
  • has a racially diverse main cast! (4 independent poc including 2 woc)
  • has so many Strong female characters (some that kick ass, others that don’t but are still multifaceted well developed women!)
  • at least 3 bisexual characters in the main cast (i don’t think it’s been explicitly stated, which isn’t good but their attraction to the same sex has been confirmed multiple times)
  • no dumb love triangles
  • A+ character development (including for characters other than the white male lead)
  • ok can i just say how awesome i think the supernatural side of the story is
  • an Great slow burn 
  • not everyone has to be in a relationship, in fact most of the main cast remains single (which means no unnecessary relationships)
  • lucifer making SOO many ‘devil’ joke (”they call it the Devil’s threesome for a reason” etc. lmao)
  • also it really makes you think about some things in different ways (like i started thinking about why the Devil is bad for punishing people who did bad)
  • overall it just has a little bit of everything and is Excellently executed
  • anyways i’m sure i’m missing reasons so if you think of more feel free to add on!!!

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So I was thinking about the release date. Like when you guys would put it out when things aren't hectic? Or when it's immediately ready? (Ex: rn everyone freaking out about marks 18mil so if you had out the game out now, it'd be overlooked :( and I really want you guy's game to get noticed as much as possible cuz I know you all work so damn hard on it)

Believe us, we think about that kind of thing A LOT!! I love this game so much and we really hope everyone else does too. I know I’ve personally thought about things like when the best time to release it would be.

It’s still a few days before the game is completely finished. We will give ourselves a week of testing and final fixes before posting it. So hopefully when we are ready to post the community will be kind of calm lol

-Team H&H

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guuuuurl you're the bee's knees and i'm glad you're back for however long :D

asdgasdgjh thank you!! I’m glad too! 

I think I’m gonna take it a bit easy this time though, so even if I do start posting gameplay again it might not be as consistent and there won’t be as much story ^^

Oh man, after finishing watching Cosplay Complex (it’s terrible and I can’t recommend it to anyone) I was already in a nostalgic mood, and then that post about Nekocon 2002 pushed through my queue…it’s too much nostalgia for one person to handle!

Not sure if I would want to go back to the early 2000s of cosplay, since there were a lot of issues, but there’s something really charming about the community at that time. It was really, unabashedly “cringey” and no one had any shame whatsoever about being super nerds and it was GREAT. I miss the kind of freedom of spirit of that era more than anything else about the era, I think.

i was tagged by @jjohnnyjoestar ty!

answer 30 questions + tag 20 people you’d like to know better
- nicknames: uhh bee but no one calls me that any more (yall can call me that lmao)
- star sign: aries
- gender: nonbinary
- MBTI type: idk i dont really like mbti.. too confusing for me
- height: 5′1″
- time: 12:54 am
- birthday: march 22

- favorite bands: gorillaz, bts, sales
- favorite solo artists: kevin abstract, lorde, kali uchis
- song stuck in my head: i dont get songs stuck in my head any more
- last movie i watched: i dont watch movie s often so idk
- last show i watched: dont watch much tv either? maybe roseanne lmao
- other blogs: none
- when i created my blog: may 2016 i think
- what i post about: jojo and bnh a mostly
- last thing i googled: kyoka jirou
- following: 540
- followers: 185
- favorite color: pink
- average hours of sleep: like 12
- lucky number: uh i like 97 ig
- instruments: none
- what I’m wearing: sweatpants and like some lootcrate shirt or somethin
- how many blankets i sleep with: one comforter
- dream jobs: idk!!!!
- dream trip: id say road trip but i cant leave my town without havin like an anxiety attack so.. none
- favorite food: bread.. like every kind except garlic bread
- nationality: american

i tag: @estekke @sharkmutual @biknuckles @twishuna @iloveventoaureo and uhh thats all tagging a bunch of ppl makes me nervous

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I don't know, I like seeing you talk about your fanverse and your headcanons, and I think it's cool you're sharing it with other people. (I've developed my own Vocaloid fanverse too tbh but I'm too much of a coward to make a blog like what you're doing hahaha) So what you're doing is a Good. In my opinion at least.

Oh, wow…um, thank you, anon! It’s good to hear you’re in support of it! :>

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Why haven't you been active much lately, if you don't mind me asking? I miss you and your wonderful posts so much!

‘cause I kinda feel blue lately :( 
It’s constantly (and with that I mean CONSTANTLY) raining and that stupid headache I have since saturday won’t leave me alone. 

I miss them posts, too, really. I just can’t get my ass up. Sorry guys.

Also today and the next few days will be rather busy I think since my sister in law is moving and of course we’re gonna help.