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I have difficulty seeing the Hawke/Anders romance as a tragedy because it has never, ever read that way to me.  It’s joyous and exuberant, it’s about two souls who never thought they would find someone else who understood them, and then did, and who both are in a grim spiral of self-destructiveness and horrible things happening but it’s okay because they have each other, and no matter how bad things get they have each other and they know that, and they’re both fire and grit and lightning and blood and Anders is Justice incarnate, he’s Justice given human form and Hawke loves that because they love justice the idea and they also love Justice the man in front of them, and the ending is so Good and full of hope and it’s just.  It’s the happiest damn romance in the entire series because these two twin souls are riding off into the sunset to tackle their (metaphorical) demons together and take on injustice and change the world and it’s so, so beautiful and happy.

Handers isn’t a tragedy and has never been one, it’s hope and it’s beauty and it’s just so, so damn happy and Good.

✦ InkTober: Day 4 - Underwater ✦

Aaaaa, I was able to draw two interacting characters on the damn paper for the first time!! And they’re my lovely cuties!!! (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)💗 

P.S. Couldn’t post it yesterday because I was very tired~

I’ve talked before about the relationship between the Circle, the Chantry and the orphanages, or what my friends sarcastically dubbed the “orphanage-to-Circle pipeline.” I made my argument for why I think the Chantry would keep records as to which children in the orphanages were taken from the Circle (so that they can keep a close eye on them,) why I think the Chantry would keep these records secret (so that they don’t get blamed for orphaning children unnecessarily/so that the children don’t suffer the stigma of being mage-blooded, take your pick depending on how charitably you view the Chantry) and why I think they would focus on mage orphans for use as Templar recruits (because lyrium is hell on the body, and we know for a fact that something about a mage’s physical makeup means they can handle it better; also so that any subsequent families and children of mageblooded orphans would be kept close to Chantry supervision.)

Can you imagine, after the end of Inquisition, that one of the first acts of a softened Leliana Divine would be to make these records accessible to the public?

Every mage mother who lost their baby to the Chantry can check the records to see where their children were taken and what became of them. Every person who came from a Chantry orphanage, or anyone who had a family member who did, can check the records to see if the baby was brought there from a Circle tower.

A lot of people – and especially a lot of Templars – would suddenly find out that they’ve got mage blood in them.

I can see Leliana’s advisors doing their best to dissuade her. “This is unwise, Your Holiness,” they would wheedle. “After a time of such turmoil for the Chantry, the last thing we need is a shock that will weaken the people’s trust in us!”

“And how can we be worthy of a trust that is built on a foundation of secrecy and lies?” Leliana shakes her head. “Either the Chantry has done nothing wrong, and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Or the Chantry has done great wrong, and we must atone for it.”

"Most Holy Victoria,” another advisor begins, more diplomatically. “We understand that you have great sympathy for the magefolk, but… by doing this you are putting a brand on innocent people all over Thedas! Especially the Templars – by marking them as mage-blooded, you are making them targets for the fear and hate of the common folk!”

“Then it is the duty of the Chantry to teach them better,” Leliana says, stepping away to gaze out the window of the grand cathedral. “It is no sin to be born. It is no sin to be who the Maker made us to be. We must lead our people to understand and accept that, not to profit off mindless superstitions.

"Tomorrow, many people will learn something about themselves,” she continues. “Many of them will learn things that we had no right to keep hidden from them – loved ones, blood relatives, lost to silence and to the Circle. Many of them will learn that there was a silence in their family tree that now speaks. They will learn that the concerns of magefolk are not so distant as they once believed… that it is not only a thing that happens to other people. They will learn that magic is as close to them as their own heart and blood – and that it is something that cannot be denied, cannot be excised, not by hatred and not by fear.

"You say I have great sympathy for the magefolk? I have great sympathy for our people, Sister. Because that is what they are. The mages are our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our sons and our daughters. We can hide that, we can disguise it, but we cannot make it untrue. The mages are our family.  It is time to let them come home.”

Something I’ve been thinking about: aliens and magic.

There’s a surprising amount of cross-over between sci-fi and fantasy, in fantasy you have magic wands/staffs that can shoot fire balls, and in sci-fi you have blaster pistols and rifles; if you explain all those things in the simplest terms you have a bunch of long and short stick that shoots glowy hot things.

There’s also telekinesis, the ability to move objects at your will without touching them.
In shows like Star Trek you have tractor-beams which does the exact same thing as telekinesis except it’s actually explained in terms we (now) understand other than “it’s a strange mystical force”

I’m going to say now that this isn’t some conspiracy theory, and that I fully realize that those things in sci-fi could’ve been inspired by their fantasy counterparts, I’m just wanting to put this out there because it could be an interesting story/character idea, whether it be your DND character is secretly and alien disguising themselves as a Mage or a group of humans crash-landing on an primitive alien world, I just think it’s interesting.

Healers and spirit healers

Gonna pull stuff out of my ass again. What else are fans for?

So recently I saw a post speculating about the nature of healing magic, how exactly it acts on the body and what its limits are. It’s generally understood that spirit healers are more powerful than non-spirit healers who only draw on the creation tree, because spirit healers draw on Fade denizens in some way. But what, exactly, is the difference?

Here’s my theory: Healing magic, using Creationism alone, can only encourage the body’s natural healing. Spirit healing, however, can actively change and reshape flesh and bone.

So a healing mage using only creationism can speed up a body’s natural healing; encourage platelets to form clots, tissue to regenerate, marrow to create more red blood cells, white cells to battle infections, etc. It stimulates the body’s natural defenses and feeds more energy into them than they could (probably) get from normal metabolism. This is consistent with other Creationism spells we see in that tree, such as Rejuvenation and Haste.

But if something is physically out of place – a wound too wide for normal clotting to seal, or a bone too shattered or misaligned – normal healing can’t fix that. Trying to push creation healing on a wound that is not set to right could lead to severe scarring, crooked bones, or even foreign matter becoming trapped in the wound.

We know that spirits, despite being incorporeal themselves, have the ability to change physical bodies when they inhabit them. We see this any time a demon possesses a human and transmutes them into an abomination; the mage’s physical body is warped and changed to match. (I had a theory earlier that worked the other way around – that this transformation occurs when a spirit or demon taps into a mage’s intrinsic potential for healing magic – so this is the natural flip side of that.)

So a spirit healer keeps a spirit or spirits on tap – whether wisps, or full-formed spirits, or either. When faced with an injury, the spirit healer actually induces the spirit to temporarily possess the wounded part of the body and reshape it as needed. Spirits might also be able to purge or destroy intruding or insulting matter, such as debris in the wound or maybe even infectious bacteria. Then once everything is in place, the healer calls the spirit back out and channels creationism to encourage the body’s healing processes to do the rest.

That’s why spirit healers are so much more powerful than ordinary healers – they can effectively perform necessary surgery within the body itself. A creationism healer with knowledge of and tools for surgery could probably accomplish the same tasks, but given that the Chantry doesn’t even allow dissections of dead bodies, I doubt anatomical science is all that advanced in Thedas.

Also, a spirit healer’s power to effect changes in the body might be limited by the imagination/understanding of the healer, of the spirit, or by other constraints. Cancer, for example, might be beyond the power of a spirit healer since it is an overproduction of cells rather than damage to cells; a spirit healer might be able to remove cancerous growths but be unable to correct the underlying DNA damage that causes the cancer to reoccur. Autoimmune diseases might similarly be out of the reach of spirit healers since it is the body attacking itself, so what is there to reshape or destroy?

(First off yes I edited the 23 on. I drew this last year but didn’t want to post it but now I do. And so it’s 23 now instead of 22. )
•But regardless I just really wanted to share this cause it’s Daniels birthday guys and I don’t want us to forget cause he meant so so so much to me and so so so many other people and he still does. He still continues to inspire me every day and many ideas, messages, and traits he lives by and lived with I still carry. I never forgot such a creatively brilliant, hardworking, and loving person and never ever will. I love you Daniel, we all love you so much.
•Happy birthday buddy this ones for you•

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can you do me the biggest favor and like just explain the bears shortly because i haven't got the time to read through your whole tag and i am so freaking confused ??

Get ready for a long post ahead.


This is a massive topic, and it involves a lot more than just 2 bears in rainbow gear, so I am doing my best in placing you back in the time and show you the atmosphere and the happening with the band. I am trying to explain it without making a monster post. EDIT: I failed.

I have a tag /tagged/rbb-history where it is explained that a rainbow bear wearing a cute hairband with a bow on it was thrown on stage in Manchester during the WWA tour. Then a few (?) shows later it appeared in full bondage gear, we called it rainbow bondage bear (later RBB) and the bear kept appearing at the shows. 

Then it accompanied the band to the US leg of the WWA tour, and we saw the bear for a few shows, even surrounded by policemen (I think it was in Philly). 

They created a twitter account for the bear, advertised the name under the bear, asked for a follow, I think Josh was the fourth follower. It was a mystery who was behind it. Josh was the primary suspect, he tweeted he is not involved with it, then Ant their sound engineer (?) also tweeted he is not taking care of the bears. We then enjoyed the frequent photos they posted on said twitter account. There was drinking, watching Judy Garland movies, being hungover, more drinking, he had quite the life. 

Important to mention that the band had a palm tree (Eric) as a mascot as well, this tree also had a twitter account and was involved in massive drinking. 

I think about three days passed and the RBB twitter was gone. People said it was because of the drinking but the funny thing is that the palm tree could stay and if I remember correctly that account is still happily alive, but not posting anymore pictures.

All in all, the twitter disappeared, the bear did too. We were outraged, Rainbow Direction got attacked, member of RD posted their seats in one of the asks and for the entire show their concert experience was destroyed by a security guard and Magee/Griffith’s death stares, the LGBTQIA+ members of the fandom felt unsafe, as their team was so homophobic that they are pressed by a rainbow stuffed bear, and as a reaction we started to see rainbows everywhere, Niall went to the NASA with a rainbow cap and got pictured with everyone and their grandma, Anne, Jay, Gemma, even Julian posted/liked/favorited something related to rainbows, Liam wore a shirt at one of the shows which was the album cover of their opening act, and it had rainbows, the acts individually would be taken as coincidences, but looking at the big picture it was quite deliberate.

We mourned the bear, there was some attempt as a pink pony appeared, but we kept getting the reports from concert goers that confirmed RBB was nowhere to be seen.

A few shows later though it appeared, no longer in bondage gear, and that was the show where Harry deliberately sang the line “At first I was afraid, I was petrified” instead of “Happy birthday”.

So the big gay war was massively happening, we had THAT week in August, and soon we understood that THAT show was the last when we saw RBB during WWA.

OTRA started with Josh posting a picture about RBB, in total Freddie Mercury gear, we even started calling him Teddy Mercury, and the world was a nice place again. The bear kept appearing at shows, frequently changing outfits, wearing tutus, and t-shirts with My favorite color is rainbow written on it, the CSI part of the fandom even found these gears at build a bear pages on the web.

The bear only missed the Japan shows, and we understood later that probably because it was an Arena, and they did not find a place to put it.

Then RBB introduced SBB to the fandom during the EU leg of OTRA, and soon they started to put these mood stickers, and there was a very visible attempt to distinguish and make RBB as Harry, and SBB as Louis. 

A couple of examples: RBB: banana, microphone with green, froyo, green mood sticker. Louis: skateboard, baby bottle, blue mood sticker, McDonald’s..

There were also some framed pictures associated with the bears, and those were all closeted celebrities who in some way were forced to hide their true selves, their sexuality/ forced to have a grueling schedule and some even went to the court or was dragged to court. We found a ton of links to the X factor, and Simon Cowell himself. Those researches soon made clear that there is a bts war between the boys and Simon, which was already clear by the smear campaign started by Simon and co.

RBB/SBB missed a few shows, and these occurrences can be linked to massive attacks (Babygate announcement, Attitude article, someone with fake baby bump appearing at shows,.. etc). As crazy as it sounds the bears became message bearers, and they gave a ton of hints, soon the boys themselves started rebel like crazy against Simon. Beats interview: complaints about being tired and overworked, then at the Apple Music Festival shading the merch like a pro, Harry shading the record label execs that they are bored, then some massive Simon shades at the London concerts: Niall’s Not Anymore Simon, Liam wearing a Simon mask during Little White Lies and Harry putting a stuffed animal under his tshirt symbolizing a pregnant belly during Little White Lies.

The bears disappeared later, and then came back after a massive rainbow countdown on their newly created twitter account, they made their first text post a few minutes after midnight on Nov 1st, and we were blessed with some pictures there. One even had Louis on it, which I cannot believe is a coincidence, those boys really made sure not to give hints, so it was deliberate, since then they are being a bit more careful. I think the message was received that Louis is definitely behind the bears with Harry, so there is no need to out them every single time. Both of them tweeted even a minute apart from RBB, and it is undeniable that HL are involved with the bears.

The bears travel to LA, and now to Mexico with them, and keep us updated almost every day now. They frequently change icons and headers.

The bears are amazing at dragging, see Kimmel’s attempt at mocking the fandom with a potato, the boys posted a pic where they made sure we understand they are on our side, not letting a showman mock their fans.




Another Drowcember!! Two in a week!! Because I’m probably going to be too busy to do one next week hahahaha. This one is for “mage”. Here we have Ba’anor casting Lightning bolt. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn him doing wizard things so, here we are!

His rapier is his arcane focus, and he’s from the Bladesinger school of magic.

closeup shot because his face is good and it’s so far awaaayyyy in the full image.


If you are a fanfic author for the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell you are writing fanfiction for a book that was written by a real author because she was inspired by one of her own fictional charcter’s fanfiction about a fictional series written by a fictional author that the real author created in her other fictional book. 

*world explodes*

Learn Tagalog with 300 words

This is the translated  word list made by  Fun with Languages, check out this post to find out more on the topic.

FIRST VERBS (English: Tagalog)

– maging
There ismayroon
Have magkaron  
Do – gawa
Go – umalis
Want – gusto
Can – kaya
Need – kailangan
Think – mag-isip
Know – malaman
Say – sabihin
Like – gusto
Speak – magsalita
Learn – matuto
Understand – maintindihan

CONJUNCTIONS (English: Tagalog)

That (as in “I think that…”)
– iyan
And – at
Or – o
But – pero
Because – kasi
Though – kahit na
So – kaya
If – kung

PREPOSITIONS (English: Tagalog)

– ng, ni
To – para (sayo)
From – galing
In – sa, nasa
At (a place) – sa
At (a time) -  /
With – sa, kasama (ng)
Abouti – tungkol
Like (meaning “similar to”) – katulad
For – para
Before bago
After – pagtapos
During – habang

QUESTION WORDS (English: Tagalog)

- sino
What - ano
Where - saan
When - kailan
Why - bakit
How - paano
How much - magkano
Which - alin

ADVERBS (English: Tagalog)

A lot
– madami
A little – kauntiing
Well – mabuti
Badly – masama
Only – lang
Also – din
Very – napaka
Too (as in “too tall”) – masyado
Too much – sobrang dami
So (as in “so tall”) – sobra (“sobrang taas”)
So much – sobra (“I love you so much – Sobra kitang mahal”)
More (more than) – pa, lalo pa
Less (less than) – kulang
As… as… (e.g. “as tall as”) – kasing (e.g “as tall as” – “kasing taas”)
Most – higit sa lahat
Least – kamuntiman
Better – mas mabuti
Best – pinakamabuti, pinakamahusay
Worse – mas masahol
Worst – pinakamasama
Now – ngayon
Then – pagkatapos, noon (long ago, previously)
Here – ditto
There – doon
Maybe – siguro
Always – palagi
Usually – karaniwan
Often – madalas
Sometimes – kung minsan
Never – hindi kailanman
Today – ngayon, sa araw na ito
Yesterday – kahapon
Tomorrow – bukas
Soon – sa madaling panahon
Almost – halos, kamuntik na
Already – na
Still – pa rin
Even - kahit na  
Enough – sapat

ADJECTIVES (English: Tagalog)

The, a
– ang, isang
This – ito
That – iyan
Good – mabait
Bad – masama
All – lahat
Some – ilan, halos
No – hindi
Any – anumang
Many – madami
Few – kakaunti
Most – pinaka-
Other – iba
Same – pareho
Different – iba, hindi katulad
Enough – sapat
One – isa
Two – dalawa
A few – ilan
First – una
Next – susunod
Last (meaning “past”, e.g. “last Friday) – noong
Last (meaning “final”) – huli
Easy – madali
Hard – mahirap
Early – maaga
Late – nahuli
Important – mahalaga
Interesting – kawili – wili, nakakawili
Fun – masaya
Boring – mainip
Beautiful – maganda
Big – malaki
Small – maliit
Happy – masaya
Sad – malungkot
Busy – bisi, okupado
Excited – nabigla, natutuwa
Tired – pagod
Ready – nakahanda
Favorite – paborito
New – bago
Right (meaning “correct”) – tama
Wrong – mali
True – totoo

PRONOUNS (English: Tagalog)

Know them in the subject (“I”), direct object (“me”), indirect object (“to me”), prepositional and possessive (“my”) forms.

I: Ako, ko, sa akin

You: ikaw/ka, mo, sa iyo

He: siya, niya, sa kanya

She: siya, niya, sa kanya

We: kami / tayo, naming / natin, sa amin / sa atin
You: kayo, ninyo, sa inyo
They: sila, nila, sa kanila 

NOUNS (English: Tagalog)

– lahat
Something – may, mayroon
Nothing – wala
Everyone – lahat
Someone – isang tao
No one – walang sinuman
Italian – italyano
English – ingles
Thing – bagay
Person – tao
Place – place
Time (as in “a long time”) – oras
Time (as in “I did it 3 times”) – beses (“I did it 3 times - Tatlong beses ko ginawa”)
Friend – kaibigan
Woman – babae
Man – lalaki
Money – pera
Country – bansa
Italy – italiya
City – lungsod
Language – wika
Word – salita
Food – pagkain
House – bahay
Store – tindahan

Office – opisina
Company – kompanya

Manager – tagapamahala
Coworker – katrabaho
Job – trabaho
Work (as in “I have a lot of work to do”) – trabaho
Problem – problema
Question – tanong
Idea – ideya
Life – buhay
World – mundo
Day – araw
Year – taon
Week – lingo
Month – buwan  
Hour – oras
Mother – nanay
Father – tatay
Parent – magulang
Daughter – anak na babae, bata, iha
Son – anak na lalaki, bata, iho
Child – bata

Child (little girl) – batang babae
Wife – asawa, asawang babae
Husband – asawa, asawang lalaki
Girlfriend – kasintahan, nobya
Boyfriend – kasinatahan, nobyo

MORE VERBS (English: Tagalog)

Work (as in a person working) – magtrabaho
Work (meaning “to function) – gumana
See – Makita
Use – gamitin
Should – dapat
Believe – maniwala
Practice – pagsasanay
Seem – tila
Come – dumating
Leave – umalis
Return – bumalik
Give – ibigay, mag-bigay
Take – kuhanin
Bring – dalhin
Look for – hanapin, maghanap
Find – mahanap, maghanap
Get (meaning “obtain”) – makuha
Receive – tumanggap
Buy – bumili
Try – subukin
Start – simula, magsimula
Stop – tumigil
Finish – tapos
Continue – magpatuloy
Wake up – gumising
Get up - bumangon
Eat breakfast – kumain ng almusal
Eat lunch – kumain ng tanghalian
Eat dinner – kumain ng hapunan
Happen – mangyari
Feel – maramdaman
Create (aka “make”) – lumikha, gumawa
Cause (aka “make”) – magdulot, maging sanhi
Meet – makasalubong, makilala
Ask (a question) – magtanong
Ask for (aka “request”) – humingi ng (kahilingan)
Wonder – magtaka
Reply – sumagot, tumugon
Mean – ibig sabihin, mangahulugan
Read – magbasa
Write – magsulat
Listen – making
Hear – marinig
Remember – matandaan
Forget – kalimutan, makalimutan
Choose – pumili
Decide – magpasya
Be born – ipanganak
Die – mamatay
Kill – pumatay
Live – mabuhay
Stay – manatili
Change – mabago, magbago
Help – tulungan, tumulong
Send – ipadala, magpdala
Study – mag-aral
Improve – mapabuti
Hope – umasa
Care – pangalagaan

PHRASES (English: Tagalog)

– hello/kamusta
Goodbye – paalam/bye-bye
Thank you – salamat
You’re welcome – walang anuman
Excuse me (to get someone’s attention) – excuse me / paumanhin
Sorry – patawad / paumanhin
It’s fine (response to an apology) – Okay lang / Ayos lang
Please – pakiusap
Yes – Oo
No – Hindi
Okay – Okay
My name is — Ang pangalan ko ay _
What’s your name? – Ano ang pangalan mo?
Nice to meet you – masaya akong nakilala kayo
How are you? – kamusta ka na?
I’m doing well, how about you? – Mabuti naman, ikaw?
Sorry? / What? (if you didn’t hear something) – Ano ulit yun?
How do you say ____? – Paano sabihin ang __?
What does _____ mean? – Ano ang ibig sabihin ng __?
I don’t understand – Hindi ko maintindihan
Could you repeat that? – Pwede ulitin mo?
Could you speak more slowly, please? – Pwede mag-salita ka ng mabagal? Please?
Well (as in “well, I think…”) – Sa tingin ko … / Well, sa tingin ko …
Really? – Talaga?
I guess that – Hula ko ay
It’s hot (talking about the weather) – Ang init!
It’s cold (talking about the weather) – Ang lamig!

why fenris won't attack dorian on sight

the biggest reason? he doesn’t even attack danarius on sight. when you finally confront him in act 3, fenris doesn’t attack until danarius initiates the battle. hell, if hawke decides to give fenris to danarius, he won’t even fight back. so saying that fenris will automatically attack dorian - someone he doesn’t even know - just because he’s a mage from tevinter (albeit a tevinter mage with bad views on elven slavery but that’s a discussion for another day) is honestly…ridiculous? im not saying that fenris wont be uncomfortable around dorian, but he certainly wouldnt attack the man.

also if you look at the other instances where fenris straight up kills someone outside of battle (the magistrate’s son and danzig the slaver), he always asks hawke for permission first. the rest of the time (hadriana or any slavers who target him in general - basically people he has EVERY RIGHT to attack on sight but still waits) it’s because /they/ attacked him first. there’s no moment in dragon age 2 where fenris spontaneously attacks someone. i mean, he can attack you when you bring him into the fade during feynriel’s quest but that was because a demon was being an asshole. my point still stands.

what im saying is, please stop furthering the idea that fenris is unreasonable and hateful. i get that you’re joking and that many of you are even big fans of his character, but quite frankly, it’s frustrating to see how many people exaggerate some aspects of his personality–to the point where ive had someone tell me that they were afraid to even have fenris in their party because of all the crap they’ve seen.


When I first played Dragon Age: Inquisition, I had no idea of the game series. I was at a friend’s house and they showed it to me on their PS3 and it took me a while before I fell in love. I chose the templars over the mages at the time because at that point, I didn’t know anything about the lore or previous games – not to mention, it saved time since I was only able to play as long as I could while at their house.

Now, having all three games, DLCs for both Origins and Inquisition (I’ll get those BioWare points and buy those DA2 DLCs someday..!), and having a good idea of the story told between these three games, I feel like I would still be siding with the Templars over the Mages.

I know that there’s a lot of hate towards those who side with the Templars over the Mages, but don’t get me wrong. I love the mages and I want to help them, but at the same time, I don’t think helping them first is the best idea in a story-telling standpoint.

My way of looking at it is that Templars are afraid of magic, yeah? They see it as evil and corrupt and that thought poisoned them into mistreating and abusing mages. If I help the mages and assist them with their power, they’ll just look like a bigger threat to the templars and possibly make things worse.

If you fix/rebuild the Templar Order first (in a way of how Cassandra would rebuild the Seekers), it makes things easier in terms of helping the mages afterwards. Once the mages are assisted, there aren’t any issues of Templars going, “Oh no, the mages have power again! They’re dangerous!”

I don’t know. I always feel reluctant to say how I’d side with the templars over the mages because I can see how the fandom can just slam people down with hate over that. I’m glad a blog like this exists and flourishes because then I, as well as others, can just… feel safe about having our own opinions.

anonymous asked:

So i very strongly sided with the mages until i saw what it turned into at the end of da:2 and what happens in da:i, i can fully support wanting more freedoms and to be given a chance at a real life, but what it looks like theyre trying to do is rebuild the tevinter imperium and i cannot support that, but i still dont agree with the templars either, and honestly this whole thing couldve been avoided if the chantry had been a little more lenient with the circle

What it leaded to in DA2? I don’t know what you mean really. Unless you mean Anders’ actions, but he wasn’t acting with any other mages. And at the end of the game he was so fused with Justice I don’t think we can even be sure he would’ve acted the same way if he were just himself. Also, what it lead to? It led to the mages - who did not do anything - all going to be killed because of it, well actually Meredith had already sent for the right of annulment before Anders’ actions so… yeah I can’t really see how I’m meant to blame mages for that? There are a few instances in da2 when mages do bad things, but they’re always a reaction to the insane amount of abuse in that circle.

And what do you mean in da:i? In what way are they ‘rebuilding the Tevinter Imperium’? Please send in another ask because I don’t get it? I might be missing something?

I do agree that the Chantry could’ve avoided the whole thing, but it would have meant an entire restructuring of the Circle, not just ‘being a little more lenient’. The Circle would have to stop being a prison and become an actual place where mages can be save and learn in safety. And I don’t think the Chantry would ever be willing to do so, considering how much power and money they would lose.

I view the question of ‘templars vs mages’ as simply this: are the horrors of the circle a justified necessary evil to protect the rest of the population from the possible crimes, or accidental destruction caused by mages?

That’s the only question that matters. That’s where the true grey morality of this issue comes in. Do you think the chantry is right that mages are so inherently dangerous that they need to be held prisoner their entire lives? That the Chantry has the right to decide which of them need to be made tranquil, or punished in other ways, and which entire circles get to be murdered down to the last child?

My answer is always going to be no. That’s why I support the mages. Always. And not just because we’ve already seen more peaceful solutions in game.

Just think about it, in the real world if we determine which groups are most likely to commit violent crimes, would you support pre-emptively locking them up? (Remember, modern day weapons can be as dangerous as any magic we’ve seen in game.) Probably not.

And let’s be clear, even a circle where there is no abuse is still a horrific idea in principle:

- Being locked up the rest of your life

- cut of from family

- not allowed to go outside 

- not allowed to form romantic attachments

- not allowed to have a family (and having any child you might have taken away from you)

- living with armed men instructed to kill you if you necessary 

- being constantly told you’re basically a walkign bomb so dangerous the world needs to be protected from you

- Living with the threat of the right of annulment your whole life

- Living with the threat of being made tranquil (yes yes, until you pass a horrifying test, unless you live in one of the circles that ignore that rule and oh yes the chantry and the circle has a huge monetary incentive to make you tranquil or suggest you allow them to make you tranquil even before the test)

Even if this prison - and it is a prison no matter how cosy the beds - doesn’t suffer from any abuse of power it’s still a horror show. But then I don’t think there will be a circle with no abuse. Just because predatory people are often dawn to positions where they can enact abuse and get away with it and the circle is the perfect place; no one gives a shit about the mages. Also, the only circles we’ve seen in game have been abusive, I find it odd to presume there must be a perfect circle where there is only the horrors of it being a prison.

And I haven’t even gotten into the whole idea that the Chantry makes money off making people tranquil, which kinda motivates them to make more mages tranquil, if only to keep the money flowing. Or that if the Chantry ever admitted that mages don’t need constant surveillance it means they will either have to admit that the templars are mainly there to be the Chantry’s military arm, or cut down on how many templars there are, and so weaken the Chantry’s power. (That’s what I mean when I say getting rid of the Circles would cost the Chantry too much.)

On the subject of ‘trying to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’, I have to say the abuses of the Tevinter Imperium are not caused by magic, so assuming a society where Mages are free and able to be in positions of power, is going to be ‘like the Tevinter Imperium’ is just not how it works.

Slavery isn’t something exclusive to magic (well using spirits as slaves as well might be), and (blood) magic, is just the tool they use to enact their cruelty. If they had no magic they would find other ways. And to be frank, while I’m sure the other nations we have seen in game would claim moral superiority over Tevinter, I don’t think they can. Look at the way they treat the elves? Look at what the Chantry has done? Profiting off making people tranquil, making Templars addicted to something they control?

Also, remember the elves being sold into slavery in da:o? Do you think that was the only time that happened? It seems pretty unlikely doesn’t it?

So yes Tevinter is horrible, but I think the problem with saying ‘they want to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’ is that it fails to recognise that the other nations have their own horrors and that depending on who (or what race) you are in Ferelden or Orlais, your life might already be as bad as that of the lowliest person in Tevinter.

It’s easy to judge the mage rebellion for causing too much destruction etc etc, but it’s not like the Chantry would ever have willingly let them go. The mages were pushed in a corner, they didn’t one day decide that they would cause this. I would love it if peaceful revolution was possible but it isn’t. It’s always a question of what are you willing to sacrifice to gain your freedom.

DA:I could have been a great morally muddled story about what is justified in the name of revolution, of freedom. It could’ve shown us a mage rebellion where some are forced to fight, where some mages only take revenge for the abuse they suffered, while others desperately tried to find peaceful ways to change the world. It could have shown us templars being pushed to the edge by the chantry, and those who gleefully hunt and kill mages. It could’ve shown us exactly how much it costs templars to break with the Chantry.

Cullen does to a degree show us and in DA2 we had Samson, but I would’ve liked something like a Knight-Captain who objected morally to the abuses of the Chantry, tried to reason with them to go against amoral orders and ended up with the Chantry cutting off his lyrium supply so he was forced to watch the templars under his command suffer and a few of them die. Actually that would’ve made a great quest that with show us exactly how little control templars really have.

I’m just going to end with some links with more information on the mages and the Circle/ Chantry/ templars. I think all these help to get the whole picture on the situation for mages, necessary to understand why revolution was unavoidable (and before you judge their rebellions as ‘going too far.’) 

1. A post discussing why Anders did what he did and why other options weren’t available. I’m not entirely decided on whether I support Anders’ actions myself, but this is an interesting read on why the mages had to rebel to gain any power and why it’s difficult to judge them for it. It also touches on more abuses of the Chantry.

2. A post with a number of reactions to the idea of the Circle being ‘a nice place’ which it can’t be by its very nature. Also mentions some other abuses that will happen in even ‘peaceful circles’ like Anders’ punishment of solitary confinement for a year, which is literal torture and if you want to understand to what extent a quick google search will do on why solitary confinement is torture.

3. A great post about why tranquility is not a mercy and in fact a system that is incredibly vulnerable to abuse (and not just in da2). Also touches on how the Circle provides the Chantry with funds (and so power, which of course makes their ‘magic is evil we will protect’ you bs stink a little more.)

4. A post discussing why not all templars can ‘just stop taking lyium’ which helps to show that they’re basically trapped in this system as well.

5. A post combining resources about the abuses the mages face in da2, I’d recommend reading it even if you feel you know all of them already because I’ve played da2 many many times and I was surprised by some of these. Also remember that just because this is the worst circle we’ve seen it does not mean the abuses are unique to this circle.

6. A post explaining more about the Chantry and why it needs its military arm, and how it abuses that power. ties in to how they can’t admit that mages don’t need constant surveillance without either admitting the real use of templars.

7. A post about the theory that templars aren’t meant to protect mages but are meant to make sure there aren’t too many mages. (In other words, they are there to kill mages.) I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the post, though it does make sense that the Chantry would limit how many mages there are in any one circle to prevent an uprising. Still the post contains some interesting discussions about the templars tactics and how they don’t make sense if they’re meant to just protect mages. This of course does not mean every day templars are aware of what the real order are and I imagine there are templars who truly believe they are meant to protect mages.

8. A really good post on why Meredith wasn’t ‘just doing what she thought best’ and was pretty horrible before the red lyrium business. Also, while it’s easy to say meredith does not represent the Chantry the fact is the Chantry never stepped in and at the very least it shows how rife this system is for abuse and how little people or the Chantry care what happens to mages.

Plausibility Cullen Rutherford

So, apparently the idea that Cullen is a virgin is a thing. *shrug* whatever, if that’s your thing that’s cool. I learned this based on a post by someone who pointed out that it’s not remotely possible. While I don’t necessarily head canon he is, it’s not that impossible. Let’s think about this a moment. 

 Kinloch Hold had 0 female Templars that we saw (clearly based on what we saw within the game) Let’s say that’s the case. While Cullen had a crush on a female mage during DAO he refused to act on it so we can assume that until he was 17/18 in Fereldan he didn’t have a girlfriend because those dudes barely left the tower and he had only recently completed his training. Also based on what the Templar at the docks says, they have more talking and less experience, at least the younger Templars.

 Ok, after Kinloch Cullen was sent to Kirkwall, where Knight Commander Meredith made him Knight Captain, within about a year-ish of him being there because Hawke was only there her 2nd year (around 6 months to a year after the blight had ended) when we meet Knight Captain Cullen in the Gallows. Now being fully invested in the Order and totally by the rules kind of guy fraternization would not be something he would do. He clearly doesn’t see prostitutes just based on his behavior in DA2 about going to the Blooming Rose. We also know that he’s suffering from PTSD and he’s addicted to Lyrium. While again, I totally believe he had a relationship at some point I am pointing out that it’s completely plausible for Cullen to be a 30 yr old virgin. After the Chantry Explosion and the death of Knight Commander Meredith, Cullen took on the role of Knight Commander until Cassandra shows up and wants to investigate things that are going down, she’s left the Seekers and is strictly working with Justinia to bring an end to the conflict with the mages/templars. 

So, Cullen joins Cassandra and is now fully invested in the Chantry for the sake of the Chantry. If he were to have a relationship I would say it was in this time frame only because he’s not “in charge” and has a bit more free time, but now his PTSD is worse from Kirkwall. He’s obediently following Justinia and is honestly probably very busy, also, Lyrium addiction. Just as they are finally working out some kind of plan for the Mage/Templar war Justinia is killed in an explosion at the conclave, which took awhile to get worked out which meant a lot of work. Now he’s in charge of an entire army.

Now see? It totally IS plausible for a man, who has been completely devoted to a religious organization or ANY organization really who’s spent nearly all of his time working within that organization to not even bother with a relationship. I’ve spent years not caring if I had a significant other and I am totally a sexual person, I don’t suffer from PTSD and I don’t have an addiction nor am I fighting to free myself from one.

So, how about we just agree that either way is totally possible and just get along…also, I totally agree that the desk scene is NOT the first time Cullen and the Inky have sex I mean…desk sex and tossing his desk of it’s contents pretty much gives that one away. 

I’ve been thinking

a lot about the prophecy since I finished rereading Carry On yesterday. 

“And one will come to end us, / and one will bring his fall, / let the greatest power of powers reign, / may it save us all.”

What’s been bothering me about the whole The Mage-The Prophecy-Simon-Thing is that The Mage tried to fulfill the prophecy by creating Simon, the greatest mage, the Chosen One. But isn’t the thing about prophecies the fact that they fulfill themselves? 

Also, as with most texts the prophecy can be read in many different ways and depending on what you focus on the prophecy will get a different meaning. 

In the book it is assumed that the Insidious Humdrum is what will come to end us. And then Simon would be the one to bring his fall. That would also imply that the greatest power of powers is Simons magic. Though if you really think about what the Humdrum is and how it is connected to Simon, the prophecy doesn’t apply to him anymore. It doesn’t make sense, as the Mage then realized and yet again tried to fulfill the prophecy with a new creation. 

But what if, while all this was going on, the prophecy actually fulfilled itself. Let’s break down the prophecy once again, but this time with a new perspective.

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