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Long Post But It Needs To Be Said..

Reading Killing Stalking has really opened my eyes to how toxic tumblr can be when it comes down political correctness. Like last year I took it upon myself to watch Sausage Party. Not because I was an anti or anything but because I just wanted to see if everything people were talking about was true. Up until that point I would listen to tumblr to see if a movie or show was to politically incorrect (or vise versa) and I would never come to my own conclusion. Unfollowing and blocking people If they didn’t agree with me.

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What you were trying to say is that you didn't like what ISYL wrote? I really don't know what to think about it, please let mi help with this. I read everything before they deleted and I have to admit that some things were kinda interesting.

Okay, here we go. First of all, anon, I picked you because your one of the last asks in my inbox, I’m very lazy, you seem kind and I needed one anon to answer them all, so it’s you :D

Then, I’m really sorry in advance, because this is going to be some serious case of vague posting. I hate vague post, I try to never do it, but I really don’t know how to do it differently. I could chose to ignore my inbox too, but I’m not that kind of person, so vague posting it is.

Like everyone (or almost everyone), I read what has been said on ISYL’s blog today. To sum it up, Gillian should grow the fuck up, she’s been fooling around while David was waiting for her to get her shit together, we don’t know if she’s dating PM, but she’s still in a relationship with David, and they’ll always be fucking. (I paraphrase, so excuse me if I got it wrong, but I think I substantially quoted what has been said.)

I think I need to tell you guys that I have no contact with them, we’ve basically never talked to each other, I have pretty much no more information about their source than anyone else. That said, you all know the Gillovny circle is small and chatty. Informations get through when you know where to find them and who to talk to. I also want to add that I can be absolutely wrong about what I’m saying and maybe I’m totally mistaking, but somehow, I *think* I know what (and who) lead them to believe what they said (the vague posting starts here, if you haven’t noticed yet). 

What they said today sounded very familiar to me, I believe I had the same “informations” a few months ago, about Gillian, her issues, etc… To be clear, I’m not talking about ISYL’s original source, which I believe, and it’s my personal opinion, basically just told them about the party and updated them from time to time, but nothing else. I believe they had other informations, coming from other people, like a few of us have sometimes. The only difference is that when I got these informations about Gillian and her supposedly issues, I was very cautious and doubtful, and I was right because they ended up being false and spread by some clearly untruthworthy (that’s not a word, I know) people (which is basically always the case in this crazy fandom). I also found out that what I thought was said in confidence, only between two people, was actually known by a much larger circle than what I thought. In other words, “everybody” knew, and apparently, ISYL did too. 

Sadly, the only purpose of spreading such lies was to shame Gillian, hating, trolling and seeking attention.

Once again, it could be a total coincidence that I happen to know what they were talking about, and if I’m wrong I’m really sorry, but it would be a massive coincidence, though. I’m not trying to convince anyone, if you want to believe what they said, it’s your right, if they’ve convinced you, that okay. I’m not trying to defend ISYL either. Even if they believed these informations, they shouldn’t have posted like they did, they shouldn’t have been shaming Gillian the way they did. We all know Gillian has spies here and I hope they deleted before anyone important saw their allegations. It’s one thing when hate comes from small blogs with no followers and it’s another thing when it comes from bloggers with tons of dedicated followers. 

Sorry about the vague posting, I guess it’ll raise more questions, so let me get this straight. I don’t believe what ISYL said today was the truth, I do believe the party story, I think they’ve been mislead in the last 6 months by someone who is not their original “source”, I’m not changing my mind on Gillovny, I’m not changing my mind on PM, I still have mixed feelings, but I need a better proof, and Gillian is not a whore. On my side, this case is closed.

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I am literally always fed up with Hoechlin looking perfect and I'm so glad you feel the same. THE MAN SHOULDN'T EXIST. BY ALL ACCOUNTS IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Originally posted by simplysamnicole


But yes. We need a support group or something. The Tyler Hoechlin But How Group. The We Continue To Be Destroyed By Tyler Hoechlin’s General Existence Group. The Someone That Hot Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Be That Cute Group. The Look At You With Your Face And Your Salt-n-Pepper-Beard And Your Shoulders And Your Annoying Tendency To Be Good And Nice And All Of Those Revolting, Endearing Things Group. 

The But Why Group.

This is a travesty. It is a travesty every time I see his stupid face with his stupid hair and–

I need a placard. And possibly an inhaler.

Your lovely healers

I never thought I would have to make a post about this, but a match I had today finally threw me off.

Don’t degrade a player whenever they choose to play a healer because you know how that makes you look? It makes you look like a fucking asshole, that’s for sure. As a Mercy main I do my very best to heal those who are critical and even players that are barely missing health for god’s sake, but if you dare step out of my line of sight then there’s nothing I can do for you. That also applies to the rest of the support character line.

Being told that I sucked and that I should’ve done something more specific pertaining to said harassing person, really busted my bubble when I was doing only what I literally could. I also can’t help when a Symmetra attaches herself to me (or any enemy character) and I whip out my weapon to fend for myself when I can’t necessarily shift to someone or even have a teammate kill her off only to find out they aren’t nearby. Christ, it takes a second to realize she is on me in the first place. 

So please, stay in the line of sight, construct a way to make sure you can get to your healer if need be and please please please,


Thank you have a nice day

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If you don't mind, can you elaborate on what IS on the call sheet a little bit? I haven't seen it and I wouldn't know how to read it anyway, but if you feel like getting into it could explain some of what you saw/what it means? I know CL fans started the dying rumor so I didn't buy it in the first place, but I'm super curious about what was actually on it since I actually like spoilers. If you're hesitant to post it under a cut, I can come off anon or pm you if you don't mind sharing!

OK y’all. I’m going to put this under the cut, because there are HEAVY spoilers here, so you know…don’t read if you don’t want spoilers (I will not be posting the pictures!) Before you proceed you need to know that people receive the Call Sheet for an episode at the filming of the episode before it. So, as this is the Call Sheet for 3x13, they received this Call Sheet at the end of filming for 3x12. The rest is under here:

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i don’t like seeing this fandom filled with hate. i really don’t. i’ve been in other fandoms that have torn themselves to the ground by bickering with each other. i really don’t want that happening here. people are accusing others of whitewashing without even knowing what del looks like. people are accusing others of whitewashing evan, which is totally not even correct according to the definition of whitewashing. there are people who are scared to post their art for fear of backlash and that iS TOTALLY NOT OKAY. i am not okay with that at all my dudes. i know i seem super chill bc i say ‘my dudes’ and write all in lowercase, but i stg i have never been more serious at any other point in my life. it is not okay to shame people into avoiding something that they love. it is not okay to make talented artists and just plain wonderful people give up what they love because you feel like you’re entitled to correct something that doesn’t need correcting. seriously. and i know that none of my inner circle is doing this shit, but to those who are: you really need to stop.

tl;dr : if ur being a lil shit, you need to stop. if ur scared to post art, i love you and support whatever choice you make, but would also really like to see what you have to contribute to this fandom.

I really need help.

Hey guys. Right now I live at home with my parents and both are out of work and I lost my job and haven’t found another. We’ve been struggling for a while now and I have been trying to keep from making a post, but I don’t know what else to do at this point. My parents are at risk of losing their home because the note is past due. We have most of the payment, but we’re $350 short. If anyone can help me out a little I would greatly appreciate it. My PayPal is paypal.me/ethomas4489.

Stop posting tweetstorms FUCk

the thing that really pisses me off about them is that because of their formatting, because of how long they are, wanting to correct even a single thing in the tweetstorm is basically impossible.  It is a literal wall of text that you dare not pierce because you know that it’s gonna lead to an argument and your followers are going to need to deal with 5 pages worth of images and then 2 pages worth of text

And like, look, I get it, it’s easier to get notes with screencapped tweets, the text is bigger, I get it, but like how good would these tweetstorms be as a single post?   Or even multiple posts?

  • Grant: Candice, why have you been avoiding me so much?
  • Candice: Because, grant, all you do...
  • Grant: * Comes closer to Candice* Is what?
  • Candice: All you do is post, on Instagram about you and your girlfriend, hell, you don't even mention anything about Westallen, or promote episodes, I am left to feel embarrassed.
  • Grant: Candice... I...
  • Candice: No grant, I am done...* walks towards door*
  • Grant: Candice, we need to talk! *Chases her*
  • Candice: there is nothing to talk about!
  • Grant: I love you...
  • Candice: * stops in tracks, grins, to wide for the mood* What?
  • Grant: I love you Candice, I always have, and I always will...
  • Candice: is this Barry? or Grant talking?
  • Grant: *Pulls Candice in and kisses her* What do you think?
  • Candice: I think we...*kisses his lips* will be needing a room soon.
Regarding Jaxcon and Destiel

I don’t usually post but right now I just can’t resist because honestly I’m kinda mad at some people in my fandom, in my SPN family. Why? Well, why do you think? Because I open Tumblr and various social media and I see people hating on Jensen and I think it’s completely uncalled for and needs to stop. Right now.

I know he said something at jaxcon that may have hurt a lot of people. More specifically he said “Destiel doesn’t exist.[…] So there’s that.” but really, what was he supposed to say? The question was about why Dean’s bisexuality and Destiel wasn’t canonically acknowledged when his crush on Dr. Sexy M.D was(ICYMI). Jensen really don’t have a lot of choices as to how to answer that. He had two options really; tell the truth or make a joke out of it. Had this been Misha she’d asked or maybe Rich and Rob she’d more likely gotten the latter. Jensen though is known to be somewhat tired of Destiel questions and let’s face it people; he’s obviously not a shipper! So Jensen decided to go for the former i.e. tell the truth. Destiel doesn’t exist and that’s true, canonically it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter how much you or I or anyone else wish it did, Destiel does not exist.

Hear me out! No one in the cast or crew, literally no one could say that it does. They can say they think it should, they can “come out” as Destiel shippers but they can’t say it exists. You know why? Because it doesn’t. It doesn’t exist. Not until the runners of the show, everyone who decides where the story’s going, says it does. When they say “this season we’re gonna be exploring Dean and Castiel’s potential for a relationship of the more romantic variety” then, and only then can the cast and crew say anything but “Destiel doesn’t exist”. It doesn’t matter how many theories you write. It doesn’t matter how many times Dean licks his lips and looks Castiel up and down. Heck, it doesn’t matter if Castiel suddenly says he’s sexually attracted to men. Until the writers bring Destiel from subtext to text by orders from the people above them and the producers decide to keep that in the final cut, no one can say Destiel exists.

Then again, no one can say God exists either but some people still believe. I’m still a firm believer in Destiel. To me it’s real! Does that mean it’s real in the show? No. Just like my best friend believing God’s real doesn’t mean He’s actually real to everyone else or to me. In this fandom we have a lot of different beliefs. Some believe Destiel is real. Some believe Wincest is real. Some believe Gabriel isn’t really dead. And just like some people, like myself, are atheists and doesn’t believe there’s any such thing as a higher power, there are people who doesn’t believe there are any romantic or sexual tensions between any of the characters presently in the show. This fandom can be fucking beautiful, supportive and loving like few. We’re a family. But like any family we have differences in opinion and that’s where our fandom has an honest weakness. That weakness is that we seem to lack a little thing called respect sometimes. Respect of other people’s opinions that differs from our own.

I ship Destiel. No one can take that from me. Jensen doesn’t ship Destiel. Fine. He’s still an incredible actor, an amazing singer and a good person. He’s still one of the people that make me laugh when I wanna cry. He’s still one of the people that help bring to life the character and story that has saved my life countless times and I will ALWAYS respect him and his opinions. Jensen doesn’t ship Destiel, we already knew that. So stop hating on him for simply telling the truth.

Also, I saw someone call him homophobic. Why? He’s said nothing before that would have me honestly think he’s homophobic but even if he had; what does that matter? If they decided to make Dean bi I’m sure Jensen wouldn’t protest. At least not as long as he felt it wasn’t completely weird in regards to the story-line, and if that was the case the executives probably wouldn’t let it pass anyway. Jensen is an actor, Dean is a character. You don’t have to share your characters preferences, ideologies and thoughts. You don’t even have to agree with them. Someone liberal could play conservative or racist. Someone atheistic could play a fanatic believer. Someone homophobic could play gay. So, unless you have proof Jensen is truly homophobic, please drop it, because it really doesn’t matter for Dean’s future anyway.

Anyway, sorry about the rant but seriously family! Get your shit together! All we got from his answer was a definite answer to whether the executives where exploring Destiel right now-they’re not- and what Jensen personally thought about Dean fanboying over Dr. Sexy-he thinks Dean’s just a fan. That’s it. It says nothing of Jensen’s thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community, nothing of the future of Destiel, noting of the evolution of Dean’s sexuality and nothing about what you’re allowed to believe. Supernatural is one of the best shows currently on air (possibly ever if you ask me), how you see the characters is a mixture of what the cast and crew puts out, your personal perception of the world and the influences you get from people around you. That means there are probably no two people in our fandom who sees the same character the exact same way, that’s why we have different favorites too. I’m proud to say that I ship Destiel, I see Dean as bisexual but I accept and respect that that isn’t how everyone sees it. That’s clearly not how Jensen has read the character. And so in the words of one of my favorite actors: “so there’s that.”.

Now carry on my wayward friends! Carry on and remember; be kind to each other, respect everyone’s opinions and spread love, not hate.

Love ya!

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about the "why we havent seen any galra females", maybe we did, but all the galras have a masculine phenotype. So we've seen males and females galra, but their race deosnt have separate gender appearance, everybody is buff with strong voices, so it's a secret what they have inside their pants... got it?

Okay, yeah I “got it”

I knew when I posted that post, this was a possibility. I went ahead and posted it because there has been no discussion within the show about it.

So in that case, we also need to keep in mind Galra’s are not from Earth. There is also a possibility they don’t understand “gender” in the way we do. Therefore there could be no females or males at all.

The point you made and I made is also supported by Allura shape shifting into a Galra in season one and no one on the ship raised an eyebrow.

It’s an interesting argument, but it exists because the show has made no mention of it, and therefore has left us all in the dark and theorizing.

you, has 2 followers, thinks shipping is bad: im tired of this fandom thinking that they’re all just uwu soft boyos…they literately use guns and shit…grow up

me, already aware of this knowledge, but hey maybe sometimes i just want them to do ooc things because god fucking dammit They’re Not Real and also 2016 killed me dead and 2017 is coming for revenge for that year and i can never catch a fucking break ever and i just want some boys to be nice to each other because angst is fucking boring: *drawing tummy buzzes* what was that? owo

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oh god I've never done anything like this before and i’m half expecting it to fail because i suck.

Just simply because i need some more blogs to follow and this seemed like a fun way to do it and no one else is in and i’m really bored.
Rules (i guess, can we call them that):

  • Must be following be moi.
  • Maybe check out my edits (you really don’t have to).
  • Reblog this post.
  • Send me a recommendation of a movie/book/song or anything you want really just add a “ 💚” so i know whats its for.
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to save my calendar piece from messing up (yet again lol) i have it saved about five times as different files to prevent it

dear god i have the flats done i just. need to shade and fix it up

about halfway done!!!

after i finish this piece, i don’t think i’ll be able to do much more art until i get a new computer because this thing is so old it’s too frustrating to work with. in the meantime, i’ll see if i can dig up some old art to post!

it shouldn’t take me too long to get a new one though :’D

If I read one more post about feminism being a bad thing I am going to pull every single one of my hairs out. Feminism is not a curse. It does NOT mean man hater. Not everyone is a radical extremist. To all the “strong independent anti-feminists” who claim they don’t need feminism. I’d love to know what gave you the strength? Because without decades of determined people fighting for equal rights - would we be able to carry on the way that we do? Probably not. The feminist movement is responsible for so many freedoms we have today that probably would have left us silenced if the movement didn’t exist. The lack of respect for feminism is disheartening. The amount of times I have read “we have it so much better than so many other countries - be grateful” is ridiculous. The “someone has it worse than you” excuse is such bullshit. We are so fortunate to live in a country that allows us to express ourselves and THAT is why our feminist movement has been successful but like most things in life there is ALWAYS room for improvement. There is nothing wrong with fighting for more. 

this post is gonna need bullets

-i cannot believe the t’pol/trip vulcan massage romance is a running story arc through the season, like every other episode they’re half naked and massaging each other’s feet
-”vulcan neural pressure” = feet
-this is a massage technique that is apparently dangerous if performed incorrectly, how I don’t know, and how any of this relates to “neural pressure” I don’t know either
-trip is massage cheating with this lady and t’pol is jealous because sure why not
-t’pol is correcting trip’s massage mistakes that could injure this woman but when they do it together t’pol finds the one complete shirt in her casual wear collection
-this confuses me because while enterprise is the straightest of the straights they’re also sexist and hypocritical, and they’ve thrown away a sexy girl/girl scene

deleted the negative posts from this morning and yesterday because like

things might not be grand atm but it won’t be bad forever. a new mass effect is coming out soon, one day i’ll have my own place with no noisy flatmates and also possibly a cat

it’s hard to remember sometimes, but there are a bunch of exciting things in my future and i need to be alive to see them happen y'know

So I just had a thought. I am so so so behind on writing things for you guys that every time I wanna catch up I see how much I have to write and give up. I am going to try and get some stuff done tonight, because I’m snowed in and classes are cancelled. BUT I wanna do better. I was thinking about how like Jenna Marbles posts a video every week. What if I made a day a week and I post two things I need to write. It would literally take me a year to catch up but I think I could do it. What day of the week should it be???

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every time i try to make a post about being pro life the onslaught of messages telling me how sexist and disgusting i am actually makes me sob because i can't fathom how people could be so cruel as to advocate the extermination of an innocent human being. idk i just needed to tell someone.

You’re not alone. Lots of people agree with you and share those ideas, which is why we too march to make our presence known.