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At Jo’s annual New Year’s Eve party, a game of spin the bottle goes a little awry when Dean misinterprets Sam and Cas as a couple. 2k

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Written for the 2016/2017 Destiel Secret Santa Exchange!

It’s fifteen minutes to midnight and Dean’s pretty sure he’s right on the edge of being drunk. Everything’s going a little hazy around the edges, and a warmth that wasn’t there earlier is filling up his body and wrapping him in an embrace that isn’t too bad, if he says so himself. Dancers are gyrating all around him in a sway of movement, and the music is blasting so loud that Dean can’t hear himself think. Overall, everything’s perfect.

“Hey, there’s Dean!”

Well, almost perfect.

“Hiya, Sammy,” Dean groans, plastering on a smile he doesn’t feel like giving. He turns around and is met with the image of his brother practically tumbling forward, beer bottle centimeters away from the tips of his fingers. He looks blissed out beyond belief with his half closed eyes and breath reeking of whiskey, but that’s not what has Dean acting so sour.

“Whoa, watch it!” Cas calls as he swoops to the rescue. He dips down and catches Sam just in time before he falls flat on his ass, and the drunken giggles that erupt from Sam’s mouth would be freakin’ adorable if they weren’t directed at Cas.

Dean knows he’s being petty. Cas is a great guy, one of Dean’s best friends actually, and he shouldn’t act like some bitter wine mom because Sam snatched Cas up as his boyfriend before Dean could get his head out of his ass. And yet, Dean can’t help but feel the pangs of jealousy when he watches Cas and Sam interact. They’re always so touchy, hands brushing absentmindedly like they aren’t even thinking about it, whispering jokes in each other’s ears before breaking out into fits of laughter. They’re so domestic it’s disgusting.

“Thanks, Cas,” Sam mumbles under his breath. He tries to take another swig of beer, but Cas takes the bottle away before he gets the chance.

“I think that’s enough for now,” Cas murmurs in low tones, setting the bottle down on the nearest table. “I’m strong, but not strong enough to drag your weight three blocks back to campus.”

“But Caaaaas,” Sam whines with puppy dog eyes out in full force. “It’s not even midnight yet!”

“All the more reason to quit while you’re ahead. Don’t want to miss out on a New Year’s kiss, right?”

Sam giggles and tosses his head back. “Right,” he responds. “Wanna be awake for that.” He puckers his lips and brings them close to Cas’s cheek, who bats the faux kiss off with his hand before they both break down in laughter.

“Ugh, screw me,” Dean groans into his beer.

“Tried it; wasn’t a fan.”

Dean grins at the new voice behind him and spins around. Jo, the host of this New Year’s Eve party, is leaning up against a couch with a bottle of champagne in her hand and her girlfriend Anna clinging to her side, both covered in lipstick stains and reeking of smoke.

“I’m crushed, Harvelle,” Dean says in mock offense, bringing his hand up to his chest. “Are you saying that our drunken night in the Impala meant nothing?”

Jo laughs, high pitched and tinny. “Not entirely. It was the night I figured out that dick isn’t exactly my thing, after all,” she replies with turned up lips, nudging Anna next to her. “And that redheaded girls are.”

“Aw, you’re making me blush!” Anna squeals back in delight and knocks her hip into Jo’s.

“You’re all disgusting,” Dean mutters under his breath as he turns away, but doesn’t get far before Jo’s fingers wrap around the hem of his jacket and pulls him back.

“You’re not going anywhere,” she chastises with a wagging finger. “It’s game time and you’re our first participant.”

Dean quirks an eyebrow up at Jo but doesn’t get to ask what the hell she’s talking about before the entire room is called into order with Anna’s loud whistle.

“Okay, listen up everyone! It’s almost midnight and we haven’t played any games yet. Who’s up for a little round of spin the bottle?’”

The wolf whistles that ring out through the room echo around Dean and he finds himself being pulled forward with Jo’s clinging fingers.

“Everyone sit in a circle!” Anna commands, and the rest of the partygoers follow her instructions. Dean plops himself down next to Jo, and when he turns to his right Benny’s sitting by his side, bottle of whiskey clutched between his fingers as he chats with Jess. Bela and Ruby sit next to Anna, whispering into each other’s ears, while Lisa and Cassie file in accordingly. But what catches Dean’s attention is Cas sitting directly across from him, blue eyes glancing downward while a still drunk Sam topples to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs.

“The rules are these,” Jo announces with her palms raised in the air. “One person spins the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on is their partner. Said partners will go into a closet for seven minutes- no exceptions. And whatever you two do in there? Well, that’s up to you.”

Whistles ring out once again and Dean feels his cheeks heat. Knowing Jo, she’s gonna rig the bottle in one way or another, and his mind is already racing with whom she’d pair him up with. He locks eyes with Lisa Braeden across the room, and her answering blush only makes him want to get away faster. He likes her well enough, but imagining being shoved into a closet with her for seven minutes will no doubt be awkward beyond belief. Cassie is another option, he realizes quickly, and his gut churns at the thought of being paired up with his ex-girlfriend. Either way, it’s going to be horrible, weird, uncomfortable.

“How about we begin with…Dean?”


“C’mon, it’ll be fun!” Jo exclaims while pushes the bottle in his direction. “Give it a go and see what your future beholds,” she says while waving her fingers in the air.

He grunts once but doesn’t try to fight her on it. Instead, Dean spins the bottle as fast as he can and prays to whoever’s listening that it doesn’t land on anyone unsavory.

It spins around for longer than anyone could possibly think necessary before slowing down. It flies by Ruby and Bela, Benny and Jess too. It looks like it’s gonna land on Sam, but the bottle slows to a stop right in front of Cas instead.

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Oooh but imagine faeformer Megatron! He falls in love with a human(it takes him a while to come to terms with that) and he decides to disguise himself as a hansome gentlemanly older man and manages to lure the human out of their village and into his domain. They get to a certain area where they've already crossed into his fairy ring and the human has no idea and then Megatron offers them like an apple growing on one of the trees. (part 1)

(Part 2 Megatron faeformer) The human eats the apple and Megatron turns back and tells them that since they’ve just had fae food they can’t leave! Human is of course distraught and is beating themselves up cause they should’ve known better than to trust an out of town stranger but gosh he was so handsome,and still is! He’d probably be some kind of fae king so he’d make the human his queen/duke/prince/etc. The human would definitely be spoiled and given the finest gifts! (cont)

(part 3 of fae Megatro) But they do miss their home sometimes and Megs notices this and despite never wanting them to leave he decides to make a deal,if they promise to return on time he will allow them to visit their village for 1 month every 3 months,but if they are late getting back he will hunt them down and bring them back to his kingdom and never let them leave again. Human takes the deal of course. Kind of like a fae Hades and Persephone AU kind of thing!

Oh my gosh!  YES!!!  I love this so much!  I’m screaming!  :D :D :D  I’m in love with the Hades/Persephone aesthetic!  This is so good!  It ties in perfectly with my faeformer Megs headcanons too!  Holy Frag!  <3 <3 <3

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21 and 38 with Charlie pls? Tysm <3

Since you didn’t include who’s sister the reader is supposed to be, I’ll be choosing, so I hope that’s okay :) This will be Charlie x sister!reader, just cause I want to try something new!

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Since the accident that night, it has just been you and Charlie. As of now, you were both adults and had your own places, but you met up as often as you could, spending time together; movie nights, gaming nights, nights out, going to the movies, going outdoors, binge watching series, going out for a coffee or just hanging around at home. You did it all, because you just loved hanging out together. It was safe to say that the Bradbury sisters made one awesome - and pretty hilarious - duo.

Since you spent so much time together, it was inevitable for you to get involved in the supernatural, hunting stuff, when your older sister and the Winchesters’ roads crossed. 

And as usual, it was never peaceful. Always a big bad to fight, always people that needed saving. Sometimes the whole world. And the Winchesters, they had started coming to you and Charlie for help more and more often. Because, they knew that you could take it and that you were both smart and skilled. 

The only thing was that it had been some time since you hunted now. When Charlie unexpectedly went to Oz, you just kind of checked out. 

Right in this moment, you had just finished your (very important) part one of those huge, important, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ hunts that Sam and Dean somehow seemed to deal with every year. You breathed out and looked down at your dirty clothes and the blade of your knife that dripped with blood. With a huff, you blew a strand of your red hair out of your eyes. Now you just had to find the others.

You felt tired but relieved. And pretty damn content with your effort as well. For a girl who hadn’t hunted in a long time, you did a great job. 

Rustling in the forest around you gained your attention and you rose your knife again, alert. But it wasn’t a monster, it was just your sister followed by Sam and Dean.

You smiled before raising your voice. “I’m back bitches!”

Charlie ran up to you and hugged you. “That’s it. We’re never splitting up like this again.”

“What, why?” You stared confusedly at her. 

“Well, we were supposed to be back at the meeting spot half an hour ago. I thought you were dead!” 

“Look, I just saved the world, with the help of you guys. Give me a break.” You stated in mock annoyance, but then you grinned and hugged your older sister again, happy that you all were safe and sound.


Favorite Moments from every Season >>> Season 1

this was supposed to be a really cute dadstiel but i accidentally saved it as a jpg too early so i lost most of my work. but i still like it and i had the idea for so long so i did what i could and here you have it, forever wip destiel.

supernatural episode where a girl appears in children’s bedrooms and sings nursery rhymes to kill them and “put them to sleep”, only thing is, she’s been dead a long time, and she’s sort of running out of rhymes. cue a creepy little girl singing “milk, milk, lemonade” and dean trying Everything to not laugh out loud