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would you ever consider doing shiny recolors of your redesigns?

I haven’t really, I wouldn’t really see the point of redrawing the same Pokemon again. 

That being said, if there was a demand to see a certain Pokemon or if someone asked nicely and they were legit curious, I wouldn’t mind like, fiddling with the colours since that wouldn’t take too long. I’d probably upload them to my Deviantart scraps or something like that though because I don’t really feel like it would warrant a for a whole new upload or anything.

Obviously though it would be kind of low priority on my to-do list and if I got spammed with like, all the Pokemon I may get discouraged. If someone wanted to see the shinies in a new pose though then I would be open to take it on as a commission but I wouldn’t want to do it as a whole new series. 


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

hopes for ultra sun/ultra moon
  • adjustable difficulties
  • new alola forms/ultra beasts
  • new megas? (wishful thinking)
  • better trainer customization clothes
  • no more festival plaza for the love of god just pretend that didnt happen and give us back the pss
  • actual trials for the steel/ice/fairy/dragon/flying etc z stones
  • more areas/islands to go to
  • actually getting to explore ultra space and find ultra beasts there
  • more signature z moves
  • alternate evolutions for the starters like how it was rumored before sun/moon came out

So, of my team, my two strongest pokes are probably Barney and Matcha…Hilariously enough. They’re both just so tank-y and powerful…

Then there’s Venus, the Butterfree, whose saving grace is Compound eyes + Sleep powder. She’s mostly useless BUT I RAISED HER FROM A CATERPIE SO SHE STAYS. At the very least she looks pretty fabulous while she’s doing all that nothing.

Of course my whole team kinda falls apart in the face of one thing in particular…

Special sweepers”””

((I thought it was funny??))

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Soft brush rowl looking at stars? :'>

My take on grown Misty!( * ^ w ^ )  She’s about in her early 20’s, Misty went back to running her gym, and as a side job and hobby she teaches in a swimming program to younger kids! She uses up most of her free time visiting Pewter City and assisting Brock with his Pokemon Rehabilitation Center, tending to pokemon, Brock appointing her often to tending to the water pokemon, since she specializes in them, and for having a better understanding of their needs. And often the only one willingly open for a swim at any time lol.