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things taylor has done this era for fans (so far)

1. surprised a fan at her home, brought merch and shared new songs

2. FIVE (5) secret sessions

3. recorded the secret sessions and shared it so that all fans could hear the stories behind the songs 

4. joined dozens of instagram lives

5. sent gift baskets to fans going to Disney World

6. liked/reblogged like crazy on tumblr 

7. paid for a fan to get a second opinion on pregnancy complications after talking about it at a secret session

8. liking and commenting on people’s halloween posts when they dressed up as her

9. taylurking 2.0

10. surprised fans waiting outside of SNL AND brought them brand new merch

11. surprised fans at the pop up shop and stopped for every single person


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We've seen your thoughts on how awesome BD is.... Now tell us how awesome YD is :D

I’ve actually talked about what I love about YD before, but never in one collective post. So if youve been following me for a while and the things Im saying here sound familiar- thats because ive probably stated them before. Onto the list!

1. Shes unintentionally hilarious. As, she technically isn’t doing anything funny, but she’s so extra and over the top in every regard that it makes everything she does super entertaining out of context.

2. She’s a chest gem, and it shows: she goes from 0 to 100 in like 5 seconds. It’s amazing to me that both her and Blue Diamond have the same gem location, considering theyre such opposites.

3. She truly does care. On the surface she might seem like your typical, cold overlord, but I’d argue that she’s anything but. Im not saying she passionately loves her subjects, but she cares about Homeworld as a whole and its society just as much as she expects her subjects to. A good leader does that.

4. She’s hot.
Alright that one is a bit shallow, but Ive said it before and I’ll say it again- I find YD more attractive than the Blue Giant whom I love so much. The shoulder pads are simply irresistible.

5. this face:


6. Patti Lupone.

7. She actually offered?? Peridot??? a ride home from EARTH? what a mom.

8. The fact she wanted to shatter “Rose Quartz” immediately upon seeing her because she was too ugly for her tastes.

9. She hates it when people kiss her ass. I kind of respect that.

10. Her eyeliner game beat Jasper’s, and that’s saying a LOT.

11. The overall ‘can we get this over with’ attitude she displays in. literally. EVERY. scene. she’s in. ME AT WORK

12. The overall ‘is this what you want, Blue?’ attitude she displays in almost every scene she’s in (I know she’s mostly being impatient but she truly loves her guys).

13. She’s trying SO HARD to live up to her own standards and reputation, to be as logical and sensible as her gems believe her to be, and she pretty much fails every time. I give you points for trying, Yellow D.

there are so many more reasons but im already rambling so ill call it a day. Yellow is amazing, she’s like my second fav atm (when did she get so high on the list?! idk) and she desrves more love! #justiceforyd2k17

Actor x Reader Imagines or Headcanons

alright, friends. sit down. we’re going to have a chat about boundaries.

so lately, i’ve been seeing a lot of headcanons or imagines based around newsies actors, like ben fankhauser, akb, btc, or sky, some of which are nsfw and based around sexual acts. so i have several things to say about why that is Bad.

1. im willing to guess that you do not know these actors. you have seen videos of them, maybe interviews, maybe youve met them at a stagedoor or interacted on twitter. but you dont know them. you dont know how they would react in those situations.

2. it can be extremely uncomfortable for the actors! they dont know you, and knowing that there are people out there fantasizing about you can be extremely awkward, and puts them in an uncomfortable position.

3. its actually dangerous to the fandom. when we put celebrities up on a pedestal like that, it gives them power. thats how fans, especially young fans, end up being taken advantage of by celebrities. im not saying that anyone in the newsies cast would take advantage of anyone, but again, i dont know them.

4. its especially awkward when youre writing nsfw headcanons. first of all, sexuality and sexual acts are extremely personal things that you cant just assume about someone. second of all, this is a very young fandom. chances are that a lot of the people writing or reading these nsfw posts are minors, and every one of the newsies cast is an adult. i dont really feel like i should have to explain why that is bad.

5. they can see this stuff. have you ever googled yourself before? im quite sure that a lot of this cast goes on tumblr and types in their name. a lot of what they see is going to be fun screenshots or maybe art! but imagine if you were googling yourself and you found a stranger on the internet writing about what it would be like to have sex with you. i mean, we know for sure that akb is on tumblr, and im willing to bet that other cast members are too, and we just dont know it.

now, you might be thinking “i do this as a coping mechanism! it’s innocent! what can i do instead?!”

clearly you have some creativity that you want to get out. write a fic! channel those scenarios out into characters, whether its fanfiction or your own original creations! im not personally a fan of character x reader fics but theyre not inherently problematic, so you could do that! or draw! or talk to a friend about whatever youre going through!

just know that as much as you might love the newsies cast, they don’t know you, they arent your friends, and theyre human. they are in no way more than you.

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On the one hand, I could read the manga because I’m a curious and impatient little shit–

But on the other hand, the new season could come out at any second and you know what some people want to be surprised ok

okay whew i just gotta say !! i admire younghyun so much like…he juggles being in a band and writing in every day6 song and going to uni and studying business management at the same time ???? he only lived in canada for like 4 years and that was 7-8(?) years ago and he still remembers all his english and he’s also studying french ????? he’s always smiling and being kimd to everybody and calling his members ‘cute’ every 5 seconds and saying his life is mydays so to wrap up this post, what im trying to say is that i luv kang younghyun so much…n i also look up to him as a person…he….a superhuman.

Say You Like Me- Calum Hood

“She’s the girl that no one ever knows. And I say hi, but she’s too shy to say hello.

She’s just waiting for that one to take her hand And shake her up.

I bet I could.”  -Say You Like Me, We The Kings

Love this song…listen to it!!! Hope you like it anon and sorry it took so long. Thanks for reading!!!

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“So how long have you guys been together?” One of Calum’s friends asked, you couldn’t remember their name.

“Almost 3 months now” Calum said behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your cheek.

“Yup” You said, giving him a tight smile, and pulling back from his embrace.

You never were a touchy-feely person, especially not around other people. I mean when it was just you and Calum, that was a different story, but even then you didn’t randomly grab his hand or anything. It felt awkward to you, and you were kinda shy, so you didn’t do the whole overly-affectionate thing. Calum on the other hand was more of the affectionate type. He often grabbed your hand, and pulled you against him, and it wasn’t terrible, just weird. You weren’t sure if he did it for his own benefit or yours, but you tended to shy away from him in public despite trying your best to go along with it.

“You want something to drink?” Calum asked you, shrugging off your latest attempt to brush him off. Something was different this time though.

“Sure. Babe will you get me a coke?” You asked, throwing in the pet name to try to make him feel a bit better

“Ya. Be right back”

When he returned with the soda, everyone was crowded in the living room watching Ashton and Michael put on a show for the small party. Ashton banging away on his drums, Michael strumming his guitar…they were great. But there was no surprise there.

“Whooo!” Calum cheered when their song was over, as you clapped.

“Calum why don’t you come over here and provide some vocals? I would ask Luke but he’s not here tonight…so it’s up to you” Michael asked.

“Oh no, I don’t-” Calum begin to protest, holding up his hands.

“Oh come on! Calum! Calum! Calum!” Ashton chanted, gesturing everyone else to join in.

Before long everyone in the room was chanting Calum’s name, even you.

When he saw you chanting, he smiled and rolled his eyes. It was then you realized he had given up.

“Fine!! What are we singing?” Calum said, walking over to stand next to Michael.

Instead of answering, Michael played the intro to Don’t Stop and laughed.

Calum laughed too, rolling his eyes at both his best friends. Nevertheless he sang…

“This goes out to my beautiful girlfriend Y/n over there! And babe, You’re like perfection, some kind of holiday…

(Calum demo came on…had to do it….omg so beautiful)

You blushed at his words, knowing that for a moment there everyone’s attention was on you. You bit your lip, and played with the soda can in your hands, trying to forget about everyone around you and focus on the music. You loved the sound of Calum’s voice, you could listen to it all day long and often encouraged him to sing.

When the song was over, Calum did an obnoxious bow and waved goodbye.

“We should be leaving,  bye everyone!” Calum said, grabbing your arm. You waved goodbye as you were led out the door.

When you got back to the apartment you shared, Calum was in a mood that could only be described as, well, silly.

“You loved me singing didn’t you?” Calum teased, knowing how much you loved his voice.

“Well I didn’t dislike it” You winked.

“Oh you loved it” Calum said, wrapping you into a bear hug.

“Yes you caught me, now stop I have to start dinner” You laughed, pushing his chest so he’d let go of you.

He did as you asked but his expression afterward looked…troubled.

“Y/n? What is it? Is it me? Do you not wanna be here, is that it? Because all you do is say the word” Calum said, voice mixed with pain and anger.  

“Cal? What are you talking about?” You asked, completely confused as to where he was getting all this from.

“3 months Y/n. 3 months and you still push me away. I try to give you hugs, and kisses, and just grab your hand to show you that I care and all you do is throw me off of you! I even sang for you tonight, and you looked as if you’d rather disappear”


“No what is it Y/n? Because I love you, yeah I said it. I love you Y/n. You’re beautiful and smart, and you can deal with all the drama that is my life, and I don’t want any other girl standing in front of me right now. But you know what if you don’t love me then fine. I-”

“Calum…” You said, placing you hand on his check, then taking it off, grabbing his hands instead. “Calum I love you too…I love you so much you don’t even know. And I’m not pushing you away, at least I don’t mean to…I didn’t really know how to tell you and thought you’d kinda get the hint. I don’t like being the center of attention, and I’m not really a touchy feely person, I never have been. And it’s not that I don’t like you holding my hand, or pulling me close to you, it just feels weird, and awkward to me. I’m not really used to it, and I know that’s not fair to you-”

You were interrupted by him pulling your lips to his, kissing you so tenderly and so full of love, a kiss like none of the many kisses before.

“I don’t care Y/n…you love me that’s all that matters…I should have seen that, that was stupid of me. I’m sorry”

“No I’m sorry Cal…and I’m really trying ok? But I’ll try even harder for you alright?”

“Mmmmm” He said, pulling you to him once more.


Author’s note: So it’s official. Gonna try to post every Monday k? Thank you guys for everything. Requests are always open. Love you guys -Lydia

3 Billion Dollars [Part 12] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: fluff? mostly angst?

Warning: swearing, mentions of death, no real death, interaction with people?

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: This is the second time Tumblr crashed on me right before I could post something and I don’t know why. Anyways this is I think my fav posted part so far. It’ll change, trust me. Well like always, my inbox is open and loves to have stuff! I love reading any and every comment so please leave stuff!

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Mr. Kwon had closed your laptop, grabbed a chair and set it by your bed. You watched as he eased himself into the chair. Ai had moved and claimed the inside of your lap as you crossed your legs. You were holding the ice cream. Slowly but surely you continued to make your way towards the bottom of the carton. You wait patiently for Mr. Kwon to start talking.

Mr. Kwon opens his mouth, finding the right words to use. “I think I should thank you before I do anything else. Ji Yong is my only family now, and I’m more than grateful that you kept him alive.”

You give him a half-hearted smile. Still frustrated and angry at Ji Yong to give him a happier reply. “It’s my job, I didn’t exactly go to medical school for nothing.”

“I did pick a good girl to look after him didn’t I?” Mr. Kwon said. He stared at your face, watching your reaction. Your face contorted in confusion, then discomfort. You stirred your spoon through the ice cream, taking a spoonful and filling your mouth. Mr. Kwon thought carefully, thinking out what he should say.

“You’re just as strong and independent as his mother.”

Your head shot up. Ji Yong never liked to talk about her. In the twenty plus years of friendship, he had only ever once brought up his mother. When he did he was drunk off his ass and he referenced her, saying that he thought his mother would be his guardian angel but he’d rather see her then have her protect him. You had assumed that she had passed away, and you had tried to bring it up once. It had ended with tears being shed from both of you, so you dropped it quickly by saying you’re there for him when he was ready to tell you. He never did though.

“You would’ve liked her,”

“Is this what you wanted to talk to me about? His mother? Because I don’t know anything about her. When I tried to ask about her he got very defensive and yelled at me.” You say. Although you were warming up to Mr. Kwon, you knew he would do anything to get his way, and sadly you weren’t a priority compared to many other things in his life.

“I know that sweetheart, Ji Yong is very sensitive about the woman he loves,” Mr. Kwon started. “You should see how he gets when he talks about you.”

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The Reality of Being a Woman in the Music Industry

Hi guys! I realize it’s been an eternity since my last blog post, my apologies. Today however, I was feeling rather inspired. I thought I’d share with you, from my point of view, the reality of being a woman in the music industry today.

My sister and I have been in this business since we were 15. Sitting here now at the age of 24, I feel like I have some fairly-decent insight and a whole lot of experience on the subject.

Prepare for weird, sexist comments.

 The way we started was on YouTube. It all started as sunshine and rainbows in the beginning; lots of “wow you guys are so greats” and “keep uploading” types of comments. However, after the first, I guess you’d say, “big video” for us, we realized that this industry was a whole lot tougher than they lead you to believe. It was around the 300k subscriber mark when the comments comparing our looks and voices against one another began, the “you sucks” as well as the “take your shirts off” or the “are they kissing yet” comments. At this point, we were freshly 17-years-old, still in high school living in a small town of 1,200. It was a hard dose of reality, but you could say coming up on this platform gives you a very, very thick skin. Friendly reminder; it’s a whole lot easier to say mean, rude or hurtful things behind a username and a computer screen. We held our heads high and continued-on this journey with confidence because passion is passion.

From 18 to 19, let’s just say a lot of things changed. We went from living in a small town to living in Nashville, with no friends except our champion of a mama, going into this business fearlessly. We not only lived in a new city in a new house, but were also spending a large amount of our time in LA. Now LA is crazy at any age you go there, but to us it was the biggest culture shock. At this point in time, the thought of living there was a joke. (little did we know we’d want to move there in just one short year.) Anyway, this is when what Liz and I like to call “music business university” began.  Here’s just a few of the highlights of what we learned about being a young woman (or woman) in this business:

Are you a cute boy who sings? No? Keep moving please.

 This was possibly the most frustrating part of performing live. At 18, 19, 20, you’re already insecure about growing into the woman you will be and constantly comparing yourself to the impossible standard that society sets us up against. However, Liz and I stepped on so many stages owning ourselves and accepting who we were at that point in time. The most difficult part came when we would follow or open for the young, attractive teen boys. To go from watching most of the girls in the audience screaming until their voices were gone and quite literally throwing themselves at the stage to rolling their eyes when we stepped on stage and mouthing insults to you and their friends was all sorts of discouraging. We could never understand where we were lost in translation. What did we do? Why don’t they react to our show like they do the young boys? Why aren’t we teenage boys? It was as if there was a mute button everyone pressed when a girl stepped on the stage.


Hair and makeup

 Let me just say this: it is terrifying to walk into a new hair and makeup situation with a stranger who doesn’t know what kind of makeup you like. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to “suck it up” and deal with what makeup and hair we were given that day because there “wasn’t enough time” to fix it. Talk about a confidence killer. I understand why most artists have a hair and makeup person they know they like travel with them, unfortunately we never had this luxury.

 Not only that, but you have to make sure you have at least 2 extra hours to “get camera ready” or “stage ready.” This already puts us 2 hours less of sleep behind the boys, and yet we are still expected to get out there and do the same things. Not to mention you feel like the biggest diva ever for “demanding” enough time to get to looking like the standard everyone holds a young woman to look like.

Make sure you’re tan, skinny, wearing a good outfit, and push up your boobs if you’ve got them.

The impossible standards women are held to in society and in the music business are infuriating. Say you have an 8 AM soundcheck. As a woman, to adhere to society standards, you’d need to get up at 6 AM, workout, take a shower then head to your soundcheck. Then you’d head back to the bus eat, get your face and outfit on for the meet and greet at 3, then head back to the bus and change into yet another outfit (because outfit repeating is a no-no,) then head to stage at 7. Now keep in mind, if you were a boy you could have used this time to take a nap if you wanted. You play your set, hop off stage and back to the bus. Odds are there are a handful of people to meet or see after your set, then you wait for the headliner to finish around 11. You say your goodbyes, do a few more selfies and head to sleep at around 1. This leaves us a whole 5 hours of sleep. We are tired and we get up and do it all over again every morning.

Remember, you’ll do all this work to be 1 of the 4 female voices on the Country Top 40 Chart today.

I’m not writing this post to complain. I love every second of every minute of what I do. I just wanted to write this post to make more people aware of how hard women work in the music business. Now I’m not saying men don’t work hard, because they do. I just feel like society forgets all the extra little things women are expected to do. Be kind, be respectful, and remember that we’re doing this because we want to connect with you and share our stories with you, among many other things. We’re all that 8-year-old girl singing karaoke in her mirror, daring to dream big enough to make it in the big leagues. Next time you hear a female voice at a show, on the radio, at a bar, put yourself in her shoes. She’s honored to have the opportunity for you to hear her voice and her songs. She is probably running on little to no sleep and spent the last week picking out her perfect outfit. She might have just come from a meeting where someone told her no, or maybe this is her second show of the day where she was ignored by the male artist’s fans and she’s feeling discouraged. You don’t have to like her music, but respect her. You never know what battles she had to fight to get to where she is today. As women, if we all stood together and supported one another not only in music but in life, what an amazing world it could be. Women, listen to your fellow women.


Harry Styles, who’s had a minor (read: major) crush on you for the past few months. He’s got your first few dates all planned out in his head, but he doesn’t even have the guts to ask you out once. This painfully awkward crush stage includes but is not limited to:

- seeing that you’re in a room, pouring some water in your bottle and your back is to the door - so he tries to busy himself right outside. he’s gonna ‘casually bump into you’, yeah, and suddenly remember that he checked out the band you mentioned (listened to them 5000000 times in one night more like) and how he might have a mix CD he made for you in his car….

     - and you’re not leaving  the room and he’s trying to think of something else he can do besides tying his shoes for the 5th time (and he’s wearing boots that aren’t even able to be tied)

- subtly (not so subtly) sitting by you at every friend gathering you have.

     -even pushing Nick outta the way but who wants to sit next to Nick, he eats all the food on his plate and yours

-constantly looking for ways to brush his arm against yours, give you a hug, insist you cuddle him during movie nights (and you do and my god he doesn’t know what you use for soap but you smell intoxicating)

- don’t get him started on texts oh boy, he analyzes the fuck outta those (”she told me good night and then posted on Instagram….do I like it right away to acknowledge I know she’s up or do I wait five minutes”)

-playing you music he likes when he drives you around, and checking your face for your reaction every 5 seconds 

- subtly (not so subtly) telling you whenever he’s free. like, whenever he’s free (even if it’s just 30 minutes, you two could still get some coffee?)

- you mentioned you liked that shirt he wore that one time ?? yeah he wears it once a week now


[A/N: Posting my first songfic today. I love this a lot. It’s Pidgance/Plance. Someone tag Bex.]

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Descriptions + blog vibes recognizing tutorial

pastel pink flags

  • man, straight, cis, the usual drill. these stack. only one is insignificant. two at once is a pastel pink flag. a straight cis man means its an immediate upgrade to the pale red flag
  • explicitly states theyre into video games
  • “I post things i like here” although that implies more ignorance than focused malice. will harmlessly reblog gifs from semi-corporate funny image tumblrs until they decide to share an “unpopular” opinion that gets shared 100 times every second in the world and that can be debunked in 5 seconds
  • autoplay

pale red flags

  • likes guns
  • anime related banner and/or icon. these stack. anime related banner AND icon is a red flag
  • straight + bad fursona in icon. possibly shitty opinions but also could be harmless
  • “shitposting” mentioned in description
  • any shreds of 4chan culture peeking out of anywhere
  • over 30 years old
  • autoplay has bad power metal in it

red flags

  • likes guns and video games
  • smug anime icon
  • claims to fight against “tumblr sjw ignorance” in like a 10 sentence description
  • nazi whistleblower terms
  • “gender critical”
  • just right wing in general
  • MAP apologism
  • “traps”
  • “pronouns snowflake/snowflakem/snowflakeself”
  • gets hard for anthro trains

From Incoming call “Answer every question asked” I like to think that MC does a lot to joke around with Seven on the CCTV. Seven does say he checks on her every 2.35 seconds so she probably stays in view fairly often. Even if that means doing RFA work on the floor or arranging stuff into funny cat faces :D

Page 5 will be up tomorrow along with a master post of all 5 pages of Part 1: Day 5 <3

Want to read it all?

Day 5: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | All Day 5
Day 6: 1 | 2

Notes to self.

Don’t look back at old conversations with him. Don’t look at pictures of him. These will only prolong the wounds and delay your healing.

Take care of yourself. Make sleep a priority. Get an early night and give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning.

Wash your face, brush your teeth and your hair, shower, moisturize. You will feel better.

Eat well. Drink lots of water. Have a good, strong cup of tea, with sugar.

It’s okay to cry, but you also have to be making an effort to move on.

Don’t feel bad about having to touch yourself and hold yourself at night rather than him. You are your own best lover.

It’s okay to think about the good memories, but don’t dwell on them too much. Remember why you are no longer together too. That will help put things in perspective.

Do things that you know make you happy. This one seems like a no brainer, but it’s easy to forget.

Breathe. Focus on the present moment, with the quiet reassurance in the background that things will work out for you.

yall, instagram and snapchat have been so shitty for my self esteem and like general mental health in the past. like i reinstall instagram to post and then i get out of there and delete the app as fast as i can. snapchat made me feel like i had to be doing something every second of the day and it was SOOO exhausting. but it’s been like 3 months without snapchat and i look at 5 posts on instagram every two weeks. i feel so good. my god these sm apps are TRAPS. like real life, actual traps dude. omg like to the point where they are almost painful. i was talking to my friends last night while we were playing uno and they actually had no idea what ive been up to all summer because i havent been on snapchat and honestly that felt great to know like good lmfao when you stop having a good time just to show people youre having a good time, idk. things just change.

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Hey so I saw the post about Teru in class seven and I was wondering what does it have to do with him being smart? Like, does the number mean something?

I am shook with this new discovery of Terushima’s intelligence

I’m not 100% familiar with Japanese classes but, apparently, the first number in the class means which year they are in, while the second indicates how advanced the class is. 

In Karasuno, for example, each grade has five classes, and it’s stated that classes 4 and 5 are the advanced classes (college prep classes). 

Here some examples to see how this rule could actually fit every school: 


  • Class 5: Yachi
  • Class 4: Suga, Daichi, Ennoshita, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi
  • Class 3: Asahi, Noya, Kageyama
  • Class 2: Shimizu
  • Class 1: Tanaka, Hinata

Aoba Johsai 

  • Class 6: Oikawa (!!!), Kunimi, Watari 
  • Class 5: Iwaizumi, Yahaba, Kindaichi
  • Class 3: Hanamaki
  • Class 1: Matsukawa, Kyoutani


  • Class 5: Kuroo, Yaku
  • Class 3: Kenma, Lev
  • Class 1: Taketora 


  • Class 6: Akaashi
  • Class 3: Konoha
  • Class 2: Komi
  • Class 1: Bokuto

As you can see, no one in here is in class 7, and this could make (as far as we know) Terushima the most intelligent character of them all

first and foremost thank you to my girl quinn for this edit. i wish i had talent. anyways i finally hit 1k and so this only felt appropriate. thank u to everyone for following me even when my url was bonedaddystrome. here we go.

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ash @pbergeron: QUEEN of stanning club college hockey and having sideblogs. queen of the city of chicago. queen of stanning brady tkachuk. thank u for always having something nice to say and thank u for always gassing up my selfies and thank u for inventing the boston bruins so that i could continue to stan charlie mcavoy after he left bu.

syd @torontos: SYD good god we’ve been mutuals forever and it’s been a blessing the entire time. thank u for blessing me with ur selfies and for having god tier taste in both music and musicals. sorry for reblogging the luck puck 37 times and for always accidentally calling u std. it’s never on purpose i swear

quinnstopher robin @harrisonjack: i love u i love u i love u i love u SO MUCH ur edits are SEXY your tags are HILARIOUS the posts you send me are TOP TIER and your friendship is truly ONE OF A KIND. thank u for making this follow forever possible with ur mad skills. ur an absolute ledge

olivia @werenski: THE QUEEN OF GIFS AND USA HOCKEY!! i truly don’t know where i’d be if i couldn’t ask you for video links or info on ntdp. you’re sweet as hell if u don’t ever change your url because u have so many good ones. also i’m actually siced for october i cant wait to meet up. the world isn’t ready. i hope you always stay as real as u are and that clayton finally unblocks you on insta bc you deserve it

eme @mitzvots: not a single day goes by that i don’t thank the world for having a friend as funny or as talented as you. thank you a million times over for the office au, for all of your recs, and for always speaking up for yourself (and us) when no one else wants to do so. thank you for doing so eloquently. i love u. slay my lofe

vic @drunkmomfriend: vic u truly are the best caps stan out there. i see your posts on my dash constantly because ur funny as hell and i’m always like damn! wish i could relate. you have like the coolest vibes and i would literally kill to have a job as cool as yours. thank u for joining me in making the dmv the best place in america. i couldn’t do it without you

🅰️ndi @nolanpatrick: bonch. ur funny as hell ur reaction pics are lit your selfie game is strong ur SWOLE as fuck and your daily snaps give me so much life. william nylander might be ferda but not as much as you. drake talks big, but you are in fact the real life actual 6ix god. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

georgia @sheaweberismyrealdad: i will never truly respect you until you buy the chungus shoes but whatever. i would die for your ig feed and when i finally work up the courage to cut all of my hair off know that it was because u inspired me. thank u for being hilarious, for all of the random stuff you tag me in, for being one of the only two valid strome stans, and for saying adidas the way you do.

kayla @liasandersson: i cant believe i’m mutuals with the founder of the everett silvertips AND the calgary flames how wild is that? anyways your threads changed my life and i started watching big brother just so that  i could understand what you were talking about. i would die to have as many urls as you have that is true power. nothing but respect for MY #1 bella hadid stan

steph  @crouses: not to get senti but ur like the older sister i’ve never had but always wanted. thank you for always talking the best and most eloquent shit, and for having the correct opinions on everything ever, and for having the reaction pics i need, and for giffing things for me. you’re the other valid strome stan i mentioned i hope you’re proud of your brand. don’t get eaten by the floridian wildlife. i’d miss you so much

anu @mbappe : hey big water.

shai @barznasty2point0: the entire second half my summer consisted of staying up until like 5 am to talk shit and it was a HOOT and a HOLLER. thank u for finally getting me to watch the most important ndtp video of all time, for always spilling the best tea, for reading all of the bullshit i write, and for being the colin to my casey.

anu for real this time: dude ur like the funniest person i’ve ever met every post you’ve ever made belongs in the library of congress. ur a lil invalid sometimes but we’ve all been there. thank you for not being BLIND and joining me in stanning nate bastian. i love how you kind of have a smile and

-hands, and how we are both the number one woke bae stans. he doesnt deserve either of us.

mina @seguins: i love u minarals! ur an amazing writer and the best combination of shady and sweet possible. ur the only valid stars stan. thank u for appreciating erik karlsson with me, for brightening my day with always talking about stuff im too stupid to understand, for talking MAD shit, and for everything else. ur a real one. ilu.

crow @drunktext: so im a bitch AND im stupid but we already knew that. anyways huge fuckin shoutout to the inventor of california, emo bitmojis, on brand snap @’s, stanning the sharks and the preds, and name dropping. i hope to one day ball as hard as you do. you’re truly the realest one on this website and i respect you so much for it