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I don't get why Harry has to be on Twitter or Instagram all day. It's his choice not stay active and keeps his life private. Sometimes the fandom thinks that Harry doesn't have to do nothing more that be on Instagram

I’ve never understood that really. As much as I love new Harry content, a lot of excitement is taken away from it when he’s just posting stuff all day long every other day. Like I love seeing Harry and knowing what’s going on with him, but I also love that he doesn’t make himself too accessible. He keeps some mystery about himself. This fandom can be an extremely entitled one in a lot of ways, and has a lot of expectations on what they think is absolutely necessary for a celebrity to do in order to be relevant or appreciative but… outside of that 1D bubble, it’s really not realistic. Most of the biggest artists out there either don’t have much social media, or rarely use it for personal reasons. It’s not unusual at all.

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner


I love Nahyuta, but then I also felt bad since throughout AA6 he… ‘borrowed’ Klavier’s defense attorney and investigator. So, uh, yeah. Trying to compensate with a headcanon.

as much as neil loves his boys, sharing a bed with them is a nightmare


  • steals the covers 
  • hides knives in the pillows without telling them
  • is an incredibly light sleeper and never stays still, which wakes neil up because he’s also a light sleeper
  • insists on letting the cats share with them (even though they scratch at the bedroom door at ungodly hours)


  • sleep talks 
  • sprawls his stupidly long limbs and takes up half the bed
  • refuses to apologize because neil and andrew ‘don’t need much space anyway’ 
  • is 10 000 fucking degrees but insists on sleeping with the air conditioner on so neil is both freezing and overheating at the same time

they are The Worst but he loves them so much and it’s infinitely better than being all alone in the world and sleeping on wooden benches with hardly any shelter. so he he lets out a frustrated sigh before trying once again to get comfortable enough to fall asleep 

Suga Gummy Smile Appreciation Post




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this is honestly my favourite episode right now and after watching it for the millionth time, i submit my thesis :

  • okay, can we talk about guang-hong ji, first?  he is chinese and 17 and soooooo adORABLE! like, he’s just so cute and i absolutely adore him. his short program was amazing! he’s such a cute little cinnamon roll :D
  • next, leo de la iglesia! oh my god i love him too, all these beautiful characters, y’know. so he’s american  and honestly i appreciate the creators for not putting in some stereotypical white person, especially at a time like this (post election). i ship him with guang-hong ji okay, like how can you not? i feel like their relationship is already very cute, much like victuri from the old days tbh
  • phichit chulanont! phichit-kun has met all of my expectations (and more)… he’s so sweet and like i honestly think we have a squad here : minami kenjiro, phichit, guang hong and leo = the cinnamon rolls squad ™ ! or it could be the victuri shipper squad bc oh my , do all of them ship it
  • georgi popovich, holy mother of geese, i was practically crying at his performance.. the makeup oh my lord and our little yurio’s reaction was priceless lmao, but still he’s definitely a contender, being 2nd and i really want to know more about that woman who caused him to become the evil witch and whatnot, thinking over it, i’d like to see her skating as we haven’t  seen any female skate till now
  • chris, chris, chris! dear lord, christophe giacometti… i am not sure if i should laugh or feel mildly disgusted.. holy spokes he is something, isn’t he? well i have a feeling that the reason why yuri wanted to ‘be the man who stole victor from the world’ was partly bc chris told him very straightforwardly that he should leave victor, so idk i mean i don’t really think he’s getting between victor and yuri rn (well as if he could; victor being the clingiest boyfriend on the planet) but who knows … he came 6th but as victor said he likes to take it slow so yeah, he is a contender 
  • okay now that all the new amazing characters have been talked about, lets talk about the clingy boyfriend coach we have here
  • victor nikiforov, ladies and gentlemen, is the most supportive bean i’ve ever seen.. like his reactions at yuri’s performance were so full of pure joy and he looks so in love! i love the fact that basically in all of the times yuri was with him, his arm was around him, he’s so protective oh my god, like how does victuri get more real every passing episode?? oh and drunk!victor… god bless isn’t that like what most fanfictions are based on? this anime will be the dea th of all of us i’m telling you 
  • and finally *drumroll* yuri “laNDED THAT QUADRUPLE SALCHOW” katsuki, everyone. he did it, guys. he actually mastered eros and this was by far the best performance; he didn’t have to imagine the story of the woman and the playboy or even katsudon to capture the emotion because this time, he had victor. the lip-licking think omf shook me up and “i am the only one who can satisfy victor. i am the only one in the whole world who knows victor’s love.” like if this isn’t canon, i don’t know what is, gods of olympus i’ll be dead when this is finally over 
Jack is a certified douchebag

     Neil could handle Kevin’s condescending critiques toward his exy’s performance. He could stomach Aaron’s resentful glares and could even deal with hates and sneers from public. But he couldn’t stand anyone shit talked on Andrew. Especially when it was Jack.

     Jack had been in the foxes’ team for months. Most of the foxes could barely stand the sight of him. Jack’s first day being recruited and he already rude to the original foxes.

     He said “I’m not a fag” to Nicky when Nicky greeted him and killed his enthusiastic smile right away.

     "Women should not be the lead of a group. They should stay quietly behind.“ Such an insolent remark almost earned him a backhand from Allison but Renee stepped in front of her just in time. He even dared a daring once-over to Andrew which Neil thought was stupid and brave both at the same time. Thanked to Andrew’s indifferent manner, he didn’t give a shit about it. 

     And Neil, too, had gotten low blows from Jack. He and Sheena, another exy player of Palmetto State University with vulgar mouth, always sneered whenever Neil opened his mouth and snickered at Neil during scrimmages. He snapped at some point but he would calm down later. 

     But that didn’t happen on one Thursday afternoon when Jack had gone beyond the limits. 

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(heavy breathing) finNALLY FINISHED AAA

I tried to make him bite his lip fff (yoosung you too cute for that)

Yoosung After Ending version~ (This is why I haven’t posted much these last days haha;; and other reasons ahahaha imsad ahahaha)

Took me days to finish, I have so much stuff to do TvT

Hope you guys like it!

-Dae ♡

Actually, I was about to write “HUG HIM NOW” on the blank area.

But I think it was so corny so I erase it hahah.

Their expressions supposed to be full of emotion and teary eyes; they were so emotional that they ran towards each other to hug. But due to resizing, it can’t show much :/ damn you tumblr. Well I can post the full size on pixiv, but I’m too lazy to do it :v

Oh, btw I finally can rest from being masochistic over line art lol. You guys have no idea how many time I got frustrated from discovering the right way to do line art T_T but now bad day begone woohooo

edit: to be honest, I upload this picture just now, which ‘just now’ was about 3.47 am in the morning. And the responses were already quite a lot. Seriously guys, you all aren’t looking at 19 tags every time every day right? Lol I really want to sleep now, but I’m more worried about what time will I able to wake up. My mother is really pissed if she found out her only daughter slacking off in the morning xD

Not So Accidental Meeting

Summary:  Steve’s apology to you does not go as planned, but another Avenger steps in to save the day. 

Characters: Steve Rogers X Reader, Tony Stark

Word Count: 1519

Warning: None, fluff

A/N: I’m glad I got this finished before I left for break.  I imagine I’ll be writing while I’m off for a week, but not as much posting.  Next up is a Steve x reader Christmas fic, then a secret santa gift, and then my clint x reader movie challenge.  Thanks for following along.

Accidental Date | Accidental Meeting

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My Mission (Part 7/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700 (sorry it’s short)

Warnings: Language, more angst/conflict, still some sad!Bucky. Small POV change.

A/N: We’re furthering our journey on the Conflict Express. *choo choo* Also, I finished writing this last night, and I did end it with 11 parts, so yay for finally figuring that out.

Tags have been moved to the END of the post - still can’t believe this many people want to be tagged in it. Thank you so much!!

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Due to popular demand, making actual refference sheets for these two ♥ This almost feels like a real AU now XD I was never friends with refs, so these are kinda’chaotic? Anyway, I tried to explain and show (and joke a bit). The kind of..disclaimer (?) up there is only to clarify some things. So people wouldn’t go on teasing Boru or Junky about Frisk, when they aren’t really a thing in the original! (yet….it might happen eventually, there was a Chisk lurking near G! in Junkpile’s version, ended up little Frisk…but they keep evolving G! in their way, making many cool headcanons there…. (like him apparently playing piano!). So these are made for the Echotale AU, if anyone is interested . Maybe I’ll make a headcanon post one day too ;) I am very happy this AU is embraced and loved, thank you so much for your support! Have fun with it! 

Sans: “what? photos of my lil bro? of course i have some! they’re amazing!”

* Sans went to his desk, and came back with some photos of a very small Papyrus.

Sans:  “ look at these three photos! i think this is from when he was seven… he cried so much when his ice scream fell to the floor, the ice scream lady freaked out and had to give him another one! and it was for free! look at that proud smile… that day, he learnt that he could get things he wanted if he yelled loud enough. valuable life lesson, yup.”

Sans: “and here? i think this one is from when he was eight or s’m’thing. he didnt even want to get separated from that bunny… where did he get it anyway? he was such a cute kid, amirite? ‘kept saying it was his “battle companion”. don’t ask me where that bunny is now, i have no idea…”

Sans: “this hot shot was from when he was ten. he was in that hyperactive period where he wanted to do everything at once. colorful… too colorful for my liking, but whatevs. as long as he didn’t break the house it was fine with me. thank god, he calmed down the year after…”

Sans: “this one is priceless. paps was trying to do magic all morning, and when he finally managed to do one spell, that dog stole it. papyrus was really mad for the rest of the day cause he was never able to caught it.”


ive been chatting with @sigalawin about a really cheesy cat cafe au and today i was inspired to actually draw the first part out

hux never figures it out because millicent is nothing but nice to him and he goes to the cafe every day its open to see her and kylo maybe develops a gross crush on him idk his cousin rey certainly seems to think so  

i finally did smudge design, it was really hard deciding the markings for him, looks like people doesn’t make many designs for him so i followed the wiki but at the same time i wanted to change it a bit. i was a bit lazy doing this one, had a bad day friday but i wanted to finish it but i only had time to post this now. now i need to train how to make simplified bodies for animation since i tend to put too much detail when i am drawing

Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don’t bite.

    The sounds from the world around him collide into an expectant silence. Everything is reduced to him: Victor.
    Victor, his eyes, his lips, his expression. The way he’s running towards Yuri. The way Yuri seems to be the only thing Victor can see.
    It’s an instant, a moment, in which they get caught, tossed into an awaiting breach, embraced by a sudden knowledge that whispers sweet nothings into their ears and makes their hearts soar together.
    It’s a moment, Victor wrapping a protective arm around him, hand on his head, gloved fingers tangling in dark tresses of hair. It’s an exhilarating moment: the instant their lips collide Yuri can feel part of his soul reaching out and forming tight ribbons around Victor’s soul, the very soul that awaited for his with loving caresses.

    Only that it’s not a moment: it’s an eternity, it’s the universe expanding and collapsing all around them. It’s stars going nova, it’s the beginning of something that had been waiting for an opportunity to be born for a long time.
    It’s home.

    The kiss is burning, searing their lips and marking them, leaving them filled with a certainty: everything they ever did it was to reach this point, this defining event. The kiss is burning and delightful.  Like the soft breeze caressing their skins in a centripetal force that pulls them together to hopefully never again part.
    Yuri’s heart is beating frantically inside the safe confines of his chest, Victor’s arms around him feel right, feel like the place he’s supposed to be.  They smile, gazes filled with peaceful longing and warmth, lips tingling, fondness spiralling around them.
    A word dances in Yuri’s mind. It’s short and simple, but he knows that it’s special and powerfully charged. A word dances gracefully on his lips:

Our Little Secret - Part 3

Part 3 of Our Little Secret

Pt.1  Pt.2

Mini-Series Genre: Smut/Fluff

A/N Part 3 of the mini-series. Request by @memoiresofaneternaldreamer


You were on edge the rest of the day. You kept feeling Jaebum’s eyes on you. Why was he looking at you so strangely? Did he know something?

You couldn’t help but feel extremely tense around him and Jackson. You did your best to stay away from both of them, much to Jackson’s dismay. They had a day off and anytime he tried to engage you at all, you pretended as if you were too busy to talk.

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