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“It’s kind of a superstition thing too, I guess. Especially around here,” Louis pumps out another slab of sand, the yabbies curling around it instantly, beginning to burrow back underground. Harry dips forward to grab them. “It’s good luck to fish during the king tide, usually at night. It’s supposed to bring us closer to the water and, like, basically sync us up with the sealife? The king tide is kind of the reset of the ocean’s cycle, I guess. It sounds really weird, but. Yeah.”

There’s a yabbie wriggling between Harry’s fingers, and it nips at him when he doesn’t put it down, too busy staring up at the boy in front of him, who’s gone quiet and flushed even in the dark. He makes a tiny sound of pain and flicks it into the bucket, feeling momentarily guilty when it makes an odd, gentle whack. Louis is watching him, leant against the pump, the two of them angled together under moonlight.

“I like all your little traditions,” Harry says softly. “I can tell you love this place.”

“I do,” Louis says, gaze not wavering. “There’s lots to love about it.”

They’re silent for a beat, Louis blinking slowly down at him, water lapping against the sand in the distance, waves whispering lullabies. Slowly, they pull their eyes away and focus on the sand before them, on the yabbies wiggling and sliding through the tiny puddles of water. Down the beach, small clusters of townsfolk dot the edges of the inlet, leant over their pumps and crouched down in their own search.

Harry falls into one of these moments again, the same kind of moment he had watching Louis on the surf, the desperation to understand everything, and the fear at the realization he never can. This is Louis giving up something private to this place, giving up tradition for him, opening up to a stranger. And it’s so strange, because to Harry, it’s just pumping yabbies, when really, it’s so much more than that. The feeling comes when he can’t explain why.

The bucket thumps against his side as he carries it back towards the waves, and they sit up in the seagrass and watch the stars before they climb the cliffside, shiny and startling by the thousands, the clear night chipping away the rocks of it’s cave, showing the glistening diamonds hidden underneath. Harry stretches his fingers across the sand slowly, joins them with Louis’ without saying a word, toes tucked into the cool grains, ocean breeze whispering around the exposed skin of his damp wrists.

“I love it here, too,” he says eventually, neck craned upwards at the silky aura of the moon.

Louis leans against his side and links their arms together, nuzzling his cheek against his shoulder. He doesn’t say anything, and Harry tries not to read the tightness of his grip and the smudge of his lips against his clothed shoulder blade as then don’t leave.

Discourseprincesa and ableism

I am seeing a lot of posts regard discourseprincesa’s lies, which of course are vital to to be known, but I’ve seen nothing addressing her frequent ableism.

NOTES: This post will be edited and updated with new info.

Even though DiP is deleted, it is still important to call out ableism where it is seen so it can be avoided in the future. Receipts have also been provided to me by others.

Also. I am not here to argue ace discourse. If you disagree with the other topics in the posts, here is not the place to discuss that. This is simply to showcase DiP’s ableism.

If you have any additional points/evidence please add it if you feel comfortable to.

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Let Her Cry

This is the first fic I’ve ever written. I was very nervous about posting it, but I have decided to. Thanks so much to bitchy-broken for helping me to edit it! I never would have done it without you! Hopefully it goes well! mmfdfanfic


Cold air whipped against Rae’s face as she walked home from Chloe’s. She had dipped out just as Rae had told her that she’d hurt herself. Hot tears ran down her face as she thought about how Chloe hadn’t seemed to care at all about her. Apparently nothing that happened to her would ever be more important than what went on in Chloe’s life. Rae approached her house and stood at the doorstep for a few minutes with her keys in her hands. They trembled as she inhaled and exhaled slowly to stop the tears before she entered. She didn’t want to have to deal with her mom tonight. She wouldn’t be able to think of an excuse for why she had ditched the concert and was now crying. Rae wiped the last tear from her face and walked into her room. She passed her mum who was heading to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

“Rae! You’re back early. I thought you’d be stayin’ out til the break of dawn. Want a cuppa tea?”

“No mum I’m ok. I’m knackered. I’m just gonna turn in.”

Rae began to walk up to her room, but her mom stopped her, clearly concerned.

“Is everything ok? You look upset. Did you not stay out with your mates? Did somethin’ happen?”

“Yeah mum. I had a bit of a headache, so I wanted to come home. Can I please go to bed?”

With that, she turned and headed to her bedroom. She had been holding back the tears since she had gotten in the door and struggled to keep her composure even during the short encounter with her mom.

When she got back into the room the tears began to run again. She sat with her back against her bed, in the same position that she had so many months ago when she had almost made the biggest mistake of her life. She opened her drawer and found the switchblade knife that she’d hidden in its depths. When she was discharged from hospital, she wanted to get rid of it so it wouldn’t be there for situations like this, but she didn’t have the strength to throw it away like that. It seemed like a security blanket of some sort. Now she had turned to it when she needed it the most. It glimmered in her hand, tempting her. She had taken off her jeans and was sitting only in her black Oasis t-shirt.

Thoughts she had pushed away for so long were suddenly spinning through her thoughts. “Nobody wants you around. If Chloe didn’t care about you, what makes you think any of your other mates will?”She traced the thickest of the scars on her legs over and over again with her left hand, gripping the knife like a security blanket with her right as she continued to cry.

At some point, she must have fallen asleep because she woke to the sound of a horn honking in the driveway. It was just a quick beep at first and then a longer one ensued. Rae jumped and ran to the window to see Chop’s car sitting in the driveway. Finn was in the passenger seat, clearly drunk, and leaning over Chop in the driver’s seat, honking the horn relentlessly. Rae looked at him, wide eyed and waved at him to stop. He was going to wake up her mother and then she’d definitely know that Rae hadn’t gone to the concert. Rae ran down the stairs and opened the door. The racket had stopped while she was leaving her room. Finn had seen her in the window and had stumbled to the door to see her. Finn muttered a few things drunkenly to Rae about Oasis and how drunk Archie was before he managed to form coherent words, trying to convince her that he was completely sober. Rae dragged him from the doorstep into her house.

“What are you doing here and why are you tryin’ to wake the entire neighborhood wit your honkin?” Rae demanded

“I were coming from Knebworth and were so gutted that you couldn’t come that I had to come and see you and make sure you was okay” his words slurred together as he spoke and he was holding the door frame to support himself. Rae reached out and put his arm around her. She motioned to Chop, letting him know he could leave, and she would take care of Finn. Chop smiled at her and then winked, indicating he thought something was going to happen. Rae waved him off dismissively and shut the door, dragging a drunken Finn upstairs to her bedroom. Finn wouldn’t stop giggling all the way up the stairs. When they got into Rae’s bedroom, she shut the door and looked at him, laughing, but a bit irritated.

“Now what is it that you couldn’t quit gigglin’ bout?”

Finn broke into a toothy grin and pulled her onto the bed next to him.

“I were wanting to compliment you on your cute knickers, but you kept tryin’ to shut me up.” He broke into more giggles during the end of his sentence. Rae turned bright red. In all of the chaos, she had forgotten that she’d never put her jeans back on and was wearing only a t-shirt. She scrambled for the blanket and the smile dropped from Finn’s face instantly. He reached out and grabbed her hand, stopping her from going to her bed.

“No no no. I wasn’t tryin to make fun of you. You actually have really long nice legs. I like them better this way than hidden under them leggings” he frantically sputtered out, trying to explain himself. He pulled her back to sit next to him and grinned at her crookedly. He stood up and began to fumble with the button on his pants.

“Now we’ll be even. You can make fun of me because I have weird legs, not nice ones like you. Your legs look soft. I didn’t mean that as weird as it sounded.” He babbled relentlessly, spitting out his words. He finally got his pants off as Rae cracked up on the bed.

“Oh my Gosh” she thought “Finn Nelson was sitting next to her, with no trousers on! It was probably the most impressive sight she’d laid her eyes on” She breathed in slowly and pulled herself together. He was still trying to get himself onto the bed, not noticing her checking him out. He pulled her over next to him. She sat next to him nervously on the bed but pulled the blanket slowly over her to cover her legs. She saw his eyes linger for a second on the scars on her legs but then, as the blanket covered them, he turned his eyes to hers.

“Now are you gonna tell me what it was that was so important that you abandoned Oasis and our group of handsome lads, especially me?”

Rae looked at him struggling with his words and tried to stifle a laugh.

“Chloe was havin’ a crisis and needed me. We listened to it on the radio, it sounded amazing.” Rae felt a sting as she remembered what had gone on at Chloe’s just a few hours back. Finn didn’t notice her clench her hands together to keep herself from crying.

“Wasn’t as good as it would’ve been with you there, but Oasis was amazing. The crowd were goin wild the entire time.” He looked at her and paused for a while as she smiled, listening to him describe the concert.

“I wish you could’ve been there though, which is why I had to come see you now!” He said, getting excited again, the grin returning to his face. Rae smiled back at him. He was beginning to sober up a little bit and he turned to Rae cracking up. She looked at him, confused.

“What?” she demanded.

“I was just thinkin’ about how ridiculous we probably look, just sitting on your bed, in matching shirts, with no pants on.” He chuckled some more, and Rae, realizing how stupid they probably looked, laughed as well. Finn was laughing so hard that he rolled off the bed and landed on the floor. He rolled over to pull himself back up and yelped a little, scuttling away from the side of the bed. Rae stopped laughing, confused.

“Ow” he said, reaching for the side of his torso. When he pulled his hand away, it had blood on it. He looked back to where he had just been laying and pulled a knife out from under the bed. It had been hiding just enough so that neither of them could see it, but it was still far out enough for him to hurt himself on it. He looked at Rae, confused and concerned. He held it up inquisitively, a frown on his face. Rae bit her lip nervously, counted to ten and then managed to calmed herself down.

“I’ll talk to you in a bit. You have a nasty nick on your side though. Let me fix you up first.”
Finn had forgotten about his cut and was fixated on Rae. He put his hand to his side again and saw that it was bleeding even more. With his clean hand, he reached to the back of his neck and pulled his shirt off. Rae inhaled sharply to see him in only a pair of boxers.

“He was so chiseled, he could’ve been made out of marble. I wouldn’t mind having a statue of him in my bedroom” she thought as she ran her eyes over his chest. Finn laughed as he saw her check him out.

“You gonna even the game girl? I did last time. It’s only fair.”

Rae laughed and dragged him to the bathroom.

“Maybe later” she said, rolling her eyes “let’s clean you up before anything.”

She ran a washcloth under water and cleaned up his side, which, by now, had accumulated a good deal of blood. Her hands trembled gently as she ran them over the skin of his abdomen, where he had smeared the blood from his side. He smiled as she bit her lip nervously. Rae turned to a cabinet and pulled out a large square bandage. She dried his skin with a fresh towel and pressed the bandage gently to his skin. He tapped his toe impatiently as she clearly moved slowly, cleaning him up.

“Alright. If you were a doctor, all of your patients would be dead by now, spending that much time stickin a little bandage on me. You have to explain to me what it was doin on the floor in the first place!”

Rae sat silently, but her eyes drifted to her thighs, where thick scars ran across her skin. Finn’s eyes followed hers hesitantly. When they landed where hers were, his face dropped.

“Rae. Why was there a knife laying on your floor?” He asked again, his voice quivering gently.
Rae bit her lip, and her voice cracked as she began to speak.

“Finn. It’s my fault. I’m really sorry that you got cut. I was careless and left it laying round on the floor. I’m so sorry Finn.” The words fumbled out of her mouth, her voice fading at the end.

“Rae. You clearly don’t understand what I’m saying. I don’t fucking care if it’d cut out my kidneys. What were you doing with it on the floor??” His voice was filling with more anxiety the longer that she didn’t answer him. Rae looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She took a deep breath before she began to speak.

“I didn’t mean for it to be like this. I’m so sorry that you had to see this Finn. Last spring, I was admitted to a mental home because I kept trying to hurt myself, when I thought my life was falling apart. I’m better now though. Today, I just couldn’t handle it. I felt abandoned and I thought I was going to do something, but I didn’t.” she cracked a smile, hoping to reassure him “I just fell asleep, apparently waiting for you to come and honk like a madman in my driveway.” She forced a chuckle at the end, trying to hold back tears and lighten the mood. His face remained sombre, but he encased her in his arms, pressing her face into his shoulder. He pulled her out of the hug and, with one hand, grabbed her by her wrist and gently dragged her back to her bedroom.

He picked the knife up from her bedroom floor and closed it, and slipped it into the pocket on his pants which were still discarded on the floor. After that, he pulled her to sit next to him on the bed with their backs against the wall. Rae pulled her knees to her chest, and Finn tossed his arm over her shoulders. They sat there in silence for a while, but he never pulled his arm back, even though she noticed him trying to reposition himself a bit so his cut wasn’t pressing against the bedpost. They chatted for a while about the concert and Rae’s past until they had both fallen asleep.

When Rae woke, Finn was still deep in slumber with his back to the wall, but she was sleeping with her head on his lap, with his arm draped over her stomach. She realized that she was wearing just a tshirt and that he was still wearing only his boxer shorts. She began to squirm a bit to get his hand off of her stomach, but he stirred for a second and she stopped, afraid to wake him. If he woke, he would realize that he was touching her stomach and probably be filled with disgust. She decided that she would pull away from him quickly, if he woke up, she’d already be sitting on the other side of the bed, and he wouldn’t have a chance to feel her stomach. She moved suddenly, trying to position herself away from his hand, but he woke up as she was moving and pulled her next to him with his hand pressing into her stomach. Tears filled her eyes as she felt him touching her and he clinched her in even closer, seeing her tears.

“Wait Rae. What’d I do?” The words flew out, the worry rising in his voice.

She didn’t reply to him though. She just tried to shake his hand off her stomach. He realized what was going on and grabbed her hands with his other hand and pressed all 4 of their hands into her body. He looked down into her eyes that were filled with tears and smashed his lips into hers as hard as he could. As he kissed her, she could smell the booze from the concert he’d spilled mixed with the scent of CK One. His lips felt like home and tasted sweet, better than any chocolate bar she’d ever had, which was saying a lot.

Rae looked into his eyes when he pulled out of the kiss and saw him bite his lip slightly. His chest rose and fell as she looked at him. They both sat silently for a minute or so and then Finn rolled Rae on top of him, breathing in sharply as he admired her and pressed his lips into hers again.

What? Like, actually, WHAT?! A thousand of you decided to hit the follow-button for my silly little blog?


Roughly about 1,5 years ago, I started to really get involved in the Arrow fandom. I became a part of it in the S2 summer hiatus, but I dipped my toe into really actively joining in and actually started carefully interacting with people at around 3x09. About 10 episodes later, I posted my first Arrow graphic, getting back into the full swing of edits and fanart after years of not putting out anything fandom-related. The reception of it was mindblowing, to say the least, and the rest is kind of history.

Numbers aren’t the most important thing for me. A blog or the things you put out in your fandom don’t depend on the number of followers you have. But 1K is quite a milestone. If you would have asked me 6 years ago, when I started this Tumblr up, that I would ever have this many people following me, I’d probably be snorting in disbelief at you.

That I’d be making friends in the fandom, interact with them on an almost daily basis and get to meet some of them in the very near future would more than likely have sent me into a laughing fit, with an ‘I wish’ following right after. But here we are ;)

I found an awesome fandom, with even more awesome people in it.

People I’ve had the privilege of becoming friends with, people I love to follow, people who keep sticking around; no matter what fandom I fall into, people I admire, people who contribute their art and writing which makes me flail on a regular basis, people who make this a crazy fun fandom to be a part of. I can’t say it enough. And I probably don’t say it nearly enough as I should. So, thank you. Especially, these people:

@ah-maa-zing, @thecolourpurpleinafield, @smoakqueenz, @agirlandhershows, @smoakingbabbles, @fe-li-ci-ty, @aubvi, @emilybuttrickards, @honorthedeadbyfighting, @supersillyanddorky06, @mimozka , @olicity-i-believe-in-you, @kalichica12, @captainsamell, @dust2dust34, @truelovealwayssurvives, @smoakd, @smoakmonster, @andjustforthismoment, @dettiot, @fponthedl, @florence-bubbles, @remember3x20, @amellynation, @livesysmoaks, @so-caffeinated, @arrow-through-my-writers-block, @jedichick04, @felicitysmoakisaqueen, @1forall0allfor1, @emmasawn , @yellowflicker09011996, @thethornyrant, @geniewithwifi, @olicityalamode, @sharingmyworld, @shannyfishwriter, @olicitykisses, @notthrowingawaymyfairytale, @callistawolf, @jbuffyangel, @felicitys, @smoakandarrow, @sentence-fragments, @oliverdant, @adamamell, @strangerstoparadise, @scu11y22​, @fanmommer, @whoeveryoulovethemost

But most of all, thank you, dearest follower. For clicking that follow button, for reblogging my graphics - which still blows my mind every single time - for tweeting me, for sending me lovely messages, for reading my metas, for being a part of my silly little corner in the big fanmily that is the Arrow fandom.

As a way of celebration, I thought it would be fun to do something different than my last follower milestone celebration:

1K Celebration Q&A party

As this milestone kind of snuck up on me, I didn’t really find the time inbetween real life to write out a tutorial, like I did with my 500 milestone. So, different plan and also super fun: send me all of the questions! Arrow-related, Olicity thoughts, fandom things, spewing some good old feels, about my graphics and/or Photoshop and/or Graphic Design,… You ask -  I answer!