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A fruit frenzy


I didn’t do one last year, so I’m posting them together

2015…was a bad year for me…I had a lot of internal struggles and tbh my brain has pretty much blocked out a lot of my memories from 2014-2015. I ended up taking a leave of absence from school

2016: started feeling a bit better. First time tabling at conventions (tabled at AX for my very first con LOL rest in pieces me). Transferred schools and started school again which is why September onwards is a lot of white space.

I realized my colors have become more muted and cold compared to my past years and I feel like it’s subconsciously representing my state of mind, but I want to get over it and consciously make the effort to use more brighter/saturated colors for 2017! 

Thank you for sticking around and leaving me nice messages in my ask box

Past summaries of art: 20142013, 2012, 2011

ok Blind!Adrien AU is literally my fave AU now bc think about all the touching these two will do just to express themselves to each other!!! To get the other’s attention!!

thank you @qookyquiche @girlwithribbon @laundromatic for this!! This gives me so much life thank you!!!!

edit: i fixed the anatomy lord have mercy on me

my tumblr went from an impassioned post about john lewis then snapping suddenly to a post about emoji poop, and i am sorry, the tonal shift is too much, i try to contain multitudes but i think something’s broken

Dear people who miss someone,

Listen to me right now. It is perfectly ok to miss someone, even if you just saw them today. Even if you’ve only met them once. Even if it’s your significant other. Even if it’s your past significant other. You’re allowed to miss them. But, don’t let it own you. Go, live your life! Make something crazy, bake a cake, take a walk outside, watch a movie, do something for you. Don’t let your longing own you, especially if the person you miss is no longer in your life or wasn’t good to you. Remember the good times, and move forward! Nobody can invalidate your feelings, but be sure to take care of yourself and live your life too. Also, please feel free to drop me a message if you need to talk! I’m always here for you guys, even if you don’t follow me.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the bioactive setup for your BTS? How you set it up and such? Idk if you have any info on it on your blog; I'm on mobile so its a bit of a hassle to look. ;v; Sorry for the trouble!

Sure! Here’s a link to my tag where I talk about my skink -> http://sunfish-exotics.tumblr.com/tagged/frankie

Here’s a quick and easy list for how I setup his enclosure.

  • The cage itself is an AP (animal plastics) T8, which is 4′x2′x1′
  • The substrate is The Bio Dude’s “Terra Firma” (I bought a single 36qt bag and it was the perfect amount for a T8. It’s 2″ deep throughout with a 4-5″ depth in the back of the cage which he burrows in)
  • Clean up crew are powder blue isopods and giant white springtails. I still spot clean his poop and sheds because skinks produce too much for the microfauna to handle (at least in this point of my build) but I don’t have to really “deep clean” the enclosure. It never smells bad even with fresh poop in there, if anything it smells like dirt and dog food haha
  • Leaf litter is mostly magnolia, live oak, and willow oak (collected and purchased)
  • I also included one bag of The Bio Dude’s southern palm bark which he LOVES to hide under and scratch.
  • I mist the enclosure every other day to every two days to keep the humidity up and the microfauna happy.
  • I don’t use a drainage layer or plants! Skinks would destroy live plants but the fake ones I have don’t look too bad, although I always prefer the look of live.
  • The enclosure is lit by a T5H0 5.0 UVB bulb
  • The enclosure is heated by an 80 watt RHP from Reptile Basics and controlled by a jump start thermostat (the jumpstart works great in this case, but I’m slowly upgrading all of my ‘stats to herpstats because I like the features and stability)

That’s just the overview of what I used to setup this enclosure! Let me know if you have any specific questions or want any pics!

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please stop answering the shizaya questions go back to normal

(( hmmm and for a minute here i thought i ran this ask blog, but i could be wrong??? ))