i pledge allegiance to the evil twin

New Moon of the Dark Kingdom Chapter Ninety One - Metallia’s Choice

Zoisite and Kunzite have found true love, but when some old friends, a vengeful god, and a pair of evil twins are gunning for the Shitennou all at once, life is not going to be easy

[Scene: Metallia’s parlor.]

Zoi: So let me get this straight. You want me to pledge allegiance to you, just so you can tear me apart for scrap, for when you build your Black Moon Clan part 2?

Death Phantom: Not at all. Shitennou do not have physical form when parted from their soulstone, therefore, any genetic material I harvest from you would evaporate within seconds. Since I must rely on…more conventional means, killing you would be quite counterproductive, otherwise I would have done so already-

[Metallia clears her throat]

Death Phantom: My pardons, your grace. I sometimes forget he is your property, even if he hasn’t taken an oath.

Metallia: [eating pie] Understandable. Continue.

Death Phantom: As I was saying, the boy’s remarkable DNA renders him completely immune to mind magic. Anyone with a rudiment of knowledge of human genetics knows that a boy must inherit his X chromosome from his mother. Since I’d rather not utilize a Shitennou for my purposes if I don’t have to, I scanned her, along with of all surviving relatives of her lineage. The same defect is present in her, but nobody else, which tells me that she is the fountainhead of the mutation.

Zoi: You stay away from my mother!

Death Phantom: Don’t worry. She is too old to be of use to me. Overripe and near the end of her fecundity. She has only a 50% chance of passing the chromosome to her offspring. It is not present in the child she is carrying in her womb, and I have no guaranty she is fertile enough to produce another.

[Levels his gaze at Zoi]

Death Phantom: But you are young and male. Your reproductive capacity is nearly limitless. Once provided with a harem of biologically-compatible female companions, you can sire a new race of Shitennou, bound by oath to serve me, and cultivated to share your unique gift. [Turns to Metallia] So my deal is this. I will erase the blood debt owed by your sons, and in exchange, you will make a gift of this boy to me, as well as six human maidens of my choosing, to be elevated to serve as his brides, so that I might breed a new race of Shitennou.

[The Shitennou at the Death Phantom for several seconds in shocked disbelief before Zoi starts laughing. Soon Neffy and Jeddy start laughing too. The only Shitennou not laughing us Kunzite, who is clutching Zoi and staring at the Death Phantom in wide-eyed horror.]

Zoi: I hate to break this to you…but I’m physically incapable of breeding with any woman.

Death Phantom: No, you are mentally incapable of breeding with any woman. Fortunately, I don’t need for you to have a functioning brain.

[Zoi and the other Shitennou stop laughing as his words sink in]

Death Phantom: I don’t need mind magic to reduce you to a gibbering idiot incapable of lucid thought. If a month of torture doesn’t break you, a sharp spike through your eyesocket could suffice-



[Kunzite lowers his eyes and goes quiet]

[Metallia finishes her pie]

Metallia: He’s right. I will not allow this.

Death Phantom: [does a double take] You take orders from a slave?

Metalia: [livid] No, I do not! Not any more that I take orders from The Failed God of Nobody!…[gives the Death Phantom a baleful stare]…You came here seeking justice for the murder of your worshippers! In this matter, the boy is blameless!

Death Phantom: Blameless! He killed six of my best men!

Metallia: Six grown men! Who broke into his father’s house to murder him without provocation, merely as a means to upset MY son! Six of your finest warriors! Including your high priest! All well-versed in magic and combat, against a scrawny, underfed little human boy! And he managed to kill them all! That is nothing to boast about!

Death Phantom: He had a gun!

Metallia: A gun that your high priest practically handed to him! And you think after that, you have earned a fresh start? [shakes her head and then sips her coffee] The boy is off limits to you.

Death Phantom: I will have my retribution!

Metallia: I agree, but Your grudge is with his brothers. Not him.

Death Phantom: If I can’t have this one, I will kill the other three!

Metallia: No. You may kill ONE.

[The room goes silent]

Metallia: You heard me. Kill any but the youngest, and we’ll consider the matter finished.

Death Phantom: [fiendish] Any of them?

Metallia: Whichever one you’d like.

[Death Phantom draws himself up to his full height and regards the Shitennou]

Death Phantom: Yes…I believe in cases like this it is customary to make a sacrifice of the firstborn.

[The Shitennou, who have been holding their breath, all look at Kunzite, who stands there unmoving, then to Metallia]

Metallia: [goes back to sipping her coffee with a wave of her hand] So be it. Go ahead and kill Kunzite. He’s been screwing up anyway.