i played basketball in gym once

BTS Scenario: BTS as Students

•greets everyone in his class with a ‘good morning’
•decorates his locker to look festive for every holiday
• runs for class president
•hands out pins and hangs up posters around the school
•brings his own lunch that he prepared himself
•also brings his friends lunch bc he likes to take care of them

•always comes into first period half an hour late
•"i overslept"
•hands in assignments late
•plans out which classes he’ll take naps in
•instead of taking notes he writes lyrics in his book instead
•daydreams half the day
•likes going to gym to play basketball

•walks in to class late with his hair messy and shirt all messed up
•"i ran my bike into a bush"
•gives philosophical answers that makes everyone question who they are
•doesn’t study but gets 100 on all his tests
•makes jokes with the person next to him
•broke a desk once but whats new

•high fives everyone he sees
•is surprised whenever he learns something new
•"woah i never knew that"
•laughs at the teacher’s corny jokes
•always participates in spirit week at school
•lets people move into his locker if they need extra space
•gives everyone in his class the homework answers

•walks down the hallway as if it was a runway
•always in the library doing anything else but schoolwork
•orders pizza and takes it to class
•shares it with his friends
•doesn’t like to participate
•still does good in all his classes

•sells candy during school
•"do you guys wanna buy some candy?“
•is chill with everyone in school
•goes into random classes whenever he wants to skip
•never does his work but still manages to pass every class

•always comes to class on time
•says he’s going to skip but always chickens out
•"i had an important lesson so i couldn’t skip”
•tried to bring his teachers an apple so they can pass him
•"can you round up my 75 to 100?“
•in gym he acts like its the olympics

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hi can i please have more bokuto headcanons? that was so cute! i love the grapes

omg yes you can??? the grapes were my favorite part!!

  • he can literally catch anything in his mouth people throw at him
    • across the room? doesn’t matter
    • a whole clementine? easy
    • once caught an apple in his mouth even though it almost chipped his tooth
    • he’s the best at catching throws from akaashi and secretly loves showing off
    • his record is 64 catches in a row, and the only reason the streak broke was because kuroo accidentally threw the raisin at his eye because he was laughing so hard
  • v good at jump rope. i like to think he’s got a ton of siblings, and probably some younger ones, and he teaches all of them jump rope. he can do the crazy double dutch like it’s nothing
  • okay this is kind of off the wall but i was imagining him in american gym classes the other day?? he’d be a MONSTER he’d get picked first for everything
    • whatever team he’s on has not lost dodgeball once. reigning school champion
    • we played this game called jedi which was like dodgeball but with bats and he’d be really good at that too
    • dominated the baseball and basketball units
    • we did a mock olympics things and i feel like he’d win gold in everything
  • exceptionally good at paper football. he makes akaashi fold them but then he can flick them to any target in the room
  • one time at a college party i played a drinking game called vietpong which basically one side has the basic pong set up and the other side gets to put their cups in any spot around the room as long as it’s visible. he’d destroy anyone at that game.
  • also really good at quarters
  • has found a total of over 300 dollars in change by now
    • is secretly funding akaashi’s snacking habits with all the change he finds
  • he’s been able to cartwheel one handed since he was 8 and does it to celebrate in matches. almost got kicked off the court once for excessive celebration
  • weirdly good at that rope climb thing in gym class
  • set the school record for the pacer test
  • the gymnastics team wanted him but he thought volleyball was more fun
    • the gymnastics, soccer, baseball, and track coaches regularly get together and cry because he won’t be on their teams

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-Arthur always does Alfred’s tie for him. You’d think the King of Spades, ruler of a kingdom and probs most powerful man in the kingdom would know how to tie a tie, but no. He doesn’t.

-Alfred once tried to tie Arthur’s bow for him. Somehow he ripped it.

-I’ve seen some fanfics where Alfred visits Arthur all the time but I have a headcanon that when Spades finally updates its technology, Alfred always calls Arthur on Skype. 
“Hey babe, what’s shaking?”
“Alfred, you’re literally in the next room.”

-Alfred has a whole gym built somewhere in the palace. Sometimes he gets the knights to come in and play some basketball with him.

-Arthur goes to bed really late every night because of the huge stack of paperwork he has to do. When he wakes up he usually puts on mismatched socks and forgets to comb his hair.

-Alfred makes sure to help Arthur when that happens.
“Babe, that’s my sock you’re wearing.”
“Buggeroffffffff I wear what I want- yaaaaaawn
Babe you’re cute and all but please- DUDE DON’T SLEEP AGAIN

-No rly tho like when there aren’t any foreign ministers or ambassadors around Arthur has all six of his piercings filled with his earstuds

-Alfred finds them hot af 

Arthur’s about to go into heat and he walks by Alfred’s office
Alfred slams his door open and whisks the babe off after sweeping him off his feet 
They also pass by Beta!Yao

“Alfred, have you finished your-”


Characters- Professor!Sam,Gym Teacher!Dean, Professor!Lucifer, Professor!Cas, Professor!Crowley, Professor!Michael, Professor!Balthazar, Professor!Gabriel, Reader, Professor!Metatron(eww ik, but there is a reason for it), Chuck. Charlie, Jo, Ruby, Meg, and Bela.

Words- 2814

Summary- You’re the new kid and you’re starting a new school. Hoping to change your ways. You weren’t the best kid and you hope things would be better. You figured with your list of teachers you would be on your best behavior. Until you meet Professor Metatron, a group of girls that you never had to deal with before, and your situation at home gets worse.

A/n- Because of @totallysupernaturaloneshots and the teacher pic . I wanted to write a school fic with the guys. And yes I kept Lucifer’s name Lucifer so suck it, Richard is influencing me to much. Once I hit 5 thousands words and I was nowhere near being done, I knew this had to be a series. So this is part one. Here you are just mostly meeting the teachers. I honestly don’t know if I like this. Thoughts? I’m so sorry that I screwed this up.

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A new school, after being expelled from your last one, you’re parents decided to homeschool you, that was until you’re mother found a new job and they decided to send you back to high school. It was only a matter of time before you got kicked out of this one. The school looked huge, you’re said their goodbyes and waved you off. You slowly took a few steps before being greeted by what you think is the principal.

“You must be Ms. Y/l/n,” He says, had looked to be in his young to mid 40’s, he was taller than you. He looked like someone who could be a singer/songwriter.

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Paranormal Happenings

Stories shared from my followers:

“While ringing in the new year, we were making a ruckus in our house. The resident ghost must have felt left out as he threw a clock off the wall to the other side of the room which landed safely on the couch. We cheered and welcomed him to join us.”
- littletreeflower

“When i was a kid i saw something, not sure what but some kind of werebeast or demon. I was not the only one who saw it, other people on the party i was thought they saw a “creature” roaming in the grounds earlier. I saw it tete-a-tete before it runoff.”
- catharisme 

“Once when I was working at a festival at a high school, I went into the gym and heard some strange noises. No one was there when I went to investigate, but when I came back, there was a basketball in the centre of the gym. It wasn’t there before.”

“One night I was laying in bed and felt the covers being taken off me. When I looked I could see the covers slowly being pulled down in an alternating motion. I never took a closer look.”
- boolglunk

“I didn’t find this too scary but the friends with me nearly wet themselves. We were playing around with a Ouija Board mid day and in the middle of it a crow flew into my room through the window. I can’t begin to convey the bedlam it produced.”

“I once woke up randomly in the night thinking someone was in my room. i grabbed my phone while asking if it was my mom. I shined the light at the wall next to my door and saw a dark and shadowy figure turning from profile towards me.”
- fictionalhistorian 

“My old house had a lot of paranormal activity. One time I was watching tv in my room when a bloody, black man (a slave) in chains walked past it. He stopped and we stared at each other. Then he walked away. When I got up to look. He was gone.”
- zaynsafezone 

“Short but very scary. I was 12, sleeping with my back against a wall. I felt a warm, moist breath on the back of my neck, two long creepy exhales. I froze, then bolted to my moms room. I didn’t have a window, nor a vent anywhere near me.”
- salamandir 

1st G of Replace V - A Translation Part 1 of 2

Here’s the first half of the first chapter of Replace V. Sorry about splitting it up, this thing is LONG. Hopefully I’ll have the second half done by this weekend. Part 2 up! Link at end.

Features Nijimura and his impressions of America, and Himuro winning over our protagonist with a potent mix of basketball and misleading smiles.

All italics are English from the book exactly as it appeared. The English in this one is pretty good.

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IzuAka snippet

here you go incorrectknb

“I was shunned by my teammates for my puns, but I’m glad you absolutely like them!”

Akashi chuckled before giving one of his own. “I once said a pun about all motion stopping, but they gave me an absolute zero.”

Izuki’s eyes brightened. “Ooh, that’s a good one! You know, if our school ever arranges a marathon, it should be called ‘the Seirun’.”

“Our school’s mascot is a racoon— everybody treats it like a real person and even gave it an honorific, calling it 'Raccoon-zan’.”

“Well, what about this? What do you call two mexicans playing basketball? It’s a Juan on Juan!”

“They kicked Cinderella off the basketball team because she ran away from the ball.”

“What part of the gym is never the same? The changing rooms.”

“On the other hand, you have different fingers.”

“What’s a British physicist’s favorite food? Fission chips.”

“Why can’t you trust atoms? Because they make up everything.”

“A steak pun is a rare medium well done.”

“What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass? Beer.”

“Santa’s elves are just a bunch of subordinate clauses.”

“What if there were no hypothetical questions?”

“You know, I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together,” Izuki said as he stepped closer to Akashi. “And people say I’m a pretty puntastic person.”

Akashi also took a step closer. “Then on a scale of one to eagles, how free are you tonight?”

Izuki almost swooned at that.

While the two were exchanging more puns and making goo-goo eyes at each other, the rest of Seirin and Rakuzan were shocked with this sudden development. 

Or was it really far off? They seem to be close because it’s easy for them to relate with one another. Both of them had those freaky eye abilities, the same basketball position, and a lousy sense of humor.

“What the hell,” Hyuuga muttered, summarizing everyone’s reaction about the matter.

(this kind of got fluffy at the end anon! And this isn’t canon everyone. As far as I know, Aomine only is afraid of bees.)

Kagami had too many bags in his hands. Granted, he could probably carry more than the people around him, but as he adjusted yet another handle that was digging into his skin, he realized he may have over done it. Sighing heavily, the redhead walked towards his apartment. He knew Aomine was there waiting for him, and for dinner, but it would have been great for his boyfriend to come meet him. Glaring at nothing in particular, Kagami imagined his irritating boyfriend lounging on his couch, asking when dinner was going to be done, or why Kagami had taken so long. The glare didn’t last long though, as it never did when Kagami thought of his boyfriend. As much as Aomine irritated him, he made him happy twice that amount. Snorting at his own happy thoughts, the redhead noticed most, if not all, the shops on the street were dark. As an owner walked out of a door to his left, Kagami stopped.
“Excuse me, is there something wrong with the power?”
The owner was surprised by the large boy in front of him, but then waved his hands at the street, “Yes the power is out completely on the next few blocks. Pitch black everywhere, nothing is working.”
Pitch black.
Kagami hastily said thanks and gripped his bags tight as he sprinted forward. It was awkward, running with the food, but as he took the steps to his apartment two at a time, he realized they hadn’t slowed him down at all. Fumbling with his key, the redhead finally opened his door. Nothing but black greeted him. He didn’t have large windows in his apartment, except for his bedroom, and the dying light from the sun wasn’t able to light anything he could see. Letting his eyes adjust for a moment, Kagami dumped his bags on the kitchen counter and shouted.
“Aomine? Aomine are you here?”
A sound from the bathroom had him jogging towards the door, pushing it open as he spoke softly.
“Aomine are you in here? It’s me.”
A soft whisper came from the direction of the tub, “Taiga?”
“Yeah it’s me Daiki. Hold on, I’m coming over there.”
Even with his eyes adjusted to the dark, Kagami still couldn’t see anything in the bathroom. It was the darkest room in the house and it was easier for him to close his eyes and imagine the room. His legs finally came into contact with the edge of the tub, his hands searching for his boyfriend as he strained his eyes now to see.
“Daiki hold your hand out, I can’t see you.”
A shaky, wet hand was thrust into Kagami’s stomach, the move forced the air from the redhead in a loud whoosh.
“Shit! That was my stomach, you jerk.”
The waver in Aomine’s voice had Kagami gripping his hand tight, his voice soft as he spoke.
“Daiki do you want to come out of there? I’m sure the lights will be back on in a bit. Were you taking a bath when they went out?”
“I just got in and they went out. I couldn’t see anything.”
Nodding, Kagami knelt down next to the tub and leaned forward until his head was resting on his boyfriend’s. He knew Aomine was afraid of the dark. Not just any dark though; pitch black darkness that had no hint of light. Aomine froze when it happened, something Kagami had only seen once before. He hadn’t even known about it until that day they had been playing basketball in the Touou gym after hours, Aomine’s captain giving him a key to practice in the rain. They had been going hard in a one on one, but the lights had suddenly went out, a shortage in the wires effected by the rain. Kagami hadn’t cared, but when he had run head on into a frozen Aomine, he had realized that his boyfriend did indeed care.
A wet arm going around his neck had the redhead snapping back to the present, his boyfriend leaning into him and burying his face against his neck. He could tell that Aomine’s eyes were clenched shut, his face that close to his neck. Reaching around his back, Kagami wrapped his strong arms around his boyfriend, holding him tight to his body. He didn’t care that his jacket was getting soaked, nor did he care that his knees and thighs were starting to scream with the awkward position he was in. All he cared about was making Aomine feel safe.
The whisper that came next sounded normal as Aomine’s mouth was right next to his ear, “Thanks Taiga.”
Holding his boyfriend tighter, Kagami spoke into damp, hair, “Of course Daiki. I love you and I’m here for you no matter what.”
A soft chuckle had hot breath fanning over the redhead’s neck, “You’re so lame sometimes.”
“Fuck off you love it,” Kagami laughed as well.
A pause and another nod against his neck, “Yeah. I love it.”
Grinning, both boys talked about nothing and teased each other until the lights came back on. By that time the water was freezing and Aomine was shaking from it. Pulling his boyfriend out of the tub, Kagami wrapped a towel around him and dried him off. Later that night, the redhead made sure to leave the blinds open so the sun could filter into his room for Aomine to see in the morning.