i played around with the order for like an hour

chapter 25

I don’t think I’ve ever gone through so many different emotions in such a short space of time. It’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve read the chapter but it’s been on auto-play in my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it ;-;

My feeling was so mixed up in the beginning because Yashiro looks so damn scared, uncertain, lost and nothing like the confident, in control, playful boss that we’re so accustomed to seeing…

But through midway, I feel he regains a bit of composure and starts ordering Doumeki, so I feel bit better about the whole situation

and I love that they’re communicating quite well during sex

I also love the disobedient Doumeki going “Nope, not going to hurt you boss”

Here you need more lubrication…

Let me go get you a pillow so you’re not going to be uncomfortable 

And Yashiro in the end is like, “geez I give up” and lets Doumeki do it from the front <3

But just as I was beginning to think it was all working out and this sex was not a bad idea after all…we get the flashbacks and crying Yashiro and I feel so sad again :(

His face at the end of the chapter also worries me immensely

Some people have commented that he looks determined but I’m not so sure…he looks tired, sad and more venerable than I’ve ever seen him…

I’ll just end by pointing out few other things that caught my attention (it would be great if someone can enlighten me because I feel unsure about both of these things…)

1. There seems to be some miss communication happening between Yashiro and Doumeki here

Yashiro doesn’t think Doumeki understands his plea “don’t break me”…

2. We’ve always known that Yashiro’s (sick, paedophile) step dad was at the core of how his personality/sexual orientation developed and in this chapter we get a little more insight into their relationship 

Little Yashiro looks so pure and innocent here it breaks my heart ;-;

To me, it looks like he’s comforting his step dad, telling him “don’t worry about it, I enjoy pain”

Which leads me to question, why would Yashiro tell his step dad that he enjoys pain?? I feel like this is a key moment that leads to him being attached to painful sex…

I always thought that little Yashiro would be more fearful of his abusive step dad but this panel makes me question my initial assumptions…  

Crimson Sun’s FFVII Cards are AMAZING!!!

Like any proper stal–I mean, fan of the wonderful @crimson-sun, I partially haunted the Blog of Awesome until these babies were open for ordering again–and I managed to have money this time around, so myself and a friend could have a deck of our own!

The artwork is gorgeous and the life in each character, just shines, in my opinion. The materials themselves are good quality and the colors are vibrant without being overwhelming, enabling long hours of play. Each card is different, just like their number and suit, with their name so even those not familiar with the adventures of SOLDIER and ShinRa, get introduced into this world.

Hypnotic Language Patterns

What I’m good at:

-Blabbing on: Newbie hypnotists, it’s true- At some point, hypnotic language becomes as effortless as breathing in and out. I can keep a nice flow of induction-y words and phrases going for hours if I needed to.  I could blab on hypnotically while thinking about what sandwich I wanted to order or my favorite scene from Sherlock. I can’t speak to  the quality of said hypnotic work, but my mouth would be saying things and they could be categorized as “trancey”.

-Generally being soothing: I started doing hypnosis primarily for relaxation so I’m pretty skilled at calm, peaceful voice, words, and imagery.

-Rhythm: I like playing around with rhythm and sometimes find myself falling into nice patterns that sound poetic and rhythmic and lovely.

-Waking suggestions: I’m pretty comfortable working around with waking suggestions or modifying/playing with suggestions when the person isn’t technically “in trance”. In all honesty, this feels more like skill on my subjects’ part than mine, but since this is my list I’ll take credit for these working. :)

What I’d like to improve:

-Ericksonian language patterns: Reader- I have a stack of zeebu cards right here by my bed. I occasionally pick them up and riffle through them. Do I ever take the time to actually really learn language patterns? No. I’ve always told myself this was because I didn’t believe in the effectiveness of language patterns, but I’m beginning to realize this is an excuse for laziness. If nothing else, throwing some language patterns in gives you authority (at least to other in-the-know hypnosis people) and lets you joke with your hypnotist friends.*

-NLP- See above re: possibly bullshit but I should probably learn it anyway. I’d like to be better at mirroring and analogue marking specifically and generally in understanding and incorporating a subject’s worldview.**

-Working without long inductions: Despite enjoying waking suggestion, I still get nervous when I do hypnosis that involves quick inductions or no real induction. I think my schema for hypnosis is still too much “magic spell” (which is really flawed worldview on several levels). See also- starting hypnosis from anywhere besides a relaxation induction

-No-fail suggestions: I’m an analytical subject generally, I should utilize the suggestions of my people and work them in more creatively.  (See above re:Erickson).***

-Bravery: I need to experiment more in general- I get into ruts too easily.

What I’m curious about:

- I picked up this weird language pattern where I blend one sentence into the next one starts before the last one ends quite precisely where I want it to. I’m not quite sure where I picked it up or even when I started using it. I’m not really sure how effective it is.  I consulted an expert friend who said she uses these as rapid-fire  pattern interrupts/confusion elements with fractionation. Anyone else do this? Where did you pick it up?

-Everything honestly. I’m not isolating independent language variables here- It’s hard to know what actually works and what is filler– especially because a lot of what is actually working is expectancy regardless of language***

What I’d like to excise:

-Stuttering, but I’ve pretty much decided I’ll just have to continue to work around that

-I’ve been doing this thing forever where I ask a subject to listen to my voice and not the words I’m saying. It is occasionally very effective for creating some nice dissociation, but this suggestion has become a weird default and kind of a hurdle for subjects who need to be more attentive in trance (i.e. most subjects, especially new ones).

What are your language skills and what would you like to work on?

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*Hypnotist humor: 40% language pattern, 30% nlp-references, 30% puns (give or take 5% for Hamilton references)

**Right now I do this primarily through instinct and lots of asking- but I’d like to be able to pick up more on my own

***If you don’t know about no-fail suggestions, this induction from @sex-obsessed-lesbian contains good examples.

***An example of me experimenting with trying to find the active ingredients

sleepovers with michael would include:

- him greeting you with the biggest hug when you first get there
- walking around outside playing pokemon go for like 2 hours
- no seriously you would order like three large cheeses and just eat it all throughout the entire night (even if it got cold)
- attempting to make cookies but it just turning into a food fight
- going down to his mancave with candy and popcorn to watch deadpool for the 867th time
- intense mario kart battles that involve you blocking his vision and him throwing pillows at you
- building a fort and cuddling in it while watching stranger things on netflix
- him getting hot from being underneath all the blankets so he just starts tearing it apart and everything collapses
- finally going upstairs to his room at like 2:00am
- facetiming calum at that ungodly hour of the night just to wake him up and fuck with him
- wearing his big t-shirts to bed (of course)
- cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles
- him peppering kisses all over your face while you’re trying to fall asleep because he likes to hear your adorable sleepy giggle
- “i love you dipshit. sleep well.”
- “i love you too michael.”
- waking up at like 11:00 and having lazy morning sex
- showering together

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Title: I’m Sorry

Characters: Reader and Wonho

Request: You and Wonho get into a fight which leads to him sleeping outside for the night.  You felt bad for being so harsh on him so you go out to apologise but sees he’s already asleep.  You tell yourself that you shouldn’t have been so mean to him and that he doesn’t deserve it but little did you know, someone else was listening in. Angst + Fluff

“Wonho you don’t understand!  I need to do well on this exam in order to get a good mark in this class!  I’m already falling behind.” you said angrily at your boyfriend.  “Come on, Y/N, just one quick match.  I’ll even go easy on you and the game will be over quickly!” Wonho has been trying to convince you to play this new video game that Minhyuk had bought him for what seemed like hours and you were starting to lose your patience.  It was around that time in university where the second round of midterms were coming around.  You didn’t do so well on the first one so you were studying extra hard for do well on the second one except your boyfriend has been clinging onto you, begging for attention.  “Just one game.” Wonho said, with a pleading look in his eye.  

“YA! HOSEOK! I swear if you don’t leave me alone…” you voice trailed off, clearly evident that you were annoyed.  Wonho looked frightened, he knew you would never use his real name unless it was serious, and you were seriously angry.  “I’m not like you okay.  I don’t have a stable career that can make me lots of money yet.  I need this degree in order to do well in the future.  All you have to do is stand on stage and take off your shirt, look good for the cameras.”  “You think that’s all I do, Y/N?  Do you know how much work and effort goes into producing and album?  From all those late night recording sessions and dance practices?  You think that’s easy?”  he yelled back at you.  Next thing you knew, the two of you were yelling at each other, voices raised high and before you knew it, Wonho had left the room and slammed the door behind him.  You were relieved to finally get some quiet time but at the same time, immensely guilty.  This wasn’t how you wanted it to be.   

That night was torture, you were sleeping alone in your shared bed and it felt so empty.  You didn’t mean to raise your voice at him, you didn’t mean to say the things you did.  You were stressed, very stressed.  And with stress comes all these emotions that you just can’t control.  You rolled around in bed, not being able to get any sleep at all.  You decided to go see what Wonho was doing so you got up, and walked into the living room.  Looking around the living room, you see in a distance, Wonho curled up on the sofa sound asleep.  You sighed, you didn’t want it to end like this.  You began walking closer towards him quietly, not wanting to wake him up and sat down on the floor, looking at his innocent face.  

“This wasn’t how I wanted it to be.  I’m sorry for the way I acted.  It’s just I’ve been so stressed with school and my degree.  Everyone else is doing so well and it makes me feel like a failure.  My boyfriend is an idol and I don’t want to ruin his reputation when people find out he’s dating someone useless like me.” you start muttering to yourself, a tear slowly falling down your face.  “You’re not useless or a failure Y/N.”  You slowly look up to see Y/N smiling at you.  He raises a hand and gently wipes the tear away from your face.  “I’m sorry I raised my voice at you, too.  I was afraid and scared.  I didn’t know what took over me.  Please forgive me.”  “Only if you forgive me too.” Wonho nodded and you leaned in for a hug and he gave you a kiss.  “Please come back inside, it’s lonely without you.”  you begged.  He smiled and got off the couch, following you back into your bedroom and tucked the two in.  His arms wrapped around your waist and you smiled.  This was the best feeling and you never want to have him away again.  

- Admin N 

seventeen in melbourne hi touch fanaccount

let me tell you about seventeen

they are all smiles and joy and meeting them was so heartwarming! they must have been exhausted after performing and playing around with us for 3 hours but they still seemed so happy and excited to be there.

it went by so quick that its all still a bit of a blur and i sadly only clearly remember my interactions with like 6 of them and i dont 100% remember the order the members were in, but i know for certain joshua was first!

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need some help with my dog

god i feel super bad asking this but does anyone know any way of training a dog that doesnt requires me to maintain a routine every day all day?
i got niko so he could be my ESA but i fucked up and i got the most fucking destructive dog in the world and he’s so fucking loud and energetic and it got worse when my mom came visit me. he literally won’t let me get decent hours of sleep, he’s constantly running around and barking or whining and he has weird ass obsessions like needing to have every door of the apartment open [so he’s destroying my doors in order to open them]. he’s also started to get too rough while playing and he just bit my hand, it’s bleeding and it hurts like hell.

i’ve had niko for about three months and a half, it already feels like an eternity. he was rescued [almost dying of hunger in some field] at two months old or so and i adopted him from his rescuers when he was 4 months old. he’s been needy and desperate for affection and human contact and literally can’t be alone for longer than 20 minutes [if i don’t give him a toy or a distraction, even if i’m with him he’ll start whining and biting and barking if i’m not paying attention to him]

i’m a college student and i also work part time as a freelance artist so i don’t have all the time in the world to pay attention to him, nor all the money in the world to keep stocking on toys HE KEEPS DESTROYING. he’s only making my mental health worse, making me anxious and triggering IED breakdowns because he’s so… fucking…. loud and he won’t be quiet for longer than a minute. i live in an apartment and i can’t simply ignore him until he shuts up because i have neighbors who probably can’t sleep either.

i desperately need a way of training this dog so he won’t be so vocal, if you can give me any tips please do