i played around on ps

Chelsea, through and through. Favourite quotes part 1:

“This club becomes you. Once you’ve played for it, you’re always welcomed back for the rest of your life, so you become Chelsea and it becomes you.” - Frank Lampard
“You know, I’m a Chelsea fan, I’m Chelsea.” - Joe Cole
“You can take a player out of Chelsea, but you can never take Chelsea out of a player.” - Didier Drogba
“I gave Chelsea fans what they wanted, a dream. And they gave me what I was dreaming of too.” - Gianfranco Zola

A detail of the new ish! I honestly don’t know how often I’m gonna change my mind on the color palette… it’s driving me crazy! Ugh! I also played around with some of the filters on PS, too, just for shits and giggles. So, I hope to finalize this baby within the week! 

icon tutorial

hey so today i’m gonna be teaching you how to make this icon:

requested by: a lot of people, mostly on anonymous

This is what you’ll need beforehand:

  • A screencap
  • Some kind of overlay/texture (You can find nice ones on deviantart, or you can do what I do and I look up ____ texture deviantart on google images)
  • Basic photoshop knowledge
  • A psd (optional) (this one is really nice)

please like/reblog if you used!! :)

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screencap/icon coloring tutorial

this is waaaaay long overdue, but i hope this helps someone and if you have questions feel free to ask me here

you’ll need to have some knowledge of the tools in Ps, but if you’re a beginner i tried to make this simple enough that you can understand, too :)

i’m going to walk you through how i colored this cap (and how i make icons from a screencap like this):

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oeklesen  asked:

when are you planning to upload new speedpaints? the process of making such good art is my aesthetic.

i uhhhh

The truth is I forget to record them. But!! I have an actual excuse for that!! Whenever I start playing around in PS I’m never sure if I will do a full pic or it will all end up in sketches. Recording anything (especially on laptop) decreases performance of PS and it becomes supper laggy and it pisses me off :0 I haven’t recorded anything for a month because everything I’ve been drawing was supposed to be a chill piece aka “hey i got exams coming up but at least drawing is still stress free”

But I promise to start recording soon again!!
Actually, let’s say that every next drawing from now on will be recorded :D 

“They say the bigger the head, then the harder you slip
So I stay humble to the people who took part in this shit
And I swear on my mother’s life, it’s from the heart when I spit “

If you haven’t heard this nigga Phora before, go look him up ahah. Slaps🔥 Anyways, been looking at more ink to get soon.  Neck up this time. Maybe face too idk lmao. Not tryna look like that nigga Gucci Mane wit ice cream on my face. I need some ideas😂🤔