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How to Annotate Literature

Many times language and literature classes require students to annotate the books that are given to them, but in many cases tips and advice on how to do so is lacking. I will be sharing my personal strategy for efficient and successful annotating that will not only help your understanding of the text but also gain the love of your teachers!

The tips have been divided into 5 components, each with their own explanation.

Sticky Tabs are Your Best Friend

I don’t know how I would manage to annotate without my sticky tabs. They help me organize and navigate the book before the reading, remind me what to look for while i’m going through the text and help me find whatever I may need once I get to further analysis for the class. 

Create a key for your tabs, personally I use five colors each having a few specific purposes based on where I place them in the book. Most stickies are accompanied by a specific note that will remind me of what I wanted to point out, these stick out of the right margin. 

  • Pink- Anything to do with characters, be it development or certain traits to remember. It can also be used for when you have questions about character related aspects of the text.
  • Orange- Refers to setting, in plays it is also applicable for stage directions.
  • Yellow- Is used for literary devices and use of language (tone, diction, patterns) and syntax, if there is a particular word the author used or a structure you want to take note of, this is the color to use. 
  • Green- Applicable to any important plot events, notable scenes or things that you think will be significant later in the story.
  • Blue- Themes and context of said ideas, anything to do with time, place and space in which the text takes place. It can also relate to how your context (a student reading a book for a literature course) impacts your perception of the text.

These are the things teachers usually look out for and it is certainly useful in any kind of further task! 

The top and bottom margins can be used to divide the book in to sections, such as chapters or scenes, mark the most important pages and to also highlight text to text connections. These colors you can pick yourself!

I do not recommend having more than 5 sticky tabs per page, otherwise it gets too crowded and they lose their purpose! (but you will still need to buy aaa lloootttt)

This is my key for the book I am currently annotating, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. 

Don’t Overdo it With the Highlighter

Find one color highlighter that you like the most and use it to mark explicit words or phrases that catch your attention, you can also use them in correlation with you sticky tabs! 

I prefer to use a yellow highlighter because it seems to bleed the least, and I usually use it in relation to the the yellow and blue tabs because those are the ones that relate to the most detailed and minute parts of the text. Once again you can find your own preference! But don’t overdo it, otherwise, like the tabs, the highlighter will lose its function to highlight important points. 

This is an example of how much highlighting I usually do. For non-fictional texts or parts of a book (like in the introduction you see here) I reserved highlighter for dates and names. 

Have a Conversation With the Author

This is one of the first tips that my high school teacher gave me and it’s really one of the most important ones to remember. And I know, it may sound kinda silly, but I find that it really helps me in developing my ideas and remembering exactly how I felt about a certain aspect of part of the text. 

Whether the text is fiction of non fiction, anything in between, you can always do these few things

  • Ask questions- As if you were going to get an answer, ask questions, write them down and write down as many as you want. Writing things down helps people remember so then it is more likely that in a class discussion you will be able to recall your queries or wonders. 
  • If you don’t like something, or you’re surprised by something, write it down! Use exclamation marks, use words that you would use in a regular conversation. I always write ‘WOW!!’ or ‘OMG’ when i’m especially impressed, and having such vocal- well written vocally- emotions will bring you closer to the subject of the text. 
  • Talk to the characters as well, if you are questioning a character’s actions ask them and provide an explanation as to why you speculate they may have acted a certain way. Not only does that further contribute to your involvement (also making things more entertaining) but it also deepens your thought!

What i’m trying to say is write down anything that comes to mind, your first response is your true response, and it is a valuable addition to your notes! And if you want to write a whole essay in between the lines… Actually, i’ll come back to that later! 

Pens, not Pencils 

I used to make notes completely in pencil but my approach changed when I realized that overtime the pencil would rub off and get illegible. I think it was because I used my book so much, but having switched to pen I realized that it helps me in quite a few other things as well. 

The good thing about pen is that you can’t erase it and let’s say you started writing down a note, scan down the page and realize what you are taking a note of is completely wrong. That’s ok! That’s actually really good! Don’t scribble out what you just wrote down, but instead continue and explain why you may have thought a certain way and what your understanding is now. That relates really closely to the previous note. 

Evidently pen also appears darker on the page, then there’s no possibility of it ever disappearing. It also won’t smudge or bleed as long as it’s ballpoint! That’s a good thing when drawing arrows between lines, underlining in addition to your highlights and circling/boxing whatever you deem necessary.

Time, Effort and Commitment

It’s clear that this post took me a while to make, and it took me a while to develop this system with all of the things that I have considered. So it must be self evident that using this type of annotation won’t be quick. It might get tiring at some times, and for me it really does, but at the end I find that it always pays off! You have to stay committed to this technique, you have to put in the same amount of effort for every page, which means you need time. So here are a few final general tips I will leave you with.

  • Don’t procrastinate! As goes for any task, and this one more than any, don’t waste time getting to it! I advice you check how many pages you have in total and make sure that you do a certain amount per day (usually 5-10 pages a day is good!)
  • If you go off on massive tangents in the side bars, make sure that you don’t get too distracted by them because they will take up a lot of your time. But one now and then may be good! Be sure to mark it for later reference!
  • Play mind games with yourself. This one is actually pretty interesting but it personally gets me a long way. If you have 20 pages left, don’t look at it as 20 pages but instead as 4 times 5, then the amount will seem a lot more manageable! It’s a kind of self encouragement!
  • That can also be said by looking now and then at how far your bookmark has moved through the book and giving yourself a pat on the back for all of you hard work!

That’s all I have for now! If you have any further questions for advice or explanation please message me and I will be more than happy to help! And I hope that this helps some people out too! (I’m counting this as 21/100 days of productivity as all I did today was related to annotating.)

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List C Edition

Carbokinesis - Control Carbon

  • As someone who happened to buy a lot of coal, I end up with a lot of diamonds.
  • You know those carbon filters in fish tanks? I never have to change mine now. I just sort of wave the guck out? It’s an easy chore.
  • Don’t forget, there’s carbon in steel. If I take it out, this whole city’s going down.

Cardiokinesis - Control Hearts

  • I don’t know why you think this has to do with love. Hearts are organs that only pump blood. I mean, I guess if your heart beats faster, you feel like you’re in love.
  • I spent years in medical school specializing in heart surgery just so I could discretely fix people’s hearts much faster than they should be able to. But whenever anyone asks me what my secret to fast and perfect surgery is, I have to lie and it’s eating me inside.
  • I can see everyone’s relationships, but sometimes it gets really distracting. All these fibrous lines keep obscuring the cinema screen.

Caelestikinesis - Control Celestial Bodies

  • Is it weird I can tell you’re an aries? I’m getting that you’re an aries. 
  • Okay, so making the night sky spell out “will you marry me?” was awesome but I think I ruined a bunch of aliens’ homes. I really hope they don’t know I did that.
  • Being a god of the stars is generally really boring. Nothing’s ever been happening. But this little planet seems to be starting something… Better get closer to watch.

Caelumkinesis - Control the Sky

  • I can hide as anything that flies. So if you happen to see a bird in my room, don’t chase it out with a broom. 
  • If you’re going to be like that, I can make sure you always get rained on.
  • The world is so boring. I finally found out how to make dragons and I’m gonna take the initiative and just making this happen.

Chemokinesis - Control Chemical Substances

  • If it’s on the periodic table, I can mess with it. People generally aren’t ready for their oxygen to become iron.
  • The hero can’t come and vanquish me if I’ve given them depression.
  • Now that I’ve trapped you in my moat… It’s acid.

Chromokinesis - Control Colors

  • A magician’s biggest trick: Turning the entire performance center blue.
  • I have a grudge against someone who somehow muscled their way into my personal art show. I’ll makes sure they never see color ever again.
  • So I can fly… But it’s very… Flashy. Yeah, it’s a rainbow.

Chronokinesis - Control Time

  • So, even if I manipulate time, I can’t manipulate space. And Earth moves, so… I kind of killed most of the population. They’re either in space or the mantle. 
  • I’ve been stealing time from everyone and it’s all stored deep underground.
  • I’ve tricked a constuction crew through a time-portal and now they’re building me a castle in 16th century France. I’ll be king and my castle will never fall.

Cibumkinesis - Control Food

  • You don’t even know how much pretentious people like to eat my ‘innovative’ foodstuffs. Milk jerky is as weird as it sounds and only comes in 2%
  • I’ll win every cooking competition, no matter how much I mess up. 
  • May your harvest be blighted and your water poisoned. Think twice before crossing me again.

Cthonikinesis - Control Nether

  • Powers adapt to new meanings for the word. I’m gonna send you to minecraft hell.
  • Your nether regions are so fucked.
  • How do you feel, facing your own late father in battle?

Cukinesis - Control Copper

  • When NYC falls into peril again, someone with the ability to manipulate copper calls upon the ultimate defense… The statue of liberty.
  • Yeah I can make a shield, but it’s gonna be copper. Sorry I can’t do anything else. 
  • I’ve gotten into the habit of driving by old neighborhoods and making all the copper wiring and pipes be sucked into my truck. It’s only slightly villainous. 

Cogitokinesis - Control Thought

  • If you’re going to be so angry about my favorite song, enjoy it in your head forever.
  • I make quite the racket erasing unwanted thoughts. Where those thoughts go though is only for me to worry about. 
  • My robots seem too mechanical. I should steal someone’s thoughts to give them a bit of personality. 

Cognikinesis - Control Perspectives

  • Most of the time I just force video games to let me play first person, I’m not sure what you expected.Forcing people to look at what they’ve become is a lot like judgement day.
  • When people make me upset, I like to make them see my actual point of view. 
  • It doesn’t matter how far away something is, if I can see it, I can touch it.

Comakinesis - Control Hair

  • My stage production of rapunzel is the best in the world. How I found a continuous 20 foot braid is anyone’s best guess. I’ll never tell.
  • I’ve created a new breed of naturally pink poodles. I’ll be in the lap of luxury for all my days.
  • No I only have one of these wool sweaters. I can just change it’s color because it’s technically hair.

Combokinesis - Control Combat

  • Any battle goes may way, from a simple argument to an election. I’ve become the most influential person in the world.
  • My personal feelings are always above any actual evidence of winning, so seeing that I may be wrong is terrifying. What if I was wrong before?
  • Now that you’ve shown me what your attack will be, let me eliminate that possibility.

Coronakinesis - Control Corona Energy

  • Yes, it’s basically like that one godzilla. No, I’m not secretly the kid of godzilla. 
  • You think you’ve seen global warming? You’ve seen nothing yet. 
  • Stars tend to move with their corona, so don’t mind the new stars. They were already there before.

Corrokinesis - Control the Power of Corruption

  • I really don’t like corruption, so I keep combing the internet for instances of corruption to take it out, hitman style.
  • I’ve condensed corruption into these special bullets. I want you to shoot all this list, no matter how nice you think they are.
  • Wait, I can basically make this into a hell-dimension? Awesome. Sin for everyone.

Cryokinesis - Control Ice

  • If you keep annoying me all the liquid in your body is gonna freeze.
  • I’ve got the polar ice caps fixed, Antartica is looking good, and I’ve got enough snow cones today’s day at the park. 
  • You’ve gotta believe me, officer! The icicle just plain fell on them! It skewered them!

Crystallokinesis - Control Minerals and Crystals

  • My modern witchcraft store is stocked full with crystals and stones. And it’s all homemade.
  • If I really tried, I could get my crystal healing techniques to go towards a doctorate.
  • You picked the wrong mineshaft to battle me in. You’be basically given me the battle. 

Cytokinesis - Control Cells of Organisms

  • My friend wanted to be a cryptid so we brainstormed for a while and they decided on their form. We still chat when I’m in town.
  • Even if I’m terminal, I can just fix it. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to fix you too.
  • Changing what shape my cells take is the ultimate camouflage. No one suspects the dog.
What I love about each B.A.P member


  • This is going to be long and emotional
  • His stage presence 
  • He’s an entirely different person on stage
  • It’s because he gets angry before each performance
  • His actions during LOE'16 
  • i.e stripping his shirt off during several shows 
  • Then proceeding to drench himself in water 
  • By the end of the tour the other members were pouring water on themselves too 
  • I still haven’t recovered from all of that 
  • But stop the music and he’s just a shy, sweet lil grampa 
  • If you ever need an example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” look no further than Bang Yongguk
  • He’s adorable when he gets shy 
  • He’s actually adorable all the time 
  • Remember how nervous he was during the release of Carnival
  • His smile T-T
  • His laugh 
  • His tattoos
  • *fans self*
  • I come alive when his chest piece peaks out 
  • His love for all things rose gold
  • His love for art 
  • His awareness of what’s going on in the world 
  • How many 20 something people can you name who read a physical newspaper???
  • Watches League of Legends games in bed 
  • Let’s play sometime Bang 
  • Remember that edit he made of “Feel So Good”
  • but he really just slowed it down like 10x
  • Made B.A.B.Y bc someone requested a fan song at a fan sign 
  • His reaction when the other members imitate his deep voice
  • Speaking of…
  • I could listen to him talk until the end of time 
  • His voice is so deep but so beautiful and soft 
  • He never rushes his words
  • Everything he says is thought out 
  • His rapping
  • But I honestly melt when he sings 
  • His singing is heavenly  
  • I hope he sings more in the future 
  • That time he broke an apple in half with his hands but he couldn’t believe he did it 
  • Never in a hurry 
  • Like ever 
  • Snails move faster than him 
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse he would be the first to go
  • Shades TS
  • Loves ramen
  • Give him another ramen cf
  • Used to be a telemarketer 
  • His telemarketer voice lol 
  • The way he runs his hands through his hair 
  • His lying down show on V app
  • I have never screamed and cried so much during a live broadcast 
  • He knew what to do to drive BABYz crazy
  • Ugh he was being so cute then T^T
  • Giving the camera kisses 
  • And telling us to get under the covers with him 
  • Bang pls, my heart 
  • But it was so cute that he asked the members how to work the V app just so he could talk to us 
  • When asked where he would take someone on the first date, he said he’d invite them into his shirt 
  • Ok bye how do I get that date 
  • When he wears glasses 
  • His clothing style 
  • His love for Tigger
  • The character and his dog 
  • He sends videos of Tigger to the members 
  • How pure is that T^T
  • The way he is with children
  • His compassion and charity
  • Wants to make the world better 
  • Influences his members and BABYz to do good deeds
  • Old soul
  • But so beautiful and kind 
  • His birthmark 
  • Failed his driving test not once, but 3 times
  • Like dude I failed mine on the first try bc of a technicality 
  • But 3 times???? 
  • It’s okay there are lots of people who will drive you around :) 
  • Drunkenness 
  • His Instagram is black & white bc color hurts his eyes 
  • “Our team came back”
  • “Yah, Moon Jongup”
  • He works so hard to give us good music 
  • I’m glad he’s resting now 
  • His haNDS
  • They are the most beautiful hands I have ever seen 
  • And they are SO SOFT 
  • I cry when I think about his hands
  • Remember when Himchan posted that picture of Yongguk getting a manicure 
  • What a couple 
  • “Bang” makes for some great ship names
  • Straight up said he loves the other members more than BABYz 
  • The most patient man I have ever seen 
  • If he ever gets angry, he doesn’t curse
  • He just speaks in an even lower tone
  • The time he was playing a game with cups on The Show and almost lost his shit because the cups kept falling down
  • The foundation of B.A.P
  • Kept B.A.P together 
  • “Alone you might be weak, but together we can be strong" 
  • This man if full of great quotes and wisdom
  • Especially: "banana shake”
  • The amount of emotion he puts into every rap 
  • His songs on SoundCloud 
  • He shows his vulnerability through his songs
  • AM 4:44
  • I cannot tell you how many times I played AM 4:44 on repeat during hard times 
  • I remember the first time I heard it I was covered in goosebumps 
  • I still get them
  • When I read the lyrics I cried 
  • He poured every ounce of himself into that song
  • “Everything’s gonna be alright" 
  • A simple yet powerful sentence 
  • I wonder if he realizes that one sentence has been a source of strength for many BABYz
  • I wonder if he realizes that B.A.P has been a huge source of strength for BABYz
  • Thank you, B.A.P, for being our strength

Feel free to add some of your favorite Yongguk things! Our precious gummy leader.

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Imagine~ First meeting Kai in the prison world.

Word Count: 1248

You’d been stuck in this prison world for nearly six weeks now, all for nothing. Your so called ‘best friend’ had killed a coven member and blamed it on you, and everybody believed her. So now you’re here, Mystic Falls, in 1994 for some strange reason.

As you were strolling through the shop aisles you heard a bang behind you. This being the first time you’d heard a noise that wasn’t made by you, it made you jump. 

“Hello?” you called out, hoping somebody was out there. 

“Hello gorgeous.” a male voice said as a fairly handsome boy came into your view. 

You were confused, at first believing it was just a way for your brain to cope with the eternal loneliness. But then realizing that most likely wasn’t the case but you wanted to make sure. 

“Are you real?” you said before face-palming in your head about how dumb that sounded. 

He chucked before saying “I am, in the flesh. But I should be the one asking if you’re real because I’ve been alone in this world for about 20 years.”

“Wait what? I thought this prison world was made for me?” you said, confused. 

“Nope, just for me. Have you ever heard of Malachai Parker?” he smirked. 

At first you mind went blank before realizing who was standing in front of you. The boy who killed most of his family and was sent to a prison world as punishment. That explains why it was 1994.

He was cuter that you’d imagined but he was still a sociopath. 

“Your that siphoner that killed his whole family or should I say coven.” you said calmly, trying to keep your cool. 

“So you’ve heard about me?” he said, his smirk turning into more of a grin. 

“Everyone has. According to everybody you’re insane, but I always thought you were just misunderstood.” you say as your fear began to subside. 

“Is that so? But if you know about me doesn’t that make you a witch?” he questions which you realized he only wanted to know so he can siphon your magic and try to leave. 

“Yes it does. But I’m just like you, I don’t have any magic. I can only siphon magic from other people.” you reply truthfully. You didn’t have your own magic which is probably why everybody believed your friend over you. 

“Oh.” he replied, disappointment evident in his voice. “What was your name again?” he said as the disappointment faded. 

“You never asked in the first place but it’s Y/N. I would ask yours but I already know.” you say with a smile. 

“Since you’re the only other person on this planet. How would you like to get to know each other” he said like you didn’t already know everything about his past. But you didn’t object and sooner or later he led you to the Mystic Grill. 

*A while later*

“So she just pinned the whole thing on you?” he asked. 

“Yep. All whilst I thought she was my best friend." 

You and Kai had got to know each other over the last hour or so. And to be honest he was nice, nothing like everyone had said he was. Everyone called him a sociopath who had no feelings but he wasn’t like that at all. He’d just been molded that way. 

After talking for a while he offered to let you stay in the house he’d been staying in. 

"I’d love to. But I can’t guarantee I won’t eat all your food.” you said with a laugh and he laughed too. 

“Feel free Princess.” he said with a grin. This was the first person he’d spoken to another person in nearly 20 years and he actually liked her. So he was going to do everything in his power to keep her. 

*That night*

 You and Kai spent most of the night talking and playing board games and generally just having a fun time until around 1am when you both became tired. 

“Erm, where am I supposed to sleep tonight?” you asked realizing you hadn’t prepared a bed or anything. 

“Oh god, I didn’t even think about that.” he said nervously. “Well, you could sleep in the spare bedroom but it’s really cold in there and the other room hasn’t got a bed in it. I-I mean you could sleep in my bed with me.” he said, the last bit coming out weaker than he’d meant it to. 

“If it’s okay could I share the bed with you? It’s just I don’t like being cold or sleeping on the ground.” you said nervously but styling it out with a giggle. 

His face flushing a light shade of pink before saying “Uhm, sure I’ll grab you some clothes to wear for tonight and you can get changed in the bathroom down the hall" 

"Sounds good.” you replied as you followed him down the hall to where you assumed his room was. 

After a few moments you reached the room. It was really homey and suited Kai’s personality quite well. It was a dark blue with a large king size bed, it had an oak wood dresser and a bookshelf. 

“I decorated it myself to pass time.” he says as he pulled open the drawer. 

“It’s nice, it suits you well.” you said as you continued to observe your surroundings.

“Here’s some clothes to wear and I got you joggers and shorts so you can decide.” he said, passing the clothes to you. “Thank you.” you smiled and made your way to the bathroom. 

When you got there you set the clothes down and began to strip down. 

“Oh yeah, Y/N.” Kai said as he entered the bathroom, you quickly attempted to cover yourself up but failed miserably. 

Kai looked up and saw you as you were in the middle of getting changed. 

“KAI!” you shouted as he stared at you in surprise, but when he realized a smirk creeped over his face. 

“Hot.” he said chuckling, as you became frustrated. “Get. Out!” you shouted yet again. 

“Alright, alright. I’m leaving.” he said still grinning as he exited the room. 

You quickly get changed into an over-sized top which you assumed was Kai’s and a pair of shorts. 

As you entered the room Kai was lying in bed shirtless with grey sweats on. You’d be lying if you said he didn’t look hot. 

“You put on quite the show in the bathroom.” Kai smirked as he looked you up and down. 

“Ugh, shut up.” you groaned as you crawled into the bed next to him.

“Don’t be embarrassed Princess. You’re really hot.” he said as he scooted closer to you. 

“Thanks, I guess.” you say with a giggle, whilst blushing profusely. 

“I’m just playing, sorta.” he says with a smirk still playing on his face. He changed his position from sitting upright to lying down side ways. 

You could feel the warmth radiating off his body and it made you happy. You hadn’t felt anything like this in over a month and you couldn’t even start to fathom how he felt. 

Out of nowhere he pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arm around your hips.

At first you were confused, but then realized how safe and comfortable you felt in his arms. 

It was at this point you felt content with the thought that this was the person you were possibly spending eternity with, and with that you drifted into a deep sleep.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i cannot seem to fathom why david pastrnak is so underrated. he scored 34 goals and made 70 points this season (that's 18th in the entire league!!) and played so many games and had so much time on ice and it's only his third season and he's only 20 years old. he won the seventh player award twice (IN HIS THREE SEASONS) so it's clear that the fans love him?? and he's so precious like he worked super hard to become a hockey player to make his late father proud and he's an actual puppy like that's how cute and fluffy he is. and he dresses amazingly (gosh his suits) and is just really cute and really talented and skilled and perseverant and i don't understand why people can't see that like where are the nhl.com special columns on pasta?? where?? also his nickname is pasta that's adorable is it not
~Suicide Squad HighSchool (Dating Edition) ~

A/N : Since I’m an idiot, I had put some of your guys requests on hold until I get some ideas for them..Also, I just got this idea of HighSchool by playing the new Naruto online game *whispers* It had come back to me guyysss!

Also, I’m getting some ideas to do some imagines of a Suicide Squad AU of Highschool since we all ‘loved’ those years or are still in them? *whimpers* I finished high school 2 years ago..god, I’m so old, close to 20 >///> Enough rumbling, lets enjoy this shit here! 


Role: Most Insane Dude and Popular Guy

Dating: You and Joker would always get in a lot of silly fights, most of the times because of his violent nature and also sassy talks. He actually cares for you but being the most popular guy in the school and also most of richest was a heavy burden he had to carry.

He’s also the one to blame for you missing classes, ditching them, and failing so many subjects. Other times, your relation takes some wrong steps since most of his fan girls would try to have you two break up, but you guys always find a way to avoid them and enjoy your time together. (that’s what skipping classes are for)

Harley Queen: 

Role: Queenbee and Main Cheerleader

Dating: Harley is always a surprise in your guys relationship. One time she could be yelling at you and then blame the voices in her head before the next hour, she is at your door or class, a bouquet of your favorite flowers in her hands or a silly and loving card made specially for you.

She is also good in sports, so when you almost failed P.E, she took you under her wing, making you get straight A+ for the rest of the semester. (let’s just note that fact it wasn’t just P.E she taught you)


Role: Color Guard ( for those who don’t know, they are usually the ones dancing in a band march)

Dating: Since her husband had been killed, she was skeptical at first to date you but you pursued and constant pestering her to finally give you a chance. It was the best chance she had given you since the relationship was a success, you guys were inseparable and even moved together.

She is good in sports too, and she is thinking of teaching you sword fight, mainly because she is scared that she will lose you like she did with her husband.

Enchantress / June Moone

Role: The Nerd

Dating: Since she had Enchantress stuck as her other half, June was kinda afraid you will push her away once she showed the witch to you for the first time but you simply blinked confused, flashing the other female a smirk and ask her if she can show you any magic tricks you can use against the bullies in the school. Enchantress took a liking to you since most of the times you were helping June around the library to stock up the books while other times you were with her, learning magic spells and enchants.

Truth to be told, both sides loved you dearly and didn’t imagine the rest of their lives without you in it.You were their balance and peace.

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So my super friendly game was against a super friendly guy who unknowingly (he only started playing 40k in December) brought the single most UNfriendly detachment in the game: necron decurion.

He didn’t know, I wasn’t mad, but i did prepare myself for a stomping. I actually did better than expected, nearly forcing a draw and only losing by 1 victory point. In terms of what we had left on tje board it was a lot more in his favor.

Got to run Jain Zar and a Crimson Hunter and Wraithguard for the first time- all did very well, especially those wraithguard. Let’s hear it for d-scythes. “Nice 20 man warrior squad you got there. Too bad they’re in template range.” VOIP

then the wraithguard got focus fired to death by like… everything else including the deceiver shard. But hey, 20 ded crons.

Anyway, really nice dude, really fun game even though I lost. Looking forward to playing him again.

AU where Bitty is in the NHL

this could go one of two ways.
1. bitty went to samwell with Jack, they still got together, Bitty gets scouted and recruited to: not the Falconers.<
-imagine jack and bits playing against each other
-but jack never checks him, not even if theyre fighting, not even if he’s losing (bitty cant check him bc hes smol but whatever)
-they keep hockey and their relationship separate, and also secret, but think about the playful competition
-jack takes hockey super seriously ofc but bitty helps him realize that hockey is meant to be fun too gd jack u robot
-both of them work at not passing the puck to each other bc they arent on the same team
-but, about that secret relationship
-bitty isnt super closeted. he has a vlog, he has twitter, the only ppl that dont know he’s gay are his parents but lmao they def know bitty is terrible at hiding it, but thats another story
-so, the press, uh, addresses bittys sexuality by putting together a montage of the vlog and links to the vlog and if they werent basically outing him the video would be cute as shit bc its bitty
-but, really, bitty never wanted to be closeted, and he never really hid it anyway. he talks to his parents, he talks to jack, and heres the plan.
-bitty comes out, but he’s so southern about it. like the press says something to him and bitty’s just “oh, y'all didnt know that?”
-so, bittys the first gay NHL player
-but lets talk about jack
-lets say, falconers v bittys team (whatever team he’s on is in new england. wherever bits and jack live is between their home stadiums) and maybe theres a falconer thats kinda a dick and a homophobe. jack isnt out, and its never come up before, but this guy (lets call him Dick) is a DICK. and he says something to bitty, maybe after checking him really hard, and jack just loses it.
-maybe jack is close by and he heard what dick said, and hes livid okay. this guy was sort of his friend, his teammate, and then theres bitty who’s crumpled on the ice and jack and bits make eye contact and bitty looks so shaken and broken and jack. just. loses. it.
-jack fights his own teammate on the ice. he gets dick’s helmet off and his own gloves off and doesnt stop until he can barely recognize the other guys face, because of all the blood, this dick who he thought was his friend, and someone is pulling him away, maybe half the falconers are pulling him away
-maybe its tater thats pulling jack away, jack whos still struggling to get back out there not to keep wailing on dick but to see if bitty is okay because he’s honestly over the anger (okay, maybe not 100% but hes more concerned with bits atm)
-but tater drags him to the showers and forces him under cold water like they do in all the sports movies when shit gets real and athletes be crazy
-fun fact: tater is like jacks bff second to shitty. but he doesnt know about jack and bits.
-and jack is so quiet that tater barely hears him when he asks what the hell happened out there. jacks tells tater that Dick just assaulted jacks boyfriend.
-and tater says. “alright. we kill him. but not on ice, too many camera”
-and jack laughs. tater laughs. jack is still shaking and ofc hes cold but hes calm now.
-hes calm when georgia comes around and his managers come around and he says hes doing press. and they are like “no. not happening” until jack singles out george and is like “i have something to say.” (george knows abt jack and bits so she thinks hes going to come out, but hes not) so he and george have a quiet convo about what he wants to say and george approves it and the managers/coaches are like wtf why are u letting this happen.
-jack does press. his knuckles are shredded and hes got paper towels wrapped around them and theres a bit of blood still but hes smiling.
-jack says ‘bittle is my friend. even if he werent i would not tolerate homophobia on my team’ (jack could be cap or not but anyway)
-press wants to know why its such a strong reaction, dicks face is wrecked, yadda yadda.
-‘bittle is my best friend’ jack says. cue chuckles from the press. somewhere in harvard shitty clutches his chest and screams 'ET TU, JACK?’ (he gets looks but when does he not)
-bitty is being checked out by the docs (hes all good) and is asked what he thinks about jacks reaction. bits is like 'it was stupid of him but nonetheless, i will make him a pie’
-jack gets a fine and a suspension (and a pie) dick gets a bigger fine and a longer suspension and has to make an official apology and go to sensitivity training.
-bitty scolds jack for being wreckless, he could have gotten hurt, maybe outed. and jack is like “i dont care what happens to me i care about you” and they make sweet sweet love and maybe, jack is thinking about coming out
-followers of bittys vlog (which he still does!!) make gifs of dick getting beat up, photoshop pies splattering on his head.
-and then, well, suddenly people are more interested in the bittle/zimmerman 'friendship’
-bittys vlog gets hits. not the new videos when hes in the nhl. the old ones. the samwell ones. especially the outtakes bits posted where a certain canadian pops up here and there
-articles about the two year period where jack and bits were on the same line at samwell. next game bitty is in he gets put on press. 'so, jacks your best friend’ 'id say so’ 'and youre gay’ 'yes’ 'is jack?’ and bits is so clever, and this is the chirp that goes down in hockey legend “jack is hockeysexual”
-(somewhere in the world, the smh crew are d y i n g of laughter. jack gets a million chick emojis in texts.)
-ofc the press are kind of dumb. 'hockeysexual?’ 'yeah,’ says bits 'he likes hockey.’ (later on jack is going to make a show of writing hockey on a post it and sticking it to bitty right after they have sex. bitty snaps a photo and saves it to post on insta later on…. much later)
-in the meantime jack and george are talking about uh, things, and she says that now might be a good time with all the positive media attention (theres negative media too about how jack shouldnt kick the shit out of his own team but mostly the press is ecstatic about fighting homophobia and the 'incredible bromance between players on different teams’ 'bromeo and dudeliet’–ransom and holster INSIST on being called bromeo and dudeliet)
-but jack isnt ready. no, hes ready to come out. he just has to do something first.
-before jack plays again, he proposes. (dont ask me how bc im a SAP and if i get started on a proposal story i wont stop.) but anyway bits says yes. and then a little bit later jack says hes going to come out but he wont tell bitty how, he just tells him to be ready for it.
-and uh, bitty has an away game while jack has a home game. and jack does press. and bittys on the team bus on the way to the stadium when suddenly his team starts whispering and glancing at him until finally theyre at the stadium and off the bus and his team dog piles him and congratulates him and bittys like ??? and suddenly theres a phone in front of him with a video
-and its jack doing press.
-the press (as they have been doing) try and get jack to address the rumors that he and bits are more than bffs, to which jack says
-'im not going to tell yall that hes my boyfriend’ (those in the know notice the yall. it becomes half the smh’s text tones for jack)
-the press murmurs dissapointedly but jack smiles and says 'because he’s my fiance’
-and bitty calls jack immediately and scolds him a bit, and tells him he loves him but 'dangit jack im about to play’ and jack is just like 'sorry not sorry’
-and bittys team wins. do a lot of the stadium know hes engaged to jack? yes. is there a little hate speech thrown at him? yes, like usual. one drunk guy gets his attention and says something like 'im not a gay but zimmy has an ass you can bounce a quarter off congrats dude!’ (bitty will always be suspicious that it was actually shitty in disguise)
-and bits. he does press. one guess as to what the press asks him about. 'no we havent set a date. no, our relationship has never affected the game–okay maybe the once but thats dicks fault. we ve been together since i was 20. no, the only time i try to win games for jack is when im playing against jack" cue chuckles.
-shitty and tater fight for best-manship. lardo is uncontested for bittys best man. there are a lot of smh hockey players in the wedding party.
-there is a lot of talk about how ppl think jack or bitty are going to be compromised by each other, that they shouldnt get to play for the sake of the sport. its a cheap way to disguise homophobia, and jack calls them out on it. bitty is just… 'bless their heearts’ and pulls a knife
-jack is suddenly appearing on bittys vlog more.
-also people are kind of irked that they didnt realize jack and bits live in the smae house. because at some point pre-coming out there have been 'welcome to the team’ fluff pieces where rookies show people around their houses and talj about what they like. first jack had one and then bitty. in the same house. these fuckers. YALL ARE NOT SUBTLE. (this is also how bitty vlog gets popular while hes a nhl star. bc he talks about his vlog. a lot.)
-cut to married zimbits. jack and bits drive to a game together, where theyre going to play each other, and the press paps them sharing a goodbye kiss before going to separate locker rooms.
-theres talk of maybe it would be best if jack or bitty get traded so theyre on the same team? which, that doesnt seem too bad to bits and jack. but. they have contracts. and they kind of like playing against each other. and it takes more than one player for a team yadda yadda jack and bits arent winning/losing alone
-years down the road bitty is a free agent (or whatever i dont really know that much about sports okay) and theyre both falconers players. bc bittys other option was to move to frickin canada (or vegas lmao could u imagine. with parson. poor jack) and also bc jack and bitty play so well together.
-lets end this story with the managers of the falconers face palming SO HARD bc bits makes jack a better player, jack makes bits a better player. the falcs had a chance to get bitty and they didnt bc idk, they had jack from samwell or maybe they compared him to jack tok much or maybe they couldnt compete with whatever bittys team offered to pay. and now they see what they could have had for years now and oh my god. side note- bittys got a stanley cup, jacks got a stanely cup, and now that theyre on the same team theyre gonna get another stanley cup.
-fear the stanely cup winning gay hockey power couple

but yeah. bitty in the nhl.

Double Your Word Count: A Sprint Game

I cannot take credit for this idea–I read it somewhere on the NaNo forums last year, and since they’re wiped yearly the post I saw is long gone. Someone awesome who isn’t me came up with this, but I love it and want to share it.

Here’s what you do:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sprint. Record your word count–I played this morning and got 188 words.

Okay, double that to set your goal for the next sprint, 10 minutes. I needed 376 words; I actually wrote 481. Go me!

Double that (my new goal is 962) and do a 20-minute sprint. Oops! I failed the first time, and only wrote 870 words.

If you fail at the goal, you have to try again instead of doubling. My second try: a measly 737. I was getting tired.

I took a break and did some tumblring, then tried a third time.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t actually started my timer, when I thought “Shouldn’t it have gone off by now?” and saw it sitting at 0:00.

But I’d written 1,443 more words, bringing my total for the day to almost 4K. Success, even if I wasn’t actually playing the game anymore.

(If I had reached that goal, the next step would be to double it and do a 40-minute sprint–I’ve tried that twice before and never managed to make it. Fatigue sets in for me, and my most effective writing-time length seems to be 15-20 minutes max, if I’m going for speed. Give it a try, certainly, to see if it works for you!)

Honestly I think about the whole “Spy being Scout’s Dad” thing a lot with regards to it’s origins and the role fandom played in it. 

Like, the gag in Meet The Spy was very clearly little more than a “HON HON HON I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER” joke that heavily played up the idea of sex with a woman as some sort of conquest, but then fandom and fan artists decided to actually make it into a subject matter with some substance (and also called out the fact that the model of Scout’s Mom was ridiculously young pretty and skinny for a mother of 7 with her youngest son at that point being in his 20s because women in video games of course aren’t allowed to be old and chubby, certainly not if they are again being portrayed as sexual conquests), so CLEARLY those pics were some time ago, maybe exactly! *insert Scout’s age here* number of years ago! And it just went from there to where we are now where, yes with their brand of colorful Tom Jones infused humor, Valve has taken this fan theory and made it canon and added emotion to it both through Spy and lines from Scout about never having a father around, and honestly I just think it’s fucking wonderful that this whole scenario came about from fans and by fans because for something that spawned from a fuck your mother gag, it’s ended up awfully sweet and touching. TF2′s openness to including all manner of fan content from items to the Announcer’s design to this is just something I’ll always love about it and why it remains a special experience. 

Um, right, I got tagged to do a thing by @perenniallily  and took forever my b.

So I remembered this tag and was like aite man I’ll write something I didn’t actually play this game but I’ll give it 1.5 outta 5 hats to keep it real

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better.

Nicknames: Uh, most people call me GSP online, I guess. Some old Guildmates from MMO days call me Drac. Some people are stuck on Marsillia… My significant others call me “Bug” And “Brilliance” respectively.

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5'7″? 5′8″? fuck it man i dunno

Time right now: 3:33PM

Last thing you googled: … “Vibrator reviews” Of course it would be something like this TY self.

Favorite Musical Artist: I tend to like songs, not artists. Been hella into the Moana soundtrack lately though if that counts.

Song stuck in my head: “Raise your Glass” by P!nk

Last Movie I watched: Ghostbusters. Again

Last TV show: I guess it was Lie To Me?

What I’m wearing: My PJs, because I sleep until 2 PM like a degenerate

Do I get asks: Not unless it’s from pornbots or some noise. You’d think they’d like… at least have the sense to show something slightly more appealing to lesbians in their icon or w/e before they try those flirty fake asks but nope.

Why did I choose my URL: Because I love Exalted, and if I was going to be an Exalt, I would be a defined-by-their-failures-extra-salty-chips Infernal. Also it just sounds cool and I really wanted something with Princess in it. Because I am one.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw~

Pokemon Team: I think Skull. I’d be another “big sister” skull leader just chilling with my bros by bus stops and in trailer parks and shit.

Favorite Color: Blues/Greens or a mix

Average Hours of Sleep: it’s 9 or nothing baby.

Lucky Number: 8, 17

Favorite Characters: I’m on a Tales kick so I’ll drop Velvet and Zelos

Dream Job: Dragon Lady CEO type, with the sexy side slit pencil skirt and a known weakness for cute gay secretaries. Failing that: Polygamous Trophy Wife

# of Blankets slept with: two? 

Following : 103… I feel like I lost some. w/e

So um, fuck. I hate taggin people. So uh, Mutuals, all of you, I’d love to hear more about ya but I also ain’t bout to tag you and put you on the spot if you’re not tryna do shit so… consider yourselves tagged if you wanna be ya’ll.

How Much Time Do You Have? *Stiles Stilinski*

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

*So guys this is a new fic I’m working on. It should be around 3-5 parts. Im not sure yet, but I hope you enjoy it and pleaseeeee tell me what you think. Also this part doesn’t have smut but the other parts will. The rating is for the overall series. Thanks!!! (:*

Pairing: Stiles x Reader (The reader has a name in this, btw)

Rating: M (Mature)

Warning: Kissing? None really

A special thanks to @obrosey-af for proofreading it for me :)

I couldn’t keep my mind off of her. She affected everything I did and every choice I made. But why? She wasn’t mine, not yet at least. Normally talking to females was an easy task for me. It didn’t take long before I had them completely smitten, but she was different. And all of a sudden I found myself actually wanting to get to know her. I wanted to have late night conversations about her fears, what she believes in, her family, her life, just everything. I wanted to know everything about her. She absorbed my thoughts, hell she was even in my dreams. Some more explicit than others. As I stared at my ceiling I couldn’t help but recall the first day we met.

Harrison was talking on and on about something I couldn’t care less about. I woke up late and didn’t get a chance to grab any food so as you could guess, I was starving. The only thing on my mind was food and how quickly I’d be able to get some. That was until someone stumbled through the door. I saw red hair and I sat up in my seat to get a better look at our new student. She wore simple black jeans and a maroon crewneck.

“M'sorry I’m so late, I got a bit lost on the way here” She mumbled, still struggling to hold her books together.

Harrison just nodded and ushered for her to find a seat. She looked around before her eyes landed on the seat next to me. She made her way over and gave me a small smile. I was happy that the only seat available was next to me, but it only made me more nervous knowing that she’s probably going to be sitting with me for the rest of the year. As she slid into the seat I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. Her red hair was cut into layers, the shortest piece falling just above her shoulder, her lips were covered in this berry colored lipstick, and eyeliner adorned her eyelids. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when my stomach decided to make a dying whale sound, causing everyone to look back at me.

“Mr. Stilinski…. You may leave the class if you need to” Harrison said causing half of the class to erupt in a fit of giggles.

“I’m good” I mumbled and he continued his rant on chemicals or some shit. I focused on picking at my nails and avoiding eye contact with the new girl, whose name I had to learn. It wasn’t long before a granola bar was shoved in my face, literally poking me in the nose.

“Oh gosh I’m so sorry” She whispered and I smiled taking the granola bar from her. “I’m a bit of a klutz but I always have food so there” She made sure to keep her voice low so that she wouldn’t get in trouble. I gave her another smile and said thank you before I devoured the snack.

And every day since she would bring me a granola bar and coffee or something that I could eat. No matter how many times I told her that it wasn’t necessary, she wouldn’t listen. I learned that her name was Rhea, her mother was Indian and her father was Greek so the name fit both sides of her culture. In Sanskrit her name meant streaming/flowing and in Greek Mythology it was the name of Zeus’ mother. I learned a lot about her in the last week actually, but we only talked in school. I learned that she dyed her hair red because of father told her not too, she moved to California with her mother after she found out her dad was having an affair, she has a best friend who lives here named Erica, but she likes to be called Er, I think that’s the same Erica that Isaac is dating. We spent lunch together every day since she got here, and she quickly took a liking to Scott and Lydia. They’ve expressed their liking to her multiple times as well.  Isaac and his girl went on some vacation thing and they’ll be back at school tomorrow, I’ll have to introduce her just in case that is her best friend.


It’s been two weeks since Rhea’s been here, turns out Erica was her best friend, they’ve spent a lot of time together. She’s currently tucked under my arm, while we watched Star Wars. She’s never seen it and I can tell she’s bored, but she won’t say anything because of my love for the movie.

“Wanna play a game?” I asked turning to her, sitting crisscross on the couch. She mimicked my actions and nodded rapidly.

“20 Questions? I still want to know more about you, I promise I won’t overstep my boundaries” The softest giggle left her mouth and I swore my heart stopped. I don’t think I’ve ever had actual feelings for a girl. Then she comes along and everything I’ve ever believed is just thrown out the window. I’ve never even had a girl over at my place and for the past few days she’s always been here. I’m fucked, utterly fucked.

“It’s okay Stiles, you can ask what you want, I’m comfortable enough around you” I still wasn’t going to overdo it, I didn’t want her to think I only wanted one thing from her.

“Okay we’ll start off simple, Favorite TV show?”

“Law&Order: SVU, it’s so good Stiles!! You have to watch it. Olivia Benson is my Idol.” She squealed and I couldn’t stop the grin forming on my face. She was too cute, she always got this excited when she talked about things she loved.

“Okay my turn…. Why haven’t you tried anything with me yet?” What? Her question caught me off guard and I probably looked like a dear caught in headlights.

“W-What do you mean?” I stuttered out.

“I mean why haven’t you tried anything? I don’t wanna sound cocky or rude, it’s just that you’re pretty popular right….” She looked down and fiddled with her fingers before continuing.

“I know I’m not the best looking girl out there, so I shouldn’t expect you to try something, but I just, I mean. Nevermind.” She looked back up at me “You can ask now”

I shook my head and scooted up closer “No, ask what you were gonna ask….”

She took a deep breath and averted her eyes from mine. “Okay, fine. Why do you hang out with me? I’ve uh heard things. You’re a player, you sleep around, and um stuff like that. So why do you hang out with me if you haven’t tried anything?”  She paused taking a deep breath.

“All I do is sit here and ramble on and on about myself and you seem to enjoy it but why? You have so many girls throwing themselves at you, but you’re hanging out with a Virgin. Someone who doesn’t know anything of how to please you.” She paused again as if she was putting her words together.

“Like fore example you have much more exciting friends, for god’s sake you were supposed to go to Lydia’s party tonight but instead you’re here watching Star Wars with me….” Her voice got smaller as she finished speaking.

I had no idea she felt this way. Did she really think she was boring? All that crap she said earlier about not being the best looking girl and what not is complete bullshit because she’s breathtaking. Who told her I was a player? My face must’ve been contorted into some weird expression because she soon spoke up again.

“Look Stiles, don’t get angry. Forget I said anything, yeah?” I shook my head and scooted back into the corner of the chair making her scoot closer to me.

I wasn’t mad that people told her about my “ways”, I was mad that she was doubting herself. I should be happy that she’s comfortable enough to tell me this information, but I don’t want her thinking that way. Ever. Once again I was brought out of my thoughts by her. This time she climbed up onto my lap so that her legs were on either sides of my body.

“Stop thinking about it, let’s just watch Star Wars and forget I said anything” She pouted and while her actions were completely innocent, I couldn’t help the feeling that made its way to my crotch. My hands flew to her hips to softly push her off me but that never happened, my eyes kept flicking from her eyes to her lips and I wasn’t aware of how much I was inching towards her.

“Stiles…” She whispered and I stopped moving completely. “Should I stop….” I murmured.

When she didn’t say anything and slowly brushed my lips against hers, searching her eyes for any signs of rejection or doubt. When I didn’t find any, I fully pressed my lips onto hers. They were soft, just like I imagined and the moved perfectly against mine. I moved my hands up to cup her face because I didn’t want them roaming to places they shouldn’t go. I wanted to take my time with her, I wanted to prove that she actually meant something to me. Normally I’d use my words but she literally makes me speechless, every single time I look at her.

My teeth grazed against her bottom lip and she parted her mouth with a low moan. Her fingers tangle themselves in my hair as my tongue slips into her mouth. Not long after I pulled away because apparently my breathing and kissing skills don’t go hand in hand. I was breathing heavily looking up at her and I think she surprises both of us when her lips came in contact with my neck. The bulge in my khakis definitely became more prominent and if she only moved her hips the slightest bit she’d feel it too. I didn’t want her to believe it was only about sex, and I definitely didn’t want her to believe the things she’s heard about me. So I slowly push her off my and lay her on the couch.

“If we keep this up I don’t know If I’ll be able to stop myself” Her lips were swollen, and slightly more red than they normally are. She looked up at me with her Doe eyes and I decide then, that I’m going to call her Bambi.

“I’m s-sorry, do you not want to” She stuttered and I shook my head quickly.

“No no no, I want this. I really want this. But you haven’t done anything like this before. And I really want to take my time with you” I whispered, hovering over her to place a kiss on her lips.

“I promise, we’ll get there. Okay Bambi” She giggled at the nickname and nodded.

“Thanks Stiles” She kissed my cheek “But you never told me why you hang out with me”

I laughed and sat up properly, pulling her up after.

“How much time do you have?”

while I’m dazed from like 20 hours straight of playing a video game I gotta say the “endgame” dungeon music is really really good at gettin ya pumped but I can’t put my finger on why. it’s got the same sort of culmination-type vibe as the theme in magatsu inaba but it doesn’t actually sound that similar. it’s a lot more simple but the steady beat is like… yeah…. we’re gonna take this asshole down… YEAH…. WE’RE MAKING PROGRESS AND WE’RE GONNA DO THE THING AND FUCK YEAH ENDGAME TIME. there were some interesting puzzles but it was. really trying. to finish it all in one day. sometimes there weren’t safe rooms close enough together and I just spent entire sections screaming and hoping that shadows wouldn’t murder the shit out of me and several hours worth of progress. like this boss is doing with me. I’m….. so close….. and I don’t remember my point but there’s also a section in that dungeon that has this super classy fancy hotel piano version of the dungeon crawlin theme and it’s good. nice. hella.


Majoras Mask print I did in today’s stream. Pretty happy with how it came out, and it actually didn’t take too long either, only set back was a silly tablet issue I had to spend maybe 20 minutes fiddling around with settings and drivers x.x

Anyway, I never played this game as a kid really. I got 30 mins into it and stopped. But I recently bought the 3DS version and I’m gathering Zora eggs at the moment. Finding the game very tough, having a hard time wrapping my head around the time travel mechanic. And im not good under time limits either haha, but otherwise it’s fun to be back in that universe again. So I’m having fun even though it’s a little stressful XD

New print for my upcoming cons, so this will be for sale at my stand!

machyne  asked:

How did it feel playing BOTW on the lecture hall projector? Did it feel cool? Or did the big screen make it harder to play or keep track of what was on screen?

there’s this awesome surround sound system in the theatre. i kept looking over my shoulder because when things were behind me they sounded like they were actually behind me. the game is so fucking beautiful??? I have a horse now. 20/10 will try again with the lights off next time.

Quick Liar! Uncover the Truth FAQs and Tips

1. How do I get savvy points?

To the two anons that asked (and anyone else) for every chapter/liar you automatically start with 100 Savvy points. For every wrong choice (eg. picking the wrong question to ask, showing the wrong evidence) then Savvy points are deducted. The exact amount is not known, for example early on in the game you may make one incorrect choice however still retain 100 Savvy points. For later liars, even one mistake may drop you to 80 Savvy points.

Edit: Before you start accusation portion/doubt part they tell you how many mistakes you can make:

Note that the number of mistakes you can make before Savvy points drop decreases as you progress through the game (eg. towards Season 2 of JP Doubt, one mistake drops Savvy points).

You cannot see your current Savvy points until the results are announced at the end which looks like:

2. If I start with 100 Savvy points, how do I reach the S rank clear (which always requires more)?

It’s weird that Savvy points needed seem to increase as you progress through the liars however in the JP version, as long as you correctly answer every question and choose the right evidence (keeping your set 100 Savvy points) and reach the Early Clear Bonus date set for you when you start the chapter you should be able to reach S rank. From my experience, reaching Early Clear Bonus always gave the remaining Savvy points needed to achieve S rank.

3. How do I know if I made the wrong choice (evidence) or asked the wrong question?

Usually a pink “NICE!” (with thumbs up) comes on screen however if you made the wrong choice, you will get a blue “MISS!” on screen and you will be asked to select again. You may or may not lose Savvy points depending on how many wrong choices you made.

4. Bad end?

Note that if you make the wrong decision at the “Final Choice” selection screen you will be directed to the bad end (which can always be read for free for any liar after finishing their chapter). After reading it, you will be able to select another choice. You may or may not lose Savvy points depending on how many wrong choices you made.

5. What happens if I accuse the WRONG liar from the start?

It will eventually become clear you have picked the wrong guy, as MC will ask you to pick evidence or ask a question that proves “x.” Eventually you will run out of things to support what MC wants to prove and the guy you are accusing will brush you off. You will return to the “select liar” screen to try again. You will probably lose Savvy points for choosing the wrong liar.

6. Do free coins expire?

Yes, somewhere in the tutorial or news, the game says that free coins expire if not used after 60 days. You can view the date that your coins will expire by pressing “Shop” (the yellow circle on the top right) and then pressing the grey bar button near the bottom.

7. What about purchased coins?

According to the above image, purchase coins and free coins are listed separately, and purchased coins do not have an expiration date, nor can than expire. Image and info credit: ai-shi-te


1. Remember to open up the app at least a couple of times per day to play the Flirt Time game as you need to maintain your cool points to continue reading the story. Excellent! score gives +20, while Good/Basic gives +10. Not sure if I remember correctly but if you answer Excellent! to an actual character’s question I think you received +50.

2. How do I get Early Clear Bonus without spending money?
Sadly later on, let’s say for the Xth liar it is 40 chapters long, with only 5 tickets per day (without the current 10 ticket campaign) this will take you 8 days. However, Voltage sets the Early Clear Bonus to be shorter than this, say in 6 days time. The only way to get the Early Clear Bonus is to purchase tickets for real money in the shop.

If however, you want to continue playing freely I suggest you save the tickets you get from your daily login bonus, and spend them on a particular Liar which you would like to (permanently) be able to see all endings for.

About endings

As written in some of my later walkthroughs, you do not have to “end up” with the last man (non-liar). After clearing the 6th liar and onwards, these 5 men’s “Lovers” routes will open up and can be found in that tab in the story map:

(blocked out to avoid spoilers)

These will open up as you complete the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th liar chapter.

You can purchase these character’s main stories which are 11 episodes long with 2 endings (similar to Voltage paid apps) with coins which you can either purchase, or accumulate in-game. In JP doubt, these main stories cost 800 coins.

There are also character epilogues which are 3 episodes, and cost 450 coins in JP doubt.

Sorry for the long post, if you have any questions you would like answered please send them through!

What the Game Says:

- 75 hours of play time.


- 20 hours of actual play time.

- 10 hours of forgetting to pause the game when getting up to get food, going to the bathroom, answering the phone, etc.

- 15 hours of forgetting to (or being unable to) pause game while researching repercussions of certain dialogue choices and/or actions on the computer. Because you’ll be damned if you’re going to make the wrong decision!

- 30 hours of forgetting to pause the game while logging onto Tumblr because you need to vent about the game.

Awkward boner Michael imagine (requested)

itsleviosanotleviosah-godron asked: Ok so I was wondering of maybe you could do an imagine where you aren’t dating or anything but you give him an awkward boner in front or someone. Or a 4/4? Surprise me!

You, Michael, and Calum were playing video games in Michael’s game room. They were beating you in Call of Duty, you were terrible at combat games. You would didnt know how to aim and shoot at enemies; Michael and Calum would shoot you before you even had time to aim.

“Fuck! I suck at this game.” you said throwing your hands in the air. You sat in between Michael’s legs on the floor. You placed your hands on his lap and looked back at him, “Mikeyyy stop shooting me!” you whined. 

“This is Call of Duty y/n I cant not shoot you-Damnit Calum!” he yelled over to him.

“Yea that’s another point for Calum!” he cheered. You laughed at how frustrated Michael was getting. You took a break and went on Instagram, the round was over and showed the score board.

“Awe Mikey maybe next time.” making a fake frown, Calum jump up from the couch and did his victory dance,”I win and you lose!” he cheered.

“I’m going to kill you.” he laughed, “Lets play Fifa!” Calum suggested.

“Dude no one likes that game.” Michael groaned. 

“FIFA FIFA FIFA FIFA!” Calum yelled. You stood up and stretch, “Thats a game I can actually play.” you said.

“Y/n you suck at every game you play.” Michael joked, you placed your hands on your hips, “I beg to differ Clifford.” 

“Oh yea? Want to beat?” raising his eyebrow, he had that evil smirk on his face. Every time you placed a bet you end up losing 20$ or more.

“No way Clifford.” shaking your head. You faced your back towards him, looking at your phone.

“I’m stealing your food Michael.” Calum laughed, “Dont even-”

“Too late!” Calum ran over and pushed you dashing up the stairs, making you land on Michael’s lap. You sat there laughing hysterically the way Calum ran. You shifted you bum trying to get up. Michael stood there frozen, looking at you.

“Uh Michael?” raising an eyebrow. You didnt know what was up with him, until you saw what happened.

“OH MY GOD!” You laughed, tears were coming out your eyes.

Michael cheeks turned a deep shade of red, “It’s not funny y/n.” he growled.

You continued to laugh for a couple seconds before somewhat calming down, “I’m sorry-Michael-it’s just-” 

  “Hey I want to be in this too.” Calum said coming down the stair with food in his arms. “What’s going on.” giving a light chuckle.

“I accidentally gave Mikey a boner!” you laughed again, it was too funny.

“Ew Clifford, keep it in your pants mate.” Calum laughed. Michael didnt look mad, he looked so ashamed.

You frowned and gave him a kiss on his forehead, “I’m sorry Michael.” trying to contain your laughter. He gave you a reassuring smile as he stood up and walked upstairs.

“I’m going to fix this problem.” He said walking upstairs. When he shut the door, you and Calum began to laugh again.

A/N: Hope you like it, I was laughing about this when I wrote it. xx

anonymous asked:

there were nerfs? wasnt it just the pvp and pve tool seperation? so only skills in pvp was nerfed?



I cant bear to repeat myself again so here’s a conversation I had:

Friend: Anyway, wanna do something together?
Me: you might
Me: not feel like
Me: doing anything
Me: if I told you what happened last night
Friend: What happened?
Me: check the patch note.. that they didnt even bother to write out properly in fear of what players will say…………

Me: literally says “check the detail in game after maint
Friend: …..this is scaring me
Me: and so everyone had to search and dig through elwiki and namuwiki elsword to compare how much they nerfed everything both pve and pvp
Me: lol
Friend: ….well shit
Friend: okay, FUCK YOU KOG
Friend: FUCK YOU
Me: lol yeah thought you’d react that way
Friend: Low kick and back kick nerf
Friend: Airelinna nerfed again
Friend: let me guess, our passive gutted even further
Friend: and crescent kick probs nerfed too
Friend: dkb nerfed…
Friend: god they nerfed literally everythin
Friend: what the fuck
Friend: and let me guess monsters are just as strong as before
Friend: god dammit KOG
Friend: what are you smoking
Friend: are you TRYING to make people quit?
Me: pvp and pve skill separation they said
Me: when in fact it was basically
Friend: I don’t mind the pvp nerfs, it’s that they fking nerfed pve for NO DAMN REASON
Me: I know right, I mean the whole purpose of pvp and pve separation was so that pve will be left untouched lmao
Friend: exactly
Friend: and they fuck it up anyway
Me: dude they didnt even post the details of the nerf lol
Me: like how they always do for balance patch
Friend: how is it possible that you can’t even do a damn separation correctly without fucking that up
Friend: yeah cause they knew they were fucking the players
Me: lol
Friend: I’m so upset right now
Friend: You can probably tell
Friend: I wouldn’t curse like this otherwise
Me: ya know whats even scarier
Me: this is just for the 1st job
Friend: what 1st job
Me: I mean this isnt all
Me: theres more
Friend: I mean I’m completely not caring about Ain at all right now, I’m too pissed. And what do you mean this isn’t all? My WS unique skills got nerfed too
Friend: wait a second
Friend: holy shit you’re right they didn’t..oh dear god no
Me: 던전/대전 스킬 툴팁 분리 & 밸런스 개편 - 기본 전직에 이어 캐릭터별 1차 전직 스킬 툴팁 분리 및 밸런스 개편이 진행됩니다~!
Friend: -beats poster to death with exclamation point-
Friend: -logs off in frustration- you were right
Friend: they’re going to gut airelinna and nature force, I can feel it
Friend: the only two things that make us still viable
Me: a lot of people were saying
Me: they “balanced” with +11 users in mind???
Me: and I was like
Me: what is this, LoL, where they balance around pro players? lmao
Friend: That’s what itfeels like
Friend: how the hell is an aspiring WS supposed to deal with this
Me: yeah cuz people kill things too fast, oh no, better nerf everyone and screw over 99% of the population
Friend: you know, let the people who paid shit-tons of money to you to kill everything STAY AS THEY ARE SO YOU DON’T PISS OFF YOUR INCOME SOURCES
Me: do you know how many people dont even have a +7 weap .. I dont think KOG realizes it
Friend: And the people who don’t? pfft
Friend: going to be damn near useless
Me: everyone died lol
Me: quite literally everyone, I dont think Ive seen a class/char whose name wasnt shouted all night on the megaphone
Me: most notably uhh
Me: IP, DW
Me: who else
Me: WS?
Me: CA
Me: oh
Me: how could I forget
Me: MM
Friend: So, basically, half the classes I actually care about
Me: rip MM
Friend: and MM AGAIN
Me: and they buffed some of the USELESS skills lmao
Friend: DiE took the bullet first, guess it was his turn to die
Me: they increased the damage from Queens Throne and Force Field upon activation
Me: and this MM on megaphone wa slike “what the fuck?? do you expect me to kill things with a buff???
Friend: IKR
Friend: all our special actives are literally worthless shit now
Friend: like..they take more MP and longer to do less damage than active spam
Me: our WS guildie was like
Me:I guess I have to use phoenix to make a living as WS
Friend: I don’t think we have to stoop that low yet
Friend: at least not until they nerf WS actives too -_-
Me: I knew KOG dont have employees who actually play the damn game
Me: when we said “please separate pvp and pve skills” we meant, “give our old skill strength back for pve and leave the current ones for pvp
Me: but what they heard was
Me: -slips 20 bill- “hey. nerf everything.
Friend: yeah that’s what I was about to say
Friend: they CLEARLy don’t play the game themselves and actually farm their own gear
Me: the game-breakingly stronk people are prob like
Me: less than 2% of entire user population
Me: and quite frankly
Me: theyre the ones paying them their paycheck lol
Me: so uh why piss them off? why piss everyone off??? idk
Me: weird logic
Friend: exactly my point

Note: They did the separation and the balancing together at the same time

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite egobang episodes?

Oh gosh i only have a couple off the top of my head. Definitely Tecmo Bowl, thats one of my all time favorite episodes. Yoshis Cookie part 2 is fucking fantastic its sO CUTE theyre tired as hell playing this game and they just ramble nonsense for like 20 minutes lmao.

Super mario galaxy episode 77 was a godsend and also the first time I witnessed Arin being extremely gay as hell whoa mama. Just, watch it lol. The beginning of the Nancy Drew playthrough for the jingle grumps starts off with Arin asking if it was gay to suck dick if you werent actually aroused while doing it oh jeez.

Dead rising episode 37 is super cute too!

I ALMOST FORGOT NINJABREAD I CANT BELIEVE THIS thats the origin of the D-club story thats an absolute must, u gotta listen to that.