i play the witcher for the plot as you can see

The Witcher as a series on Netflix

This week was huge for all of the Witcher fans like me.

So Netflix will be doing series based on the Witcher!

I’m so excited and it made my week, but after firstly crying the tears of joy i got actually quite scary knowing that Netflix is american and americans are fucked up about being politically correct.

Everybody who had read the books or played games knows that witcher is based on medieval Poland and its surroundings like Germany which is represented by Nilfgaard, so this world should be only white people based which i believe would be too much for american political corectness, where black vikings are okay, but a little bit paler ancient egyptian is an attack on PoC culture. I totally won’t be surprised if they would change Jaskier/Dandelion into a black character, because, muh, representation. (Imagine Jaskier being a rapper instead of bard, lmao)

Also i have a lot of concerns when it comes to Geralt.

Everybody knows that Geralt is definitely not a gold character, he swears a lot, fuck almost every met girl, he cheats on love of his life, Yennefer (and she cheats on him too, but this is the part feminists likes to forget about) fucks her friend, kills a girl who was his lover and does many other bad things which i believe would be too much fat american feminists. This makes me afraid Netflix would change his cynical character into some kind of Aragorn-like gentlemen and Yennefer as his Arwen. I know if it was made by HBO they would let his oryginal behaviour stay, and this is why i would prefer HBO to do those series, but to be honest i have no idea how Netflix works as i never watched any of their shows.

Also i hope polish team (theoritically the producer is polish, Tomasz Bagiński) would actually have a lot to say as Witcher is based on slavic legends, mythical creatures but also allusions to historical events and charactersI am not sure that this american team who made Orange is the New Black which is constantly on the swing between foken white people or they do not respect black people can handle it.Theoretically Spakowski takes care of scenario, but look at Game of Thrones, where there is Martin, but it still doesn’t stop them from changing major plot, adding unnecessary characters and killing important ones, but always have enough screen time to put some tits. (those are worries i would have if it was made by HBO). 

Also, as i wrote before, there is this big worry whether the americanization would not kill the idea of the original witcher. Do you remember when the games has its premiere and there were those american portals and magazines who was appalled that games based on medieval Poland had absolutely no PoC characters? Imagine the shistorm afer the tv series! I would love if the producers will not break, like the Vikings producers who were forced by the talks about racism to add PoC characters who never ever had a right to be there according to history.

And one of the most important things - the actors! I really wonder if the leading ones like Geralt, Yennefer or Jaskier would be played by well know actors, or if they will make it like Harry Potter, or GoT style when the most important ones are played by not well-know actors, but the side roles are played by Hollywood stars. I don’t know yet who i would want to see as a Geralt but imagine Eva Green as Yennefer! This is a dream comes true!

 Well, there are so many questions i don’t even want to expend: how magic will look, how many stories would be in the series, are they going to add dwarves and gnomes? Will Striga finally look like Striga, not some kind of dwarfish godzilla?

I believe this is my longest post, but i’m such a big nerd i had to. If i will have any more  thoughts i will edit my posts imidiately. I’m just so so happy for this news i don’t even have more words.

palnai  asked:

Noticed you mentioned you were playing Mankind Divided, how is it?

Well, gameplay wise I have nearly zero issues.  Combat, sneaking, hacking, everything is an improvement from the previous game.  The prototype augs are fun, though I would say the overclocking mechanic could’ve been done a bit better.

Story seems fine.  I agree with Razorfist’s assessment that Prague is fun, as fun as any open world game, because despite being fairly small compared to Skyrim or the Witcher 3, it is insanely deep.  Numerous stories, sub plots, lore and you can enter nearly every shop and building.

Also in regards to the story, the game does LGBT representation right.  Several characters, both main and incidental, are gay and you find out through subtle things, like a picture on the wall.  Or a pocket secretary or email.  Nobody is a stereotype and its nice to see it treated like it isn’t a big deal, just another facet to a character.

The big issue I have is what everyone else has; the DLC.  Breach and the DLC were developed by Square Enix and they both fucking suck.  You buy a sweet gun and a few Praxis Kits due to preorder or season pass?  You get them once.  Not once per game.  Once.  Pick up that gun and it is not available on any other save.  FUCK.  THAT.

Now, all that said, I kinda really found it interesting that many of the ideas I had for my own Deus Ex game (set in the same time period, between HR and DE) shares a lot of things with this game.  Same time period, player is working for the proto-Unatco, heavy use of Juggernaut Collective, the use of biocells instead of food, EMP ammo, the oppression of the Augs, more hacking consumables.

Even some of the augs were ones I suggested.  Taser/Peps in the arm, Icarus being used beyond just slowing descent, non-lethal Typhoon and activated armor.  If Jensen could’ve put a mini-gun into his arm that would’ve been the last big aug I suggested.

I’m not saying somebody from Eidos saw my posts and took ideas.  But I am saying I’m glad my ideas were the same as AAA Devs.  Gives me hope that my ideas could be translated into really entertaining and enjoyable experiences.

I get depressed every time I see people gushing about how “amazing” and “great” Dragon Age Inquisition is. Because that means Bioware will probably listen to these people and keep creating games like Inquisition.

They will keep creating what amounts of Skyrim MMORPG knockoffs, with piles of busy work and boring fetch quests, no interesting npcs, no followers with interesting stories to tell you, no dark and gritty themes, no dark choices, no exploration of morally gray themes. Just clean and sanitized and targeted at pure Christian youth.

A lot of things were bad about Inquisition. I played the game as long as I did because 1) I wanted my money’s worth (I bought a new rig for this crappy game) and 2) it came out during a bad year for gaming, when there was pretty much nothing else to play until Witcher 3 came along. So of course it got GOTY. Which is a laughable award that means nothing.

The game mechanics and combat were just one part of this terrible recipe. People like to pretend as if the writing was great. I think it’s because they haven’t seen better writing and/or did not play Origins.

Not being able to access all your skills, combat animations sucking (why can’t mages beat people with staves anymore?), no real tactics, crappy tactic camera that is pointless because .  . . no real tactics, button-mash gaming even on Nightmare, controls pandering to console, no interesting abilities, specializations are annoying to get and then when you DO get them they suck …

The load screens are hella long because the world is huge but empty. The only “sidequests” are all boring fetch quests. Go get X number of ram meat. ZZZZ. I know that they’re optional quests, but all the content should be so good that I WANT to do it all. But I don’t want to do it all. It feels like a chore. And NOTHING in a video game should feel like a chore. Why do they suddenly think people on a singleplayer campaign want a mindless MMORPG grind???? I did not buy Inquisition to farm elfroot.

And the fetch quests might not have been a problem if they didn’t make up 90% of the game. Jaws of Hakkon had more actual sidequests with stories than the BASE GAME.

Not a single memorable npc. Sunhair is the only npc that I cared about in Inquisition, the only one who leapt out at me, and she was in a friggin dlc. And I liked Rinn (however that’s spelled) from Descent. The only noteworthy npcs are from dlcs. Maybe Bioware finally wised up but too little too late.

Also, dragons that breathe stuff besides fire suck. Why? Because in order for the dragon fight to be better, you have to make armor with resistance to each element and also weapons that can inflict damage to each element. And this would be fine. Except you have to do it for FOUR SQUAD MEMBERS for ALL TEN DRAGONS. And what’s annoying about this is that you only fight these dragons ONCE. So you gather all these materials and make all these weapons and armor for ONE FIGHT. It’s busy work. It’s worse than a fetch quest. After a while, I just said fuck it and started fighting the dragons with whatever I had on at the time. And you know what? It didn’t even fucking MATTER. I button-mashed my way through dragon fights on NIGHTMARE. I also button-mashed my way through a fight with the Nightmare demon on NIGHTMARE. That’s how ridiculous the combat is in Inquisition. You’d never get away with this crap in Origins.

Also, remember when allies would go down and stay down unless you had a healer? This was why having a healer was so great. It made things more challenging if you chose not to bring one and made things a party if you brought one. Bioware decided to cave to people bitching about Anders and Wynne and removed the necessity for a healer. That’s lame. I used to love being able to spec whoever I wanted as a healer or be a healer myself or just fucking go without. 

I want healers back. I liked having the option. I liked roleplaying a healer. And I think it would have been pretty interesting to roleplay an Inquisitor who was a benevolent healer mage. Hell, they already decided we were Jesus. Why not take it further?

Now about the writing. /rolls up sleeves/……./sigh/

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About the Yennefer/Ciri relationship

Ok so I’ve been wanting to write about this for quite some time now but I postponed it each time. This topic is very important to me for a whole bunch of reasons. First because the Yennefer/Ciri relationship is a major thing in the Witcher books. It is wonderfully written, very emotional, it plays a major part in the plot, you could even say that it is the main plot at times. Then because I’m always very deeply touched by mother/children relationships when they are well-written, for very personal reasons which are irrelevant here. Finally because it is a controversial subject. The least I can say is that CDPR didn’t really do it justice and for that reason it is now something that divides the fandom. I’ve read all sort of things coming from people who haven’t read the books. Things like “Ciri doesn’t even consider Yennefer to be her mother”, “Yen uses her relationship with Geralt to get to Ciri and pretends she finally has a child”, “All Yen cares about is Ciri’s powers and heritage”. And wow, let’s say that for book readers this is heartbreaking. So I thought it was time for me to try to clear the air about this.
There will be spoilers for all the books and I will take things in the chronological order so if you don’t want to be spoiled, you probably should stop reading this when you get to the point where you stopped in the books. Also I’ll use book quotes, the ones from Lady of the Lake will be from the fan translation however since this one has yet to be released in English and I doubt that all of you would understand if I used the french version. I also apologize for any English mistake since this is not my native language. And last thing before I start, a little warning : this will be a VERY long post (grab a cup of coffee, make sure you have a few hours and…. Well ok I’m kidding).

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Yennefer is an actual genius

As most who follow me have figured out by now I absolutely love The Witcher. It’s a series of books and games I’ve followed more passionately than anything before. Just recently I asked myself, why? I think when it comes down to it, it’s everything. The world and the characters that fill it are among the most complex and interesting I’ve ever personally encountered. Everyone has a goal, everyone has an agenda whether it be good or bad in intention. I can’t think of many books I’ve read or games I’ve played where all the characters are so rich in life and vibrant in their personalities.

This ultimately brings me to my love of Yennefer. I mean I don’t need to touch on the books because if you’ve read them you know just how damn awesome and compelling she is. She steals literally every scene she’s in (like all the sorceresses) and you can go chapters without her being there or even being mentioned but as soon as you see that name, “Yennefer” spoken or referred to, your eyes snap open and you devour every word that follows.

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