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Tarcien HC

As requested by @yes-i-ship-feysand (sorry this took so long, lovely) here is some Tarcien brotp because I definitely need Tarquin to become one of the bros. Give him the title of PreciousBro™, right next to NightTriumphantBro™, BattleBatBro™, ShadowBatBro™, and FiredickBro™ I suppose. :D Enjoy.

  • Tarquin and Lucien officially meet while Lucien is in Summer on emissary duty for the Night Court
  • Lucien tries to hide that being so close to Spring makes him a little bit uncomfortable; he spoke to Tamlin after the war and things did not…go as planned. Harsh words were exchanged, and Tamlin’s infamously short temper made an appearance, but Lucien had learned enough about himself in the past few months that he wasn’t going to take it blindly anymore; he thought of Elain, and how kind she was.
  • Lucien wasn’t directly mean to Tamlin, but he made sure that Tamlin knew that what Lucien had done for him outweighed what the Spring Lord had given in exchange
  • But that conversation still haunts him, months later, even as he begins to grow a bit closer to Elain, day by day. (And their relationship’s biggest fan is, to no small amount of surprise, Azriel. Who loves Elain like a brother and wants nothing more than for her to be happy)
  • Summer is good for him, Lucien realizes as he inhales the clean, fruity scent of the air, as he stares down at the waves that crash against the walls of Adriata’s palace. It’s soothing here, like a vacation. Maybe Elain would like it here…
  • Lucien walks into a meeting room to find Tarquin speaking with Cresseida
    • “What do you mean I shouldn’t call Rhys an ‘overgrown drama bat’ that’s exactly what he is?”
    • “It sends a message.”
    • “Okay, so I can’t send the message that Rhys thrives on drama, but I’m allowed to say ‘We should totally just kill Beron and be done with it.’“
    • “You can send that message because the other five courts would back you up on it.”
    • “I can almost guarantee that the other five courts would agree that Rhys has a flare for the dramatic.”
  • The look that Tarquin gives Lucien when he realizes Lucien has heard all that he’s saying is literally “oh shit.”
  • But Lucien is struggling to hide his laughter. Tamlin is…Tamlin, Beron is a piece of shit, Rhys is a drama bat, Kallias is so distant, Thesan is too much of a moderator, Lucien doesn’t even know what Helion’s deal is…but Tarquin…Tarquin is the young, honest, untested one.
  • And Lucien could do with some honesty, and he’d benefit from spending time with a High Lord whose sole desire is to see equality; a breath of fresh air from the Spring Court.
  • Tarquin baffles Lucien by being one of the smartest and most thoughtful people that Lucien has ever met; as they discuss negotiations, Tarquin remains fair but dedicated to his people’s well-being
  • It’s a “pleasure doing business with you” sort of situation
  • They walk out of the meeting and Lucien is about to disappear back into his room when Tarquin asks suddenly, “Have you ever gone sailing?”
  • Again, Lucien is baffled. But Tarquin admits that Varian “won’t shut up about how much he misses Amren for a single second” and Cresseida “is a bit terrifying. She’s also one of the few Summer Court Fae who gets seasick.” So, in another one of his offers of friendship, the High Lord of Summer asks Lucien if he’d like to go sailing.
  • Lucien is too shocked to do anything other than accept; it’s been practically beat into him that when a High Lord asks you to do something, you do it. He doesn’t realize that Tarquin would have been perfectly alright if Lucien had declined, but, if he was being honest, Lucien didn’t really want to say no.
  • He hasn’t been sailing in a long while, and doesn’t remember much. But Tarquin lowers the sails with quiet ease and before long the smallish boat is pushing through the water in a gentle glide, the currents aiding the High Lord they answer to.
  • Tarquin procures a few bottles of rum– “A true sailor’s drink” –and Lucien readily accepts, though he’s careful not to drink too much. He’s still not sure if Tarquin wants information on Spring or Autumn or Night out of him. 
  • But Tarquin doesn’t ask him about any of that. They’re quiet for a while, and then Tarquin says, “Thank you for leading Vassa to us during the war.”
  • Lucien can’t hide his shock; nobody’s ever thanked him for that before. Or for much of anything, really. In Spring, if an order was given, it was not responded to with gratitude, it was a command. You simply do it. But Tarquin, the youngest Lord, the one who suffered the most casualties as it was his city that was sacked and his lands that many of those battles were fought on, who owes nothing to Lucien whatsoever, thanked him.
  • Tarquin is quiet and asks Lucien a few more questions, never pushing if Lucien doesn’t want to give him details. But the longer they spend in the middle of the ocean, far from shore, the more Lucien finds himself talking. Not about Spring or Night, but Elain. Because he feels this need to be around her, and seeing her happy makes him so happy, but does she want him around? Does she like seeing him happy? Has he even seemed happy lately?
  • Tarquin just drinks and listens and occasionally says, “Well, I don’t know what to tell you; the last Archeron I spent time with stole the only thing in the trove that we actually cared about so…maybe keep your favorite books safe?” *looks into the camera like he’s on the Office*
  • But Lucien appreciates that he’s not trying to give advice or tell Lucien what to do or tell him what he’s done wrong; he just listens and occasionally makes jokes that make Lucien want to laugh.
  • When they get back to shore, they’re both a little tipsy. “Shit, Cresseida is going to have my ass.” But Lucien’s sort of alright with it. He had fun. 
  • He remains in the Summer Court for a few more days, attends a few more meetings, and doesn’t get to spend one-on-one time with Tarquin again, but just before he leaves, Tarquin appears and says that he’s more than welcome to come back and see the Summer Court’s gardens, or go snorkeling because they have fantastic reefs of course.
    • “Ah, thank you for your hospitality.”
    • “No, I mean it. You can come and look at all of the flowers and underwater gardens. Whenever you want. Bring a guest.”
    • “That’s very kind. I’ll think about–”
    • “I’m serious. The flowers. And the gardens. And we have a lot of sunshine and warmth here.” Tarquin is accentuating these four words and it finally hits Lucien.
    • “Oh. OH!”
    • “I’m embarrassed for you,” says Tarquin, but he’s grinning.
    • “Now you know how I felt when I heard Feyre Archeron had stolen a certain Book right from under your nose.” Lucien is also smiling.
    • “Touche. Good luck with Elain, then…and…call me inexperienced, but trust your heart, Lucien.” And then Tarquin walks away and Lucien winnows back to the Night Court, where he gathers the courage to ask Elain if she’d like to have tea with him.
  • The whole time, Lucien is terrified because the last time he listened to his heart, he’d gotten himself sucked into the Spring Court, and his foolishness almost destroyed Feyre…and it takes Lucien a long time to realize that he’d been thinking with his head, and not his heart, when it came to Tamlin. That he’d spent so long making excuses for Tamlin and not enough time focusing on the things that Lucien himself loved.
  • Lucien writes quickly to Tarquin, and the next day, Elain is surprised to find a massive bouquet of beautiful tropical flowers waiting for her; courtesy of Lucien (who asked Tarquin for them)
  • And it takes a few months, but eventually Elain accompanies Lucien to the Summer Court, where they’re met by a grinning Tarquin who has totally forgiven the Archerons for their sister’s theft and definitely isn’t still salty about it who winks at Lucien and escorts them to the gardens, where he leaves them for an afternoon.
    • “Hey, Cresseida,” says Tarquin when he gets back to the palace.
    • “What?”
    • “I need to add to my title.”
    • “You’re already High Lord–”
    • “Yeah. Next to that, put ‘Wingman’”
    • “Cauldron boil me.”
How the signs study for exams

Aries: Gets books out to study, arranges coloured pens neatly, tilts pretty lamp for perfect lighting, gets out the macbook and highlighters… spends 3 hours setting up the shot, adding filters, then instagrams it to make them feel like they’ve done work.

Taurus: Maintains the perfect 3 minutes of work : 3 hours of sleep ratio (somehow still passes).

Gemini: Keenly studying… the contents of every Netflix show.

Cancer: Putting on music to help them study, then getting triggered by the music and spends the next 4 hours reading through old conversations with their ex.

Leo: Does other productive shit to make them feel less guilty like run, clean the house, learn 5 languages… anything to avoid actually studying for what they need to be studying for.

Virgo: Scrolling through their dream life on Pinterest which requires $$$ to achieve which requires good grades. 

Libra: *Writes date and title* *makes themselves a candlelit bath* TREAT YO     S E L F, LOVE UR SELF, DRINK WATER, TAKE BREAKS, UWU !!

Scorpio: …I can always be a stripper. 

Sagittarius: Making travel plans for after their exams finish.

Capricorn: Actually studying.

Aquarius: Deconstructing the educational system, convincing themselves exams do not measure our true intelligence and in turn are meaningless. 

Pisces: 1 hour of work for every 10 hours of crying/complaining/moaning/worrying/procrastinating (about) it.

It’s finally finished! I wanted to make this comic for the snap election, but if the Tories win I feel like it’s gonna be relevant for the next few years. 

I messaged a few of the spoonie blogs I follow to see if they would be okay with me tagging them in this. I got responses from @spooniediaries and @heyatleastitsnotcancer but I didn’t want to tag anyone else who hadn’t given me their consent.

Caption/script under the cut - please reblog and share. (Note: the captioning is reaaaaally long - it might crash your phone if you’re on mobile).

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Happy Sunday! 💓

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I make my notes and how I keep everything clear and organized, so I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my habits and tricks that keep my notes in order:

  • Use different coloured pens.
    • Personally, I use black for regular notes; blue or purple for what I consider “side notes” (i.e. extra information, examples, etc.); and red for key terms or concepts that I will need to remember the most. Keeping an organized colour theme helps when you go back to study for the exam, because it is a visual reminder of the least and most important bits of information!
  • Give each highlighter a specific purpose.
    • Depending on the notebook and course, I often switch up my highlighter plans ~ for no particular reason other than to keep myself entertained 😋 But I like to set one colour for, say, Chapter/Sub-unit headers, names, historical dates, etc. That way when your eyes are going quickly through your notes, you can easily locate the beginning or end of a particular topic. And as a very visual person, having a lot of different colours in my notes keeps me focused and less overwhelmed.
  • Make important headers stand out.
    • For me, this usually means a particular colour (like a blue highlighter) or some sort of border around the title. My easy go-to is the bubbly-border shown above. Make it easy on yourself when trying to locate a topic!
  • Print out and tape/glue key tables and diagrams.
    • Obviously this is more work than some people might be interested in, and often depends on the course. These are my pharmacology notes, so I didn’t need to print out so often that it drove me crazy. One way to alleviate this is by planning ahead and leaving space in your notebook for where you want a particular table/diagram to go, and then printing them all at the same time. It’s not for everyone, but I like the option when I know I will have to remember certain diagrams or tables!
  • Don’t try to fill up space.
    • If you end up with a short paragraph or lots of room on the sides, leave it be. The best way to study later on is by going through your notes and adding little extra pieces of information to solidify your understanding. For me, this often means writing definitions in the top margin of my pages… not ideal for neat-ness, but who cares! Your notes are meant to be filled up.
  • Don’t stress about imperfections.
    • If you find yourself hating how big and sloppy your writing has become, move on. The worst thing you can do for yourself is waste time rewriting information you already know. If you need to use white-out, use the white-out; if you need to cross out a word, scribble away! Your notes are your own domain and they do not need to be flawless.

I’m sure I’ll think of more tips and tricks, but that’s all for now. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! We’re all in this together 🤓🤓🤓

Much love xx


mar 23 2017 // ap chemistry

we finally finished learning all the necessary material for the ap chemistry test… so I can finally present my flashcards system!

this is how I have been studying for all of my second semester chemistry tests, and it’s how I will study for the ap exam.

read more about this flashcards system below the cut!

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After almost a year, fo4-companions-react has come to an end. We hit 3,000 followers the other day and now this blog has become a small archive of reacts for your reading pleasure. In order to celebrate and also set up the blog properly for those who want to come back and read some of their favourites or for those who are new to this blog, I will be creating one final reaction masterpost (Complete with snazzy title) to make browsing the blog much easier! Thanks again for supporting, 3,000 followers is a lot of people!

Companions React to the Sole Survivor finding a secret moon vault

Companions and the Sole Survivor stumble across an “adult shop”

Companions React to the Sole Survivor asking how they’d give her an orgasm (NSFW)

Companions React to accidentally being groped by Sole in their sleep

Companions React to Sole being elected Mayor of Diamond City

Romanced!Companions - Who was the first to drop the L-Bomb?

Companions Reaction to Sole telling them their plan to steal Elder Maxson’s coat

Companions React to Sole cumming in their mouth (NSFW)

Companions + Elder Maxson (NSFW) proposing to Sole

Companions React to sleeping with Sole, not realizing they sleep naked

Companions React to them and Sole’s kid wanting to become a Brotherhood Soldier

Companions React to Sole speaking another language

Romanced!Companions react to Sole’s Android/Synth Fetish

Companions React to Sole telling Dogmeat that they love him and then thinking Sole is talking to them

Companions React to Sole giving them a pat on the butt as they walk by

Companions React to Sole wearing their clothes

Companions React to Female!Sole wearing a Pre-War Bikini on a hot day

Companions React to Sole’s secret Pre-War Porn Magazine Stash

Companions React to telling campfire stories

What if Sole romanced Strong?

Companions + Elder Maxson react to Sole losing a limb on the battlefield

Companions React to Female!Sole’s breasts popping out from the Vault Suit as it’s ripped (NSFW)

Companions + Faction Leaders react to Sole’s death

Companions showering with Sole (NSFW)

Companions React to Sole rolling in mud with Dogmeat

Companions React to telling Sole they don’t like them, then yelling that they love them instead

Companions React to Sole holding their hand and squeezing it for comfort during a particularly difficult fight

Companions React to Sole snoring whilst they sleep

Companions and Sole find a kid raised by a Deathclaw

Romanced!Companions + Companions last thoughts as they push themselves between Sole and a Supermutant Suicider

Companions React to Sole being blind, then seeing the scar under their shades

Romanced!Companions React to Sole having a bad nightmare

Companions React to Sole finding a stray kitten

Companions React to Female!Sole crying before sex because she thinks her body is ugly

Companions + Elder Maxson React to having to sing a lullaby to make them sleep

Romanced!Companions + Companions React to Sole cleaning themselves in a pond

Romanced!Companions + Faction Leaders React to leaving with their child with no trace

Companions and Sole play Truth or Dare

Companions React to Sole having an abusive spouse (Part One)

Companions React to Sole having an abusive spouse (Part Two)

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Sole getting caught cheating on Romanced!Companions

Companions React to Sole going into labour in the middle of nowhere

Companions React to Sole tackling them to the ground to save them from an explosion

Romanced!Companions and Sole tell Synth Shaun he will get a sibling

Companions’ Ideal Commonwealth Wedding

Companions give Sole a flower to show their love

Companions React to Sole finding an intact polaroid camera

Romanced!Companions react to Sole referring to Shaun as “Our Son” for the first time

Companions React to Sole being awfully abusive to Synth Shaun as he’s not their real son

Romanced!Companions React to catching Sole singing and what they do when Sole is embarrassed when they see them

Companions React to Sole having a severe Asthma attack

Companions React to Sole dying during a mission

Reverse Blind Betrayal (Personal Favourite):

Part One

Companions React to Danse killing Sole

Part Two

MacCready + Duncan Headcanons

If someone made something you thought up, do it anyway

I’ve seen a lot of posts about this, but I have something I just realized, so here’s my hot take:

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett were friends. They both released books about how gods need worship to survive, to live. Gaiman’s is obviously American Gods, a long celebrated novel that is finally getting a live-action adaption. It focuses on the gods of the old world in America and the long buildup to a fight with the new gods of the modern age. The gods either want to keep their power, want it back, are comfortable in new jobs they’ve taken, or whatever. Very few of the characters are average humans. And one of them is a zombie.

Pratchett’s book is titled Small Gods. This is also a book about a desperate god trying to get back into power, but the focus is on the human characters, not the gods. Om, the desperate god, is never in a position of power in the narrative until the end. He has schemes and plans, but these go often awry and he finds himself swept along by the multitude of human characters who move and shape the story.

These are two very different works with, I feel, two very different themes. Both written by friends and obviously with the same basic idea.

So make your thing. Just do it, I guarantee it won’t be anything like theirs.

I know this is normally a SM blog. But this is serious.

I WILL NOT BE SILENT. NET NEUTRALITY IS A SERIOUS ISSUE. All it takes is a few seconds. It’s as simple as that. Send ‘resist’ to 50409 this system is super simple. When prompted for the message, just copy and paste what I have. Seriously, it’s a text message, I’m not asking for protests, or even to share this message. But your internet experience as a whole is about to be a lot different if Verizon and big names win.

Here is what to copy :
The FCC’s Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are extremely important to me. I urge you to protect them.

I don’t want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into “fast lanes” for companies that pay and “slow lanes” for the rest.

Now is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.

Censorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Moreover, under Chairman Pai’s plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don’t like. They’ll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can’t pay up to have their voices heard.

So I’m also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC’s existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai’s plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.

Thank you!


I keep thinking how the thumbnail and title didn’t bring up any HUGE red flags that Anti would make an appearance in the video.

Nor did the description.

Or the source code.

But I thought about it. There’s an obvious theme of disease, and “that has been my plan all along! Make people laugh; infect them right before Anti appeared (or perhaps said by Anti himself).

1st, if Jack is “sick”, who’s to say we won’t see the full results until months from now (perhaps around, *cough* Halloween? *cough*)? What if leading up we see hints in thumbnails/ titles that point to worse… Symptoms?

2nd, Anti isn’t spreading anything; he’s the cause of all the recent chaos yes, but we’re the ones spreading it for him.

Just like a virus- airborne (again, illness) or electronically (computer glitch).

How The Signs Study For Exams

Aries: Gets books out to study, arranges coloured pens neatly, tilts pretty lamp for perfect lighting, gets out the macbook and highlighters… spends 3 hours setting up the shot, adding filters, then instagrams it to make them feel like they’ve done work.

Taurus: Maintains the perfect 3 minutes of work : 3 hours of sleep ratio (somehow still passes).

Gemini: Keenly studying… the contents of every Netflix show.

Cancer: Putting on music to help them study, then getting triggered by the music and spends the next 4 hours reading through old conversations with their ex.

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jordan-mbailey  asked:

I'm currently a high school senior getting ready for college. My concern is that I will be attending college in the deep south (for privacy reasons I prefer not to disclose the exact college) and I want to know more about how I can handle my safety and health care as a gender nonconforming college student.

Your college environment will have a profound effect on your quality of life, and your relationship with college administration becomes really important in terms of ensuring your health and safety. If it were me, and I plan to be out as a gender-nonconforming student at college, I would be as proactive as possible in terms of alerting administrators and asking direct questions about what they plan to do to ensure your well-being. Issues like making sure their health services can handle your trans-related care, their discrimination policies include you, etc., become really important especially if you’ll be living in an area that has a risk of being hostile to trans and gender nonconforming people.

It’s important to create support networks wherever you are, but it sounds especially true in your situation. First, I’d have someone (not you, as to not potentially out yourself) contact the college and find out what a trans student can do to feel safe and protected while matriculating. Second, I’d identify potential allies on campus … some schools have “networks of support” and lists of administrators, staff and faculty that are designated as allies on campus. Third, I’d find a student-led LGBTQ community that can support you and maybe even work together to affect change.

As far as health care, I’d look into your school’s offered health plan (if there is one!) and contact the insurance carrier offered to see what their health care plans are like. If they deny certain gender identity-related care, I’d contact some kind of local legal professional, or even a national org like Lambda Legal to find out your options.

I think many college students face discrimination regardless of location. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with Title IX as it offers you civil rights protections you can use to advocate for yourself. Also find fellow LGBTQ students in college and make friends, it’s a lot easier to fight for your rights when you have friends. I am guessing your school has an LGBTQ group, even if its small.

I went to high school in Texas where many of my teachers and fellow students were conservative, so I definitely understand where you’re coming from. At the time, I was presenting in a very androgynous manner which made matters difficult for me. The first step I would recommend you take is to search the internet for any LGBTQ support groups, either on campus or in the area. You might be surprised at what you find. If none of these exist, you may want to look into reaching out to you school’s Student Affairs or Wellness offices. Also, I would suggest talking to your professors privately outside of classroom hours to let them know about the pronouns you identify with. This can prevent a potentially triggering incident from happening during class.

Bucky’s Plan

Note: the title sucks, but you know. I try. hi thanks for the request! I hope you like it! feedback is welcome! .c

Request: I’d like to request one where you and Bucky are together not necessarily publicly where the team knows but definitely a thing, and Bucky gets it in his head that’d be a great idea to dance with another woman at a party with the intention of making you jealous and leading to angry jealous sex but instead it upsets you making you think he doesn’t consider the two of you to be exclusive and that he doesn’t really care about you? Fluffy ending though after Bucky works for it a little? - @the-one-and-only-vampcake (im so sorry i just realized i didnt tag you in this!)

Originally posted by gliceria

As soon as Tony announced he wanted the team dressed and ready to go to the new nightclub his friend was opening up, you all but bounced in your seat. You were ready for a night out, having been on missions every day for the past few months. It was rare to see 9pm sometimes; your energy was completely gone by the time you got home.

Nights out with the team were always fun and you felt like you’d be able to let loose tonight, enjoy your time with your friends, and maybe even have some alone time with Bucky while everyone was in their own little world or maybe with them around.

You and Bucky have been together secretly for about 3 months and you felt safe to say you love him. But you understand him wanting to keep it hidden from the team. He was still getting through everything, but you were totally okay with taking your time. Or so you thought.

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The post ends with the line “it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.”






Keith and Lance are Harry and Neville

(more under the cut because this is long as fuck)

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Originally posted by kookie-monstah

A/N: hi everyone! i was working on the next installment of the archangel jin fic and i was stuck so i decided to do a little drabble in the witch!bts universe to get rid of my writer’s block. hope you enjoy!

wc: ~1.7K

witch!Jimin | witch!Hobi | witch!Yoongi

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nervous :: zach dempsey

word count:1274

request: ‘Hey! Could you pretty please write an imagine for Zach Dempsey where he’s hopelessly in love with the reader and it’s just super fluffy because he’ll do and say dorky things to see her smile, his friends will tease him when she walks by, she’ll catch him staring at her in lunch, he gets really nervous when she talks to him and he tries to keep his cool but fails and it’s just super adorable, then she kisses him for whatever reason (u pick) You’d write this amazingly! Please and thank you so much’

warnings: none really, just a bit of a nervous!zachary

a/n: let me know what you think of this and if u want a request (idk how long it’ll take me to write bc i just write when i get inspiration sorry lolol) then hit up my asks ! thanks to the anon who requested this i loved the concept, sorry it took me a bazillion years to write but it’s here now !! 

“You just make me kinda nervous.” His eyes shifted away from yours and briefly to the floor, hoping it would swallow him whole.

Your lips stretched into a smile, his confession had made his nervousness pretty obvious. His cheeks flushed red and he couldn’t look you in the eyes yet but you loved this look.

Zach never got nervous about anything other than his Bio exams so this was new ground you were covering.

You grew conscious of your smile and tried to repress it so he wouldn’t think you found this funny. It was the opposite really, you were happy he’d come out and said it because you’d been on to him for months. This was a step in the right direction.

“And?” You finally responded to his confession. The abruptness of your tone caused him to avert his eyes to you again, full of curiosity and slight fear.

“And?” He caught on to your teasing once he saw you crack a smile and released his own smile onto his lips. He grinned, glancing down at his feet as he repositioned his backpack straps to relieve himself of some of its weight.

He shook his head, lifting his eyes back to yours again. He was back and forth between you and the floor and he wished he could stop but it was impulsive. You did really make him nervous.

Once he’d briefly composed himself he spoke up again much to your surprise. “I really like you. Come to Jess’ party tonight. With me.”

Your head titled slightly, mulling over the thought of attending a party you didn’t plan on going to purely because it was exam season. But this was Zach, your best friend, and he was asking you out.

“Hm. Okay.” You grinned whilst he spoke about the more informative details of your date. You just nodded along with what he was saying, only half listening as you were still dazing about how he’d actually come out and said these things to you.

But eventually the two of you parted ways, agreeing on a time and place later tonight to attend Jessica’s party together.


You’d arrived at the party a little later than anticipated because of you struggled to pick an outfit. Half because you don’t attend these kind of party’s often, half because this was your first date with Zach. Either way, it took you a while but he was patient and you got here eventually.

Zach’s hand was sitting on your waist as he sipped out of a cup (soft drinks of course as he was driving) and you sipped on a warm beer. His eyes were scanning the room but eventually they locked back on you, already looking at him.

You felt a bit awkward because, as mentioned, you didn’t attend these parties often and for good reason - they were full of drunken teenagers playing stupid games and creating drama out of nothing. But you had pleasant conversations with Zach, ones you hadn’t had before as friends. And it was comfortable and it was kind and you were enjoying yourself with him.

For example, you had caught him earlier on in the day watching you at lunch so naturally you confronted him about it just now. He stuttered a little but laughed inevitably, explaining how he hadn’t meant to come across so creepily. He thought you looked pretty or something like that, which made you smile wider than before.

“Zach! Buddy!” Your eyes shifted to the semi-drunken Justin that was rocketing over to the two of you, spilling his beer in the process. He wore a smile that only appeared when he was drinking or with Jess. “I didn’t know you were tapping that?”

You raised an eyebrow, scoffing lightly at his use of language. “He’s not.”

Zach mouth hung open slightly, unsure what to do because he’d never had you and his friends hang out together before. It was two completely different parts of his life.

He furrowed his eyebrows softly, turning back to Justin to give him a big ol’ disapproving glare. “Uh, we’re dating. I guess?”

He glanced back at you, who stood clipping your cup between your teeth to hide your smile, for assurance. You shrugged wth your smile, teasing again. “Sure baby.”

Justin raised his eyebrows, surprised his best friend was committing to something for once. He laughed, slapping Zach’s shoulder. “Alright, buddy. Make sure you hit that, I know a few who’ll take your place if you don’t.”

He left on kind of a sour note that made you purse your lips, wondering how Zach could be friends with someone who spoke so disgustingly.

“I’m sorry? He’s drunk, he’s not as bad as he sounds.” He quickly apologised. Worry struck his expression, thinking his friends could expose a side of him that was completely made up for his reputation purely. He was a nice guy, but most of his friends were jerks and he couldn’t be a nice guy around them all the time or they’d tease him.

He made them out to be worse than they were, some of them were good guys too, like Alex for example. Either way you weren’t pleased but you let it go for now.

You shrugged it off, sipping again at the beer sitting in your cup. Zach scratched the back of his neck, trying to find a way to move past this without it being too obvious that he was uncomfortable.

“So dating?” He quickly regretted his choice of topic but it was still on his mind since you’d used the pet name for him.

He watched your smile reappear slowly, reverting your attention to him before releasing an embarrassed spout of laughter.

“Sure baby.” He felt his hands grow clammy the more often you used this newfound pet name, wiping away his nerves on his jeans as nonchalantly as he could manage.

His cheeks were tinting pink, causing you to laugh because he was acting so uncharacteristically unsure of himself, which was bizarre because you guys had been friends for ages.

“Stop being so shy, weirdo.” You nudged your shoulder against him to loosen the mood a little. He was grinning again, glancing down at you in way that made you think he might kiss you. But he didn’t, he shifted his eyes back to the floor leaving you hanging. “Zach.” You muttered to him.

He mumbled a short yeah? and reverted his attention to you again. Your faces were closer than it was comfortable to stay still in.

“I’m going to kiss you because I want to. And because you’re too much of a dumbass to do it yourself.” You smiled when his eyes filled with delight and fear, flickering to yours lips before nodding eagerly. “Okay.”

You quickly ran your fingers into his hair, pulling him down slightly to reach your height and kissing him. He gasped, even from the preparation of your speech he was still unprepared for this. His hands reached your waist, grasping tightly and with his guidance he backed you against the wall.

He kissed back with more force than you were expecting, surprising you as he pushed himself closer to you. You let him take control, more because you were too distracted by this kiss than to know what to do with the rest of your body. So he gripped one hand on your waist and the other lay against your cheek to keep you in place.

You retracted for a split second to catch a breath. “Zach- Zach,” Your eyes barely opened, your breathing uneven as he looked at you with caution and swollen lips. You smiled. “I really like you too.” He delved back into the kiss that he’d been waiting for for ages with a bigger smile than he’d been wearing earlier. This was his every fantasy come to life and he was going to make the most of it.

phil lester sits criss-cross applesauce atop a world of his own creation and smiles. he stands in scuffed shoes and cares steady, holds consideration in gentle palms and offers it like the worst kept secret. jokes, delicate and airy, translucent flower petals and lavender blush and making the world a bit brighter. well meaning words settle whisper quiet into hearts, moulding them into something better, something softer. the rosy brightness of adoration blooms steady behind his eyes and glows for something good.

phil lester sits on his old bedroom floor and tells a camera about his day. ten years later he performs his last show on a worldwide tour, best friend by his side and tucks memories laced in silver and gold in his back pocket for safekeeping. he stumbles and a million hands reach out to balance and propel him forward. happy screams and photos and tweets and art and unadulterated love put down roots in his chest. vines creep across his ribcage and beat in a rhythm only he can hear, safecomfortablewarm. he locks it there, vivid and precious.

phil lester smiles, sunlit and breathtaking, the turn of his lips smeared on and dripping joy like a fingerpainting. he inhales colour and light and sound and exhales creativity, his fingers itch for something just out of his reach. mind floating away, barely there clouds dancing and wispy, and lying back among them and dreams about flying. determination is sharp in his veins and laces through his lungs like string tugging him along, do this make that write this down plan this out. add another rung and climb higher. he twists lovely things with clumsy fingers and adds another line to the autobiography titled how to make the stars appear dim next to this.

phil lester looks at the sky, twinkles wistfully and wonders if he could be up there. he doesn’t realise he’s been flying for years.

You're Mine

Paring: Seth Rollins X Reader
Rating: Smut, Explicit
Length: 3k+
Includes: Smut, lots of angst, and fluff

Summary: You and Seth still aren’t an official couple after three years. You hatch a plan in anger and spite to make him realize how much he cares about you. It doesn’t go as planned. Angst and smut and a little fluff.

“Why do I even bother?!” You shouted at Seth as he rolled his eyes. You were in the living room of his new house, but this was an old fight.

“Look, I told you,” he sounded angry even though he had no right. “I don’t like titles. We’re dating. I don’t have to be your boyfriend.”

“It’s been three years! You don’t want a title. You don’t want me to move in. You just want me around. It’s not cool!” You were at your wits end with this conversation. You had talked to his friends, and they were as confused as you.

Roman was the most helpful. He told you Seth talked about you a lot. Seth would say “You’ll never guess what y/n did. It was so awesome-” and “Y/n loves those things.” Stuff like that. You did the same thing too, but less and less lately because of this situation he put you in.

The two of you weren’t getting any younger, and you wanted to settle down with him. He was the man you loved, but you were starting to think he wasn’t your future.

“I just don’t want labels. I’ve told you that for like, years,” he said, getting up from the couch, adjusting his basketball shorts and hoodie. “I’m going to hit the gym.” He grumbled as he walked past you.

“I guess I’m going home then,” you said, snatching up your things furiously. “Just tell me one thing,” you turned to him as he put his hair up and picked up his gym bag.

“What?” He asked, clearly irritated and not wanting to actually listen to you. His tone stoked your ire and you decided to change your question.

“Do you mind if I date other people?” You asked, shrugging a bit, keeping your face blank.

“Excuse me?” He asked, looking aghast. You gleaned a bit of satisfaction from his horrified face.

“Well, I’m not your girlfriend, so…? I can date other people, yeah?” You shrugged again.

He glared at you, and you could see his brain working behind his eyes. He didn’t like what you were suggesting, and he was trying to find a way to say ‘no’ without giving ground on his position.

“Sure,” he finally said after a very long pause. “I personally won’t, but sure, go crazy.” He said with a condescending tone. He was trying to guilt you out of the idea by volunteering that he wouldn’t see other people, but at this point… /Fuck him/.
“Hey, y/n! What’s up?” Cesaro’s voice over the phone was just as pleasant as you remembered. “Did Seth lose his phone again? He’s right here somewhere.”

“No,” you laughed. “I wanted to call you specifically,” you admitted.

“Okay,” he said, waiting.

You had planned to just ask him out, but he was too close with Seth. He would say no. You quickly thought of something he’d say yes to.

“Seth is giving me the same argument against labels again,” you sighed.

“The 'Oh, I don’t like labels. I just want to be me. Blah blah blah,’ thing. I’ve heard it.” Cesaro said, sounding as incredulous as everyone else that heard Seth give the excuse.

“Yeah, but this time, I got pretty hot and I kind of said I’d start dating other people,” you winced, realizing how that would sound to one of Seth’s closest friends.

Cesaro sighed. “I don’t blame you.”

“Yeah, so here’s what I want to do, and why I called,” you said, getting down to business. “I would like you to take me on a date. Like, pretty publicly. If that’s okay?” You said, biting the tip of your thumb.

He surprised you by laughing. “Oh boy, that’s evil y/n. Yeah, I’ll do it.”

“Really?” You asked, bouncing in your seat.

“Yeah, lets fuck this tomato,” he said, making you quirk your face in question. What kind of idiom was that? Swiss? You took it for the agreement it was.

“Okay. Bye.” You said, laughing.

“I’ll text you.” He said before hanging up.
You were sitting on your couch watching TV when you heard a furious knock on your door. It was late. About midnight. And you wondered who in the hell it was.

Opening the door cautiously, you peeked out. It was Seth.

You didn’t know he would be back so soon. He usually texted you when he was getting on the airplane or making the drive back home.

“What’s up?” You said, pulling the door open all the way. He rushed inside and you closed the door behind him. He didn’t say a word. He looked rattled. His hair was a mess and he smelled like the cold air outside. It was like he had stopped whatever he was doing and just rushed here.

“Seth,” you started to say, but he just held up a finger. That’s when you noticed his hand was shaking. You looked up to his eyes and saw they were black with fury.

You had seen Seth angry before, but you hadn’t ever seen him livid. You were guessing that’s what this was. You were guessing he saw the photos. The photos from your date with Cesaro.

“You said you would date other people. Not my best fucking friend,” his voice shook as he spoke. You were quiet for a long time. The TV the only sound in the room.

“I’m just-” you tried.

“No. You don’t talk til I say,” he told you. His voice was hot with rage. You felt yourself shrink in. You thought this little stunt would remind Seth how much he liked you. Needed you. Maybe loved you. But maybe it was the thing that would finally tear you two apart.

“Did you ask him, or did he ask you?” He asked, staring you down.

“I asked him,” you said quietly, beginning to shake yourself.

“And he said yes? Just like that?” He was silently waiting for your answer, but his lips were parted with heavy breath.

“Well, I- He-” you tried to figure out what to say.

“Never mind. I just want to know one thing,” he said. “Just tell me…” Seth’s voice broke just a little. “Did you fuck him?”

You shook your head. You hadn’t.

“Did you want to?” His eyes were like open windows to his soul. You could see it howling in pain, and it was about to get worse.

“Yes,” you whispered.

“Yes?!” He asked in disbelief.

“I want to sleep with a lot of guys, Seth, but I don’t.” You told him simply. “Cause there’s only one guy for me.”

He looked angry again. How did he still not understand this?

“Then why date other people?! Why put me through this?!” He shouted, looking more distressed than you’d ever seen him. Even when his knee tore in half and he vacated his title, he was more together than this.

“Because I need a commitment!” You shouted back. “I need to know that at the end of the day you’ll be there for me!”

“I’m here for you!” He argued.

“As a friend? As a fuck buddy? As what?!” You fired back, becoming quite livid yourself. If this was the last fight, if this was the last time you talked, you wanted to make yourself clear. “Come on! Tell me what I am to you!”

He stared at you. He was silent.

“Really?” You said, feeling a knife through your heart. “Nothing?”

“Y/n,” he said, reaching for you. His anger seemed to have slipped away, but that didn’t matter now. You were too flustered. Too mad. Too frustrated.

You slapped his hand away, shocking him. You shocked yourself too, but you didn’t let it show. Not now.

“Get out,” you hissed. You couldn’t look at him anymore. You couldn’t be around him. It hurt too much.

“When I saw the pictures… When I saw you with him,” he started.

“I don’t care anymore. Leave,” you said, feeling tears roll down your cheeks. You didn’t even know you were crying until then.

“Let me just-” he tried, but you couldn’t listen.

“No. I want you out,” you said, realizing he wasn’t going to leave. He had rooted himself like a tree. You had to do something drastic. You had to topple him to get him the fuck away from you. “I already wasted three years of my life with you. How much more of my time do you want to waste?”

He recoiled at that, and it broke your heart to see him in pain. But he couldn’t give you what you needed, so he wouldn’t give you anything anymore.

“I’m- I- Please,” he stuttered. He looked shattered, but you had no idea why, or what it meant. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell you what you meant to him.

You went to the door and opened it.

“Goodbye, Seth,” you said, looking down at the floor. You could still feel the fury coursing through your veins, but the anguish was starting to overwhelm it. You needed him gone before you could collapse to the floor.

He walked over to you, and gently put his hand over yours, closing the door for you.

“You’re mine,” he said quietly. His hand was still on yours. You stared at where your hands met. “And I’m yours.” His eyes were pained, but soft as you looked up.

You didn’t say anything. You didn’t know what to say.

“That’s all I’ve got,” he confessed.

“What does that mean?” You asked, feeling so unsure. Like the ground would drop away from your feet at any moment.

“You’re mine,” he shrugged sadly. Probably thinking that wasn’t enough, he kept talking. “You’re my best friend. You’re my favorite person. You’re the person I lean on. You’re… mine.” He said. “And I’m all that stuff for you, right?”

You sniffed and nodded.

“Then I’m yours.”

“Okay,” you said, looking at him in question. A silent 'what else?’

He reached out and pulled you to his chest. He did that thing you loved. Sometimes after a long or particularly rough road trip; he pulled you in, held you tight, rested his chin to your forehead, took a long inhale of your hair, sighed deeply, and kissed the top of your head. He loved you. Seth might not have known it, but you did. You wouldn’t say anything now. You weren’t about to tell him how he felt.

“What was Cesaro saying to you? In the picture, I mean,” he asked, holding you close.

“Which one?” You asked. He pulled back a bit to get his phone out of his pocket. Then he pulled up a picture of Cesaro whispering in your ear and you blushing with a little smile on your face. “I don’t remember.” You didn’t remember what he said. “Is- is that the one that bothered you the most?” You asked, knowing there was a photo of a goodnight kiss.

“Yeah,” he said, laying his cheek on the top of your head as his hand flexed around your side.

“Why?” You were perplexed.

“I don’t know. I guess- I like to make you smile, and- I know lots of people make you smile, but- I don’t know. We make jokes. Our jokes. I didn’t like thinking about you and Cesaro- I don’t know? Having jokes? That doesn’t make any sense,” he sighed. Seth was talking about intimacy. He didn’t want you to be intimate with other people. You smiled to yourself. What a big dummy, you thought, unable to contain a laugh.

“It does make sense. But I have bad news, Cesaro and I do have one joke.” You had remembered what Cesaro was telling you when that picture was snapped.

“What is it?” He frowned, looking at you.

“I’ll never tell,” you smiled at him evilly. He smiled back.

“Come on!” He laughed, shaking you gently, teasingly.

“I’ll tell you my secret for one kiss,” you teased, pointing to your lips. He smiled and paid the toll of one kiss. It stared as a quick peck on the mouth, but then his lips softened and he stayed a bit longer.

After your lips parted, you looked up at him and forgot what you were going to say. He was staring at you, looking at you like you were a stranger. Just blinking, trying to take all of you in.

“Seth?” You asked, putting a hand on his chest. He looked lost.

His hands came up to cup your face. His thumb traced your cheekbone as he stared at you. His beautiful, intelligent brown eyes gazing between your eyes and your lips. You moved forward just an inch and he kissed you again.

He kissed you over and over, pulling you closer. His hands gently, desperately grasping your face. Usually, he’d be pulling your body to his, making his desire clear, but this was different. He was making his desire clear just by kissing you. Fiercely, passionately clinging to your lips.

“I’m not wasting your time anymore. I’m yours,” he said, before sealing your lips again.

You put your arms around his neck. One hand diving into his hair. Saying, with your body, 'I’m here. It’s okay. I’m yours too.’ As soon as you did that, he picked you up and started toward your bedroom.

“I want you,” he said breathlessly, as he set you on your bed. You moved away a bit to start undressing, but he grabbed you back to him.

“Come here,” he huffed, pulling the hem of your shirt over your head. He kissed your shoulders, chest, tummy. He removed your bra. Then he started on your jeans. “You’re mine. You understand?” He asked, pulling your panties down with your jeans.

“Yes,” you said, putting your hands in his hair as he kissed down your hip bone to your pelvis. You knew where he was going.

His mouth found your folds wet, and you moaned in want as his tongue worked magic on you. He was so good at eating you out that sometimes the orgasms brought tears to your eyes.

He groaned as he realized just how slick you were and the husky sound made you even slicker. He brought his hands up to your center and used them to spread your pussy lips so he could give your clit direct attention. You cried out as he lapped at your pleasure center with deadly accuracy. Your hands shook against his scalp as he got you to the edge, making you gasp in desperate need to come.

“Please!” You cried as you felt your peak so close. He licked quicker, more forceful, to make sure you came and came hard. “Yes! Seth!” You practically screamed as your body shook with pleasure.

He climbed up your body, laying between your thighs. You used your fingers to wipe your wetness from his beard, running your thumb over his talented lips. He placed a kiss on the pad of your thumb just before he pressed forward.

You gasped as his cock filled you. He looked down at you with stars in his eyes.

“God, you feel so good. You always feel so good,” he said, holding you close as he started to thrust.

“You too, baby,” you moaned as your hands roamed his back. And he did, he felt so good filling every inch of you with his length.

He took his time, building up the pace, finding out what made you gasp and your pussy clench. The whole time his own breath caught and masculine moans emanated from his throat, driving you wild.

“Louder,” you told him. He looked at you for a second, but then it clicked.

He started going faster, making you throw your head back. He was hitting your g-spot with every thrust, his powerful arms were around you, and his moans hit your ears like music.

“Oh God!” You cried as he lifted your hips a bit.

“You like that?” He huffed, leaning back to look at you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you said, nodding furiously. Your fingers digging into his shoulders to pull him to you. Your lips landed on his right before he pushed you over the edge.

“That’s right. You’re mine. This is my pussy.” He said, reaching down to your clit. You had already come twice but that wasn’t enough for Seth. He wanted to remind you why you were with him.

“I’m yours! Yes!” You told him, looking in his eyes.

“Come for me again,” he demanded of you. “Come for your man.”

You screwed your eyes shut and just heard and felt everything. His cock inside you, his fingers on your clit, his breath hot on your ear, his groans, and the sound of your flesh slapping together. Seth was inside of you and all around you. It was perfect.

“Oh my God!” You gasped as you came for the third time. Tears streamed down your face from the intensity of the pleasure.

“Oh! Y/n…!” He groaned as he came inside of you and went still. You could hear his heart pounding, and you put your hand over his chest to feel it too. “I love you.” He said quietly.

“I love you too,” you said, running a hand through his hair and kissing his forehead. “I’m yours.”

“Damn right,” he chuckled, rolling over and bringing you with him.

“I think you should move in with me.” He said, running his hand over your bare back as you snuggled to his side.

“Really?” You asked, peering up at him. He was completely serious.

“Yeah, really,” he smiled at you and then kissed your forehead.

“Alright then,” you giggled. “Let’s fuck this tomato.”

“Let’s what?!” He laughed. His face quirked in mirth and his eyes shining like no tomorrow.

“Apparently, it’s something Sami says.” You confessed and pecked his cheek. “Cesaro picked it up from him. That’s my joke with Cesaro.”

“It’s lame,” Seth said, trying to frown. “It’s a good thing you have me to make better jokes with.”

You laughed. “Yes, better jokes with my man.”

“My girl,” he sighed, pulling you closer. “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Fairly Straightforward

A/N: Thank you so much to @mycroftswife for this ask. I am working on the other asks I have and am planning a new series. Possibly and Phillip Hamilton x reader. We will see. Make sure you send some asks to keep me busy and thanks for all the support I have been getting.


Title: Fairly Straightforward

Rating: Teen

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

Pairings: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 1087

I felt arms wrap around my middle and breath fan across my neck and froze up. “I know your very busy. I know your works important.” I heard Anthony sing loudly behind me. I laughed at his childishness and pushed his hands off of my middle.

“Damn right it’s important. If I don’t fix this light you won’t have your precious spotlight.” I snarked back. I went back to work on fixing the wires in the back of one of the main lights. I had been with the Hamilton production from the beginning and worked as maintenance on the set. I had gotten to know a lot of people on the cast, Anthony included, and had become pretty close to all of them.

“You work too much. The cast wanted to know if you would go out for dinner with us tonight.” He practically begged. I had a lot of reasons to go but all of those paled in comparison to the one reason I shouldn’t go. Daveed Diggs would be there. My best friend of 4 months would be there and I had been systematically avoiding him for 2 weeks successfully.

“I have to go out that night. I am sorry.” I lied without a second thought. I looked over to him and saw him glaring at me. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

“You can’t avoid him forever Y/N.” He stated with a harsh tone. I sputtered in shock and confusion. How did he find out it was Daveed I was avoiding? He rolled his eyes at me. “It’s not that hard to notice that you’re avoiding him. Every time he walks into the room you walk out. Every time you find out he is going somewhere with the group you say you have somewhere else to be.“ He started pacing back and forth on the floor in front of me. “The one thing I can’t figure out is why. Why are you avoiding him? Things were going great before. He is a mess now. He is asking everyone what he did wrong. I just don’t –“

“I like him.” I blurted out accidently cutting him off. Somewhere in the middle of all this his words had gotten to me. Was Daveed really upset?

“You what?!?” My head snapped up and I met Anthony’s wide eyes. “Why have you been avoiding him then?” His gaze softened as my bottom lip trembled so he stepped forward to pull me into a hug and coo gently in my ear.

“I- I shouldn’t like him Anthony he is my best friend. I can’t tell him how I feel but I can’t act like we are just friends.” I said shrugging away from him and wiping me cheeks before I grabbed my tools and went back to working on the light. “I just got to push him away a little bit.”

“No. Y/N you can’t do that. He is walking around like someone kicked his puppy.”

“I have to.”

Nervous. That is the only emotion that could remotely describe how I was feeling about this situation. Daveed had stopped me from leaving the commons room when he enter and had pulled me to sit with him. He looked determined to talk to me and I didn’t want to upset him.

“What did I do?” He asked serenely.

“What are you talking about?” I asked back innocently, looking at my feet and refusing to meet his eyes.

“You have been avoiding me.” He stated.

“No I haven’t”

His composure broke. “Dammit Y/N what are you 5? You have been avoiding me and I have no idea why. What did I do? I can’t fix anything if I don’t know what it is.” He said raising his voice in frustration and anger with each word. My face heated up and I felt sick to my stomach. His face dropped and his eyes stared at me. He looked so upset and I didn’t know what to do.

“I- I don’t know what –“I started not sure exactly what I was going to say before I was interrupted.

“YOU KNOW HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU RIGHT?” Lin came in from the dressing rooms shouting with a frustrated look on his face and a flustered Anthony running after him.

“GOD DAMMIT LIN SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LET THEM WORK EVERYTHING OUT THEMSELVES.” Anthony shouted and practically grabbed Lin in a head lock to started pulling him back down the hallway. Lin was trying his best to get out of Anthony’s hold him as they scuffled back down the hallway.

Daveed and I sat there in shock and stared after them before I began laughing. I heard Daveed begin laughing next to me. Before long we were practically using each other as support in order to stay up right as we continued laughing. When we calmed down I finally regained my breath I looked at Daveed. That’s when it clicked. DID LIN JUST SAY DAVEED LIKED ME? My eyes widened looking at him and he seemed to have the same realization as his face turned red and he began looking at the floor.

“I- I won’t deny what Lin said. I u-understand if this it confusing for – well may not I mean I figured you knew because – well you kept avoiding so you must have figured it out. I – don’t – I just- .” He said and became increasingly flustered when I didn’t respond.

I grabbed his chin and brought his face up to mine so I could smash my lips to his. He froze for a second in shock before grabbing my waist and pulling me closer until I was practically on his lap. We broke apart after a minute to stare at each other. “I like you too.” I smiled.

“Wow.” He said in shock before he rested his head on my shoulder and breathed a sigh. “That was more straightforward than I thought it would be.”

“I think you have Lin to thank for that.”

“Yeah your right I am going to thank him and then beat his ass.” He grumbled as he fit his head between my shoulder and neck. “He could not possibly have known you liked me.”

OH. God. There was one way that Lin would have known. I jumped off Daveed’s lap. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU ANTHONY RAMOS!!” I shouted towards the dressing rooms. I heard a girlish scream from the hallway and a scuffle of a few doors to tell me that Anthony had fled.

you are not my type (still i fall)

I don’t like you…

I’ll tell that to myself a thousand times if I have to. I don’t like the way you smile like you just witnessed the single purest thing in the world, like the first laughter of a baby or at least nine puppies running through a meadow. No, I don’t like it at all.

I don’t like the way your hair stands out in the weirdest ways possible, would it kill you to get a haircut or attempt to comb it? I don’t like the way you mess it up even further, they look like thousand necklaces laced together and there’s nothing I like more than untangling the thin silver and gold chains. It takes time but it calms my soul but I won’t do the same to you because I don’t like you.

I don’t like the way you look at me. Hazel eyes are boring anyways. I know that’s a lie, let me live? I don’t like the way your eyes make me feel like I can take over the world, I don’t like the way they leave marks on my skin; they won’t get off no matter how much I try to wash them off. Now, I have to live with them, I don’t know if I’m complaining about them but I know I don’t like you.

I don’t like your messy handwriting that no one else but you can read. It’s a good reflection of your personality, it’s everywhere, it’s confusing, when you look at it from afar it’s like someone spilled their ink all over the parchment - but when you look at it closer it tells the story.

I don’t like the way you write either, you hold onto your quill like it will escape your grip any moment, your front teeth biting your bottom in concentration. If someone blows up a whole cauldron next to you, you wouldn’t move. “Potter,” I say impatiently for what must be the fifth time, “Can you give my ink back? It’s been ten minutes, I need it.” I don’t like the fact that you are so forgetful about things like this but manage to remember the birthdays of everyone in Hogwarts. 

I don’t like the way our hands brush when you pass my ink back, you are too warm or am I too cold? It’s the middle of winter and your skin is burning like thousand stars. I pull my hand instantly like I touched fire, you give me a confused look, smirk and go back to your transfiguration essay, there’s no stopping you when you are writing about transfiguration.

I don’t like the fact that we have to do patrols every single night, the two of us alone. I don’t understand why it has to be both of us or why you have to have your wand out all the time. I don’t like the fact that you don’t let me walk around all by myself after the incident but I can take care of myself. “I know you can,” you say with a concerned look on your face. “I don’t need your pity,” I shoot back. “You and your pride will be the death of us,” you reply, defeated. I don’t like how right you are.

I don’t like how safe you make me feel and I don’t like how scared I am. Everything is such a mess and I grow restless everyday. The black clouds around my eyes get blacker everyday. I don’t sleep, I barely eat, you don’t let me get off the table until I finish what’s on my plate. I don’t like that you are so compassionate and so stubborn. “You think I’m the stubborn one here?” you tease and a ghost of a smile appears on my face, you push my hair behind my ear. 

I don’t like the new scar above your left eyebrow courtesy of someone I used to call a friend. You shrug and say it just adds to your cool bad boy image and I don’t like how you underestimate them but you don’t, you just do that so that the tears in my eyes don’t start falling down. I don’t like how good of a friend you are.

I don’t like how the other Marauders stare at us when we sit on the common room couch with your head on my lap. Sirius has that mischievous spark to his eyes, I can see Peter shaking with excitement and Remus is giving me his I-told-you-so smile. I roll my eyes and they just snicker.

I don’t like how my hand fits perfectly in yours as you drag me outside in spring time. You run like a madmen and I’m trying so hard not to trip and fall on slippery grass. I haven’t felt this alive in months and you shine like the sun and I feel warm inside. I don’t like how you make me feel, this was never a part of my plan.

…but I think I’m falling for you.