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I know it’s overshadowed by the Women’s Marches and that is the best thing that could happen (yay headlines for women and fight for feminism instead of racists!!!!), but yesterday the leaders of the European Right Wing partys (ENF) met in Koblenz/Germany to celebrate Trump and to make plans how they can win with their racist, nationalist, sexist movements in Europe. People like Frauke Petry (German AfD), Geert Wilders (Dutch PVV) Marine Le Pen (French Front National) and others are teaming up in their effort to win elections. 

They excluded media, so we have very little reports on what was said behind closed doors. But we know what they do. They want to learn from Trump. Their plan is simple: provoke people with hate speech, garner the most attention, then gaslight them. The horrible thing is: it works.

I know we all look to the USA right now, but we can’t forget that they are here as well. They are not far away and we mustn’t be afraid. We can’t turn them into a doomful dark that sneeks up on us. We have to put them into the light as the idiots they are. We have to resist their provocations. We have to stand up and call them out. We have to fight for the rights that are important to us. For the free and democratic movements that value everyone the same. Before it is too late. Before we are standing here in autumn and bemoan our own stupidity and ignorace.

Edit: If you want to read up on it a bit.

This is just a really crappy preview of a few of the awfully shitty recolors I’ve been working on for a ridiculously long time. So far the set has ballooned to a perfectly reasonable 158MB, LOL. I might be done early 2017, or it might end up in the pile of stuff I never share (not that anyone would miss it).


That winteriron pattern I mentioned two months ago… It’s almost totally different from what I had planned in the beginning. I wanted to do another pose, but man, lineless and chibi style is way more difficult than it seems hahaha…

Anyway, here’s a couple phone backgrounds and a little transparent badge for you guys! 

Please credit me if you plan on sharing them or using them online! :D

okay but hear me out here-

•Magnus and Alec as regular college age students au

•Magnus doesn’t bother going to college because his dad is rich as fuck

•you know, one of those soul sucking corporate types

•totally evil, but hey, Magnus doesn’t care because he’s never gonna have to work a day in his life

•but sometimes he still hangs out with his friends on campus

•because he likes the whole vibe of the place

•it’s an old school, the kind that specializes in classical and history degrees

•he would never study there, but the place is beautiful

•he likes to take pictures of it

•actually he loves everything about photography and architecture

•so this is really a perfect place for him

•he just loves how permanent they are

•everything else around him changes, but those photos will last forever

•and one day he’s waiting for one of his friends, a pretty girl with blue hair, to finish class

•it’s a beautiful day

•one of those no clouds, shining sun, sunglasses on, birds chirping kinds of days

•and he’s thinking about the party they’re going to throw that night

•and wondering what the weather is like in Hong Kong (where he thinks his dad is on business)

•(but he’s honestly not sure, he lost track of all the different trips)

•(and to be even more honest, as long as the rent money for his flat keeps showing up each month, he doesn’t really give a damn)

•and he notices that a certain beam of light is hitting the school’s centerpiece (a gorgeous marble fountain that they never turn off, not even in the winter) just right

•it’s like a perfect scene

•but when he takes the picture

•with his big bulky camera that he carries around with him everywhere

•he notices that something just isn’t quite right

•he isn’t sure what it is

•but then someone walks past

•and Magnus thinks he knows what it might be

•so he runs over and grabs this stranger, begging him for a second to please just sit down on the edge of the fountain

•but don’t look at the camera

•and he isn’t really paying attention

•so thankfully he doesn’t notice that the poor stranger is stammering and trying to act cool at the same time

•because, holy fuck, Magnus is really hot, okay?

•but he agrees and Magnus goes to take the picture

•he looks through the lens and finally realizes the gorgeous guy he accidentally picked for this

•like he’s actually perfect

•with the most amazing blue eyes that Magnus has ever seen

•and the picture comes out all gross and blurry

•so oh no, he has to take another one

•(what a shame, more time with the stranger)

•and Magnus gets his picture

•but his friend isn’t quite out of her class yet

•so he asks if this stranger might want to, say, get some coffee or something?

•as a thank you for posing, of course

•that’s totally it

•so they go and it’s absolutely perfect

•he finds out that the boy’s name is Alec Lightwood

•what a pretentious fucking last name

•it’s perfect

•and he studies at the university and magnus is so amazed that this is the first time they’ve ever met

•because seriously how did they not meet sooner than this

•of course the cute boy in the ratty sweater with beautiful blue eyes is also a classics major

•what a dork

•and his phone is from Magnus’s father’s rival company

•which is just a bonus

•and they can barely even stop talking to each other to even order the damn coffee

•and they don’t stop talking when Magnus’s friend repeatedly texts him demanding to know where the hell he is

•he comes to know that it’s also the first and second time that rule follower Alec Lightwood has ever skipped a lecture

•because they managed to talk throughout two lectures

•and just lost track of time


“because there’s no thing such as powerful than having you by my side”


On waking up an adult, Ross ribbed Vulture with “I feel like a totally different person.” As for his plans for his 22nd year, “I want to make happier music,” he says. “There’s not a lot of happy music out there, and some people may not like it, but that’s what we’re going to work towards.” Growing up sometimes means selling out emo. 

take me in

For shherie. I hope you enjoy this little story <3 For fun facts about the universe I would recommend reading it on ao3

It is dark when Naruto walks home, hood pulled over his head and one hand gripping the leash tightly while the other attempts to hold an umbrella over Kurama’s head. The dog is already wet and Naruto knows he doesn’t like the rain. He had been hoping it would hold out until after he managed to get home, but no such luck.  

The hazy mist was making it hard to see, blue eyes squinting in attempt to even see the top of Kurama’s head. “You’ve gotta slow down, boy,” Naruto mumbles, pulling the leash in order to slow Kurama down. He knows the dog just wants to get home, but Naruto can’t see two feet in front of him, much less people that might be walking by him.

He doesn’t expect Kurama to stop so suddenly, nearly tripping over his dog. With a glare, Naruto gets his bearings and moves to walk around the dog. “Come on. We have to get home. I don’t want-” He would have continued, but instead he ends up colliding with someone. There’s a low growl that leaves Kurama’s lips, but Naruto presses a hand to his head in reassurance before the dog can start barking at the other.

“Sorry about that. I can’t really see where I’m going,” Naruto explains, cheeky smile tugging up his lips. It takes a moment for the guy to come into view – he had stepped back a bit after they collided – and Naruto gets a good look at him. There is dark hair sticking to his face and the collar of his shirt is soaked with rain. The raincoat is oddly unzipped, but Naruto manages to catch a glimpse of something curled up inside the jacket.

The shrug of the other’s shoulder nearly gets missed, dark eyes clearly focused on his zipper. Fingers seem to be shaking from the cold as the other finally manages to catch the two ends together and tug the zipper up. There’s a head that stick out just under the man’s chin. “It’s fine. The weather sucks.”

There aren’t any more works exchanged as the other slips past Naruto and he loses sight of the other as he hurries down the street.

Naruto is pretty sure that was a kitten tucked into his coat.

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Since I haven’t been on tumblr for a while here’s a quick update:

Life has been a wild ride full of joy and peace walking with Christ. 

It’s a good kind of battle because the King is by my side. I fight anxiety, I strive to hold on to Christ with the little faith that I have but it is overwhelmingly good. His spirit is working in me and in the people around me and it’s ultimately very encouraging.

I graduate in june with a b.s. in social science specialising in crime, law and society. I will stay in Eugene and work with the youth and college students at my church but I am also applying for jobs in Portland at non-profits in youth services. That is something I’d love prayer for: clarity and direction for God to get the most glory in my life. 

I have these ideas and plans but God could have something totally different in mind. I’m very very excited for what is ahead, I know that I will see Christ at the end of my days, I want to dedicate my life to knowing him and making him known on this earth. Our lives are so short in the perspective of forever, don’t waste today, don’t waste this week, don’t throw away 2016. God is working so evidently in every happening in your life. 

I love you guys, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for me